Sunday, September 23, 2018

Preceptorship: NYC, America

Survived 6 weeks in America! Literally flew by, but also was slow at times. Good to be back home.

I think I'm not going to blog food regularly/post food on insta until after my exams because there are so many things to do in between now and Nov.

Spent so much money, but worth the experiences since I'll never have a chance to go overseas for studies.

Quick summary.

New York
- Super humid in summer and subways smell so bad
- Managed to have lunch everyday since some ophthals were on holidays, so some days it was busy but not crazy like the May/June group.
- It was a really great experience seeing didn't eye conditions which you won't really see in Aus.
- Managed to live in a dodgy flooding/paint spitting/mouldy air con apartment.
- The charm of New York wasn't really there this time, maybe because the weather was just too hot and humid. We still prefer NYC>LA.
- Watched 4 musicals/plays, US open and first baseball game. Crazy crowds everywhere.
- Living there is just way too expensive. Like $1us for one tiny 'organic' plum.

San Francisco
- The air is so clean! Cleaner than Sydney, can understand why people would move there.
- Biking there was so lovely, esp with weather in the low 20s.
- Hybrid and electric cars, buses, trains, trams helps keep the air clean.
- Yosemite looks exactly like my wall paper irl.

Los Angeles
- Apart from Disney and Universal, LA was a bit of a disappointment. Hollywood etc is no where as glam as media portrays. People on the street always trying to sell you stuff.
- LA also doesn't feel safe at night, and public transport pretty much non existent, so we Lyft/Ubered everywhere.
- LA tap water tastes the weirdest, even after boiling. Ice helps to cover up the taste.
- Streets aren't that clean in in LA, which is surprising since less ppl walk on the streets compared to NYC (which have quite dirty streets).

Las Vegas
- Biggest hotels in the world imo. Takes like 10min to walk from the street through the front of the hotel into the lobby. Takes so long to walk through one hotel. Outside waiting area, average of 5 lanes for drop offs, where as in Sydney, it's all one lane drop offs.
- Everything is so extra.
- It's a desert, so there weren't any homeless people...
- Grand Canyon was amazing! Although it felt like we joined a retirement tour since the bus tour so many people were so old.

Didn't sleep during the day to fight off the jet lag, Eye Ball last night so disrupted sleep, and now CFEH tmr. Not looking forward to 8.30-6pm days everyday for the next 6 weeks. Although better than 6:45am starts and 4am wake ups in NYC. I should go do some prep for tmr, but so tired.

Monday, September 3, 2018

The Grounds of Alexandria Take 5

Came here in February to check out the decor and a cake in February since things were Valentines themed. Just some photos here.

Every time I come to The Grounds, it keeps changing and expanding.

sat at another place where I haven't been before

food spread

Red velvet shake n the left is pretty thick, so better for sharing


I found the food more expensive than what I remembered from last time, but everything still taste amazing.

Love you to the moon and back cake-$25 (from memory)

Got the last one for the day. Luckily they kept it aside when we sat down. Love the colours in this, since I love purple, and when there's glittery stuff in food, I love eating it. Literally coming here for the cake haha


Cake tasted really nice as well with a vanilla sponge and blueberry filling inside.

The Grounds of Alexandria Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato