Sunday, March 31, 2013

don't laugh at me, but i have finally discovered the awesomeness of youtube! people go through step by step lewis dot structures! i missed half the chem lecture last week cause of chem lab, so i got lost for obvious reasons. but now i have answers on youtube (: but i also like the new chem lecturer, since he actually does pen to paper stuff.

and congrats keely! you still have to sign my painting my a few years ago...

free ruler from sermon today! basically about how God is the full 30cm, and we always put a "characteristic/judgemental" ruler on other people, and we always exaggerate our worth, like we are really "5cm" but we put an extra 1 to think we're "15cm"

there weren't any smoothies at maccas, so i my mum got a banana artificially flavoured milkshake for me =/ oh well, she used the monopoly sticker things... now i am craving boost, since i was expecting to have a smoothie today...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

(noo, didn't realise this post didn't publish on the day...)

I could have gone out today, but I know during week 5 I would regret it. So inside I watched two movies and added lore flavouring to my food. I am craving outside food. My mum even has a bigger social life than me. She has been going out to eat at least 3 times a week, and If I'm lucky, I get some leftovers. Oh well, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity to go out and earnings the future...

Today has been quite unproductive...

Oh, yday, saw this ad on tv about winning stuff, and then I googled stuff. Treehotel/ houses are soooo cool! Especially the mirror cube! When I retire, I would like to either have a beach house, or one of treehotel's houses. You can email then to ask for prices, haha. But even if you stay there for a night, there's nothing to do but enjoy nature, which I guess you would have heaps of time to do when you retire...why am I talking about retirement when I don't even have a job..? Lol.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

naturally woke up at 8.30 today, but then decided it was too early for my first day of break, so just laid in bed until 9.30...i think i'm getting used to sleeping for 7 hours.

wrote 7 pages of notes today, which took most of the day. even though 7 doesn't seem a lot, my note handwriting is tiny, so it took a long time...hand hurts now =/ nowhere near done writing stuff.

spent a good part of the day looking at food, on the net. if only i had the money and time and the metabolism, i would go eat at every place i looked at. i even set my home screen on my phone to froyo, first time making my home wallpaper different. it looks so good! well the colour also kind of match the apps colours etc. every time i have froyo, i want more froyo, but that would be a waste if i had one every week. so i have decided that i will try to have bought outside food/snacks/drinks only once in two weeks, unless it's free like Hungry Jacks frozen cokes. also, i have been bringing home at least a can of soft drink since o-week. and today dad got a carton of cans of diet coke (who drinks diet coke?) from someone, so we gave some to our neighbours-lol.

i think i would rather have a few really close friends than heaps of people i know but not close with, but then again, it kind of defeats the purpose of "making connections". oh, i am in dire need of the chemistry textbook. i forgot to mention yesterday that i also got solution into the pipette bulb, which is a big no-no, but it's uni and they have heaps of spares lying around. it took me forever to pipette the solution, which was why i hurried the rest of the experiment and over shot it a few times..

i think i am surviving my very first easter without an easter egg! yay! we still have chocolates from last easter/xmas/bday's uneaten. i don't think easter show is going to make a lot of money this year, since it's not during school holidays, and probs won't be as many stalls at the woolies food dome/random stalls around since the show isn't opened for as long as it normally would, i think. bakesoc offers $10 cashback from tickets, except i am still not at the phase of wanting to go, since i've been at least 8 times.

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

Thursday, March 28, 2013


felt like the use of hash tags were necessary.

a week of goinglate to a 9am lecture, missing out on half a lecture, crashing people's tutes, ending at 2, going to uni before 8.45am.

i did feel prepared for today's test, except i kind of mind blanked, and also the wording! yeah it confused me. even though it's worth 15%, and if i get over 10, then i can maintain a credit average. the thing why i am/was so scared about this test, is because it's supposed to be "free marks" since a) haven't learnt a lot of content b)supposed to be the easier first test c) actually relates to my future, unlike implicit differentiation (which i actually pretty cool). so if i fail this very first test, how will i survive the rest of the 5 years? i've flipped through my sem1 textbook, and oh wow, the derivations at the end are ilke 2 pages long in tiny text, with integration and heaps of trig etc, so i guess that's why they make us do maths for a semester.

noooo. i have to get 2 more teeth pulled out, but that can wait till mid year break. i feel teeth deficient already -lol. apparently wisdom teeth pulling is really dangerous. until then, i will have to suffer through occasional pain.
and apparently i have to get a vaccine next week, in case i become sick. seriously, EVERYONE AROUND ME WHEN I SIT DOWN IS SICK. on the bus, people next to you cough, and behind you they sneeze, and the seat pitch is very small, for my liking. i try to find people who don't seem to be sick and sit near them, but then comes along more people for sniff and cough after i sit down. then just walking/standing someone coughs or sneezes. I CAN'T GET SICK, and i think you're more exposed to germs in uni than in high school. in high school, i just face the same people everyday and my car, so my immune system gets used to it, but not in uni/public transport. heh, train person called some kids today idiots.

