Monday, December 19, 2011

breaking dawn was better than i expected, because i have low expectations for it, and i think the baby part was done quite well.
except, nothing happened in the movie, i just watched the trailer, it tells you what you need to know: wedding, honeymoon, pregnant, fight, becomes a vampire

and i finally bought Tripview (: it's sooooooo good (: i can now finally save trips unlike the lite version (((: it's the first app i've wanted to buy. ally the apps my bro buys are all games...

and this is sooooooo cool: santa with Siri
Siri is soo cool, except whenever i use it (which has only been twice), it's always noisy and doesn't work properly.

only one thing done on my 20+things to do on my to-do list ):

i love getting branded paper and using/trying different perfumes. now my wallet is going to smell nice (: must watch more movies before december or else money is going to be wasted....

and i want to have high tea (: just a sudden craving before dinner....and i had one of those christmas boosts today, it wasn't that sweet which was good (:

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