Saturday, March 31, 2012

too much to revise.

i 100% regret wasting time yesterday.

bro found out today his violin exam is in 3 weeks, and they were expecting end of may. AND he doesn't have an accompanist AND it's on a school day AND the teacher doesn't suggest an accompanist.

i think he is going to switch teachers after this exam.

ok, feeling stressed, not good.

restraining myself sooo much from watching hp6 (even though i've seen it heaps of times...)

and yes, obviously i'm not doing earth hour this year.

need to focus.

Friday, March 30, 2012

i took a super big risk yesterday.

slept at 10pm, hoping i would wake up early to study.
set 2 alarms, woke up at 6.15am. EARLIEST i have woken up this whole school term. shows how scared i am/was about the test.

I AM NEVER EVER STUFFING MYSELF WITH JUNK FOOD IF I DO NOT TAKE A STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE AND I ONLY STAY AT HOME. worst decision ever. indoor air, then i think i was really disappointed with myself since the info didn't get into my head after 2 days, so i resorted to food.

felt soooooo bloated, as in...vomit...going to explode/sick/nothing sank in. so i slept early. i think i should start sleeping early then wake up early like Happy Apple. i'm getting old, i think i'm at the stage where last night minute crams don't work for me. dad's sick as well, please stay away from me until wed. he's actually never sick, but when he is, it is a really bad sick =/ i only just got well like a week ago....and my bro was sick 2 months ago....

i know of three school's who had phys today. I FRICKEN GOT TRICKED IN MULTIPLE CHOICE,......AGAIN!!!! and why did i have to change stuff last minute? USE LOGIC ELISA! there goes five marks and 50 ranks ):

most scared about their marking criteria.

so unproductive today. ):

oh, Space Chimps IS SO RELEVANT TO PHYSICS. in like the half an hour i watched, they talked about orbital velocity, safe-re-entry, using nose cones, escape velocity, thrust, momentum, and they were so cute! missing out on monsters vs aliens):

ooft. family feud, ok not really. so my uncle is coming over this weekend and so we're just having a dinner at home. he asked my cousin and bf if they wanted to come over. BUT my mum never gave permission for him to invite other people. mum doesn't really like that cousin because i various reasons which i may say another day. from the convo, it seems as if she doesn't want to come over on Sunday (please don't come, i have a super duper hard maths test the next morning) ok, she won't read this *sends telepathic/viral message. but that uncle is super duper nice in many ways, so my mum then felt ok if i wanted to invite my cousin over....

i actually count the hours i spend doing things. like i can recall the last 48hours which i spent doing stuff. time passes soooo quickly, esp during home time.

i figured, 2 day breaks are actually not that good. i feel less motivated somewhere during the "break"
my friend has a 6 day break. her timetable is soooo chill.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

rahhhh. im so angry. wasted over 10hours doing the wrong thing.
i should have known from previous science studies how to study science related half-yearlies properly.

all schools do it, i should have done it, i should have started doing it two days ago.

thus, phys is like jap, which are both unlike maths and english.

lol, only analytical people would get what i'm trying to say.

wasabi kit kat only has a hint of wasabi. sad face. was expecting more flavour...

great, blogger going to update itself in april.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


where did the day go?

never ever again sleeping in 1.5 hours.
such a waste of time sleeping. but getting 9+ hours of sleep after 5+ hours of exams is nice.

my neck still hurts=/

hardly got any serious study done ):

i really can't afford to fail the next threeee.......

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

record exam length.

i hope to never ever have 5 hours 15mins + of exams in 6 hours, with like less than 30min break. my head literally hurts, actually more of my neck...

just like that, half of my exams over in two days. it's sooo brain draining, hardly even studied phys today.

that feeling that the exams was ok, then the 7 hour after realisation that you got a super duper duperrrrrrrrrrrrr easy question wrong, which will cost you precious marks and 20 rank drop. and that feeling 2 hours later when you realise you didn't answer the question properly ))))))))):

glad it was jap with maths not phys with maths. jap is my worst subject, but oh wells, hopefully i'll improve heapppppps in 4 months.