since my dentist is next to noggi, i finally tried it today (also after exam comfort food)! first of all, i think it's expensive, compared to the other asian places, ie moochi/yogurberry. and it was soooo tiny for a regular and i don't like their loyalty card. only accumulate 10% of what you purchase, so if i want a free regular, i would have to spent 60bucks, unlike moochi, where you can buy 8 of the cheapest ones, so approx 2.5 times 8 bucks, and then get a free regular. shirley was right, the green tea was bad, luckily i taste tested it. i had tiramisu and watermelon. the tiramisu had a very subtle flavour, like biscotti, but the watermelon was really nice, and not too sweet (i think praus is a bit too sweet for my liking). the texture was pretty good, but again, the serving was small ))): i think so far, i like yogurt world the best, self serve and texture and taste is the best (: oh, and i have to mention again how they have chai. all froyo places use the same spoon now, just their brands printed on the end.
i like the colour theme of this (:

we had a blackout yesterday halfway through our maths lecture, so we didn't end up having our algebra lecture. there were weird sirens, and a voiceover repeating itself, telling us to evacuate. even though i think strikes are cool, and we missed an hour yesterday, now i think it's bad, because you paid for your tuition, so now you're basically getting ripped off. so i lost an hour's worth of my money yday-lol. why are algebra tutors so much better than calculus. went to another algebra tute yday, and again the guy was good. and everyone says their calculus one is bad.

i got to the city in less than 50min today! i guess everyone just takes a day off work cause of the long weekend. there was still a tiny bit of traffic since m2 isn't fixed. sometimes i wonder will i graduate before they finish fixing it? and i've also decided going to city by bus esp during peak hour is the way to go, since they have bus lanes on the harbour bridge and around city etc. oh, and i finished at 2pm today! first time unsw to city bus took 15mins, since there wasn't any school zones (: but i know school zones are good for kids, seriously.

i still don't understand why my parents put down my name for my car. usually when parents buy their kids cars/kids get cars, they just get the keys and say they have a car, but i just knew that my parents put down my name for the car, so it's really technically mine, which explains why insurance cost for the car itself is extra high, like it makes the car kind of worthless (actually my car is worthless, apart from the ctp green slips etc which cost a fortune considering how much my car atm is actually worth). and i hardly ever drive these days. probs 2 hours max a week. i think i do use my mymulti for over what it's worth, which is good and satisfying, but still costs 26bucks each week ): 

i really hate all those online test. can't believe it took me 5 attempts to finally get 100. like 3/5 times i accidentally missed out a bracket or minus sign when typing it in, it's so annoying.

oh, and in chem prac yday, we did titration. well i haven't done chem in over a year, and kind of forgot everything. it took me sooo long to prepare my standard. the when i did start titrating, people were already up to their 3rd one. and my unknown solution was the most...unconcentrated..? so it took me longer to get the naoh out of the burette and then slow the tap close to endpoint. it's actually quite embarrasing if you overshoot it, since it's bright pink, and you do a "walk of shame" to the sink to pour it out/pour it out before the demonstrator glares(?) at you.i over shot it twice, then on the third one, over shot it by 2 drops, but 4th was ok. so then i decided to minus 0.1ml for the overshot ones, and in the end, i got a percentage error of 1% (: yay for fudging results!

bro came back from camp today, after a 6 hour bus trip. apparently the scenery/food there wss nice, but they slept in like massive rooms/halls with teachers. his hair has grown a lot in 4 days. oh, he shaved his hair again this year. so glad i still have a bro in school, since apparently they still have school for two more weeks after long weekend. i guess that's good since during my break, i can do work in silence, and without neighbouring 7yr old kids shouting out crap like "hey DUDES" at the top of their voices

i am going to study and try to "be ahead" of my work this week. so behind in chem. and i think my bio group work isn't going to happen, so i probs have to do most of it myself, why don't people respond to emails? ):
my week 5 is jam packed from beginning to end.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I finally got my textbook yesterday! Don't judge, the bookshop order just took long): but I really like it! It looks heavy but is pretty light, and when you open it, the spine doesn't bend.

I really like my Tuesday arvo bus driver. He makes an effort to drive fast, and gets me home faster. And ending at 4pm is the best, skip all the school zones and it's just before after work peak hour. Unfortunately, I only end at 4 on tues. also, you start to recognise people and bus drivers on your buses. I still don't understand the logic of parents bringing their under 3 year olds to work? Do they have child care in the city...?

Volunteer for Optus rock corps with me guys! Give 4 hours, get free concert ticket(: I'm going to the castle hill one if anyone's interested.
My week 5 is going to be crazily busy, weddings, eisteddfods etc and then week 6mon is a maths test:/ so sorry guys, I don't want to go out during mid sem break...

Blogging on the bus saves time (:

I find that it's hard to study vision stuff on the bus...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

places i would like to currently eat for ok prices: chef's gallery, chat thai, lauderee macarons.

i've decided that i won't go to quay until i get my first proper paycheck. seriously, if i eat at the best restaurant in australia, what good food would i eat when i actually have a job and when i'm older? also, i think i will save going to the top few restaurants in the world for when i retire, since most of those restaurants YOU HAVE TO BOOK AT LEAST A YEAR IN ADVANCE, well the last time i checked...

i swear maple doesn't work past 10pm. no luck completing anything this weekend. still so confused about some stuff. can't wait till tute on tues.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

40 equations to remember by thursday, plus many diagrams, 2 pracs, definitions and other content, all learnt in three weeks.

so you may think, oh 40 equations is easy, well, in optics, we deal with negative distances (which basically means maths high school lied), and so many positive/negatives with directions/angles/heights/powers etc, it all gets really confusing. oh and the wording of the problems is also confusing. how will i study all this in a few nights? plus other assignments and stupid maple tests which i can never solve at home, but have to ask the people to help me. i guess my 2 hour chunks of breaks this week will be all maple, while bus rides will be filled with memorising stuff.

