Friday, December 30, 2011

High Tea with Mum (:

it was soooooooo good (:  i've never been inside the Tea Room, except it was sooo pretty (: one of my dreams of having high tea at the QVB has come true!!! ((((((:

you can't share, which sucks, so each person has to pay for something, and they put two person's food on one stand. the stand itself didn't look like much, but after we finished, we were soooo full. if you go with three people, they put it all on one stand, except the stand is fatter, so it isn't as pretty...

i had chai tea. it smelt soooo nice. i love their tea because it isn't bitter. i don't like tea bags since they are really bitter. my mum had rose tea and it smelt lovely (they didn't have cherry tea so mum was ): ) yum.....i can still taste the tea and spice in my mouth....

and i had my first professional macaron. it was pistachio flavoured and you get bursts of the nut in tiny bites. yumyumyumyumyum. that was my fifth macaron. the four before were all homemade.

everyone sits there for more than 1.5 hours, so that is a reason why high tea is expensive, because it's slow, and money comes in closer. there were quite a lot of people though. actually, mainly women, and occasionally an old husband. i saw 2 young husbands, and only 1 boy, and 1 uni guy. yeah, everyone else there was female lolololol.

people who don't finish their food-it's such a waste. i would totes grab it off their stand, but obviously it's not right to.....had soo much tea.

the cheese smelt so nice, and everything was good. yeah, it was worth the money, it didn't look like it at first, but when you think about it, a macaron is $2.50, a scone is $3.50, tea is $6.5, yeah it all adds up (: the scone is deceiving. it looks really light, but when you pick it up, it's quite

i wanted a window table, but then we realised the tables there were smaller and couldn't spread stuff out, and were sunnier....


my camera was sticky after =/

and seriously, i went towers this morning and yesterday and city today, and over 20 stores in total, and formal dresses are sooooooo expensive. i couldn't even find lisa ho today in the city. and myer's dresses aren't even that nice. there are so little discounts compared to last year and stocktake sale....and they weren't even nice.
and i bought my formal dress today, and it was a bit over budget. i'm really picky. i usually buy branded formal dresses, but branded dresses don't look that nice/ are 1000$, and you can't even see the's quite plain though.....and then i went to another store and found a dress that i would have bought since it was cheaper, even though that dress wasn't on was peach though, i don't even know if peach matches me...i have to get over the fact the not all branded dresses are nice...

so mixed feelings...maybe i should have just gotten the cheaper dress even though it wasn't on discount...except i have seen 5+ people on fb with that dress, just in different colours.. but if i gain weight during HSC period, then i am really screwed. so i should start losing weight after January....
i wanted a unique dress, except i've been looking for 2 days straight, over 20 stores, so i guess i just bought it since i know i won't have any other time.....
unique dresses are expensive. like bridesmaid dresses are nice and for formals, but it's enough for me to go hk....

but i'm happy

except i haven't done any work for three days...

this year has passed soooooooo fast (i think i am abusing "so") as in, the fastest year of my life, so far...
good year though (i think...)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

i'm soo glad i don't watch trailers before the movie, because it spoils it. like mission:impossible, when the explosion happens, it's better not to know than watch the trailer and know.
2 nights, 2 movies

Puss in Boots was really good as well (: he's so ngawwwww (: and i liked their story line (: with other childhood characters. it was a tad awkward watching with little kids and their parents

looked at soo many dresses today. some weren't even nice and were expensive =/
there was this one dress that fit nicely and was ok, except it was hot pink =/

and i bought a ghd case today!!! it was cheaper in store than online, for once....
and what happened to Lisa Ho at towers? i think it closed down...
and i bought a formal dress today, which was more than 50% discounted (: i'm soo glad i didn't buy much yesterday so i could use that money to buy a dress (:
yayay, dresses, i shall keep looking out for them...

and i have done no work in the last 2 days, and also i know no work will be done in the coming 3 days. and 4 days next week.

had KFC again today, soo fat ):
i'm soo sad that the boost outside Event computer didn't work ): i didn't get my point )))))))))))))):

and just realised something bad about having 3G...fuarrr, why didn't 3 tell me it needed internet, i thought it was free...
i am 100% glad i have free internet now since if i accidentally used something, it won't cost my parents $2/mb....
first time going over in a phone cap, and it wasn't even talking on the phone adfghjkl. yes, and i am glad i didn't buy much yesterday, so i could use my shopping money to pay the phone bills :'((((((((( oh wells, i guess having a 19cap is good, because everyone else is on a 29cap and each month they pay 10 more than me, so in the three months, they pay 30 more than me, so it kind of makes up for my accidentally used data.......?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

so that's why they changed the movie from 6.50 to 7 and changed it from cinema 6 to vmax.

because Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol was SOOOOOOO GOOOOD =D like sherlock holmes good (: and there were quite a lot of people, but it wasn't noisy (: Benjit is soo funny (:
and they ALL HAVE IPHONES/IPADS!!!! yayayayay

i remember when vmax first came out, is was only a dollar extra, now it's 3, but it was worth it since they did the sounds pretty good and the movie had good sounds.

i love good intense movies with humour and cool gadgets (:

and i wish i was taller so i can buy pretty, long, cheap, branded formal dresses.....
everything i saw today at DFO either didn't fit me/ none of my size, so i didn't buy much...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

why do guys like Skyrim soooo much..?

unproductive day ):

mental-writing block...

i really should stop eating junk food/ outside house food/ bbq food eteetc because my face is going to explode... ):

and my mum was cleaning out stuff and now i have a stack of scrap paper to use =D

and google was the coolest this year during xmas (:

also, i'm kind of glad we re-gifted one can of our "Poppycock" since we have been eating our can for a week, and haven't even gone half way...

Monday, December 26, 2011

didn't go boxing day sales this year, because i woke up past 11....
i remember last year i went, it was super duper crowded, with people fighting over stuff. like in Guess, people were literally fighting over handbags, and Guess isn't on of those "more expensive" branded stuff...
and last year, the day after boxing day, i saw at towers that they had the same stuff on sale, just not as much...

so i didn't do anything today except eat. and i had KFC! haven't had it in soooo long....

and the part just under my shoulders hurt, must be the impact from hitting the water yday...

and we have enough chocolate to last us the whole year, which means, if we don't share it to other people, then we have to chuck some out since we get heapsss of chocolate during easter as well...

and ayayayay! new plan starts today. free facebook and internet! my iPhone can actually act like an iPhone now. as well as news and weather (which is not on voda, so i am still sticking with 3 because i like my news, even though we order the newspaper....)

and a few days ago, i realised that Maps on doesn't need internet, how convenient (: and also, i was just introduced to Viber, i am so slow, EVERYONE GET IT SO I CAN CALL/TEXT YOU FOR FREE (:
but i have heaps of credit (well for me its plenty...) so you don't really need to get viber....

and i just saw photos of relatives in hk and their xmas party.....their ham was MASSIVE. like the guy had a special wooden structure to help him cut the ham. it looked like...10 textbooks piled on top of each other...i don't know....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas (: + Mosman Beach

Christmas service was nice (: i love singing xmas carols. the sermon was really good/cute since it was suited for primary kids. the pastor had a pass the parcel with envelopes inside with verses (:

last year they had eng and chinese congregation at the same time but in different halls, this year they separated the times...

and when i came back, my family friend was like, do you want to go to the beach, and we were like ok (:

i don't think i got tanned too much. except my right arm kind of hurts.... :S haven't been to a sydney beach for a while..
Mosman beach: you can actually swim, since there's no waves. so we brought out boogie board for nothing, except just to float on....i like riding waves (:
luckly, they had platforms which we could jump off, about 3m. it was soooooo ridiculously fun, except when you climb up the ladder, it's filled with moss oceany stuff. except it's safe. the adrenaline on your first jump (: except i can't stand salt water, so i didn't jump as much as i would have in pool water.

and the boys played cod and nerf guns all afternoon and night, so i didn't do any work, not even read ):

bbq was nice (: no turkey this year ):
i really miss my uncle's xmas parties in hk, he has a real christmas tree, xmas stocking filled with yummy yummy goodies, swapping presents with family, ham, turkey, custard, xmas pudding, fruit mince pies, gingerbread, etcetc, aka THE LOT. i shall experience that again next year

my dad forgot to zoom in.....):

it's almost 12 and they still haven't left, and they live in the city....

Jesus is a small package, great gift (:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

and also, i missed seeing the cherrybrook christmas firetruck this year
i only heard it ):

and yday was the first time i was a passenger in the car looking at christmas lights in the car.

and our family friend gave us a hugggge ham

i didn't really get Howl's moving castle....

triple posting in one day, that's a first....
i have a busy schedule next week =/

have to wake up early tomorrow...
just dance 3 is soooo fun (: and the songs are really good. i spent 3hours playing that yday at friends house (: and i interacted with 3 dogs yday (:

and i "fasted" for 24hours today. just didn't feel like anything, so i had dinner today. it must have been from all the junk food i had yday......

and i made macarons today =D donnay hay packet mix, i shall attempt proper ones after the HSC, and i really need to invest in a proper sieve and piping bags. like i was sieving the packet for half an hour(no joke)through thus tiny sieve i said to sieve, so i followed the instructions....normally i don't sieve cos it's too time consuming ):

and yay! my mum and my favourite dancer won on sytycd!! yayay for Melanie, she is sooo good <3

and howls moving castle is on, i don't think i've seen the whole movie before...and my dad found it on sbs2, so i am starting to watch half way...

and the Outdoor wedding i went to last month:
 steps going down and comfy seats (:
and i have nothing today, not good. woke up soooo late today ):
i'm in a tv watching mood.
Busy/ fun / tiring day today.
Soooo full right now

I'll post properly when I'm on my laptop. The font looks so wierd on phone... And I played with Siri today (:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

i have found 2 places to look for formal dresses

i wanted to start doing english stuff today but i ended up playing words with friends. if only people thought's such a slow game, except it's the next best thing when no one wants to play Scrabble with poor board games sitting abandoned on the shelf...

and i just had a sudden urge to go towers just then since it closes at midnight...

and one of my english text is essays complied into a book and it just rambles on and on and on....soooo boring, even shakespeare is more interesting, no joke

and i somehow decided to read the iPhone manual, i actually learnt stuff that i didn't know (:

any yay for free movie tickets from milk (: now i just have to get a credit card....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

nooooooooooooooo accidently clicked on timeline on fb, and now it's sooooooooo ugggggggggggly and everyone will see the ugliness in 7days )))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

and i haven't started ext2, not good, not good.

and i can't believe my mum is letting me buy a ghd case. they are not worth what they look like.....but it's kind of a cheap xmas prezzie, i guess, since all my other xmas prezzies and bday gifts from yr7-10 have been $100+.....

finally put batteries for our xmas lights (: i have hardly seen any lights up this year, only the house around the corner does it full it year after year....

i really love this weather. i don't have to waste electricity on air-con and my skin doesn't go as dark as it usually does during summer....not too cold and not too hot (:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

oh woops, i told my mum that roadtrip as 2nights instead of 3 nights....i'll tell her after i pay for it (:

AND I FINALLY FIGURED HOW TO CALL INTERNATIONALLY!!!! yayayay, i could have just asked my mum how, except i resorted to google which was harder to find how.... but now when i go overseas i have credit to use and i don't have to waste the monthly credit (: but that is for next year....
i called my grandma's house to see if it worked, but ended the call before anyone could pick up....

i have been sooo busy these paast 2 days, and it did not involve any school work D=
today: went to someone's house, then chiropractor, then dentist. and pennant hills library has free wifi!!! castle hill does except you have to do something before you can connect with phones on it...
yday: optometrist, movie, prefume smelling

hopefully tomorrow i can get started on some work....

Monday, December 19, 2011

breaking dawn was better than i expected, because i have low expectations for it, and i think the baby part was done quite well.
except, nothing happened in the movie, i just watched the trailer, it tells you what you need to know: wedding, honeymoon, pregnant, fight, becomes a vampire

and i finally bought Tripview (: it's sooooooo good (: i can now finally save trips unlike the lite version (((: it's the first app i've wanted to buy. ally the apps my bro buys are all games...

and this is sooooooo cool: santa with Siri
Siri is soo cool, except whenever i use it (which has only been twice), it's always noisy and doesn't work properly.

only one thing done on my 20+things to do on my to-do list ):

i love getting branded paper and using/trying different perfumes. now my wallet is going to smell nice (: must watch more movies before december or else money is going to be wasted....

and i want to have high tea (: just a sudden craving before dinner....and i had one of those christmas boosts today, it wasn't that sweet which was good (:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

ahhhh, still don't have a physical to-do list, only a mental one ):

i spent 1 hour going through the boxes of clothes today....

and 3 WHOLE HOURS cleaning and filing my sheets ): but now i know where everything is (:

why don't people respond to texts?

i have taken going to Jambaroo off my to-do list, and maybe go to Harry Potter exbo.

should i go on a road trip with people? 3days two nights of no study....

and i finished Inheritance (: the part before the end is really good, then i don't like the ending...he takes 3 years to write a book, so when he starts on the new series, i would have hopefully finished my HSC, so i can read for fun.
the trilogy i bought a few months back won't probably be read until this time next year....

the sacrifices i have to make way for my study which i need to start....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

four days of intense reading, 70 pages to go. not worth it, only 30 pages is actually good, but must finish...

and i'm happy (: free news/weather finally works on my phone, after consulting with curries over the phone for half an hour, and changed to the new 19cap (: it's a bit more expensive in terms of calling rates, but i never use all my money so i don't care.

and no, i don't want to accept your "Christmas offer" of having 4s or galaxy 2 for 19 bucks. it's probs with an addition $50 each month...
and no, i don't want to pay 20cap a month and get more benefits, since they probs will be like, pay an extra amount on top of the cap...

went carlo today, haven't been for a while....

and boxes of clothes from cos (: and she has only wore them a few times, and some are new (:

no time to write to do list ): must finish book....

Friday, December 16, 2011

Actual Last Day of Year 11

this year has passed sooooooooooooooooooo quickly. i still remember the beginning of the year, so much has happened....

of course i went to the last day of school, i haven't missed any days this year, except for study leave, so my attendance is still 100%, just like last year (:

actually did stuff in phys and maths, but the rest of the day was just sitting and talking (:

it's nice to see people, even for a little while (:
and first time having Criniti's today (: i don't think i'll go for a long time, now when i think about it, the only special thing is it is 1m. it tasted all right, but i have had better pizza....

so i think thanks to 3 state ranks for chem, i got scaled up (:  .......i still don't really get scaling....

i shall post a to do list tmr (if i is sooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooong)

but have a good break everyone (: it's technically our last school summer holidays :')

Thursday, December 15, 2011

i wonder if there will ever be another school which beats ruse....

nsb really fluctuates, two year ago they weren't in the top ten and three years ago they were, and now this yr they're 2nd....
their success rate for maths is close-ish with ruse, surprisingly....

i love looking for people's name in the newspaper, which is like size 2 or maybe size 1 font.

it is really amazing how smart some people are, so i think they are my role models, so are super duper smart white people (:

christmas prefect concert was quite nice (:

and i didn't have any class today, and left early during period 8 because apparently there wasn't any scripture :S

maybe i should do another subject at talent next yr since the two of the six 99.95 at my school went there....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

not proud/sad/angry but content.
my heart kind of jumped when i was logging in this morning. and i avoided my chem teacher today so he didn't have to ask how i went, he can just find out himself without talking to me...does that make sense?
i really expected band 4 since i didn't do the calculation questions properly and didn't do some of the option properly.
i think, maybe for these two units, scaling worked to my favour...or else i may have gotten under band 4.....
i've spent over an hour today on the board of studies website, it's actually quite fun (:
it's amaaaaazing how smart people are. like the white private school guy who topped 4U and another language which mainly private schools offer. apparently he didn't get tutored in maths according to the newspaper...i would have totes done latin if i was offered the chance in y7.

and today was results overload. for once in my life i did better in 3U than 2U, except 2U should be better since it's technically easier....

lost a mark for writing "This enhances...." in phys. it's the equivalent to my ): when i wrote sin I instead of sin i.

and viva voce, expecting 5/10. she was staring at me boredly because i was babbling to myself in a round circle.....?

phys hw ))): due tomorrow but i'll still be doing it tomorrow and during my frees... there is sooo much....

and secret santa. i'm just happy i didn't get chocolates/pencil cases. a chick got me for grade, and for group, i shall attempt those cupcakes after HSC (:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

don't want tomorrow to come.

i am soooo scared i am going to get band 3, and then when i bump into my teacher tomorrow he'll be like "how did you go" and i'll be like.....awks...
i say to myself i will do better in other subjects, but what if i don't?! then my atar....
wow, no Ruse first places this year. and the people who topped maths seem to have non-asian last names....impressed.

and the girl who topped chem, i kind of know her, friend of a friend... she is sooo smart. she did accelerated 4U maths. so she did her 4U hsc in yr 11 :O well that's what i heard.... and i'm surprised chem was tied first. which means chem was easy to other people.....? and the person who came first in geo is also a friend of a friend except i haven't seen her in real life...

maths is already hard....but accelerated maths is like super wowow....

mainly most of the people who are first placed come from private schools.
baulko has two first places (:
except first places doesn't mean that school is good, cos i bet ruse is still ranked first since everyone is supppper smart there. it's kind of sad how some superr smart people can't do 4U maths....
it would be a miracle if i ever got a state rank.
i want to read and see the first places for ext2 and va.

also, viva voce tomorrow ):
concept is still not clear. :'( probs cos i've only done minimal amounts of research...

i wasn't alone in any of my classes today. only ext 1 with my friend and i, kind of felt like...private tutoring...?

but i hope to have present tomorrow (:

and my bro's report came in the mail today. should have opened it when i had the chance since he won't let me look at it...
they come in the mail because the boys apparently photoshop/burn/destroy their reports so their prents can't see...

time to clear up my concept in less than 3 hours...

