Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movenpick and Man of Steel

30th june. last day for everything.

had my 4th free coffee. my mum had 10 throughout the month.

trekked allll the way to bondi today. first time taking public transport there, usually we drive. 
used group on movenpick vouchers. the person there probably had a mini heart attack, since there were seven of us, then another few people came, and heaps of people came, all with vouchers, and only her there working. they didn't even have enough big plates. but then after a while, another guy came to help her out.

i got creme brulee, tiramisu, and lemon and lime sorbet. creme bruleee was really nice, not overly sweet. some people said tiramisu was strong, but i think after having 4 coffees in one week, i feel "immune" to coffee. i'm at that stage where i don't dislike it, and don't love it (i really hope i don't become addicted to coffee, since it would be a waste of money. i prefer gelatissimo tiramisu. i wasn't a big fan of lemon and lime, a bit sour for me, but it did have these pieces of stuff (i think the zest of a lime) which was quite interesting. the waffle basket was pretty good. i had a tiny bit of the nuts, but didn't finish it. it was included in the voucher, or else i wouldn't have gotten it. when you have ice cream, you have to try it purely for flavour and texture, same reason why i think it's a waste for people to get toppings for froyo. the nuts themselves won't even that great here, don't even know what type of nuts they were. it was really good ice cream, but not the best ice cream.

i was so stupid. so i had a taste test for panna cotta which was nice, but the actual dessert itself (is made out of cream) and the ice cream felt really creamy, and i don't know what made me get a panna cotta shake. the shake was way too milky, felt like i was drinking a massive cup of milk. the raspberry flavour was lost in all that milk ): next time defs not getting that.

so full from all that ice cream and milk. i think i consumed over a litre today. legit. from coffee to ice cream to the shake (which was pretty big by the way). i didn't end up eating lunch and ate hardly any dinner. i had another ice cream for free voucher, but i could not take in anymore dairy products, so i wasted 2 ice cream scoops. oh wells. 

beach in winter. the carpark was soo full, and it's winter and it was raining in the morning.

so much drama before the movie started. yesterday i went to the cinemas to change two seats which i had booked online but something happened online and i didn't get the seats. so i checked the first two tickets for the movie, times, and then all the tickets to double check they were the seats i wanted. when we got to the cinemas there were people already in our seats. STUPID PERSON. not only did she move two seats, she also changed the date from sunday to saturday NO WONDER WHY THERE WERE SOME PEOPLE THERE. then i had to go out and ask them to change it, but they knew we didn't go to yesterday's sesh since we came as a family. there was another couple who bought telstra tickets and something aso happened to their seats when they booked online. we ended up sitting in pairs. nts: triple check everything on a movie ticket. i still don't get how that person managed to move my session from a sunday to saturday. it's supposed to be impossible, since with cheap tickets, you can't book/use them after saturday 5pm, but she still managed to move two tickets to the 7.30pm session. 

oh wells, the movie was pretty good which made up for all that hassle, and luckily in my weird case that happened, the ads were 30min. and yay for cheap $10 tickets! i bet half the cinema got telstra tickets. i don't really like superman, but this version was pretty good, and i didn't read any reviews/watched the trailer before. 

it was a good balance of action, plot, romance and :') moments. must see!

also got these freebies at the cinemas...

Saturday, June 29, 2013


well it worked a bit better than last times surprise party where tess looked at her sister's email...

this time was a bit more planned out, yet there are always some dodgy-ish stuff happening before the party starts. thanks again JB-Hi5, and your wonderful friends and family (: and archie is so cute! he looks bigger in the photos....but he is still so tiny =D

was so nice seeing even more people (:

so much food as well. trying to increase my chilli/spicy tolerance...

cake was big, and that piping work. also, the candles were so cool! if you look closely, some of those have coloured flames.