so, my rich uncle who is still single and owns a company rang last night to say he was coming to syd this weekend. last month he went to london, japan, china. he probs only spent like 3 days at home/hk, and now he's coming to aus with his friend. also going interstate as well. i live in aus and i haven't been interstate as much as him. and he's going to costco next monday! too bad i still have exams. such sudden decisions. so cool, i want to one day suddenly feel like going somewhere then go, kind of like impulse shopping, but impulse flying...can't go out dinner/lunch because i need to studystudystudy.

just spent 20mins typing up for my aunt how to come to my house from international airport by public transport. that length is probs the same as going from hk to the toppest part of china. lol, the bad quality of aus public transport. have to change a million and one place. like hk to place you staying is just a cheap taxi fare away.

i really hate how leigh and jennifer won. the boys deserved it so much more, and their desert was gorgeous!

you know, vanilla ice-cream oreo doesn't even taste like what i thought it would be. it's just ice (space) cream. it has this sort of minty/icey feel and then the normal-ish cream of oreos.

soo much competition...

oh, and i went into the exam centre toilets today! they were soooo clean, like new, since no-one uses them, and basically only yr 11/ 12 use the exam centre, and toilets are for emergencies, except after jap i went, first time going in there, twas cool (:

wow, didn't meant to write soo much, just toooo much bottled up inside of me, i could go on...

Monday, March 26, 2012

400. first (technically second) exam

i forgot a kind of important line in my essay which had a good point, oh well, at least i remembered all of my story (:
hope they get what i'm trying to say.

i know i'm going to fail jap. tomorrow=5+ hours of exams. half my exams are over in two days =/  less than 30 min to eat lunch and revise jap related stuff.

i bet everyone in my jap class is studying maths, since they're all just naturally talented in jap.

i ceebs talking with people after exams. there's always some other study to be done.

mathsssssssssss. mixed emotions. '11 paper was much easier than the other years....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ahh, i'm nervous, but not as stressed as thursday/friday/bit of saturday

i think, there is extra pressure from ext 1 since it's our first assessment, and it weighs the most. i wish someone trained me to be ambidextrous when i was little, so 13 years later, i can write at max speed, for one essay, then it can have a good 40min rest while the other hand does the work. it would be soooo convenient, especially in advanced.

really scared about the money questions in 2U

hope my ears are alert during listening. and i hope i somehow memorise important sentences.

and somehow get 2 modules of phys in 2 days

and revise hard 3u maths in 2 days

and cram belonging related stuff in one day

and cram jap speaking sentences in one day

and get good amount of sleep (:

renovating a bathroom costs about the money of a new small car. luckily my dad knows how to do half of it, so it would cost less (:

little breaks are good. like going to church, and half an hour of modern family (:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

now, my writing hand hurts, as in it throbs with pain, and the pain goes up all the way to the inside of my elbow ): even my fingers moving to type hurts my hand =/
i don't that will be grounds for appeal to say "my hand hurts" unless you totes have a legit reason....

how do people memorise their essays?

my brain weirdly does not do it properly

parents going to pick tiles when i have exams ):
i've never been able to pick house colour stuff, except i already told them what i think would be good.
i think they're actually going to buy more expensive-ish tiles.

and my teacher never replied...but he's never been one to reply, so that was expected. the only way to get things marked from him is to ask him before school and recess and lunch and after school.

don't really like exam timetable this time, but there's nothing to do about it.

all my mum talks about these days is planning the trip when relatives come over in 2 months. but really, it's only Australia, there's nothing to do.
it's kind of hard to tell someone to buy stuff, i actually don't know what i want them to buy...


