Saturday, December 24, 2011

just dance 3 is soooo fun (: and the songs are really good. i spent 3hours playing that yday at friends house (: and i interacted with 3 dogs yday (:

and i "fasted" for 24hours today. just didn't feel like anything, so i had dinner today. it must have been from all the junk food i had yday......

and i made macarons today =D donnay hay packet mix, i shall attempt proper ones after the HSC, and i really need to invest in a proper sieve and piping bags. like i was sieving the packet for half an hour(no joke)through thus tiny sieve i said to sieve, so i followed the instructions....normally i don't sieve cos it's too time consuming ):

and yay! my mum and my favourite dancer won on sytycd!! yayay for Melanie, she is sooo good <3

and howls moving castle is on, i don't think i've seen the whole movie before...and my dad found it on sbs2, so i am starting to watch half way...

and the Outdoor wedding i went to last month:
 steps going down and comfy seats (:
and i have nothing today, not good. woke up soooo late today ):
i'm in a tv watching mood.

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