and yay for mini gift bags (:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Despicable Me 2 and Temasek Take 2

i thought the last movie i watched was hunger games. turns out i've seen 8 other movies in between that and today's. i also like to collect my movie tickets (:

it was a good movie! i like both 1 and 2. ahh, minions, sahhh cute! and i really like agnes (: i asked my parents that when they go past a maccas tmr to get me a happy glad i don't watch trailers, i reckon they spoil movies. i love watching trailers, BUT ONLY IF i don't plan on watching those movies in the cinemas. i feel like i'm getting more out of my payed movie ticket watching things i haven't seen before. also, i would rather not watch a movie unless i have cheap tickets, so thanks natasha for buying cheaper tickets (:
you guys have to see it (: plot was nice (:

for lunch went to Temasek. turns out i went there last year for dinner with family and on of my dad's companies clients or something. dinner was really good, and i remember i had a triangle pyramid ice cream there (which was obviously imported/bought from a supplier, but it was nice). i remember the food being super nice for dinner.

i had chicken white sauce with ho fun (flat/thick rice noodles). the plate was big, but it looked small, maybe cause some of the noodles were hidden inside the sauce. it was alright, not great. oily, but bearable. service wasn't that greta, but what can you expect for a large-ish and not "fancy/expensive" restaurant? at least they don't glare at you. sometimes, when i go asian places to eat, they give you this look if you ask them to do too much for you (too much i mean get some water, get some cutlery and they get pissed...). i was hoping to go to a place i haven't been before...oh wells...

argh, inward growing eye lashes. making me blind...

this morning i had my third free coffee. the parra one was hot, but didn't taste that great and most of the foam stuck to the cup. usually other places don't feel it really full, so when you drink it, you still get some foam without licking the lid haha. but legit, this coffee wasn't that great. you could tell it was a new guy making it since the boss was telling him off/what to do in canto.

my book came today! the book i bought last thursday from the book depository sale. it was less than 5 dollars, and it has travlled from halfway around the world. sooo cheap. yay, classic sherlock stories/cases to read (: i can't wait until season 3 of bbc sherlock comes out! i have been waiting since january, which was when i started/finished the first 2 seasons, so i haven't been waiting as long as others who watched season 2 straight when it came out...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thai Riffic Noodle Bar, Yogurt World, Happy Lab

woke up before 10 today!

day started with trying to find a michel patisserie in the city. went to the westfield one, and that Italian guy was so stingy. he asked me 10 times if i used the voucher before, and off course i said no (lol, why would i say yes), and then he reluctantly gave me a cup. then we searched for another one, and turns out town hall square has one (i don't walk in that part of the building usually), and they were so friendly! they happily gave my mum a cup (i already had one, one coffee a day is enough for me). most michel patisseries are run by asians, and i thought asians were stingy...actually, the cherrybrook asian one is stingy, they say "they don't have this promotion" even though the website says it applies to all stores..

top shop clothing isn't that great. there was this dress which was alright, but my normals size didn't fit me since it was too big, and the other sizes left were massive. and after the whole thing about myer losing money, i realised they don't have the half price then further half priced things, and things don't even look that nice this season, and the shoes they have weren't that special. but i did get heaps of free perfume samples. (: so i didn't buy a single piece of clothing today. hk is good because there are more shops and more styles. also, all zara sales people are the same. they wear the same uniform/suit as the sales people in hk, and they hire all these good looking guys. i have yet to go abercrombie and fitch store in hk (there just wasn't enough time) where you get served by topless guys with abs, haha.

lunch at Thai Riffic Noodle Bar.
the group on voucher didn't allow any stir fries, and noodle soups were the only non spicy thing out of the things we could pick. i had thing rice noodles with chicken. pretty nice, the food came super quickly. there were massive pieces of chicken, and the broth was goood. didn't taste like msg/artificially flavoured. you could see the oil, but there wasn't this lingering oil feeling on your mouth and lips (last time i went to taste of shanghai, my mouth was full of oil :/ maybe shanghainese people like their oil) . 
group on is good, since it gives you the chance to try different foods for over half price (:

yogurt world tester! the spoon was so cute that i kept it. i had the mango one, and later tested the soy vanilla and honey. the soy froyo was better than i thought i would be. you could actually taste the soy! my mum had the mango, then chocolate, and i'm not a massive fan of choc froyo, but soy chocolate froyo is a different experience. the vanilla one i had was a bit on the sweet side though, probs because it had honey. their samples are heaps bigger than moochi's defs double the size.