Monday, December 12, 2011

i can clearly see why half our class has dropped ext 2.
THE RESEARCH!!!  ):  it is quite troublesome, actually it's very time consuming which makes it troublesome because i could be reading right now....and then to actually make your thoughts into words is hard as well....

i am going to get a bogan Jap mark, no jokes....
it's really depressing....
maybe i should have watched anima back in those days....i really can't hear... ):
and the teacher is all like "don't worry, it's only 7.5 of your HSC" of course she tells me not to worry, it's not her HSC
i don't get how people survive and how people can top all their subjects....

and chem...):

i can forsee my atar already... and people say it's hard to get under 95....

i feel so anti-social these days....but if become more social, then my atar would go under....90 (?) well, i could just get a life in uni

this sounds so sad.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dad's Annual Work Dinner

happened to be on the same day as Happy Apple's Party, so i couldn't go to both ): i hate missing out on parties....

well, my dad was like, it's a jap restaurant in North Sydney, and when we got there i was like "hey, iv'e been here before, went int yr 9 or 10 for jap excursion and this girls' chicken was raw.

i think it's coz we were school kids so they care less about us back then.

but the food was really good today (: had all the traditional jap type of beef and meat etcetc.
and i had so many mocktails <3
and then the Christmas present aka money from the boss is always good.

so many people from my school go to my church's youth group....

another unproductive day....should have started to re-do eng ext 2...

i still haven't decided if i should check my results on wed morning or at night after tutoring.... i know i won't be happy with my result, fully failed....waste of tutoring money.... ):

which may result in a bogan atar....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

wow, i haven't done anything today ): i wanted to re-do my viva voce...

except my mum came with me to get a coke can with my name on it (((: finally something with my name (:

and i read Inheritance for the whole day today. i'm such a slow reader... ):

and polar express and Mao's Last Dancer <3

Friday, December 9, 2011

#300. Unhappy

i don't know where to start.
i did crap, bad, horrible.

well 3U: it's quite intimidating with the maths head teacher over your desk looking at your stopwatch. he was probably secretly shaking his head since he saw i couldn't do the induction. both of them!!!! ))))))))))))))))): i did over 20+ inductions like the night before, and i still couldn't do it. ):

my brain doesn't work in exam conditions. maybe i should start doing hw in exam conditions. like, my brain literally just blanks.

during 2U reading time, i was like: oh, this is actually do-able, maybe i can get 90%. reading time=false hope. fully screwed it. i got all these random fractions for my a's and d's and all my answers were wrong ): know i am going to get a bogan maths mark and my rank is going to be more horrible than what it was...

and i am the type of person who falls into the trap of trick questions. physics: time wasn't an issue, except i didn't know answers to some of them )))))))): and question 4. afbhdfdskahfdkja can't frikken believe i got tricked/didn't read the questions properly. and then, i think i forgot all the key words in my answers ):

and English. the question wasn't hard so that means everyone is going to do good and average will be high and i have a higher chance of being under hand dies after one essay. in about 7 months time, i will have to write 3 essays non-stop, annnd memorise takes me like a day to memorise an essay....

Jap: can someone please tell me how to study for it? everytime before some jap thing, i only look at stuff the night before. i wish i could improve my listening. maybe i should have watched jap dramas back in yr9/10 to improve listening....

so, my mum was talking to someone else's mum, and he said his son, who was smart but had 2 fish oils everyday and now is supppppper smart. i think i should start having fish oils to improve my veryveryvery slow brain.
i can't stop thinking that i am going to get a bogan atar and a bogan chem mark and that all the tutoring money will go to waste ))))):

i am going to study super hard in the hols (well i will try)

also, supppppper said that Happy Apple's party is on the same day as dad's work dinner )))): i wish i could go to both....but it's kind of impossible....

and i watched the whole episode of sytycd today. wow, i want to try and walk in Gaga's i actually have time to read Inheritance before i read eng ext which i was supposed to finish a month ago and before i do my viva voce which is on wed...actually i think i should properly re-do it since i did my first draft just for the sake of handing something time to read and think of something substantial....

still super upset. i don't fell relief these days after exams.....i think i study hard, but obviously my marks tell me otherwise. maybe i should swap fb pw with my bro. i did that last year for sc.... but not for yr11/12 :/

)))))): i think i should go re-study for what i have studied this week. i need to study a month before for my exams, i think.

oh, and this girl from ruse said the guy whose coming first in jap at ruse carries a grammer dictionary wherever he goes lololol....which makes me think, do ruse people carry maths textbooks whereever they are?
maybe i should do that to somehow absorb the textbook knowledge...

but i know i will have to study hard. oh, also, i didn't even need to charge my phone the whole week since i'm so anti-social and i don't have to call my mum to pick me up from places. the convenience of having your P's

and congrats for reading up to here. this is the place where i rant about my ))))))))))))))))))))): hopefully half-yearly, term 2 assessments and trials will have a bit of (: and hsc will be (((((((((((((:
i think that will be my goal.
and also to be above average for everything. i know i am not the type 99.95, actually i knew even when i started high school that i wouldn't have a 100UAI because i have a slow brain....

Monday, December 5, 2011

kind of glad dancing finished last week so i wouldn't have to miss dancing this week...

so, when i was procrastinating yesterday, i decided to try the "amazing race" game on our church website.
basically you click on an icon which leads you to another web page and you have to answer to ques.
so i thought, I HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING THIS! since last year's comp was taking a photo, and i don't like editing photos so i was like ceebs....

i was clicking around and one of the questions was: how many bookshelves does the library have?
so they want me to go counting bookshelves in the library :S

and also, what does the church library key tag look like?
how am i supposed to know? i don't even know whose in charge of the library keys ):

so my chances of winning kind of fell.....i think....

and i hope (this is kind of impossible) to have no loan when i buy my first house so i don't have to worry about loan repayments etcetc
(or i could just hire an accountant to do the maths for me)
i get it and then don't. hoping the hard questions tomorrow don't involve hard finance ques...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

jeans and jacket in summer, this is a first.
but i much prefer this weather than 30+ degree heat, as it means we can save electricity from not using air-cons.

i think my essay sucks more each time i read it ):

this morning i was lol-ing because the guy across the road spends two hours each week cleaning 2 cars, and then ten minutes later it was pouring rain.
the things i notice when doing phys....
so the two cars we park outside our house got a free car wash (:

i don't get why people spend so much time on their gardens/ washing cars....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

the house that's on the corner near my house, sold their house in 2.5 weeks.

that is suppppppppper fast. like our neighbours tried selling their house for like 8 months and failed. i think they will try again, since they renovated their bathroom....

well, i think it's cheap (if i had the money) since it's like 850m square for 780 000 $ while the house at the top of my hill is approx 450m square for 650 000. well, obviously i would buy the bigger house, except the bigger house is split level and has 3 bedrooms while the smaller house is single level with 4 bedrooms.

go figure.

acutally, it's coz the bigger house has quite a large front yard (which is quite pointless unless you like gardening like the house opposite who the man gardens for min an hour a day.

yes, the things i notice during pre-exam week....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady Gaga themed end-of-year Dance Lesson

this post was meant to be for yesterday.

so, it was the last day for my dance teacher yday, since he is going to study stuff, so won't be able to teach (apparently he drives 1.5hours to here to teach dance )

it's kind of sad since he taught me for 3yrs+ for both contemporary and jazz.

he loves Lady Gaga, so we kind of had to dress like her, and all the songs he played was LG. his costume was pretty cool (: i'm surprised at how many songs i don't know. also, he had trivia questions. like, her first name is Stephanie.

it was a fun last lesson. and the DVDs are much better than last years one.

i feel utterly screwed for maths. i think i maths rage.
so much for buffer week when teachers are going to be away....

i should really study. even during yearlies, next Wednesday is the most horrible. phys and eng, the subjects WITH THE MOST MEMORISING.)))))):  maths and jap: if your good at it then your good. it's like a pass and fail kind of thing. if this happens in the hsc, well it better not be on the same day, or else it would be a first....

need to study harder.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

had to give up going out for dinner tonight, because of assessments.
probs one of the many stuff i have to give up until end of next year.

my motivation levels drop after dinner ):

i really wished i think faster.

homemade oreo cheesecake and lemon slices (:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

my mum is right. 85% of people who fix up their gardens and renovate mean they are going to move.
soo many houses for sale near my house, well more than before. from a 200m ish walk, there are probs 8 houses for sale.