Friday, March 23, 2012


everyone, including teachers and friends have told me to breathe.

but it's quite hard since you find out on the last day you have been doing your extension essay all wrong. (well your teacher tells you one thing which is totally against ALL the other teachers and students advice/ways to do the essay)

so i need theorists.

soooo screwed. and i wanted to start memorising it today, except it's not completed.

and maths.

and jap.

and phys. will have to wait until after maths/jap.

dad came home after 2 weeks from a business trip. i still remember two weeks ago. we had torrential rain.

next two weeks, and the two weeks after that are going to flyyyyyy.

so stressed. and planned to not be stressed. but my essay is =/

3 more fat booklets on module b. funnn. jokes. i think half the grade probs just chucked out adv notification. they should have given us an article to make it more "useful" apart from knowing we have to analyse a 4marker poem...

thank you God for getting more better before exams (: (i thinks there is really bad grammar used...oh well....)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

so glad my adv teacher had a look, turns out i did a billion things wrong.

i don't have time to correct it, let alone memorise it ): essay is going to look sooo bad compared to other classes who's teacher actually didn't take 2+weeks sick leave.


essay so bad ):
lacking in important stuff ):

wowowow. just discovered something spectacular. i saved the stimulus pictures from a word doc into pages. then i exported the pages back into a word doc....and the PICTURE BECAME COLOURFUL! it was originally black and white.

how cool. but it only works in "quick look" not when you actually open the document...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

simpsons 500th episode.
kind of similar to the movie how they live in a different place.
you can totes tell difference between HD and old tv, since when they show old simpsons episodes, everything is blurry-ish.

my eyes start to die from 11.30am. it's really weird. no time to get it checked. but must be because i'm sick....

ahhh, i've only done maths today. =/

screwed for englishhhhhhhhh

side note, girra's jackets look pretty gangster (in a good way...)

my april holidays are fully booked. 3 days camp, 2 days medentry, 3/4 days work at easter show-possibly, 1 day go out with mum to have yum cha with group on voucher, 1 day girra friends/1 day with baulko friends = no days to study/ do homework ):

oh, and today's date is palindromic (: 21.3.12

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i hoping that my creative writing will compensate for my non-existent essay.

well it does exist, but i don't think you can call it an essay, since it's argueless.

we got a sub yday for ext1 and she told us to "answer the thesis" seriously, is your going to pretend to teach, at least pretend to get the basics right. i'm hoping with the rest of the class to not have her next time (or i will make people Girra..haha..)

i've slept for more than 9 hours the past three nights. that's at least a 2U time paper wasted into sleeping instead of studying, but i need to sleep. when i'm sick, my eyes go superrrrrr blurry. more than normal. like it's ok in the morning, then they die by lunch=/

that James Magnussen guy is like the new Thorpe for the younger generations.

hahaha. my brother is now bold. it's really funny.

i decided to put my "Don't even think about knocking, i'm studying" door tag thing on our front door (:
it's really funny

my brain's not working ): all i want to do is sleep. but must finish essay.

i am going to publicly promise that i will start memorising my essay on thursday, do 2 past papers by thursday, memorise half of creative by thursday night, and get some phys/jap in between by friday.
this way, i hope i can do it since i'm telling you.

too much other stuff...really need my brain turned on right now.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

physically/mentally suffering.

one week.

and eng ext essay is no where near ok.

can't even do maths paper in the given amount of time ):

brain not focusing ):

poor Thorpe ): i'm upset for him, but it was pretty obvious he wouldn't make it, since there are sooo many more young people who are good. like 14yr olds already trying out in olympic trials :O they are all soo extremely muscular and tall. i think he started training too late, and i don't think he'll be good enough for 2016 olympics, but you'll never know.

one day. i'll go see the olympics live.
i've only seen the paralympics back in 2000 syd. (i think we got free tics from primary school or something.)
i'll go overseas to a country i've never been before to see the day...when i have moneyyy...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

this sucks

noooooooooooo sick right before half-yearlies
stupid people who don't stay home and fully cough at school etc.

i should hide myself from society so i won't become even more sick (or get other people sick) should seclude myself at home....

fresh bakery sourdough with olives is superrr yum! (:

it's sooo hard to study while sick. which meant i had a very unproductive day ):

if i can't finish a 3U paper at home, then how will i do it in the exam?
should start memorising essay, so i won't have 2U dilemma again....but what essay? i have no good essay ):

i'm still going for Thorpey!!!! after 12 years...
he's so fat now. it's quite funny.

