Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today i woke up with a streak of blood against the side of my forehead.
it was kinda scary for a sec, but it was dry blood. i don't remember scratching myself.... :S

and my iPhone had a pink pixel on it, after i played on it for half an hour (even though i'm still behind in maths) so i was paranoid, and now it's fine (:

i think i should try to play table tennis properly, for at least a week....

and used my small free soft drink from my bro. i got a fanta and it was sooooo tasteless. i know it has ice, but it still should be sweeter than what i had today. it's just like the fruit and yogurt ice-blocks. they don't taste like the artificial/natural taste like they should, they're not even creamy. they only look like what they should. my mum's like, "sugar is probs expensive so they can't afford it and thus they add water to everything since water is free"

and new Eragon book!!!!! get my bro to get it tomorrow =D

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  1. I read "steak of blood" and I was totally imagining a blood-dripping steak hanging off your forehead


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