Friday, March 22, 2013

i think i have this whole transport thing downpact. finally went on buses that don't go past central and were express buses! and now i can go martin place and walk past sunrise everyday! goal achieved. it's like how i saw them change lanes on the harbour bridge just before peak hour-goal achieved (:

today it took me total of 3 hours. i knew if i kept on going to central and then charging at 393/395, i would be even more stressed. i have never taken the unsw express from central in the morning before. the lines are too damn long.
and if i start later in the day, other buses from town hall which don't pass through central can go to uni (:

my opinion of bio really depends on the lecturers. today's person was intersting, as she did a mini experiment in a normal lecture room.

why does maple only work sometimes? ): on my mac and my school laptop, it didn't open tonight. this sucks. so many online maths stuff need to be done by next week. as well as tests and essays and group project and study before mid-sem break! who said uni life was chillax?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sem 1 Wedenesdays

Just downloaded the blogger app and now blogging on phone on the bus because I don't have time at home...

I end at 3 on wed, my only early finish. I start at 9 as well, so it's not a short day. Chem pracs are fun. I missed doing them, but uni ones are cooler cause you wear lab coats and glasses that fit.

Had an ice breaker game at plus yesterday. We literally ice - breaked. This guy froze socks in an ice cream container, so we had to break the ice, and the socks were frozen in a knot, so we literally out socks into boiling water.. But it was fun throwing ice around

Finally caught a bus to uni which doesn't go to surry hills/ central. But I am so pissed because just then, I caught a bus from uni to townhall, and freakin 25min traffic jams between central and town hall. I normally catch train from central to town hall , never again bus it at arvo peak hour. After work, you can feel the tension on the roads, heaps of people breaking road rules compared to morning.

So much things to do ): I still find it funny how my friend said he had time management issues, and he does commerce at UNSW. 15 hours max. Even if you have heaps of essays etc, I have heaps more contact hours and travel time, I still think I would be able to finish the essays and have a social life if I did commerce, but I don't like commerce, so yeah.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i don't know how to say this, but i don't want to go out for easter. i already go out every single day, AND I REALLY NEED ALL THE AVAILABLE TIME TO CATCH UP ON WORK. so pissed at myself, wasted half an hour on maple, and still didn't understand it. i guess i'll go back to their maple help peeps. i'll only go out for people's birthdays.

spent more than half of my break getting free food. now that i think about it, time>free food.

so many exams already in the next few weeks. no time to get the info in my head. mid-sem break will be the perfect oppotunity. yeah, i think i'm stressed, or maybe it's the 7hours of sleep ):

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sugar Filled Day

twas nice seeing connie today! and thanks again for the hot choc (: it was really good, but a tad too sweet. i guess they might have put too much chocolate syrup. i had my grapes while drinking it, and usually when you eat fruit, it's super sour after a sweet drink, but the grapes had the same amount of sweetness as the hot chocolate. i was so full from that, and didn't finish lunch until just before 4.

I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE CHECK IN TO HUNGRY JACKS. you get their app, and check in, and then you can score free food everytime. i got a frozen coke today, so more sugar. it was nice since i haven't had once central cost trip with church uni peeps.

today's bio lecturer was better, and she was so trendy with her sunnies, branded handbag, and she was like "i hope i don't trip over my [insert Italian brand name] heels", well they were like 5 inches and she likes to pace around while she talks =/

last week, 2 bus drivers asked how was my day, today this one told people that they shouldn't get on since there weren't any seats. yay for getting on at the first stop (:

i applied for these random jobs when uni started, but now i don't even have time to go to their interviews, so how will i even have time for a job? lol.

i feel like salty stuff.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

noooo. that feeling when you spent a lot of time doing, then realised you did it wrong ))):

i was really sad yesterday because i thought i wouldn't get my work/catch up before monday. but now it's sunday, and i think i'm ok for now.

wrote 3 chapters of notes for bio. IT IS SO FREAKIN CONTENT HEAVY. whoever said bio was easy? well, there's not much to understand or even calculate, but there's sooo much to know/memorise! 2+ years of bio plus more uni bio all put into one semester. the last time i did bio stuff was yr 9 (since accelerating chem meant putting yr 9and10 stuff together). now i just tell myself, it's ok, if i could memorise 5 essays and 2 creatives for hsc, hopefully i can memorise all this bio content.

last week's vision questions were easy, and now bam, i can't do half of them. understanding the things isn't too hard, it's the application which is always the hardest.

i feel like more froyo. if they don't change the time of the optom cruise, then i guess i can't go. oh wells, that 40 bucks for food, drinks and cruise can be used for a weekly froyo for 10 weeks...or for more food. i stand across from the Chef's Gallery every day waiting for the bus, nd looking at the chefs making the food. yum (:

i always want to try masterchef food. i don't really like rhys. he never knows what to cook. i wanted rhett to win even though he's so stuck up. they win so much more in professionals. i always think that marco would have a heart attack shouting at people 24/7 one day...i actually didn't watch the full finale today. i've only seen less than 5 this whole season.

got no work done tonight...