i remember in yr 2, our teacher told us to write a letter to our favourite sports person. and i wrote mine to ian thorpe, and sent it.

then, I RECEIVED A POSTCARD FROM HIM LIKE 3 MONTHS LATER. so did the other two people in my class who sent it to him.
i still have it :')

Friday, March 16, 2012

brave, brave people shaving. i'm just happy to donate.

mental block from maths. can't do 2U parametric question
and solving 2sinx=2-x

scared for hy. no joke.
can't study properly ):

i have a friend who finished exams 3 days before the last exam. so she asked her dad, and they decided to go to Japan for 5 days to ski.
EVEN IF YOU FINISH EXAMS, THERE ARE STILL A BAJILLION THINGS TO DO AND NOT GO ON A HOLIDAY so freaking rich. japan to ski for only 5 days even before holidays start.
but she's super smart. like, i'm 1 year and 2 months older than her and she does all smart subjects.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


yesssss. free boost. I just said my name is Lisa and the person glanced at my id and was like ok. didn't have to explain my name "had a silent E". being asian, i chose the most expensive drink and the largest size. i got juice, which i haven't tried before. i usually have smoothies, since they are a tad cheaper. it was $7+ if i had to pay...

if i was really asian (and had a lot of time on my hands), i could have gone to the other boost and asked for another one. except even if i did, i wouldn't drink 2 large boosts... and if i didn't have my HSC, then i would have drove to other boost to get some for friends, (but i guess it depends if the person who is selling it to you is nice and accepts my name even if it's not really Lisa...)

(i also realised that my car was soo old it didn't have cup holders =/)

yay i'm happy (:

and thank you bitter for the heels!!! (: (they may actually be a teeny tiny bit big, but i'll manage) they are so cool (:

day 2 of eng adv next module and already have heappppps of info. i can only pretend i have read the novel because i do not have a single minute to read it. i haven't even started porperly studying.

eng ext 1 is sooo much more work this time, especially if it needs to sound good.

arghh,  our maths teacher said the 3U paper is hard, usually teachers are like "oh, just study and you'll do fine" but not this time. it's just plain hard.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tomorrow, i'm going to pretend the E in my name is silent. pleeeeeease work. i guess i have max 2 chances for them to accept it.

or else it's never going to be meeee....

arghh, spent soo much time on creative. if i had done it properly in the holidays, i could be doing something more productive now...
it's worth more than trials ): i think i would rather have preferred an assessment for ext 1 last term rather than a huge one for half yearly.

lunchtimes doing maths/learning is good.

why do all the things i want to do clash with each other? ):

Monday, March 12, 2012

nooooo this has never happened to me before. i lost a maths worksheet. and it was on logs / exponentials which i suck at ):

i was full pumped to spend the rest of the night doing it. now i just wasted time finding it ):

maybe i just thought i've seen it.

soo frustrating.

english is frustrating. ext 1 teacher leaving next term, and we are going to end up with a super duper bad teacher. it has been foreshadowed. no other class does our elective ):

yay!? no more morning classes. soo dodgy, only one period a week to work on ext2

and my new-er calculator lost half of its equal sign. super sad )))): told my bro and he's like, i've lost 5 things on my calculator...i don't even bring it to school. i like the replay thing on it, but what if i get confused between the two minus signs in the exam?
my one from year 7 still looks/works normal.

i think i get to pick tile colours in the hols =D i've never been able to pick my room colour etc. it's just standard white-ish with a tinge of cream. personalised rooms are cool, but when you move out, it's kind of awks to have like a "girls" room if the next household is guys...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

i came back from church and saw my desk, almost had a heart attack, sooo messy =/ because of eng ext

ahhhh two weeks, haven't even started on maths ))))):

i really should stop thinking about pointless stuff: like what the new iPhone this year will be like...watched the video on the ipad "smart cover", it makes it seem cooler than it actually is...which is surprisingly cool...
and places to eat...
and things to buy...