this cost $3.05. and i shared it with mum, but we didn't want to look like the stingy asians who go back for 2nd samples (and i was already planning to have my free moochi froyo before..) nah seriously, we just wanted more good froyo. we calculated that the four samples we had would cost at least a dollar, since they were very generous with their samples. when i have time, i'm going to go there at lunch when they have the most samples given.
they don't have chai anymore ): but i got salted caramel (which is nice as always), watermelon and taro. i was surprised that it was white when it came out, since i was expecting the typical taro. real taro is more white than purple anyway, so it shows how yogurt world is more "real". seriously, yogurt world has the best texture and balance in flavours, and not artificially sweet. i also got another spoon to keep. i am now missing the yellow spoon, after that, my collection of different coloured froyo spoons will be complete! haha. (except i haven't been to yogurberry in ages, not sure what spoons they use...)

free froyo no. 2. i got coconut and black sesame. coconut was alright. if you're not a sesame lover, than you won't like black sesame, since it does taste and looks like sesame. it's not as sweet as sesame ice cream, but i got sesame since it's new (apparently they rotate a flavour every fortnight, and apparently sesame is good for you). even though the texture of moochi is thicker than yogurt world, it also melts heappps faster than yogurt world. not sure why. method not as great i guess....

before moochi froyo, we walked around a bit more, and also went to happy lab. ended up staying there for an hour. so we bought stuff for some of my parents cell group's children who were doing their hsc this year. the stuff was over 50% off, yay for sales (: when we were lining up i realised people were showing their phones, which meant one thing, there was a deal going on, and sure enough, if you follow their instagram, you get to fill a box full of their gourmet confectionary for only $5. BARGAIN. how convenient, i just recently started to use instagram. their lollies are usually super expensive. last time i went, i got a small test tube of jelly beans for $3ish and it was only 30ish grams. hehe, that box. being the asian that i am, i got all the jelly beans on offer, and heaps of other weird and cutely shaped lollies. they had turtles and sombreros to name a few. didn't get the chocolate, since they were massive round pieces which won't fit nicely. ended up pushing the lollies in to make the lid close. some people only got those "meetos" which were just small bits of chocolate. won't you get bored just having chocolate? and then the guy stamped two stamps even though we spent less than 20 bucks, yay for being generous (: that stuff below, i estimate the rrp to be at least $40. there's probably a kilo of lollies there. and yes, in my household, we still have a million bits of chocolate and lollies to finish, half of which are probably expired, but who can resist a cheap box of lollies for $5? supermarket lollies these days aren't even that cheap.

had to eat some, or else the lid wouldn't fit properly.

and poor federer ))): his face was just ); 
definitely think the top 4 would be broken this year. like nadal gone in the first round, fed not being able to make the quarters...stupid 100+ ranked guy. and now it's probs going to be another djokovic and murray final. gross. never liked murray, never will.

i also wonder what will the future children think when they study australian politics. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

flats and other news

i bought the most comfiest flats today! it was $70 off the original price, and even though they are still, expensive-ish since they're branded, it makes up for it since they are super comfy, and made of good quality leather. and the last pair of comfy flats i had, they were bought ages ago. it's so hard for my feet to find the right flats. it has to be narrow, a bit curved in at the heel and must not be hard plastic. my heels are smaller than normal, actually i just have small feet, so i had one main pair of flats, but now i have a second main pair (: yeah, don't normally wear flats...
i didn't buy any flats in hk, mostly boots. i hate buying shoes in hk, unless i'm in a department store where you can properly try on the shoe. a lot of cheap market places shoes are so bad, for opbvious reasons. my aunt got me some cheap shoes which look nice, but you literally wear it for one season and chuck it. i would rather pay more for one good quality shoe and for it to last long.

had my first free michel patisserie coffee! my mum has had at least 10....

went to the library today! after over a year.