my mum's like, if we start renovating, painting, make gardens like the ones on tv, you know we are moving. which has a 0.5% chance of happening.

the day has passed so quickly, i've felt like i haven't done anything ):

Friday, November 25, 2011

maths. ):

if only i had a personalised tutor who was with me 24/7 (or whenever i happen to do maths)

you know, if i have nothing to do when i grow old, and if i remember my maths, i would totes write a textbook full of worked solutions, i still can't find any Terry Lee 3U ):

worked solutions would sell.

oh, and it's 2U that's troubling me right now =/

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 hours to redo english essay + study for maths topic test for tmr?

if i was super duper smart i would be able to....

ahh phys, haven't touched on that ):

i hate this weather

and free fried rice makes me happy (:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Outdoor Wedding +wedding tips

yes!! so far i have worn a different dress to each wedding, and i've been to quite a lot now, around over 10.

it was soooo pretty :')
they hired the garden theatre so it's like watching a Shakespeare play. they weren't over the top with decorations, so i guess that saves money. and they had cushions to sit on so it was comfy (:

and the weather in the arvo was good. it wasn't too hot/sunny, and only after all the photos it started raining a bit.

it's nice to sit outdoors. i remember last year, one of the weddings i went to was in an old style church during summer. it was pretty and all, but there was no air-con. i think i kind-of melted. it's nice to have a fresh breeze (:

i have started to accumulate some wedding tips:
- have wedding in arvo, so you don't have to make so much food since dinner is only about 2 hours away. if you have a wedding at 11, then you will have to waste money on food for lunch + money for food at reception
- ask people to give you money, not random wedding gifts.
-outdoor weddings mean you don't have to spend as much money on decorations compared to indoor weddings.
-also, in outdoor weddings where you hire a place that you have to walk a bit to, it means no one will see what car you turn up in, so you don't have to waste money on a fancy wedding car
-weddings not in the city mean guests can park free
-invite one set of people to your wedding, and another set to your reception, so you get double the gifts (except that's kind of weird)
-have one bridesmaid so you don't have to spend that much money on other people's dresses (except it's boring having one...)

there was another wedding at the same time. except, the other place was more narrower, and not as cool.

and so, i have not done much today ): no time to upload pics. i missed out on the Children Sunday School Anniversary. i wanted to see little kids perform. why is there always something else on, on the same dates as weddings ):

Saturday, November 19, 2011

essay progress:80ish % it doesn't even make sense ):
i need to go english tutoring. haven't been for about 4 months......not good.....
and who ever knew drawing projectile motion graphs were that hard? need to change results to make the graph look nicer. i wish there was someone who could help me....

i wish i was faster at maths.

what would people do if it rained tomorrow on their outdoor wedding?

Friday, November 18, 2011

out of all the nights, why must hsc csu die today? ):
i actually kind of needed it.

today, our english teacher told us the story of her almost being killed by a serial killer for over 20mins when she was 20ish old. it was kind of interesting.

so like, for eng essays, my rate is 1 paragraph / 3hours, like no joke.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

i swear our teacher said we had a topic test today and tomorrow. so did the res of the class, thus no one brought textbooks. well, apparently it's next week.

so much to do ):

family coming over next May. as in a whole lot. i think i can kind of see my assessment 3 dying....

my poor atar :'(

the rain means free car wash (:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

yay, i got a 20c kate and william coin (:

and i had a free cheeseburger today, and half of it didn't have any sauce ):
so cheap.

nooo, maths topic test tmr ):

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

those english extension questions which you have to use your brain, and internet is not really helpful and you don't know what some of the words mean in that question =/

stomach muscles still hurt. we didn't even do any dancing in contemporary yesterday. just an hour of stretches, ab toning/arm toning stuff. not really toning, but it builds up your core/arm strength without actually looking like you have, this sounds weird. if i did that every day. i think i would actua;;y lose weight. once a week of intense exercise is not enough.
something else to put on my holiday list.

yay, new iPhone case. the funny thing is that it came all the way from hong kong. and it only cost one dollar, with included shipping. shipping overseas costs more than a dollar, so why do people want to make these losses? =/
not my problem. it was quite quick. my book which i ordered before the case still hasn't come yet ):

extensions are just reading reading and reading, which was expected, and i like reading, if only i read it won't be as time consuming....

Monday, November 14, 2011

yay. i'm happy. i got my fitzpatrick textbooks, and they are close to new (:
and then i decided to get some success ones coz i guys was like, well you can this year's worked solutions online when it comes out. the school sells them for 23 and i got mine for 15 so i don't think it's necessary to have this years paper for 8 more bucks.
except i want a terry lee 2/3 unit book!!! it's coloured WITH WORKED SOLUTIONS! i haven't seen a coloured maths textbook since year 10. i kind of miss the lame Signpost jokes.

we did fun stuff in dance today. and zumba (:
my face was still red after my almost cold shower.

i feel relaxed tonight. as in, i haven't done any work. i shall do heapssss of work tmr to make up for tonight.

related texts: please come to me.
went through 5 periods of english today (out of 10, including lunch).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

we did a topical on scientology at 3pm youth today.

it's really weird. there are these "levels" and you pay money to get taught those levels. and there are some levels which are unknown since no one is high enough.
it seems like a game.
and usually, only rich people are allowed into the higher levels. and at high levels, you can use "the force" to control matter, energy, space and time.
that is sci-fi to me, and some Star Wars.

and to go to Next Gen or not? it seems to be quite good, except it's the whole week before school starts and the week before that i'm helping out with the Kids Fun Days at my hols would be a 4 week one, and i have to do approx total 10 000 creative words and read 7+books...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swimming Adventures

ok, not much happened, except i finally went swimming today after so many months.

i am so slow.

it used to only take me approx 17 secs for 25m, now i do 22 ):
and i kept on thinking, well it's my fat dragging me down, but fat floats on water (?)
even the man who was doing pulling was faster than my normal swimming.
except i can still do my beloved butterfly and medly without stopping =D and i can still kick (using flippers) to the other side with only one breath (:

i can't write eng adv creative writing, it's because there's no reflection statement so if you write something bizarre, they just won't get it.

and barcode scanner apps are soooo cool (: except it's pointless for me since i don't have any mobile internet so i can't scan stuff at the shops....

and now for some pics.

ben and jerry half dough, filed to the brim (:

chem books: 2textbooks, 6 past papers booklets, which i didn't do all of them. so i am determined to do all the phys ones this time....hopefully...

wedding dress and suit coated marshmellows (:

mum's friend's daughter who made these delicious slices (: they sell for $2.50 at the local bakery, and the size is only about the size of an iPhone...
they tasted quite professional (:

contemporary costume (: lighting for this one wasn't that good );

Friday, November 11, 2011

horrible night and a horrible morning.

nose bleed for half an hour, then stopped for 15min, then another 30min one, then  30min one in the morning, so i was late to morning class. luckily, someone was later than me.
i slept at one and woke up at 7. so exhausted....i need to go swimming tomorrow....

and my mum asked the optometrist and he said i could drive with one eye =D yayayay, haven't driven in ages....these days, sometimes my mum finds it annoying when she has to drive me.

but it's not even summer and yesterday wasn't even that hot. i am going to either melt to death or bleed to death. so i slept with the air-con on yday (:

the guys in maths did a count down for 11/11/ etctec.
i didn't make a wish, except i never do those things, so i cheered. and i completely forgot about tonight's 11/11/11. oh wells....

remembrance day at Baulko is so informal. it's just a bell and you sit in your seat for a min. like at Girra it was quite fancy. i remembered there was always a kid who faints (except for last year since there was undercover assembly) i actually forgot about remembrance day until the daily notices.

and Freddo frogs for frog (fully relying on God) week.....haha

i slept at one yday and woke up at 7. so exhausted....i need to go swimming tomorrow....

and my mum asked the optometrist and he said i could drive with one eye =D yayayay, haven't driven in ages....these days, sometimes my mum finds it annoying when she has to drive me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

how fun, black out for an hour this morning at school.
lol jks.
i could have been catching up on maths.

topic test tomorrow D= i don't know anything.

going to be half blind for another week, but it's frustrating to not drive, so i think i'm going to rely on one eye when driving =D

walking into the TLC today to find it filled with kids doing sc comp test. kinda awkward, and i slammed the door when i walked out (it was a heavy door so it slammed itself) then walking around the school trying to find the room change for scripture.....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today i woke up with a streak of blood against the side of my forehead.
it was kinda scary for a sec, but it was dry blood. i don't remember scratching myself.... :S

and my iPhone had a pink pixel on it, after i played on it for half an hour (even though i'm still behind in maths) so i was paranoid, and now it's fine (:

i think i should try to play table tennis properly, for at least a week....

