Wednesday, December 28, 2011

so that's why they changed the movie from 6.50 to 7 and changed it from cinema 6 to vmax.

because Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol was SOOOOOOO GOOOOD =D like sherlock holmes good (: and there were quite a lot of people, but it wasn't noisy (: Benjit is soo funny (:
and they ALL HAVE IPHONES/IPADS!!!! yayayayay

i remember when vmax first came out, is was only a dollar extra, now it's 3, but it was worth it since they did the sounds pretty good and the movie had good sounds.

i love good intense movies with humour and cool gadgets (:

and i wish i was taller so i can buy pretty, long, cheap, branded formal dresses.....
everything i saw today at DFO either didn't fit me/ none of my size, so i didn't buy much...

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