KMART TOYS/STUFF IN GENERAL IS SUPER CHEAP! they have pillow pets for $7! not sure if i should get one, but there were more uni students there buying one compared to children/parents buying for their children.

To other news since beginning of finals:

- my grandma has whatsapp and fb! she records these audio notes ands sends them lol. and the other day she was telling my mum she sat at a cafe and GAMED for three hours straight. probs one of those addictive games like candy crush (well i heard it's addictive....). oh, and my grandma is really old, she majorly broke her back 3 times...but i think my cousin taught her the basics and so now she games in her free time.

that was the weekend before finals, so obviously couldn't go, so i sent my mum. lol jks, i asked nicely, and then had to ask my dad to drive her since that place was near the airport, and don't think my mum knows how to drive to the airport, but i always tell her you just follow the signs! anyways, bloch stuff is superrrrrr expensive, but they have nice stuff (: originally i wanted my mum to get me a cheap new pair of dance shoes, but it was a warehouse sale, and they obviously didn't have the ones i wanted since they make good money out of popular stuff. but my mum did get a few of really nice comfy flats (: the insides are so soft. (i think they will become my third/fourth pair of main flats). and she bought some nice cheap tops. mind you, by expensive i mean rrp 50 bucks for a t-shirt. oh, there was a jacket rrp 130 but she got for 20 (: except it's kind of tight, yet the sleeves are super long. and she bought some tan coloured jazz shoes for 15 (i use black jazz shoes), and i told her not to but she was like "they were cheap". so i am going to try to see them on ebay, except that style of shoe is also last season/old-ish. noooo idea how to sell stuff on ebay. she bought heaps of clothes for me...yeah, that "not buying clothes this year thing" didn't turn out, but hey, they were about the same price/cheaper than hk stuff, and they were branded and good quality.

-wimbledon. lol nadal. 2 weeks ago champion, this week....and hewitt making it to the 2nd round, hmm, he's still playing...missed federer's match since i had an exam that morning...but now i can actually stay up to watch! slept at 1.30am today, and woke at 12pm..woops, which is why i need to go out to maintain an ok sleeping routine.

-sunrise. i missed mel's last show...slept in that day...and on monday morning of this week, i watched a few mins, and i don't like samantha. i never really liked her since she took over today tonight a few years ago, matt white was alright. and now the "new" person (whose been on for the past year...) i don't like her, which is why i've been consistently watching the project since senior years of high school... poor nat, she will still be news-reading on sunrise.

-vouchers. so many to use before expiry date.

-my wallet has really died now. like really died. it died last year, but now it actually breaking. too apprehensive about using my new wallets.

and my parents ditched us to go out to dinner with other people ): no outside food for me ):

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chef's Gallery and Blackflower

i have finally been to chef's gallery! after staring at it every thursday and friday night for one semester! went for lunch since lunch servings are cheaper. 
personally, i think it's for "guai loi" (well it's for non asians but run by asians) since there were not many asians there.

the food was nice (: i had a lunch set of regular hand made noodles w/ pork, black fungus and cabbage and other stuff. also there's some dim sim (deep fried wonton), some chip like things, and mango pudding in the middle. at first, i thought it was some sort of dip, and tried to dip into it with the chips but obvs failed. the mango pudding was very different. it was orange-ish instead of typical yellow, but it was really mangos (not canned ones, and yes, you can tell the difference). had soy milk for an extra dollar. the guy asked hot or cold. people my age would obviously opt for the cold option, and people like my mum opt for the hot option (hot asian soy milk isn't as bad as it sounds), but at least the guy bothered to ask.