and used my small free soft drink from my bro. i got a fanta and it was sooooo tasteless. i know it has ice, but it still should be sweeter than what i had today. it's just like the fruit and yogurt ice-blocks. they don't taste like the artificial/natural taste like they should, they're not even creamy. they only look like what they should. my mum's like, "sugar is probs expensive so they can't afford it and thus they add water to everything since water is free"

and new Eragon book!!!!! get my bro to get it tomorrow =D

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i kind of feel sorry for my bro. he had to do the school certificate today and he's only in yr 9.
i just found out this year that everyone at normo does accelerated his/geo in yr 9, then they pick people to do accelerated geo, but not his....which is kinda strange....

so he gets 1/4 (?) of his school cert. hahaha....

and i swear i'm always in the pouring rain with my mum in the car....

and yay, 3 new extension english books makes me happy (: they are so inviting to read, all new books are like that (:

someone come fitness first with me for free (:

Monday, November 7, 2011

so last night i had a shower at 11:45pm, i just kind of forgot to have one....i think that was the first time, i'm just sooo pre-occupied these days ):

finally went today for my first free 7-11 slurpee (: the wait wasn't too bad, about 10mins. and then it started pouring, like at the beginning of the year when we drove to the Gold Coast.

paper dying in Jap:
from this 

to this

and i saw my dance teacher use Siri today, first time seeing it in real life (:
need to try it out sometime....
he memorised the answers to: "where should i bury a dead body" question, haha...

and i have found a flaw on my iPhone. it can't connect to my laptop via bluetooth, even though it has bluetooth and it can connect, you can't actually transfer stuff. even my 3 older phones can do that....luckily there are other apps which act like bluetooth....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dance Pointe Concert 2011

yesterday was A FULLY HECTIC DAY for my whole family.

ok so, my dad and bro left to go to a wedding, which i sosososo wanted to go, except i had dance, so obviously i couldn't (more on that later) they left at 10am and came back at 12:10am.

so i woke up at 10, and had a cry for half an hour, partly because of how stupid/failing person i am and partly because of my eye (now i am once again half blind)
then i had to leave at 12 for morning rehearsals (and i was late), and i brought stuff to read, but ended up watching other people's dances =/ so i left at like 2.30, then did an hour of maths (which equates to half an hour of maths for smart people), then somehow time went by and i only had an hour to get ready.
this year they had no one to do our band parts ): and my fringe is almost grown out, so it was even harder to do. so hair to a long time.
ended up eating in the car and and arrived like 10 mins before the concert started =/

i didn't know there were that many people who have been there for 10 years, they all got really cool trophies...this year went by really fast, usually i'm in 5 dances, could have been in 5 this year but was ceebs going for extra rehearsals. i like our contemporary costume (:
they had confetti this year =D since it was the 10 year anniversary
and they made us stand during the time when they were giving out trophies...

got home at like 10.30, so did about 2hours of work, or less.

i soooooo wanted to go the wedding today, mainly because the guy was Western, and they went to a Western place the The Rocks to have their reception, and had their wedding at a park. my mum wanted to go as well, except she kind of had to accompany me to dance. and i wanted to see what happens n a non-Christian wedding, because every single wedding i've been to is Christian, which is good (:
i wish i had an older sister so i can be a bridesmaid....
and they had cute marshmellow which chocolate as a suit ....hard to describe....maybe photo when i upload them....
oh well, maybe i should just make more Western friends and go to a Western reception =D

woke up at 11 today, and my legs still hurt ):
and i love this feather fan, it's really massive. i wish we could keep it....but if i did, then i would have no use for it, unless to attract dust mites (like my mum said....)

Friday, November 4, 2011

to do list:
-catch up on approx 10 exercises of maths
-eng hw
-eng ext 2 sheet +journel
-phys hw
-try start to phys assessment
-jap writing + speaking + other random exercises
-read sheets/booklets
-find related texts
-start adv creative
-tutoring hw

that is totes not going to happen over the weekend, and i felt lazy today and watched a random movie on Go tonight :/

and my report sucks.
like actually.
and my chem mark died )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

drove first time in early morning. i love the amount of parking space early in the morning.

and dance concert tomorrow (: i should feel pumped, but not really, maybe because of all the work.
so tomorrow is non-existant.
missing out on a wedding tomorrow because of concert ):

i finally got apps on my phone (: i love how itunes accounts can be shared so i don't have to re-buy the things my bro has already bought (:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chemistry 2011

relief, i don't feel it.
first of all, sorry to bitter who listened to me rant for an hour during sport. like i actually full ranted and half-cried, i've promised myself i wouldn't cry, so i didn't fully cry.

i don't know why i'm so stupid. i didn't get the calculations ): and there were heapppppppppppppppppps of them. ): i think this test was more about using your brain then just knowing the stuff.
i mean i did heaps of past papers. actually i don't properly do them, except i just look at the question and then write out a correct response. maybe i should change my study habits? i didn't go one facebook for over 2 weeks and i feel so anti-social.

i didn't like the option. like the freaking 3 mark diagram. I ONLY KNOW HOW TO DRAW ONE FOR SODIUM. obviously we had to just that knowledge for other stuff )))))): and they didn't ask for friggen pigments asdfghjkl. the time i spent memorising them. it was only in a tiny part of a question.
and the periodic table was missing some atomic masses, which i kind-of needed ):

i know i have lost 15 marks already. there goes my band 6 and here comes my screwed atar. i'm scared i'm going to get a atar less than 90. people say its hard to, but i don't think so. i don't get how people can leave a test half an hour early. like i haven't even finished the test. i went toooo slow in mc ): and i screwed up. you know, the test wasn't that hard, i just somehow couldn't apply it. my brain wasn't it the best functioning mode today, which sucks, cause this counts towards my atar. and my future. and i am sulking at how badly i did.

you have no idea. ))))): of how badly i did. and if i repeat and get a lower mark than i did, then that's suppper terrible. i think i am bottom 25% of my grade, which means i get scaled dowwwwwwwwwn. ):

i don't know.
i have appox 10 exercises of maths to do, and english and physics and Jap.

now i have to work extra hard this year and next year to not get under atar of 95.

and why did it have to be on a 2-hour strike? i guess its kinda good as it minamalised the voice levels more, except i could have used that 2hours to do homework. imagine if the BOS went for a strike...haha...

everyone else said it was easy and good.
i wish i could come out of every test saying that....

Friday, October 28, 2011

today we did paper dying in jap today, because she looked at us and we looked all stress, actually i think  she just looked at me and saw me stressing and then decided we should dye some paper.

it was kind of relaxing, but i won't be able to see my end result, until thursday....
someone might take mine, oh wells, and luckily i didn't get any die on my uniform.

i think i'm going ludicrous. as in, i don't know...

tomorrow is non-existant because of dance dress rehearsals ): if only everything was moved back a week late, i have to sacrifice my past-paper time going there tmr. usually i'm like (: for rehearsals, this year i'm like =/
i think i'll take my notes there.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My mum went on a massive shopping spree at michael hills today, so yay for new earrings(:
Getting sooo distracted, not good, don't want to fail...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i love hitting a ping-pong ball across the room and then watching the person opposite you pick it up (: and also, when the person beside you also does what you do (((:
sport is kind of relaxing.

approx 6 exercises behind in maths.

and i love how i can go on planet 3 on my phone which is not a 3 phone. not i just have to figure out why it wants me to pay for my news when it's supposed to be free.....

and there's is no-way i can do 2 more booklets of past papers before next week.
i need to study.
using chem as an excuse to not do physics hw (:

if some 4U people thought the 3U test was hard, that means next year. us 2U people will like, mentally die in the test.... D=

Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone (((: (finally)

yayayyayay. it finally arrived in the post after 11 working days.

it's the third one, and a tad old but it's white and 16gb =D
and i don't mind second hand stuff, because when my uncle packed it, he used all the original packaging and it looked brand new, and the head phones plastic thing around it wasn't even opened.
i've always wanted an iPhone. like for a very long time. and the white ones are nice (:

i know the camera's crap, but now i don't have to charge my ipod and phone separately cos it's all in one (: now i can play apps instead of askinng my bro to play on his touch.
but i am not going to download one single app until after HSC chem.
i love the conveniency.

and i love pressing the delete everything option.

and now it's much easier/faster to text.

and now i haven't done any chemistry tonight.

and today every single classroom i went to either couldn't find there air con remote or someone took it, and i melted. cold showers are the bomb after dancing (: and my car was sooooo hot after 7 hours in the sun-ish. imagine summer......
i think i may prefer the very nicely air-coned buses.

and in Jap today, we spent half the time looking for the teacher's name stamp lid, which was apparently given by a japanese person. it seemed like she was going to cry. we think it probably fell into a yr 7's bag.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

happy birthday dad.

i think it's the first time my bro is sharing his cake with dad.
my dad's not the type of person whose really into birthdays. but i am (: and so is my mum and bro (:

today was hotter than it looked. i walked out wearing jeans and then realised that it was too late to change.

i still can't stop laughing how they say in Masterchef "Now in fourth place" instead of "in last place"

and i received a horrible email ): one which i never thought i would get because i thought i was "non-existant"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i love watching fireworks from the comfort of my home.
i don't know why they had it though.....they usually have fire works for the Chinese mid-autumn festival thing :S and that had already past...
must be some new event....

and i just found a stack of past papers to do =/
they are sooo time consuming ):
i NEED to study hard because i'm not even smart to begin with, so i need to study doubly has hard as other people for this.

and my brother wins something every time he goes to the Maccas on Showground Rd.

