Tuesday, October 4, 2011

today, i only did one past paper ):
i don't understand how my tutor could do 20 chem past papers, which means she probs did 40 maths past papers, and in total, probs 100 past papers for all subjects which is about 300 hours and 12.5 days doing work 24/7. say you work 10hours a day, it should take you 30 days to do all the past papers. i only have less than a month to even try to attempt 20. how do people fit their time in??? now next year, i hope to start early...
i don't know how i am going to finish my stack of past papers :'(
and i need to go to the doctors, except i don't have time ): maybe i'll just live 2months in pain....

yesterday, in the space of an hour, i saw 5 police cars, and saw 2 people get caught. one of the police cars was in the countryside and they still managed to catch someone....they must have felt bored and drove into the country side.
and yesterday was the first time i watched this season of Junior Masterchef on TV.

did you know, nsb makes the guys clear all memory before a maths/chem test so the can't store numbers :/

and 100dollars for the trip is pretty cheap, i think the church paid for some of it....
also, the bus driver for the Gilgandra trip was Christian, and so were the people who owned the motel we stayed at (:
so it wasn't awkward for the bus driver to have brekkie/lunch/dinner with us.

i can't believed i spent 30mins on the itouch today. time really does fly when your having fun. no wait, time just flies in general, even now for school. in 365days, i will be fully stressing. hopefully it doesn't turn out too bad..

i wished i read faster....
and i wished i slept earlier. i have been lacking sleep since friday, like no jks ):

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