the handmade noodles were very nice, different texture to machine cut noodles. more...springy when you bite it...and not too oily. you could see the people make it. there's this one guy who lengthens the noodles, he looked super bored, and it was only 12pm. then he throws it into boiling water to cook, and guy stirs it a tad then gives it to another guy who quickly stir frys it. so yes, production line, and it the dishes came out pretty quickly. 

other parts people were prepping meat, making dumplings etc. i saw at least 12 chefs just for lunch. they have like a subset kitchen instead for the "messier" or less appealing kitchen work, i think.

the signature "piggy buns"! look! one is a guy, the other is a girl. yes, they are overprice, $4 each (well some macarons are $4...) but they were soo cute and delicious. i do think they make their own dough and sesame paste. the dough was soo soft and yummy, and the paste inside oozed out. but i don't think i'll have it again, unless i go there for dinner, where they have a whole playing field of pigs and "totoro marshmallows" and green sugar grass and wafer house sticks etc...dinner is heaps more expensive. but i'll try it when i have money/tried other things.

i had these vouchers for free macarons at Blackflower from o-week, but when i got there they said it was buy one get one free. oh wells, i already walked through puddles to get there..

the cheeseburger one is pretty cute. anything shaped like a cheeseburger is cute. but i didn't get it since it was chocolate flavoured, and not part of the voucher thing or something (but they would have ame more profit if i purchased that one...). usually when i buy anything, i always go for purple, then pink or blue, but the purple one here did not look appealing, and it was taro. i don't think taro would work well for macarons, for froyo yes, but not sure for macarons...

i got green tea with genmaicha (some brown rice tea according to wiki) and lychee and rose macarons. the green tea one had a chewier texture, but the green tea was nice and strong (i do like my matcha). the lychee one had lychee bits in the filling, and was very soft with a subtle rose flavour.

woke up at 6.15 today. got to uni at 7.45am, NEW RECORD ACHIEVED! leaving house and getting to uni exactly in one hour (: early morning still has a tiny bit of traffic on the m2, but the city is still quite-ish at 7.20ish. (:

why am i so happy about such simple foods? because i rarely go out to eat. heaps of people go out for sunday lunches/dinners, or got out to eat weekly, but i don't, so little pieces of outside food is really nice. oh, and i'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out week after next, so won't be surfacing for at least a week, and want to eat nice foods beforehand so when the pain comes, i'll think of the nice foods i've had and hopefully the pain will subside a but. lol, dat logic.

sem 1. finished..(?)

so much has happened since i last blogged!

i know what i fear now, failure in exams. just uni exams.
in high school, you can't "fail", but in uni you can, and i can't fail since it would mean i would have to wait next year to repeat...

i know i should have tried harder. never again will i cram visn into four days before. four days is not enough time.

third line.
yes, even a pass is fine for visn, no jokes. we were still learning stuff in the last week when there weren't supposed to be lectures, and the last few things they taught were very rushed, mind you, this is the rushiest course, they maximise the hour. like she's always like "there's two minutes left" we can finish this, and doesn't stop 5min before the hour, but 5min after. we have four hours of visn lectures, so the content so greater than babs and chem. for maths, even though it's four hours, they talk and write stuff at a slower pace. there aren't any recorgins for visn lectures

argh, now i am really really scared i'll fail. yes, this test was easier than past papers, but it doesn't mean i  could do everything. i forgot how to do some stuff ): and also still don't understand stuff. defs lost at least 20/60 marks. pleassssssssse passss. i'll make up for a credit next sem...they still haven't posted up our marks for test 2 which we did in week 11. people say that they'll see how we go in the finals, and maybe scale it. pleasssssssssse scale. 

in my mind, i don't think anything scales. i had a horrible seat today. iw as in the hall with fancy lighting at different angles,m and my seat was where there was a lowered ceiling, so three of my shadows formed on my page and was very distracting. next time i get a crap seat, i'm going to ask for a swap. and for babs i was near the front door, so people in and out, very annoying. 

i feel like i failed maths even though the paper was doable. babs, idk, some weird questions, and chem, i forgot how to do some stuff as well, and guessed a lot of mc. mc is a love/hate relationship.