Friday, October 21, 2011

no accidentally spilt blueberries today (:

mini dilemma: to have a lined spiral book or a va diary?
i really don't know.
and i don't know if i would stick my sheets in or have them in a different folder?
and today she was like "i expect you guys to have already started your journals"
internally thinking (i don't have one, nor will i think i have one after chem, i don't have time to look around shops for different books)
and "you should start to have a clear idea soon" and i'm like oh crap.
waking up at 6:45am isn't as hard when it's daylight savings cos light in the morning.

oh, and also add on to yday post: the light is very deceiving as it feels like 5pm and you have a lot of time to study, but it's actually 7.30pm and you night is like almost gone.

and i hate when there's no stock of something on the book depository site.

tonight has been unproductive ):

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time Flies

3.30-4.00pm passes the fastest. then, 11:15-11:45pm, then 9:30-10pm. then 7:45-8:30pm
also double free periods and sport lunches on Wed.
and i like how they will try to re-arrange junior classes for us english 4U.
and also when doing past papers.

went to the part of the library that i've never been before, the back left corner. it's more quite, i think, since there are books blocking of the sounds.

and i didn't waste money on phys/chem NQE's (:

and i love beeping people (:
i always seem to watch the last 5mins of Pokemon these days.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

): my $4 for 200g sweet yummy blueberries which i haven't had for months....all lost ):

and the other day, i saw in the English staff room that "The position of heat teacher at Girraween is re-advertised"
i don't want to lose my English teacher.
and we're so pov we got the whole play photocopied. that is against copyright laws.

(my computer just had a squiggly line under Girraween-lol )

and it's kind of sad how we didn't have cake yesterday since my bro and i have exams ): so there's like a cake sitting in the fridge, untouched.

had my first mango this month (:

13 days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

happy birthday Joel (my brother)

we have to worst birthdays. my birthday is during trials and his birthday is during his HSC/holidays. and he has yearlies this week.....

i was talking to people and we realised we have an extra day of studying next year, cis of Feb 29th.

and today, there was another car crash, like 200m before yesterdays. this time i kind of saw it happen cause i was like 10 cars behind on a straight road. i was going normally then everyone stopped. turns out 3 cars bumped into each other. full lisence people these days....

i have really bad nails ):

and it was sooooooooo nice to see Happy Apple today, what a pleasant surprise (((:

and on the apple store, it says you can reserve the phone after 9pm and it's not even 9 right now and the phones are unavailable :S

Monday, October 17, 2011

English rollercoaster

ok i shouldn't post, but soo much to say i couldn't resist

365 days till hsc English and i'm going to fail.
so in adv, there were three papers left and i was one of them so the highest in our class was 18 and i wasn't the one. and i was really freaking out. when there were two papers left.
well i did sooooooooo crap in that essay. she saved the worst till last for handing them out.
this time i actually thought i answered the question....apparently not....savage outside markers....
so i was )))))))))))): through period 5/6 and lunch.

then came ext. and for once in my english life this year i got FULL MARKS FOR CREATIVE :OOO so no one in my class knows except for the teacher and i ceebs telling anyone (except for you) because it's funny to see the whole class wondering who got the second 20 in our class.
i thought my story didn't make sense....
so i'm (((((((((((: for the rest of the night.
so maybe i am a creative person after all (?)  (actually, i did pretty bad in the advance one this year)
so i did all these things before 4.30pm: go to first arvo class, drive and buy shimmers, and drive home.

today, i almost had a heart attack in the morning cause there was a traffic jam and crash and i was sooo scared i would be late to school

and bitter was the one who noticed my random certificate sitting on the physics wall.

and today my mum went to buy an iPhone 4s.
but apparently people were lining up at 6am to buy them and they sold 500 on the first day and limited to 2 per customers. and my mum went around lunch time.....there are some hard core iPhone fans out there....and the Apple people don't know when they will have stock.

and now they have a new option on the apple website that says you can start to reserve after 9pm and then buy it in store tomorrow. BUT, it saids unavailable on the net, so you can't even reserve it and pick it up tomorrow.
people are reallly hardcore fans and check the apple website every second and once they said you can reserve through internet, they clicked right away.

and i love when we have new costumes instead of re-using costumes...
aaaaand i haven't touched chem tonight DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD=

Sunday, October 16, 2011

forty tablets in 10 days.
it's more than i have for when i'm sick. therefore, i hate internal skin infections which turn into external skin infections.

bible study was confusing today =/

and i remember the time 8 years ago when i watched it at someone's house at cell group, when Australia WAS ACTUALLY GOOD AT RUGBY. now they just suck.

and i'm not sure if i have arvo class tmr....but it doesn't matter since i have transport so i can go home whenever i want (:

i don't want to fail chem :'(

Saturday, October 15, 2011

very unproductive day :'(
i'm not studying hard enough.

haha, this is so funny (:
i'll have to try for myself when i have time....

the other day i realised my BOS no. was on my ID card....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"everyday i'm studying"
lol jks.

but i know i should.

and we get photocopies of the play. how sad. they can't even afford new books.
so we actually get the first 5 pages of the play and that's it.

how do i wake up before 7am tomorrow?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

so i ended up having a different teacher because my teacher moved "up" 2 classes.
i hate how i have 5 different room for maths. what happened to yr12 having priority???
i understand why people consider to drop 3U.
i wished my mark was my rank.
except i was so scared about being the bottom online maths class cause i would have had to say goodbye to my Cambridge textbook. like my heart was pounding this morning. i was heaps worried about being in the bottom.....
i hate getting used to again, of a new way of teaching.
so i kind of moved up a class cause the previous people were mainly no.3 or 4 class.
aiming for above average.......

and the Renovators.
what cheap houses! the Blacktown house looked so nice except it was worth only 440 000 and won't even buy you a unit in Epping. it's always location which plays a factor into houses.
but seriously, the houses were all sooo cheap!!
i would have totes bought a house, if i had the money...

nts: don't go to the library during HSC period. all the tables are taken, so are most of the chairs.

oh, and i found out today who the third P-plater was. because i always wondered why there were to other P's parked in the good spots before me....

and we have the most unknown texts everrrrrr for English (except for the Shakespeare). our teacher like random unknown stuff which will be hard to find stuff about over the net ):

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

woke up at 8am today.
hectic morning ( i didn't speed while driving and still made it to school on time (: )

doctors then 4hours tutoring.
only spent an hour on my desk today.
so hectic day/night.

i have no idea how i'm going to wake up/get to school by 7.30am on fri.

do you want to know what i got for 3U? well, keep reading...
and my 3U mark is the worst percentage out f every single test since yr7.
not only did i asian fail, under average fail, under class average fail (which was heaps worse than the grave average) but i actually failed failed. like the REAL percentage wise fail.
my percentage are some people's marks. that's how low my percentage is.....
and the test was out of 61.
oh, and i skipped the last page which was worth 18 marks.
go figure (:

my mark was expected. i know 3people in my class who did worse than me. so i think my rank for 3U will be about 180 (me, again, making a wild guess).

yes, no more "hard" competition for 2U. i love 2U even though i do stupid stuff in it.
but it means 3U competition will increase.....

and my parents went out to dinner again with my dad's Japanese work person. and they bought back Italian pizza. yum (:

still haven't learnt anything in maths. i hope i still have my maths teacher.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Yr 12-ish

i spent my time in my car today than on my desk, great start already.... =="
but i drove to school for the first time today by myself (: traffic was surprisingly good in the morning and arvo. and i got home at 3:30. i love how i don't have to continuously annoy my mum when i have to wait for her...

had dinner out tonight cause of one of Dad's companies clients (?) from Japan....
my jap sucks): i wish someone could get all the crab meat for me so i didn't have to cut myself on the shell doing so...

oh, and my phys mark was bad, but that was expected. apparently someone got 50%, so i'm 99% sure i am second last.
this better not happen next year.
but i know why i did bad. only wrote notes then crammed the night before.
and i can't cram.
so, yeah...

so much to remember for dancing ): i don't think i'll do contemporary next year, but i still want to keep dancing so i don't become sooo fat i can't even walk....
oh, and this morning after i parked my car, i was walking up the slight inclination, and i was slightly panting, how embarrassing, like my physics mark.