i have such a smart friend! she graduated for Lmus cello, and she's ONLY IN YEAR ELEVEN!  only cello Lmus graduate in aus for 2011 :O Amus is already hard to pass, like only 1 in 7 pass it, and usually they are older people who pass, and my friend passed Lmus already! she's just one stage away from australia's highest grade/ diploma thingy. sahh cool, wearing a university gown thing before you even attend/finish uni.

no wonder why she got a schlorship for this rich private school

and this other guy who accompanied my bro in violin last year or the year before... accelerating in chem, phys and bio. and passed Amus piano in like year 8, and finished 8th violin, and almost finished some other instrument...
soo lucky, finishing half his hsc this year, those lucky private schools with more opportunities to accelerate..

soooooo screwed for half-yearlies )))))):

Saturday, March 10, 2012

i had a dream yesterday that i owned an ipad. i don't know why. maybe it's cause i watched the video before i slept last night =/ why do i remember such pointless stuff? like how the pixels are 4 times better than ipad two, and how it has more pixels than our lcd flatscreen tv.

there's this guy at tutoring and he's super organised with diary, folders for each subject and notes etc. so people were doing maths in the break, and asked him a question. BUT APPARENTLY HE DOES 2 UNIT MATHS! shock horrow from the class, since he's soo good at physics and seems like those maths nerd guys. apparently his and eng/history/ legal type of person.

lion king was on today. those childhood movies <3 i remember i saw the Lion King Musical back in year 3 :') it was sooooo good.
i don't get why it was a movie premiere though. i'm pretty sure it's been on tv before...maybe it's hd this time so it was a premiere....the lion king is as old as me (:
good movies were on tv tonight.

i should stop watching tv.

Friday, March 9, 2012

it's a comparative essay =/

i should really stop sulking about english. but i can't because  I FOTGOT ALL THE LINKING SENTENCES AND THEY WERE GOOD SENTENCES WITH NICE WORDS. it's a freaking comparative essay and i forgot the crucial links. so i had a few moments where i just sat there and heard everyone writing. that was like a minute wasted. and i left gaps in my essay, first senior essay which i have done that ):

my poor atar and english mark. band c. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

i have learnt my lesson: never memorise an essay the day before. at least two days. i've spent sooo much time on editing than memorising. all that time gone to waste ))))))))))))))))))): it was soo obvious it was going to be the third ques, since it was the only one that made sense. i don't think i answered the question properly ):

seriously how do people do it? smart, fun, watch video's, sleep early, do all their hw/tutoring hw and sitll catch public transport. oh, second time i caught a bus this time. first time catching the towers bus. they have $1 muffins at this cafe....

i made myself happy by watching the video about the new iPad. apple stuff makes me happy (: the pixels thing makes it sooo cooool. now i kind of want an ipad, but i will have no use for it whatsoever. i still want SIRI!!!!!!! it's sah cool. wonder what it will be like in iphone 5...

and i watched the kony 2012 video, the kid is soooo cute and innocent. it actually was a good time to spend 30mins on it. it reminded me of high resolves, raising awareness and all that.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

skimming through, the eng questions seem ok.

but, no 1 says "A common idea or experience" they want us to talk about one idea!? so it's grammatically inconreect. so is no 2, the more you reaad it, the more it doesn't make sense in terms of grammer.
which leave no 3, which i somehow don't know what to write about without reiterating the question.

first time bringing my laptop to school. well it's about a year old, so i decided to bring it...

first time buying Group on vouchers. it wasn't high tea, it was yum cha....but over 1000 were bought, so my and i decided to buy one

western crackling pork tastes better than asian ones

time to memorise...
i still am way too many words over... ))):

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

extension 1 teacher wasn't here today and yesterday. )))))): only 2 more weeks left before exam. AND HE'S NOT HERE! just like last year before exams he wasn't here, but my class is smart so mostly everyone got above average....need to re think creative and do essayyyy. the only subject which i have an equal amount of chance of getting state rank as everyone else (since we haven't had any assessments for ext, and here's not here...) so glad i forced him to go through my creative from before, but the comments weren't surprising....and the sub we had, she was horrible, at least let us do our own work instead of reading the play and repeating what the play says in her own words, i bet we all know more about the play than she does, no jokes.
i can't think of anything else apart from adv essay. can't even do maths homework.

spent over half an hour digging out all/used and new stationary that i was going to chuck out but now donating to year 9's charity thing. hope the box is still feels really bad to chuck out new stationary, actually to chuck out new anything is bad...