Friday, March 15, 2013

this sucks. optom cruise starts at 6.30pm. my lab finishes at 6. how will i leg it to circular quay in 30min? like today it took me 45min from uni to townhall, since lab finished 10mins late walking out to the bus stop took 5+min, waiting for the bus 10min (there is still a line and the buses take time to come) and then 20+min bus ride. then the train ride from central to circular quay would probs be 10+mins.
but i want to go! and you can't skip labs, only swap with friends, but who want a lab which finishes at 6? i don't want to be the person like at girra semi, who missed the boat...and then it would be a waste of money. bought i think 40 is cheap, compared to semi's. plus there's unlimited alcohol etc, which is cheap for 40bucks (not like i would drink heaps, but there's still unlimited drinks!)


i like my algebra tutorial guy better than calculus. he doesn't judge you if you asks stupid/easy stuff, unlike the calculus tute guy who's like "look at the course book/you should know this already-skips question" well luckily other people asked the questions i wanted to get ask. and the algebra guy is more efficient, does the questions without talking off topic, gets to the point but still understandable and is permanent here, unlike the calc guy who works at 4 unis.

I FULLY TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID ABOUT BIO. damnnn. i hate the lecturer this week (i think we have different people for different topics). each bio slide is equivalent to about 3 slides of chem of info. he jams packs the info, and expects you to have read the notes and chapter of the textbook beforehand. he also expects non-bio people to have caught up 2years of high school bio before his first lecture, ie in the holidays. and then there's heaps of material, some a bit deeper than hsc. THIS IS NOT FAIR. BIO WASN'T ASSUMED OR RECOMMENDED KNOWLEDGE FOR MY COURSE! and he read what people posted on moodle saying how non bio people found it hard, and today he was full like "it's your job to read the material and understand it before you come to the lectures" i learn nothing in the lectures. he flips through each slide at a rate of approx 20s per slide, and talks super fast. even some people who did hsc bio was a bit overwhelmed, and bio has weird assignments group projects, damn, i don't want to deal with people who just play at uni.

which brings me to another point, don't think i'll bother with social life at uni. oh wow, i sound so introverted. as in i won't go "clubbing/drinking after uni/crazy partying", all those "typical" uni stuff. time to memorise 2 years worth of bio content ): and i only do bio for one sem. this sucks.

did no work today at home. get home at 7:45pm on fridays now.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

first of all, yesterday in my chem lab there was also a person called Elisa, yes, spelt my way. so i finally know of someone with the same name as me BUT her's was pronounced E-lie-sa, which i hate, so phew, still have a name which is unique (as in i have never met a person whose names is spelt and pronounced my way)
didn't talk to her since she was intimately talking with the guy next to her, so it was awks if i did try to talk to her...

really need to actually care about these computer tasks. failed the first chem one since i decided to "troll" /spam it...and now i'm scared about maple. i think i should go to their free helping sessions.

people literally camp outside the lecture room when we have vision, everyone wants a seat close to the front to see those diagrams with a million lines.

i still don't get bio. defs least confident since they just go through slides and have no tutes. we write a peer review essay on a peer reviewed journal?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i have bumped into like no-one this week, max 5. and for the record, i'm not at the library, well not yet.

i just have so much stuff on, even in my 3 hour breaks. like today was the first bakesoc event, and there was free food! well people just brought whatever they baked, but it was good stuff. had like five cupcakes though =/ feelssofat ): but the savoury stuff was good as well. some people whipped the egg whites as fast as an electric mixer. also had a cake decorating comp. it was a massive waste of icing/piping bags/cake etc. the winning team made a cake into the cupcake shape and decorated it into a cupcake, and another team made a smiley face.

i like my calculus lectures over my algebra lectures, as the guy predicted.

i don't have time to do hw on mon/tuesday nights, and only 2 hours on wed. so thurs/fri/sat/sun are the only days where i actually do work

decided to go to the live streaming for chem today. it's so much more chill there, you can eat without the lecturer death staring you, people play games etc even i got distracted on my phone =/ less awkward when you walk out, but the screen is tiny since they split half of it of the actual camera, other half is the powerpoint.

i think chem labs will be fun, BUT WE HAVE TO STAND FOR TWO HOURS. FIRST THING I NOTICED WAS NO CHAIRS ))): so my feet will hurt more, esp on wednesday, after tues night dancing. even hour 3 hour bio lab has chairs, well i'm glad it does. the chem labs are cooler and cleaner and more pro (:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Moving at Uni

i now understand why people say "oh, you lose all your hsc fat at uni"

i've even personally seen some of my friends who have literally lost heappps of weight, one of my friends is now stick think, only bones and muscles. even her muscles have shrunk, she used to be a gymnast..

all the walking up the steps. i have found a way to get to lower to upper campus without any stairs. walking down the main walkway. going up the steps of buildings 2/3 flights since waiting for lifts take too long.

walking from the bus stop outside to the station. parking my car 10m away from the bus stop, or if i wake up early enough, walk to the bus stop and back home.

then there's the no eating rule. at cbs, they did a survey and the rule everyone likes to break is the no eating/drinking in the lecture rooms/library/tute rooms. seriously, how do people survive with 5+ blocks of lectures/tutes/labs? my most massive block is 4 hours, but i have a break before to eat. i used to think tight timetables were good. but you do really need time to eat. like my aunt who i have never seen, apparently she studied full hard and didn't eat, so there was a hole in her stomach and she got cancer. no jokes.

so eat!!! i love my food (:

but i am determined to lose weight at uni-lol. plus, after walking a whole day at uni, i also have 4 hours of dance a week.

also, i made it back home today in 1hour 15min! record time for peak hour traffic (:

the guy we had for bio today did everything so fast, i kind of got lost, and apparently it's all "assumed knowledge," but no courses require you to do bio for hsc =/ i guess he means general knowledge, but my general knowledge sucks-so probs explain why i don't get some of it..

finally bumped into jb-hi5 today, but literally walked past, i haven't seen her since..o-week. and finally talked to dandelion today! again, only walk past.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


damnnn, why must Maple not work when i want to use it? it worked last week ):

i have 12 hours of breaks in one week of uni. i decided my breaks, because i know i wouldn't be able to survive a 5 hours block, or a 9am-6pm block. i talked to a guy in my course, and he has 9-6 on fridays with no breaks, yet he still has a 5day week. looking at other optom people's timetables, i guess other people have it worse than me. people with 4/5 9am starts, others with a break every second hour, that would be so annoying. i have figured that 2 hours will go to doing computer tasks, 2 hours cbs/bible study (the person finally called me today!), 2 hours to go ask tutors to help me with questions which might not be answered during the actual tutorials, 1 hour of peer mentoring, if i don't go to monday arvo lecture, than that's 9 hours break a week, which leaves me 2 ish hours to study. at uni, which isn't a lot.

brain is overloading with info/dates.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


i finally went to grill'd today! everyone has been, and by everyone i mean my brother. i have a thing of going to places to eat/play before him.

yay for buy one get one free voucher from o-week campus tour bag. that bag had heaps of useful vouchers. i had a baa-baa burger and mum had the almighty. mine was eatable, but the beef one was really tall, so you couldn't really fit it in your mouth. it really does feel healthy! the meat is so much more meatier and leanier, and you don't have that oily feel after eating the burger, unlike macca's which is so oily and fatty and two times the kilojoules. macca's burgers are quite expensive, like an angus burger costs around 8 bucks now, so i would much rather a healthier grill'd burger for about 13 bucks. the bread is quite nice as well (: heaps of people there didn't finish their burgers/chips. what a wast of food

had moochi today, it's been almost 2 years...i think. green tea and biscotti. biscotti never really tastes like anything. a white person was serving me, and i heard the asian next to her say, "a bit too much" yay for more froyo. except i still think the froyo at moochi has a thicker texture, not as icy. also, since when was yogurberry 25c/10g?

i figured today that if i don't go to my bio lecture on monday arvo, I CAN SAVE OVER FOUR HOURS AND CUT DOWN TO 22 CONTACT HOURS! THAT'S A WHOLE DAY OF TRAVEL TIME! since i have to wait three hours for my one hour lecture ): there's always a risk of missing out important info/notifications. i told myself i wouldn't skip any lectures, but saving over four hours every week doesn't sound too bad...

i think my wisdom teeth are coming out =/ my right side back of the teeth hurt when i clench my teeth...

i have been watching so much tv. watched a movie last night, and watching one tonight, even though i have quite a lot to do =/

Friday, March 8, 2013

First Week and Names

never again will i get back home at 2pm for my entire uni degree.

so annoyed, took me over an hour to get from wynyard to uni. even my bus ride from home is shorter. so much waiting at traffic lights/buses in the city.

i used to be good at remembering people's names. like in one my my labs, i think i saw to people who ere from primary school, and once they said their names, i knew it was them, but too awks to talk to them since i don't think they remember me. i remember one guy who used to be "weird" but, now he seems ok, if you get what i mean...anyways, i'm good at remembering generic names/names which i know my friends have, such as jeff, liz, joe, jess, hannah etc, i hate it when people don't say their names  clearly enough. too many people's names to remember, but personally, i would rather a couple of close friends, rather than a massive bunch of "shallow" friends.

thank you dear friends for offering to help/helping me with simple chem! after JB-hi 5 told me how to do the first question, the rest of just came flowing out. but now i'm stuck again, on titration questions, but i have notes for that somewhere...must go over chem this weekend!

first week, yep heaps of work. haven't had any proper labs or any tutes yet. i think i love babs. it's really my chill subject. we drew houses in our lecture today. legit, and the lecture is a bit more interactive, and even though he just has kind of reads of the slides, it's heaps less intense than chem. so far we haven't learnt anything. the things he talked about for babs is general junior science, like hypothesis, what is biology, stuff like that. and it's only 5 hours a week, and less if we finish our labs early. other subjects are 6 hours...soooo chill. they have phd students teaching our labs, and they might have not studied the course we do. like more than half the people in the course don't even have their course notes/lab books since they still haven't printed it after a whole week. and i've literally written only 2 lines of stuff this whole week, compared with 6+pages for optics...i haven't even bought a notebook for bio yet, there's not much things worth to write down, for now..but i know once we do genes etc it might be a bit tricky...

we did a lot of refraction in optics today. i guess we did realllly simple refraction stuff in physics, but in optics, they just add in more symbols and definitions and more linesss. got to lecture on time today, so all the good seats were taken. MUST MAKE AN EFFORT TO ARRIVE 15MINS BEFORE CLASS TO GET A GOOD SEAT. if i don't sleep enough, my contacts don't work as much, so my eye sight isn't as clear =/

i have run on 7 hours of sleep this week and feel alright. success! i still miss my 12 hours of sleep, but now i just think they're kind of a waste of time...