i told my mum yesterday that i would be going out to eat since i would be sad after visn exam. seriously, majority of people, well you get the feeling, they are hoping to pass. for chem and maths, people promptly answer questions asked on fb, and i didn't even know a babs group existed until after the exam, but there was no real need. on our optom group, people asked, 150+ people seen, no one answers, since no one knows, and even if people try to answer, there's always someone who queries it, and then everyone become unsure since no one knows the real answer. oh, and the lecturer was still uploading answers yday much stuff they couldn't cover in time...

pleassssseeee pass. i am still worried from the exams, i have been doing work consistently, but argh, it's uni, and only the finals really count. turns out my finals range from 55-64%. gg if i don't pass. please give sympathy/working out marks. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Night before finals

I actually have a lot to say, but not enough time.

We placed 3rd at dance eisteddfod today, better than nothing.

Ahh, I feel the panic and stress.

Was too call before. I think I know stuff, hopefully I won't mind blank. What sucks is that all my finals are 55-60 %. I hope they give out marks for working. My plan of attack is to skip everything I don't know, but make sure the stuff I have practiced gets done right with no careless mistakes. Thanks goodness I don't do higher maths.

How do I wake up at 6 tomorrow when for the past week I have barely woken up before 9...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KH 3

thanks for telling me guys (: now i can't wait for kh3! it'll probs (hopefully not) take a year to turn the jap version to english, and i'll probably wait for prices to die down a bit, so i guess next year november to buy a ps4 is an ok timing. seems like a long way away, but hey, we've almost finished yr1 sem1. i love kingdom hearts since it has disney in it (:

PANIC KICKING IN. need to actually put effort into studying hard. today was my 2nd least productive day since week 12. not good at all.

i have a craving for cake, malaysian and thai right now. my uncle is going to malaysia in aug for a few days just to eat durian, some sort of festival thing. never new durian eating festivals existed lol.

someone should invent an app which bans you from all apps except from messaging, phone calls, camera and emails until your exams are over. my phone is actually so distracting, even turning off internet it can do much harm to my study time. a minute/few seconds here and there adds up at the end of the day ))): 

stupid virtual lab thing dies on me when i almost completed it. now i don't know what the last few questions were...

babs is so horrible, and if i did med, i'll probs be one of those sad kids who drop out (well i do know people who dropped out of med, but he went on to do cool things in america).
all this memorising which i can't do ): trying to understand it and tell it "like a story" 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


this was too exciting too not blog about. it's so cool (: except the icons look "simpler", less sophisticated. people say it looks more like android =/ but iOS 7 is much cooler! spent a good part of my day looking at the new features, can't wait! and it's so "exclusively apple" like their new things like Air Drop which you can share between your iOS devices. new way of viewing stuff (:

the new OS X. i knew they would soon run out of african-ish animals. the enw one later this year is "Mavericks" googled it, and apparently it's a town in america. that's cool, they won't run out of suburbs for a veryyyyy long time. but i don't get the new Mac Pro. not macbook pro, but mac pro. it's round =/ can you even have a round laptop? i guess i won't be upgrading my software to mountain lion, since a new/different one is coming out in spring. like even the weather app is cool!

also, ps4>xbox one, anyday. the xbox one is so incompatible with everything, which is why ps4 adds say they can "share". the only reason our ps3 can't play our ps2 games is because we bought it off someone who got the ps3 for free since they had a promo for sony tvs ages ago and they already had a ps3, so we got their extra ps3. and i have not touched out ps3 (since i'm waiting for kingdom hearts 3 to come out which i don't think it will...) and my bro says our ps3 is broken (maybe because he played it so much (?)) so we'll probs get the new ps4 after his hsc. haha. at least next year will be a tad cheaper than this year.

just dug out some expired lollies/chocolate. they taste fine.

i actually know nothing in detail, yet i'm not stressed at the moment. feels strange.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lecturers sem 1

finally got around to doing this post.