Monday, March 5, 2012

North Shore Line

yayayay! north shore line is the safest train line in Sydney (:

blacktown and strathfield are top five most dangerous train stations. surprisingly not parra, probs because they have sooo much police there nowadays (well i go there like once in three months and there are always police) my dentist is at stra =/

and i'm surprised baulko has one of the most dangerous bus routes.
how can bus routes be dangerous? i am not sure....
which is why i drive everyday (: i found a faster way to get to school, after just over a year. it's more "dangerous"...hard to describe.

i swear time flies.

i can't see properly out of my right eye, it's blurry :S but i still drove today.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

i think my parents want to renovate the downstairs bathroom. and i want to pick tile colours and design the bathroom!!! except i have something called the HSC which prevents me from spending some random amounts of time going to Bunnings etc and look for colours, except i have voiced my opinions on what i think it should be.

i hand in an essay hoping that the teacher would cut down chunks and chunks of words like last year. but no, she cuts two words, and adds in 10. so my paragraph was originally like 210, now its 254, and i have to answer the question in the exam. no way would i be able to write 280 words for one paragraph, and no way can i write 13000+words in exam conditions. it's sooooo fustrating. she just adds more and more and more etcetc.

i know now when i write Module B, to write nothing and she will add on, unlike last year when i write heaps and she just cuts it to relevant parts.

i guess phys notes will just have to wait

and noooo, ext 1 story....will have to wait as well. super sad face.  i don't know what to do with it...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Three Generations of Papermate Kilometrico Pens

this was too exciting not to double post:

i was slowly cleaning out my car, and found a very old pen (but still works). then i have always kept the middle pen which has already run out as a "textbook mark the page when doing maths" pen. and i just opened a new pack. and viola, you can see the differences in designs etc. the place where the put the cap on top of the pen also differs a bit, and the new pen starts off light (not dark then light as it runs out)

i had a blueberry cheesecake kit kat just then. it was scrumptious and smelt soooo nice. oh, how i love Japanese foooooooood. ((((((((:

i love food in general, but today, all i had was a sandwich, some sweet potato chips, and some dinner. surprisingly i'm not that hungry. i slowly starting to eat less each preparation for going out to dinner with relatives in May, and also when they go camping/cairns and my bro and i have to survive by ourselves, which won't involve much cooking done, and more like microwave leftovers for a few days for breakfast lunch and dinner...
5 years ago, the dam was a third full, we were in drought, and had water restrictions. do you guys remember them? something about no sprinklers, restricted times to hose stuff, wash cars on grass. only two days ago the dam overflowed. no more drought, for now. thank you God (:

it's kind of funny how people can't get to school because it's flooded. like last year, that thought wouldn't have occurred. by poor people (like one or two) trapped out there, missing out on vital HSC stuff.

did you know, study of religion is compulsory in some catholic schools. apparently IT'S SOOOO EASY THAT IT SCALES DOWN. like this guy got 100% and it scaled to 96. sucks to go to a school with compulsory subjects (not counting eng) I FINALLY GET WHY "EASY" SUBJECTS GET SCALED DOWN. because you don't even have to rote learn, know understanding/concepts/calculations/not opinionated..

wow, notes get circulated among people really easily. like, last year i had a chem teacher who is doing like 6th year med, and gave a set of notes, which were the same as my friend's notes from nsb which are the same as my phys teacher who probs found some notes and decided to print it for us. it's like how tutors and students have this set of "universal" notes passed around, while the teachers are unaware of such things.
the new tutoring booklets are more sleek, sturdier cover and is coloured, which means the tutoring place is getting richer and richer

mccain sweet potato chips are the bomb (: healthy, not artificially sweet, not too salty, just the right balance of eating sweet potato in chip form (: