Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swimming Adventures

ok, not much happened, except i finally went swimming today after so many months.

i am so slow.

it used to only take me approx 17 secs for 25m, now i do 22 ):
and i kept on thinking, well it's my fat dragging me down, but fat floats on water (?)
even the man who was doing pulling was faster than my normal swimming.
except i can still do my beloved butterfly and medly without stopping =D and i can still kick (using flippers) to the other side with only one breath (:

i can't write eng adv creative writing, it's because there's no reflection statement so if you write something bizarre, they just won't get it.

and barcode scanner apps are soooo cool (: except it's pointless for me since i don't have any mobile internet so i can't scan stuff at the shops....

and now for some pics.

ben and jerry half dough, filed to the brim (:

chem books: 2textbooks, 6 past papers booklets, which i didn't do all of them. so i am determined to do all the phys ones this time....hopefully...

wedding dress and suit coated marshmellows (:

mum's friend's daughter who made these delicious slices (: they sell for $2.50 at the local bakery, and the size is only about the size of an iPhone...
they tasted quite professional (:

contemporary costume (: lighting for this one wasn't that good );

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