My lecturers aren't bad, well compared to what I've heard from other people.

Did you know, the curries who teach us vision for first year are married, they're quite cute. Personally I like the woman better since her diagrams/ notes on the board are way more neater and clearer, but his husband goes slower, so you have a bit more time to absorb what he does. Once the guy came in and said: "sorry to disturb your lesson, but I have come to give Chitra some stimulation" or coffee, how cute! But she spilt half of it accidentally while teaching... And we noticed the day after our thurs lecture on fri, she had a haircut. Then we looked at the guy, and he also had a haircut, so they both get haircuts at the same time! Tbh, I don't think I will be able to face the same person 24/7 for the rest of my life. Like if I taught, teaching at the same uni is ok, but teaching the same course every year for first year students, the repetition and working at work and home with the same person would defs bore me.

one of my maths lecturers is cool. he says "this thing would explode" or "this thing is hot" whenever some maths stuff is nice. the other one is a bit of a bore.

there's this one babs lecturer who talks a lot and her slides are so bad. ended up reading the textbook. there's this lecturer, and she just got engaged yet she's a doctor, and she looks really young. she is so trendy! always in 5+ inch heels, most of the time in really nice dresses, even in winter and rocks up with a trendy/branded hand bag and sunnies. i admire her fashion sense, and she has the most concise and clear notes and a nice voice whilst talking so you won't get bored.

i liked the 2nd chem lecturer the best since he wrote stuff out on paper. the third one had nice notes so i ended up skipping a few of his lecturers, and the 1st one was a bore.

hope next sems are nice and have good notes (:

Last day of sem 1 (already)

so screwed. must study hard.

i ended up getting two freeee hot chocolates from max brenner today! it was worth it! unlike moochi where waiting an hour in line, and paid 2.50. waited for 30min today, and whilst we were waiting, we got free samples! ended up getting 5 samples of the pecan chocolate, and one chocolate ball thing. 2nd hot choc, got before 2pm, and just waited 5mins (:

line moved quickly as they mass produced (:

#chocolate and sugar overdose.

i don't htink i'll ever buy anything from max brenner on campus. too overpriced. i've only had it 4 times, and i think going there should be for "special occasions" but now, there are more better and cheaper cafes around.

the guy on fb was serious. DID YOU KNOW: the chem HSC papers before 2000, is basically first year chemistry. wow, stuff was hard back then, or they just made it heaps "easy" after 2000, well after the syllabus change. big change. first uni chem is 1995 hsc chem (and a few more harder concepts and we do all the electives in the old hsc papers) but wow, i wonder how the grade before the syllabus change felt. they missed out by a year of easier papers.

nooo, missing out on eofy sales ): by the time when i finish exams, all the good stuff will be gone ):

more careless mistakes in maths ): at least i have the aid of a calculator in the finals....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pishon Cafe

Legit day off today since no labs/ lectures.  today was spent..not that great, and great.

green tea latte was good (: milk frothed and a nice thick texture (: more matcha than sugar (: except they kept on forgetting who ordered what. you know, even my mum knew about this cafe before i did.

caught up with my ex bible study leader today. it was really nice, since she went to NY to do a masters, which cost $70 000! just for one degree, for one year. she already worked as a lawyer for quite a while, but wanted to do a bit more study. and she's back this week for 6 days. she just graduated last friday, and this saturday she'll be heading off to the netherlands to work at some super duper top international organisation. and her work is at a castle, it's so pretty. and it's international law related, so later on this year, she'll get to go to the law courts on a hearing about japan whale catching and other international stuff. but she's working at some organisation like the UN, which is government dependent, and she said it was super rare for people to get it after a masters. but yeah, obviously she'll be making more than a normal lawyer, so the 70 000 spent on a masters which will pay off asap. but she's on a contract for a year, so won't be able to see her, and she'll probs extend it, so despite finals in a few days, i had to go see her. 

