Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone (((: (finally)

yayayyayay. it finally arrived in the post after 11 working days.

it's the third one, and a tad old but it's white and 16gb =D
and i don't mind second hand stuff, because when my uncle packed it, he used all the original packaging and it looked brand new, and the head phones plastic thing around it wasn't even opened.
i've always wanted an iPhone. like for a very long time. and the white ones are nice (:

i know the camera's crap, but now i don't have to charge my ipod and phone separately cos it's all in one (: now i can play apps instead of askinng my bro to play on his touch.
but i am not going to download one single app until after HSC chem.
i love the conveniency.

and i love pressing the delete everything option.

and now it's much easier/faster to text.

and now i haven't done any chemistry tonight.

and today every single classroom i went to either couldn't find there air con remote or someone took it, and i melted. cold showers are the bomb after dancing (: and my car was sooooo hot after 7 hours in the sun-ish. imagine summer......
i think i may prefer the very nicely air-coned buses.

and in Jap today, we spent half the time looking for the teacher's name stamp lid, which was apparently given by a japanese person. it seemed like she was going to cry. we think it probably fell into a yr 7's bag.

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