Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady Gaga themed end-of-year Dance Lesson

this post was meant to be for yesterday.

so, it was the last day for my dance teacher yday, since he is going to study stuff, so won't be able to teach (apparently he drives 1.5hours to here to teach dance )

it's kind of sad since he taught me for 3yrs+ for both contemporary and jazz.

he loves Lady Gaga, so we kind of had to dress like her, and all the songs he played was LG. his costume was pretty cool (: i'm surprised at how many songs i don't know. also, he had trivia questions. like, her first name is Stephanie.

it was a fun last lesson. and the DVDs are much better than last years one.

i feel utterly screwed for maths. i think i maths rage.
so much for buffer week when teachers are going to be away....

i should really study. even during yearlies, next Wednesday is the most horrible. phys and eng, the subjects WITH THE MOST MEMORISING.)))))):  maths and jap: if your good at it then your good. it's like a pass and fail kind of thing. if this happens in the hsc, well it better not be on the same day, or else it would be a first....

need to study harder.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

had to give up going out for dinner tonight, because of assessments.
probs one of the many stuff i have to give up until end of next year.

my motivation levels drop after dinner ):

i really wished i think faster.

homemade oreo cheesecake and lemon slices (:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

my mum is right. 85% of people who fix up their gardens and renovate mean they are going to move.
soo many houses for sale near my house, well more than before. from a 200m ish walk, there are probs 8 houses for sale.

my mum's like, if we start renovating, painting, make gardens like the ones on tv, you know we are moving. which has a 0.5% chance of happening.

the day has passed so quickly, i've felt like i haven't done anything ):

Friday, November 25, 2011

maths. ):

if only i had a personalised tutor who was with me 24/7 (or whenever i happen to do maths)

you know, if i have nothing to do when i grow old, and if i remember my maths, i would totes write a textbook full of worked solutions, i still can't find any Terry Lee 3U ):

worked solutions would sell.

oh, and it's 2U that's troubling me right now =/

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 hours to redo english essay + study for maths topic test for tmr?

if i was super duper smart i would be able to....

ahh phys, haven't touched on that ):

i hate this weather

and free fried rice makes me happy (:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Outdoor Wedding +wedding tips

yes!! so far i have worn a different dress to each wedding, and i've been to quite a lot now, around over 10.

it was soooo pretty :')
they hired the garden theatre so it's like watching a Shakespeare play. they weren't over the top with decorations, so i guess that saves money. and they had cushions to sit on so it was comfy (:

and the weather in the arvo was good. it wasn't too hot/sunny, and only after all the photos it started raining a bit.

it's nice to sit outdoors. i remember last year, one of the weddings i went to was in an old style church during summer. it was pretty and all, but there was no air-con. i think i kind-of melted. it's nice to have a fresh breeze (:

i have started to accumulate some wedding tips:
- have wedding in arvo, so you don't have to make so much food since dinner is only about 2 hours away. if you have a wedding at 11, then you will have to waste money on food for lunch + money for food at reception
- ask people to give you money, not random wedding gifts.
-outdoor weddings mean you don't have to spend as much money on decorations compared to indoor weddings.
-also, in outdoor weddings where you hire a place that you have to walk a bit to, it means no one will see what car you turn up in, so you don't have to waste money on a fancy wedding car
-weddings not in the city mean guests can park free
-invite one set of people to your wedding, and another set to your reception, so you get double the gifts (except that's kind of weird)
-have one bridesmaid so you don't have to spend that much money on other people's dresses (except it's boring having one...)

there was another wedding at the same time. except, the other place was more narrower, and not as cool.

and so, i have not done much today ): no time to upload pics. i missed out on the Children Sunday School Anniversary. i wanted to see little kids perform. why is there always something else on, on the same dates as weddings ):

Saturday, November 19, 2011

essay progress:80ish % it doesn't even make sense ):
i need to go english tutoring. haven't been for about 4 months......not good.....
and who ever knew drawing projectile motion graphs were that hard? need to change results to make the graph look nicer. i wish there was someone who could help me....

i wish i was faster at maths.

what would people do if it rained tomorrow on their outdoor wedding?

Friday, November 18, 2011

out of all the nights, why must hsc csu die today? ):
i actually kind of needed it.

today, our english teacher told us the story of her almost being killed by a serial killer for over 20mins when she was 20ish old. it was kind of interesting.

so like, for eng essays, my rate is 1 paragraph / 3hours, like no joke.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

i swear our teacher said we had a topic test today and tomorrow. so did the res of the class, thus no one brought textbooks. well, apparently it's next week.

so much to do ):

family coming over next May. as in a whole lot. i think i can kind of see my assessment 3 dying....

my poor atar :'(

the rain means free car wash (:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

yay, i got a 20c kate and william coin (:

and i had a free cheeseburger today, and half of it didn't have any sauce ):
so cheap.

nooo, maths topic test tmr ):

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

those english extension questions which you have to use your brain, and internet is not really helpful and you don't know what some of the words mean in that question =/

stomach muscles still hurt. we didn't even do any dancing in contemporary yesterday. just an hour of stretches, ab toning/arm toning stuff. not really toning, but it builds up your core/arm strength without actually looking like you have abs...lol, this sounds weird. if i did that every day. i think i would actua;;y lose weight. once a week of intense exercise is not enough.
something else to put on my holiday list.

yay, new iPhone case. the funny thing is that it came all the way from hong kong. and it only cost one dollar, with included shipping. shipping overseas costs more than a dollar, so why do people want to make these losses? =/
not my problem. it was quite quick. my book which i ordered before the case still hasn't come yet ):

extensions are just reading reading and reading, which was expected, and i like reading, if only i read faster.....so it won't be as time consuming....

Monday, November 14, 2011

yay. i'm happy. i got my fitzpatrick textbooks, and they are close to new (:
and then i decided to get some success ones coz i guys was like, well you can this year's worked solutions online when it comes out. the school sells them for 23 and i got mine for 15 so i don't think it's necessary to have this years paper for 8 more bucks.
except i want a terry lee 2/3 unit book!!! it's coloured WITH WORKED SOLUTIONS! i haven't seen a coloured maths textbook since year 10. i kind of miss the lame Signpost jokes.

we did fun stuff in dance today. and zumba (:
my face was still red after my almost cold shower.

i feel relaxed tonight. as in, i haven't done any work. i shall do heapssss of work tmr to make up for tonight.

related texts: please come to me.
went through 5 periods of english today (out of 10, including lunch).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

we did a topical on scientology at 3pm youth today.

it's really weird. there are these "levels" and you pay money to get taught those levels. and there are some levels which are unknown since no one is high enough.
it seems like a game.
and usually, only rich people are allowed into the higher levels. and at high levels, you can use "the force" to control matter, energy, space and time.
that is sci-fi to me, and some Star Wars.

and to go to Next Gen or not? it seems to be quite good, except it's the whole week before school starts and the week before that i'm helping out with the Kids Fun Days at church...so my hols would be a 4 week one, and i have to do approx total 10 000 creative words and read 7+books...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swimming Adventures

ok, not much happened, except i finally went swimming today after so many months.

i am so slow.

it used to only take me approx 17 secs for 25m, now i do 22 ):
and i kept on thinking, well it's my fat dragging me down, but fat floats on water (?)
even the man who was doing pulling was faster than my normal swimming.
except i can still do my beloved butterfly and medly without stopping =D and i can still kick (using flippers) to the other side with only one breath (:

i can't write eng adv creative writing, it's because there's no reflection statement so if you write something bizarre, they just won't get it.

and barcode scanner apps are soooo cool (: except it's pointless for me since i don't have any mobile internet so i can't scan stuff at the shops....

and now for some pics.

ben and jerry half dough, filed to the brim (:

chem books: 2textbooks, 6 past papers booklets, which i didn't do all of them. so i am determined to do all the phys ones this time....hopefully...

wedding dress and suit coated marshmellows (:

mum's friend's daughter who made these delicious slices (: they sell for $2.50 at the local bakery, and the size is only about the size of an iPhone...
they tasted quite professional (:

contemporary costume (: lighting for this one wasn't that good );

Friday, November 11, 2011

horrible night and a horrible morning.