Thursday, March 7, 2013


first i would like to say, i have a locker at uni!!!! it cost over three times as much as high school, and half the size, but a locker at uni, yay! got one because i know when i'm rushing out of the house i might forget lab stuff, then if you don't bring it, you fail the subject.

right now, i am so )))))))))))))))): i have forgotten yr 11 stuff ): simple mole calculations and balancing equations and naming stuff i can't do. noooooooo. i remember parts of the yr 12 syllabus, but my foundations are allll gone.going to fail the diagnostic test =/  i'm starting to hate chem lectures. three in a week, and even though the guy has humour, i don't like how he reads off the slides.

i think i will really like vision, even though content is more than maths/chem, in 2 hours, we had over three written pages. she goes so fast and apparently it's a lot of work, but i love how she writes notes down, so i actually write them without looking off a boing pdf slideshow. and finally saw the whole cohort! it's about 1/3 guys, but vision is a mixture of optom/vision science people, so you don't really know who's doing what unless you ask. i have no idea what to expect from babs (bio course) since they still haven't printed the course notes, but it seems chill, since they're like, if you finish early, you can leave early when you have labs. so much more chill then chem's protocols. damnnn, my yr11 chem is all gone. someone tutor me, lol. that feeling to cry when you don't get something simple ): no, i'm not actually going to cry.

and caught bus at central at a quarter to 9, wow, no lines. if you go 45mins early, it feels like hk...had a chai latte at the library lawn coffee cart. milk was really smooth, but not enough chai spices.

freakin dog. full barking throughout 12am/1/2/3/4, couldn't freaking sleep properly. maybe why my brain is so dead. so angry now about the chem person's way of teaching. sometimes he doesn't even let the slide there for 10 secs. no point copying stuff down since it's all online, but i need to write notes to learn, so i just end up writing half of what is there. that's the problem, having stuff online gives me an attitude to be ceebs. can't do that for maths and vision, since they teach it to you there by writing stuff on the board instead of reading the slides.

this is going to be a long weekend. and i was planning to go out... ):

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

day 3 and i am behind ):

well i have so much work to get done. maybe it's because i have dance, mon and tuesday nights, then plus on wed night, so i make it back in time for dinner, then i'm off again. i shall do all my work on the weekend! so much stuff to get

starting to get so many emails, i can't keep track despite having zmail on my phone =/

and that safety tutorial thing took soo long, even spamming the "next" button took over 30mins ):

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

leaving the house before 7 was a good idea, and it was good to drive for less than 30secs to my bus stop. bus took 50mins to city, record time during peak hour. but, massive crowds at central, so i decided to catch another bus, rather than line up for the express, so i skipped the 600+ people queue =D

i've decided i need to use books rather than paper. i think i love my books. and probs i'll start using my school backpack again. it's so convenient, and small! and still fits a4 stuff. and i'll probs start wearing the same clothes...since when i put it in my wardrobe, and wake up early in the morning the bolt to the bus stop, i only have time to take what's on the top, which is the recently worn clothes.

I'VE ALSO DECIDED MY BREAKS ARE GOOD. chem and maths both have weekly computer tasks, which are marked, so in my breaks, i can do them, instead of doing it outside my timetable. i have 12 hours of breaks throughout the whole week, so 2 hours CBS, 2+ hours computer stuff, 1 hour walking around the uni, so roughly 7 hours in the week to study, which is not much... =/

i somehow seem to sit next to all these international students. like this girl from china and they already learnt the first year of maths and phys in their high school. ): how do i compete with chinese maths people? yay for break between 2 hours maths lectures (: so they swap lecturers within the middle...

so much work already, well i'm trying to be "studious" and do all my work.

there's not much time to socialise with classes, but i also don't want to take time out of my study time. i don't have much time to study at home.

if i did law/an artsy subject, 4 hours of bus rides would have been perfect to catch up on readings. instead, i just read booklets of maths info. i think i got the whole exam procedure down pact. attempted to do chem on the bus, but kept on bumping the guy next to me with my book...

need to use my diary, head is exploding with dates. shall fully update it on the weekend...

how would i survive without my iphone? it's so good (: also lost on campus is a really good app in case you haven't heard about it. it tells me it will take 8 hours to walk from my house to unsw, i thought it would be more...