i just realised i did nothing at school today.
also great start =="
and yaya for extension english game (: if everyone "co-operates" we all get ten merits each. but there will always be a person who accuses someone else....

so screwed for chem. (i've probably said this more than 100 times now)
and hurry up senior study room! i hate listening to noisy yr 7/8 in the library. i can't even listen to myself ):

my physics book is funny. i was scarp parts of some leftover Winnie the Pooh contact, so it's like 3pieces of contact on the book. it's easier to contact in parts, and there were no bubbles in my phys book (:
hectic day tomorrow.
and fb chat numbers have decreased write a lot, maybe cos of HSC which feels veryveryveryveryveryveryvery near.

and people shouldn't get iphone 4s (unless your rich and like to spend money) cause Siri is only Beta, so there's going to be a better proper one, probs in 6-12 months. (which is my wildly random guess).
but Siri is still cool (from the videos it looks cool, i think i've mentioned this a lot as well....)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Half Dough

i feel really bad for my whole family. all together, we looked over 5 stores to find my Winnie the Pooh contact. i have to get it or else i can't study (not really, but it's tradition that my maths and science books are covered in Winnie the Pooh)
maybe i should have stocked up at the beginning of the year. i remember, winnie the pooh is always hard to find, even at the beginning of the year.
i think my maths/phys books just have to survive a term until next year when i can buy pooh bear contact.

and waited 1hour at the doctor today ): but i bought my ext book to read. i still don't get it.... :S

and new printer! (: it's laser and supposed to save ink (?) and it's wireless!!! no need to move my laptop to connect to the printer anymore (: but i still have to walk to the printer ): and it can't print double sided so i have to manually do it ):
and it only prints, so we have to keep our other printer for scanning and other functions.

also, MY MUM BOUGHT ME BEN AND JERRY ICE-CREAM. so my bro was with her and their phone was running out of batteries so i couldn't tell them what flavour i wanted, but my brother picked Half Dough, which was the one i wanted (: yay, we think alike (:
it's sooooooooooo yummy. it's the first time i've had it and it is a tub filled with goodness. half dough is like cookie dough w/ choc chips and fudge brownies. the brownies are the best, i thought i would like the cookie part except i couldn't really taste it (maybe i just didn't scoop out all the flavours inside the tub) but the brownies are like 10 times better than betty crocker's (and their ones are already yum). it's soooo addictive. it's worth the $12 for 458mL. this is like 2 times the price of Sara Lee/connoisseur gourmet ice-cream which is 3 times the price if normal ice-cream.
they fill the little tub to the brim (:
ok, well i've had better ice-cream than ben and jerry's before....
but until they sell 3 Michelin hats/ 5star restaurants' ice-creams in a tub (which will be never) but ben and jerry's is the best ice-cream in a tub!!!
my brother had their ice-cream before when he went out sometime before, so he wasn't as excited as me...

i was supposed to dance for 6hours today, but i thought i would use my time to study, which didn't happen.
i don't know why i bothered to watch the Simpsons Movie on tv when i saw it at the cinemas and have it on DVD which i have watched countless time......
it's one of those movies you can watch heaps and not be sick of it (: (actually, all Simpsons episodes you can watch and not get sick of it)

Friday, October 7, 2011

the front cover of SMH was sooo cool today (:
it was an iPad, i don't usually cut out newspaper clippings, but this one was cool. the last one i kept was the dust storm a few years ago...

productivity levels die after dinner.

so screwed.
for everything.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Regretful-ish Day


-regret going to the doctor early when the problem arises. next time i am going the day something happens. i can't tolerate pain inside my house, but i can tolerate pain outside my right now i'm oww-ing. for once, i didn't have to wait for anyone at the doctors, last time i waited 45min =="
-regret going to Joanna's house earlier to see Happy Apple
-regret not making an effort in the one-ish game of hide and seek
-regret eating so much junk food
-regret not going swimming (even though i am in pain...)
-regret going on facebook in the morning. it lead to me watching another Apple video which was actually quite informative. Australia is getting the new iPhone the same day as the US, so for once we're not behind (: also found out there's going to be a white iTouch, with iOS 5. and other random how the iPhone 4s is going to be in over 70 countries but December, and it's their "fastest roll-out" except it didn't say when HK/China are going to get the new iPhone....
-regret waking up so late
-regret sleeping so late
-regret not studying chemistry in the first week.
-regret not staying at Joanna's house to finish watching Saw1. i loveee scary movies, except i hardly watch them cause my bro can't watch them, so we never rent them ): i can't believe the guys today were's so fake....the story kept on dragging....i just wanted the movie to get to the main point....
-regret typing a long post yesterday
-regret copying answers instead of properly doing past papers. but i was copying answers and it still took me OVER THREE HOURS which means i am not going to finish the HSC exam DDDD= maybe its just the independent answers which are supppppppper long.
-regret watching so much tv
-regret browsing at phones over the internet

i usually don't do this but, RIP Steve Jobs.
i can't think of anyone who doesn't own at least one thing Apple
wait, i can think of two. but i can't think of ANYONE  who hasn't touched/used something of Apple's.
it's kind of ironic how he can't fully use iPhone 4s when it is almost coming to the public.

yes, and i do love Apple (:
everything is just sooo cool.
i challenge you to name one thing not cool.
even the very old Mac the school has, has a chemistry program which allows you to see the spin effect/different orbitals of elements.

(ps, price does not count. all good things come at a price)
but also from the video, iTouch's are going to be $199 US and before they were 229US. so stuff are going cheaper (: and cooler (:

so challenge on!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4s!!!

just had a talk to relatives over the phone, and they said they heard about....

IPHONE 4S!!!!!!!!!

so i went on my laptop to check it out (:
asdfghjkl. its soooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.
you have to check out the video about it.
or not, i'll tell you about it (:

first of all, iphone 3s in hk are still selling about $400 AU and iphone 4 is around 800 which means 4s is probs going to be about $1200 which will cost the price of my Macbook minus a iPad, go figure...

but the camera! it is finally as good as the other smartphones. 8megapixels!!!!! and the camera is (not as good) but still pretty close to my $500 sony camera.
it has 1080p video, face detection, stabiliser and you can take photos when from the volume button unlike other smartphones which you have to touch the screen to take a pic, which is inconvenient.

well i have a camera with all those features, except you don't normally see those features in a phone, so it makes iphone 4s amazing (:

and there's this new thing called Siri. it's basically you tell the phone to do something and it does it for you. like say you tell the phone a message, and it will send the text, and it can find you other info, and it can arrange your calendar by voice. basically, you tell the phone to do something and it does it, which is the first smartphone which can do that.

graphics in 4s is 7times faster than 4, i thought iphone 4 was already heaps good....

the video is sooo cool (:

like iphone 3s isn't that amazing since it only has a 3.2 mp camera, iphone 4 has 5mp, but there is a bigger jump for iphone 4s.

the outside looks exactly the same. it's like how they upgraded the Macbooks, only the inside is faster but outside looks the same.

when i go hk, i wonder what iphone 5 will be like. usually every second iphone they change the design. like 3 and 3s were the same design, now 4 and 4s are the same.

but wowowowow, inside is soo cool. now androids are going to copy Siri. it's funny how androids always copy Apple.
it's also funny how i don't own any of those phones.
i love apple (: with there unique products/apps.

for those rich guys, you can pre-order on the 7th, and comes out in stores at 8am on 14th.
just checked prices. it starts from 800bucks, which is probs like 8gb, so it would defs cost $1000+

the thing is, if people in Aus buy a smartphone, the caps which come with heaps of internet are soooo expensive. like 100mb is not enough data for smartphones these days, i think, actually i would have no idea since i don't have data on my phone, apart from the free news and planet 3 (:

seriously, watch the video!!! YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!! ((((((((:

ps, i have been, well you can kind of say "obsessed" (but not really) with iPhones since yr 7. but wow, iPhone 4s. i am intrigued.
i think i'm over iPhone4 already (which was really quick, i think less than a year)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

today, i only did one past paper ):
i don't understand how my tutor could do 20 chem past papers, which means she probs did 40 maths past papers, and in total, probs 100 past papers for all subjects which is about 300 hours and 12.5 days doing work 24/7. say you work 10hours a day, it should take you 30 days to do all the past papers. i only have less than a month to even try to attempt 20. how do people fit their time in??? now next year, i hope to start early...
i don't know how i am going to finish my stack of past papers :'(
and i need to go to the doctors, except i don't have time ): maybe i'll just live 2months in pain....

yesterday, in the space of an hour, i saw 5 police cars, and saw 2 people get caught. one of the police cars was in the countryside and they still managed to catch someone....they must have felt bored and drove into the country side.
and yesterday was the first time i watched this season of Junior Masterchef on TV.