nose bleed for half an hour, then stopped for 15min, then another 30min one, then  30min one in the morning, so i was late to morning class. luckily, someone was later than me.
i slept at one and woke up at 7. so exhausted....i need to go swimming tomorrow....

and my mum asked the optometrist and he said i could drive with one eye =D yayayay, haven't driven in ages....these days, sometimes my mum finds it annoying when she has to drive me.

but it's not even summer and yesterday wasn't even that hot. i am going to either melt to death or bleed to death. so i slept with the air-con on yday (:

the guys in maths did a count down for 11/11/ etctec.
i didn't make a wish, except i never do those things, so i cheered. and i completely forgot about tonight's 11/11/11. oh wells....

remembrance day at Baulko is so informal. it's just a bell and you sit in your seat for a min. like at Girra it was quite fancy. i remembered there was always a kid who faints (except for last year since there was undercover assembly) i actually forgot about remembrance day until the daily notices.

and Freddo frogs for frog (fully relying on God) week.....haha

i slept at one yday and woke up at 7. so exhausted....i need to go swimming tomorrow....

and my mum asked the optometrist and he said i could drive with one eye =D yayayay, haven't driven in ages....these days, sometimes my mum finds it annoying when she has to drive me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

how fun, black out for an hour this morning at school.
lol jks.
i could have been catching up on maths.

topic test tomorrow D= i don't know anything.

going to be half blind for another week, but it's frustrating to not drive, so i think i'm going to rely on one eye when driving =D

walking into the TLC today to find it filled with kids doing sc comp test. kinda awkward, and i slammed the door when i walked out (it was a heavy door so it slammed itself) then walking around the school trying to find the room change for scripture.....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today i woke up with a streak of blood against the side of my forehead.
it was kinda scary for a sec, but it was dry blood. i don't remember scratching myself.... :S

and my iPhone had a pink pixel on it, after i played on it for half an hour (even though i'm still behind in maths) so i was paranoid, and now it's fine (:

i think i should try to play table tennis properly, for at least a week....

and used my small free soft drink from my bro. i got a fanta and it was sooooo tasteless. i know it has ice, but it still should be sweeter than what i had today. it's just like the fruit and yogurt ice-blocks. they don't taste like the artificial/natural taste like they should, they're not even creamy. they only look like what they should. my mum's like, "sugar is probs expensive so they can't afford it and thus they add water to everything since water is free"

and new Eragon book!!!!! get my bro to get it tomorrow =D

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i kind of feel sorry for my bro. he had to do the school certificate today and he's only in yr 9.
i just found out this year that everyone at normo does accelerated his/geo in yr 9, then they pick people to do accelerated geo, but not his....which is kinda strange....

so he gets 1/4 (?) of his school cert. hahaha....

and i swear i'm always in the pouring rain with my mum in the car....

and yay, 3 new extension english books makes me happy (: they are so inviting to read, all new books are like that (:

someone come fitness first with me for free (:

Monday, November 7, 2011

so last night i had a shower at 11:45pm, i just kind of forgot to have one....i think that was the first time, i'm just sooo pre-occupied these days ):

finally went today for my first free 7-11 slurpee (: the wait wasn't too bad, about 10mins. and then it started pouring, like at the beginning of the year when we drove to the Gold Coast.

paper dying in Jap:
from this 

to this

and i saw my dance teacher use Siri today, first time seeing it in real life (:
need to try it out sometime....
he memorised the answers to: "where should i bury a dead body" question, haha...

and i have found a flaw on my iPhone. it can't connect to my laptop via bluetooth, even though it has bluetooth and it can connect, you can't actually transfer stuff. even my 3 older phones can do that....luckily there are other apps which act like bluetooth....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dance Pointe Concert 2011

yesterday was A FULLY HECTIC DAY for my whole family.

ok so, my dad and bro left to go to a wedding, which i sosososo wanted to go, except i had dance, so obviously i couldn't (more on that later) they left at 10am and came back at 12:10am.

so i woke up at 10, and had a cry for half an hour, partly because of how stupid/failing person i am and partly because of my eye (now i am once again half blind)
then i had to leave at 12 for morning rehearsals (and i was late), and i brought stuff to read, but ended up watching other people's dances =/ so i left at like 2.30, then did an hour of maths (which equates to half an hour of maths for smart people), then somehow time went by and i only had an hour to get ready.
this year they had no one to do our band parts ): and my fringe is almost grown out, so it was even harder to do. so hair to a long time.
ended up eating in the car and and arrived like 10 mins before the concert started =/

i didn't know there were that many people who have been there for 10 years, they all got really cool trophies...this year went by really fast, usually i'm in 5 dances, could have been in 5 this year but was ceebs going for extra rehearsals. i like our contemporary costume (:
they had confetti this year =D since it was the 10 year anniversary
and they made us stand during the time when they were giving out trophies...

got home at like 10.30, so did about 2hours of work, or less.

i soooooo wanted to go the wedding today, mainly because the guy was Western, and they went to a Western place the The Rocks to have their reception, and had their wedding at a park. my mum wanted to go as well, except she kind of had to accompany me to dance. and i wanted to see what happens n a non-Christian wedding, because every single wedding i've been to is Christian, which is good (:
i wish i had an older sister so i can be a bridesmaid....
and they had cute marshmellow which chocolate as a suit ....hard to describe....maybe photo when i upload them....
oh well, maybe i should just make more Western friends and go to a Western reception =D

woke up at 11 today, and my legs still hurt ):
and i love this feather fan, it's really massive. i wish we could keep it....but if i did, then i would have no use for it, unless to attract dust mites (like my mum said....)

Friday, November 4, 2011

to do list:
-catch up on approx 10 exercises of maths
-eng hw
-eng ext 2 sheet +journel
-phys hw
-try start to phys assessment
-jap writing + speaking + other random exercises
-read sheets/booklets
-find related texts
-start adv creative
-tutoring hw

that is totes not going to happen over the weekend, and i felt lazy today and watched a random movie on Go tonight :/

and my report sucks.
like actually.
and my chem mark died )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

drove first time in early morning. i love the amount of parking space early in the morning.

and dance concert tomorrow (: i should feel pumped, but not really, maybe because of all the work.
so tomorrow is non-existant.
missing out on a wedding tomorrow because of concert ):

i finally got apps on my phone (: i love how itunes accounts can be shared so i don't have to re-buy the things my bro has already bought (:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chemistry 2011

relief, i don't feel it.
first of all, sorry to bitter who listened to me rant for an hour during sport. like i actually full ranted and half-cried, i've promised myself i wouldn't cry, so i didn't fully cry.

i don't know why i'm so stupid. i didn't get the calculations ): and there were heapppppppppppppppppps of them. ): i think this test was more about using your brain then just knowing the stuff.
i mean i did heaps of past papers. actually i don't properly do them, except i just look at the question and then write out a correct response. maybe i should change my study habits? i didn't go one facebook for over 2 weeks and i feel so anti-social.

i didn't like the option. like the freaking 3 mark diagram. I ONLY KNOW HOW TO DRAW ONE FOR SODIUM. obviously we had to just that knowledge for other stuff )))))): and they didn't ask for friggen pigments asdfghjkl. the time i spent memorising them. it was only in a tiny part of a question.
and the periodic table was missing some atomic masses, which i kind-of needed ):

i know i have lost 15 marks already. there goes my band 6 and here comes my screwed atar. i'm scared i'm going to get a atar less than 90. people say its hard to, but i don't think so. i don't get how people can leave a test half an hour early. like i haven't even finished the test. i went toooo slow in mc ): and i screwed up. you know, the test wasn't that hard, i just somehow couldn't apply it. my brain wasn't it the best functioning mode today, which sucks, cause this counts towards my atar. and my future. and i am sulking at how badly i did.

you have no idea. ))))): of how badly i did. and if i repeat and get a lower mark than i did, then that's suppper terrible. i think i am bottom 25% of my grade, which means i get scaled dowwwwwwwwwn. ):

i don't know.
i have appox 10 exercises of maths to do, and english and physics and Jap.

now i have to work extra hard this year and next year to not get under atar of 95.

and why did it have to be on a 2-hour strike? i guess its kinda good as it minamalised the voice levels more, except i could have used that 2hours to do homework. imagine if the BOS went for a strike...haha...

everyone else said it was easy and good.
i wish i could come out of every test saying that....