Monday, March 4, 2013

First Day of Uni

so many people, but i bet by the end of next week, people will start not turning up.

it's actually quite hard to make friends during lectures. take forever to get in and out and no time to talk.

going to do more booklet shopping tmr. wow, 40 bucks for stapled books. imagine how much the booklets cost for english...

first time this whole sem i will have a 12pm start. 9am start tmr ):

only hard 2 one hour lectures today which were pretty chilled and full.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hurricanes and Connie's 18th

thanks connie for the food!

yay, finally went to hurricanes! it's been hyped up by a lot of my friends, and yes it met up to expectations!

the ribs were the best i've had so far. the mushroom sauce was the best so far as well. it was like an actual dipping sauce, rather than a jus for steak, but soooo good.

i get sad when people don't finish all the meat off the bone. then again, i had some ribs which were very curved, so you couldn't really eat part of it, without the rib sticking into your face. i guess it's weird how they use t-bone steak, which is one of the cheapest steaks, but then again, it's probs where you can actually get 1kg of meat in one chunk. like how would you get 1kg of scotch fillet or wagyu? scotch fillet market price is $30+/kg, while t-bone is about 15ish, but at hurricanes it cosst 60+ from memory, so a 1kg scotch fillet in a restaurant would be 100+, which is not economical. but the t-bone steak was also sooo good, parts of it was a bit least it was cooked medium-rare. my bro/mum like their steak well done to over cooked. i can't stress how much i dislike well done steak.

portuguese chicken wasn't that spicy, which was nice.

just for the record, i can use knives and forks properly, i have eaten in "higher class" restuarants. except places like hurricanes, well once i start grabbing a rib, it's so much more convenient grabbing other stuff like chips/potatoes/vegetables etc.

i have this thing where i don't where boots in summer. then i realised it's already autumn, and i should have worn boots to not get my feet wet while walking in the rain...

cake was good (:

yay for pebbles and party bags! haven't got a party bag since...primary school, literally.

i hate trackwork.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

this morning i was all set to go to chatswood to eat. turns out trackwork on the northern lines, so all trains shut from hornsby to strathfield, and also epping to chatswood. no way would i catch of city rail bus to strathfield, then train it to chatswood via city. that's a massive, massive loop.
MY TRIP VIEW WASN'T LYING WHEN IT DIDN'T SHOW ANY TRAINS FOR SATURDAY OR SUNDAY ON MY LINE! it's like how i thought it was wrong, but it wasn't when i thought it screwed up when it showed no buses to the city before 9am, but then it had an update on timetable that exact night i saw something strange...I LOVE TRIP VIEW! IT IS SO ACCURATE!

so i went with mum to eat at Taste of Shanghai at Eastwood. too hyped up form friends. service wasn't great. food was alright, but portions were sooo small, and defs not worth it. the xiao long bao was half the size of the ones i had in hong kong. i really miss hk food. soooo not worth it, even the noodles for 10 bucks were literally noodles with heaps and heaps of oil, and a teeny tiny bit of pork/veggies. i had eastwood, esp on saturday cause of the parking.

it took me forever to go over yr11 chem. wow, it's been over 2 years. i have forgotten a lot, the basics like, balancing simple equations ): I AM GOING TO GO OVER MY YR12 STUFF TOMORROW. need to put it in caps, so if i tell the world, there is a bigger chance i will do it.

also, with the water question from the survey, i don't bring water to church (ever since high school started, i decided i ceebs to bring a bottle to church), or outings less than an hour.

can't wait for tomorrow's dinnerrrrr

Friday, March 1, 2013

Harvard's Blog Survey

i finally have time to do this. second survey.

Question 1: How do you feel about uni being in a week?
if you asked me yesterday, i would say pumped and ready to learn. but this arvo, i check my zmail/balckboard etc, and the lecturer's have already started saying things we should complete by week 1, and already uploading stuff. and then i looked at chem powerpoints, AND I REALISED I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE BASICS IN A YEAR. so i am screwed and i was planning to go out tmr. i shall cram chem and maths after i go out tmr, and on sunday, BUT I'M ALSO GOING OUT ON SUNDAY. i feel so crewed man. they have a diagnostic test on week 3, and if you do bad, they advise you to take the easier chem, but i have to do the harder chem since my course requires it. i feel like i'm going to fail, and if you fail first year then gg, it's practically impossible to pass my course (pass for my course is credit average or else you get a vision science degree, ie you have nothing to do in your life...) AND THE LECTURERS SAID PHYSICS IN UNI IS HARD. so did all my friends who've done 1st year physics, and the ones i asked all went to top 10 selective schools. i was never good at phys ):

Question 2: If someone asks you to name an interesting fact about yourself, do you have a go-to fact? got asked this on the campus tour yday when we had to ask people stuff and find things about them. i just say swimming and dancing.

Question 3: Name a place you can always feel safe at. 

Question 4: When you get into a train, do you prefer to sit on the upper level, the lower level or the middle? 
always up. the view! if i have luggage middle. i feel awks following my friends if they sit lower. 

Question 5: When you're in a large shopping centre, in which store/s do you spend the most time? Grocery chains don't count, probably. 

clothes shops. but i am determined not to buy a single clothing in aus this year until my bday, unless it's cheap than hk or i have to, like i have to get a lab coat...