did you know, nsb makes the guys clear all memory before a maths/chem test so the can't store numbers :/

and 100dollars for the trip is pretty cheap, i think the church paid for some of it....
also, the bus driver for the Gilgandra trip was Christian, and so were the people who owned the motel we stayed at (:
so it wasn't awkward for the bus driver to have brekkie/lunch/dinner with us.

i can't believed i spent 30mins on the itouch today. time really does fly when your having fun. no wait, time just flies in general, even now for school. in 365days, i will be fully stressing. hopefully it doesn't turn out too bad..

i wished i read faster....
and i wished i slept earlier. i have been lacking sleep since friday, like no jks ):

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gilgandra Mission Trip

internet!!! this may be a long post.

first of all, saturday morning, we were supposed to get to church at 5am.

we woke up at 5am =="

it's because my dad forgot to turn the alarm on and my alarm didn't work and my brother doesn't have an alarm and i fully got ready and finished packing in 10mins then my dad couldn't find his wallet and i didn't want to drive cause i was half asleep so then my mum drove, and we had to drive fast or else we might have missed the bus and then my dad would have to drive us there for 6 hours.

so luckily they just finished packing and arrived at church at 5.25am and we made the bus (:

basically, Gil is mainly an Aboriginal community and we went to an Aboriginal church, except the place also had white people. compared to my church, their one is tiny, but we went there to do the kids program based on God's creation and how the wise man built his house on a rock. apparently they had a festival in town, so not many kids came this year compared to last year. the songs were really nice, and so were the skits and games. i helped in craft and a bit in games. the craft was soooo cute.

the aboriginal boys play very rough, as in they tackle each other, and yesterday morning the children all wanted piggy backs. i'm too lazy so i didn't piggy back anyone (:

their town is really cute. they have a church bus which goes around the suburb picking kids up. their services are really informal, and if you want to sing you just go up to the front to sing (: and everyone their is sooooo enthusiastic. and they had a talent quest on Sat night, which was quite cute. we all thought it was just a music service, but they started to give out prizes and said it was a talent quest...

i think the journey was nice as i could see Christians of different race/background, have fun with the kids, and learn more.

there were many halfies, and they are all so pretty (:
the food the aunties made were sooooooo yummmmmm. for every single meal, i ate 4 times what i normally eat at home.
so i am now fat, and i still haven't gone swimming yet.

the bus was 5 stars (: it was nice singing Christian songs with people playing guitar on the bus, and mafia on the bus was fun (:

i bought work to do there, as in stuff to study, but i was soo busy/tired i didn't touch it ):
and behind in my reading list ):

the maccas "1 in 5 wins" is not true. in total, me and my brother had 5 of the I Spy things, and none of them were instant wins ):
but then again, a week earlier, my brother won 3 things in a row...

and my phone is so tank-it can last 4 days without charging it
and my camera can last 3days without charging.
i didn't use the intensely, but they still lasted me for the trip (:

home sweet home (:
i really hate losing an hour of sleep, it still affects me like 24hours after...

Friday, September 30, 2011

i'm hopeless, i still haven't done any past papers.
i'm going to cry.

lol jks i'm not, except i really should be doing productive stuff...

phones are annoying. i want a new phone, except if i spend like 300 bucks now, i'm going to get a new phone (hopefully in hk) next December, so i kind of wasted the 300 bucks...
but i do really want a new phone, except i think i should save money....
i've had this phone for over 2 years, and in that time, i have known people who have changed their phone 3times, and the other 2 phones aren't even broken, but i guess that's what rich people do.
and vodafone's 19 cap doesn't include news unlike three's 19 cap, except i can't find any 3 stores to change to the newer 19 caps which include data, fb.

the only "cool" thing i have is my news on my phone...
i guess, having top quality phones are kind of useless, especially if you don't have internet with your phone, then smartphone is only good for games....and you don't have to have a smartphone for games...

phones are material things. i would rather be healthy than to be sick with the best phone in the world.

apart my materialistic wants of an iphone and dslr, which i am saving but would probably buy the camera after i buy a house (aka in a looooong time), i 95% know what i want for my birthday or i could ask my relatives when they come over next year to shout me, just like they shouted me and my bro Aria last year <3 super yummmm.
next year i want to go to a 3hatter (: i was just looking and they have gift vouchers-lol.
one in particular and i am mentally drooling over the menu...
and i know 85% which cake i want to have for my 18th, its just that the money is a bit of a trouble.
"food, glorious foooooooooood" and i ceebs typing the rest of the song...

have to wake up at 4am tmr ):
i should start packing.
Gilgandra here i come!
its a church thing, i shall blog about on monday. i am going to pack my notes and books to read on the bus trip and study instead of sleeping on the bus. (which i think i'll end up doing)
i need to sleep by 10pm tonight, this is like 3hours earlier than holiday bedtime ):

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September City Outing

well ain't it lucky i wasn't in castle hill today...

today was really fun meeting new people and just chilling (:
and i bumped into a really old primary school yr4 friend whom i haven't seen in soooo many years (except for fb) and yeah, nice talking in person (:

i love play equipment (: we have to play on the ufo some other day....
oh, and bubbles <3

i am so tank. i cam first out of 41 players for laser tag (:  i came first for one of the games we played last time as well (:
and my accuracy improved this time (:

someone mentioned Pancake on the Rocks, and my whole day was wanting to go there, luckily there was one at Darling Harbour and i had the Bavarian Apple. the pancakes weren't as nice as i remembered them to be a few years ago.... they had water with straws in them, how cute (:
i guess the price was okay, since it is the city, and it was pretty filling.

i didn't go Galaxy World since i knew i wouldn't play anything. so i went to Penno library after city, and they hardly have any books so i was a bit ):

i haven't done any work. D= sat, sun,mon, and today i was out. then this sat, sun, mon i'm out. and next sat. so like four days to study D=
34 days to go D=

and i received my High Resolves letter in the mail two days ago, except i've been sooo busy i haven't had time to read it ):
it brings back good memories :')

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girra Semi-Formal

twas a hectic day and fun night (:

went jap tutoring, dentist, buy something to eat, back to jap tutoring, eat more stuff at home and then less than 1.5 hours to get ready.
i remembered last year's formal i had to shower, dry hair, do hair, make-up and wear dress in less than 1.5hours...

in the morning i couldn't decide if i wanted to curl my hair or straighten, but then i had limited time so straightening was sooo much more time saving.

and i'm asian, so i just picked a dress out of my wardrobe which i have never worn before, used the same heels, same jacket and same earrings. i actually didn't spend any extra money on clothes/accessories for girra's semi.

going there by bus, we had our own private bus, since no-one else was on it.
and we got there early so we could take more photos and it was half an hour earlier than baulko's so it was still light.

this is going to be very comparative from here on in.
there were canapes when we got on (: i'm kind of sad i didn't try the other one.
the tables felt smaller but they were more spread out and they had proper plates and proper knives/forks etc.
the boat was smaller and it didn't have a top deck but there was more space out front. they had wooden poles while baulko's had metal poles....which led to pole dancing....
there were heaps more photo taking and there were not many people and not many people dancing. i wanted to danced but this time i took more photos than i danced. at one point, the dancefloor was empty.
they didn't rush you to eat. at baulko, once everyone finished eating they quickly packed up the tables, but at girra, you slowly eat and then you wait upstairs until they finish packing stuff.
and they had desert at girra and fruit (:
the food was almost the same, i thought it was alright

it was nice seeing people and new people (:
and the boat stopped with the harbour bridge in the background so there were good phototaking opportunities.
girra's boat swayed soooooooooooooooooo much throughout the night. it was soo hard to stand and hold a ceramic plate properly, esp in heels.

my parents are so nice. my dad had a business trip the next morning so i was supposed to catch bus/train home. he told his boss to move it, and it was moved (: soo lucky. and then we had a spontaneous after party (sleepover) and i can't believe my mum let even though i asked her an hour before we came home.

it was nice talking at night, and listening to others (:

i really love people's dresses who have really cool backs with random straps/holes and stuff (:

and i was smart for girra's one and wore flats so i could actually dance (: i think i wore flats more than i wore heels....
it was really nice going under the harbour bridge and stuff (:

2nights, 2semis, 2cruises no rain (:
zero work.

the next morning i felt light-headed, like i had a hang over and therefore, did not do any work, except go maths tutoring

and today, i was supposed to go swimming but then i was like ceebs to walk out in the rain to my car, even though i had an umbrella.
i attempted to read a physics textbook. it's like reading a maths textbook, you can't properly read it without doing some maths, so it was very boring.....
and i love glee (: i watch it with my mum, i can't believe she remembers what happened last season :O

i haven't done any chem DDDDDD= i promised myself i would do 2 past papers everyday and i haven't done any, and i'm going out tomorrow and going away for the long weekend which gives me like 5 days to do like 13431216748367811374865743 past papers ))):

i just have to work hard when school starts, or actually get my act together and lock myself at home and not go out next week.