and at plus, dressed people in newspaper (:

oh, and i hate going to eastwood. going there few km of school zones. coming back, SO MUCH TRAFFIC, it took 1 hour LONGER THAN FROM THE CITY, and it's only supposed to take 20mins. so yeah, that wasted time. and on weekends, parking is horrible. 

i asked some people on how they study, and one of my friends who does vet, she has 7 exams in one week, and she said you have to be selective on what you remember. i think i'll go with that technique, ace what i know, skip what i don't (but hopefully i'll know most stuff).

and federer, i still love you! but this journalist was oh-so-not-subtlely saying he was old, which was one of my main reasons to go aus open earlier this year. seriously fed peaked almost 10 years ago (well, ages ago for a sportsman), and he will retire before even more non top 4's beat him. retiring on top is better than retiring at the bottom (like hewitt has fallen to the bottom, so he should retire, but yet he's still semi playing). and i still think tsonga is arrogant, but not as much as murray (why isn't he playing in french this year(?))

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

free froyo #1

i'm on a roll today. got a free bbq and free moochi, and there wasn't even a line for both. so twas worth my time. got taro and lychee. lychee was pretty good, but taro didn't have enough taro, i like yogurberry taro the best.

freaking out. less than two weeks! how do i memorise all this babs content!?

what's worse? i've slept past 9 consecutively for four days. usually i don't mind for weekends, but exams are near! and if i woke up at 7, then that's at least an extra 8 hours of study, which i could have made up for since i have mid year concert, and dance eisteddfod, both of which totals 8 hours. I AM GOING TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO WAKE UP EARLY AND SLEEP EARLIER. although i must admit, sleeping for over 9 hours is pretty good. catching up on all the lost sleep/sleeping more for next week.

Monday, June 3, 2013

always a first for skipping


i only really skipped a tute, since after i manually re arranged my timetable, i only have chem lecture and 1 hour calculus tute. so defs not worth going today, since i haven't skipped a maths tute yet and could afford to. seriously, during the CATEI surveys last week, i fully dissed him. he is so bad. he disses you if you ask stupid questions/can't ask more than one questions per tute, AND HE ONLY DOES A MAXIMUM OF THREE SHORT QUESTIONS PER TUTE, which is not worth my time.

he goes off on a tangent.

i'm angry. dance eisteddfod the night before 8.45am race course maths exam. i think i said this before but argh, all this content to be memorised.

i finally finished both maths course books! still have unanswered questions though...i love tutes (except for calc tutes), which is why i can't wait for tomorrow, chem and visn tute=answers!

AND WHY MUST THERE BE A SO MUCH FREE FOOD ON WEDNESDAY!? THE DAY I LEGIT HAVE DAY OFF, since no lectures/labs. oh wells, meeting up with ex youth leader who is only here in syd for 6 days...should be studying  #feelsbadman.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daniel's 18th

it was good seeing people/meeting new people/good experience.

my dad offered to drive me, so that i could drink etc, but i felt bad since it's 45min on way, so back and forth two times would be about 3 hours. anyways, i didn't mind not drinking.

tbh, if i was to damage my liver, i would rather drink expensive and posh alcohol rather than cheap stuff to damage my liver. expensive alcohol is soo good, but even cheap red/white/sparkling wine is good, you just have to know which brands are good. oh the stuff i learn during my hk trip...

people were really nice and told me what stuff were doused in alcohol. yes, the lollies and watermelon (?) were soaked in alchy, and people on their P's actually didn't drink (yes, i'm surprised since i thought people would take a sip)

but it was a good night, and quite "lol" watching others.

didn't get too play with the sparklers! ): next time.

winter! time to get out my coats and boots, although it was boots weather once it started raining. it's not even that cold yet, once it reaches 15 max, then i will wear my coats. a jacket for me is ok these days, since i get really warm/hot walking around uni. my friend whose was a gymnast/fully toned lost heaps of weight/ STICK THIN, and now she gets cold super easily, so keep some fat on guys, it does help with keeping warm ;)