Question 6: Do you carry a bottle of water with you when you go outside? 
Yes! i don't understand how people cannot drink water the whole day. this explains why my bag is heavy. and i always bring 600-1000ml of water, even during o-week when they give you stuff to drink. for shorter outings/when i have a smaller bag, i bring my 500ml bottle, but i still find anything less than 500ml pathetic. most of the time, i even bring my own bottle to people's houses. i only buy water if i have exhausted my supply, and i'm dying of thurst when i'm on the streets and not going home for a loong time, but that's quite rare.

Question 7: How do you feel about spending money right now? 

Question 8: Do you think that, if you were to move out tomorrow, you would be able to sustain living by yourself? 

nope, no income. can't cook properly. other things like chores will take up too much time, and cut into study time.. =/

Question 9: Do you use post it notes or highlighters in books? Probably textbooks, since none of you will have to study fiction ever again haha 

hardly. i only highlight worksheets, like sciences or english...don't even use post-it notes, only use them for things i have to remind myself and stick on my desk.

Question 10: Do you see yourself helping out at University Open days - etc in the future? And/or which societies do you plan on joining? 

i want to, but being yellow shirts is like a process similar to med. you get tested/interview/application etcetc. and my friend told me you have to get there 7am and only finish 9pm, and finish even later depending on what events are on at night. so you live in accomodation close to campus, and get shuttle bused to uni for the week. i need to do another post on this. there's more to say...

joined CBS, baking society, quidditch (they sent emails already and they have training and stuff on weekends/comps, so i ceebs to go), science soc, optom soc, and the _____ soc. didn't join dance since i also ceebs to go uni and practice at night.

Question 11: Do you read books for fun? What's your favourite genre? 
i used to, until the hsc started. i used to ready mostly fantasy, but now i read everything.

Question 12: Do you like: 
a) Big houses or small houses? 


b) A large bedroom or a small bedroom? 


c) Backyard swimming pool or none? 
do you even need to ask. OF COURSE I WANT A POOL! except i don't want the responsibility of maintaining it, lol.

d) Neighbours or a park next to your house? 
neighbours, there is less chance of having screaming kids next to your house. kids scream a lot at parks.

Question 13: What's a moment in which you were truly very afraid? 
don't have one. does being afraid of failing uni count?

Question 14: Do you find it easier to talk to a stranger if they know someone you know? 
yes, defs. did that so much this week.

Question 15: What's a song that you always wanted to sing at karaoke but didn't want to make everyone else listen to you? 

 don't have one. i'm really out of it in terms of music these days...

Question 16: Do you have a go-to restaurant if you want to eat out but don't know where to go? And/or do you usually make bookings when you go out to eat? 

not really. going out to eat is unhealthy and a waste of money, esp going out regularly. i would rather eat michelin star food and go out on fewer occasions.

Question 17: Would you prefer to go back to your home country or somewhere new which you've never been to before? 

Question 18: When was the last time you felt "Like a Boss"? That is, when did you last do something which all went to plan and you were really happy with when you finished? 
umm, don't have one. when i figured out what places/outings to go to during my busy past 4 months, i guess...

Question 19: This is mostly for the people going to NewSouth - Have you ever considered taking the ferry to uni? 
nope. the only non touristy/beachy ferry route i know of is from meadowbank to circular quay.

Question 20: Do you think two people who talk online but have never met in person can become true friends? 
nope. wait, true friends irl? or true friends on the internet. nah, don't think people who online talk online but have never ever met in person can be true friends.

Question 21: What did you usually do when lightning struck and there was no power in your house? 
light candles. i've always had a laptop from when i was little, so i would go on that, or phone.Question 22: Were you a person who ruled margins in their books? Do you think you'll continue this habit? 
yes! esp during primary. in high school, i got books with margins.

Question 23: What's your favourite kind of tree and why? ("Sam" is an acceptable answer, but be more creative lol) 
don't have one, but i like maples. but i would not have one in my backyard unless i have a massive backyard, since big trees have big roots which can screw up your sewerage system/underground pipes. i have thought about heaps of stuff on what to not have in a house. i need to do another post on houses sometime..

Question 24: How many different primary/high schools have you been to? Would you prefer to have done more or less transfers across schools? 
one primary, two high schools.
Question 25: Please name a song which reminds you of your childhood
hilary duff-sweet sixteen and others i have her whole album...and delta goodrem!!! loved all her songs and again have her whole album. the albums which were produced in my childhood. also barbie girl, and i love rock and roll.

Question 26: Did you have a distinct "lunchbox" when you were in primary school? What was in it? 
a hard one during K-2, then a cooler bag from 3-6 since i saw my friends having one. it was purple! had fruit and either nutella sandwich or fairy bread.

Question 27: How many suburbs do you know your way around? Which would be your favourite? 
i know my way around my own suburb. but i know how to get to most suburbs without a gps. i mean, it's literally just one road or the other. you can't get lost. 

Question 28: What's your favourite public holiday? 
don't have one. i like xmas since i like a big turkey and ham.

Question 29: How loud do you like your music/television? 
music soft, tv normal. i hardly listen to music these days... i hate it when people have the tv loud and i'm not watching it, it's annoying. 

Question 30: Were you ever taught to say please and thank you? How were you taught? Do you still say it often? 
probs in pre school/primary.

when i have time (yes, i somehow don't have enough time despite 4 months break, believe me, i have organised my events beforehand so please don't think i'm disorganised...) i shall create a survey, but i don't know what to ask, lol.