Tuesday, May 31, 2011

capped :'((((((((((((

until the 7th.  extra :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

200kb  file takes 4mins to download )))):
fb page takes 10secs ):
websites takes 70secs ):   i could go on forever,
and my brother NEVER EVER ADMITS we are capped.

why must he play and watch on the comp using all the internet when he can play on his itouch/ps3/ps2/wii/nds/phone/watch tv/read novels

all the precious internet gone....

i'm pretty sure 50gb (25 peak and off peak) is quite ok, since i only use it to browse, but no, my brother has to play via internet and watch youtube clips every single day for more than 3hrs+

i really wish he sees how vital study time is.
i've been saying he's going to fail his hsc at this rate because he plays the day before a test and eats for 2hours and showers longer than me :S

what a time waster. i have been trying to get the message to him, but he hasn't got it yet.

Monday, May 30, 2011

rain, rain, go away, come back when i don't have to catch the bus homeee

it always pours just when school ends. it's crazy. people opening/shutting umbrellas/moving as a massive crowd. i think i may have poked quite a few people with my umbrella....luckily it didn't rain when i was walking.

except this time it has been raining since 6.30am.

i actually hope it rains more on Monday mornings so there won't be any training =D

i watched Pokemon this morning. oh wow, it's changed so much. the song is like "We gotta change the world...Pokemon" at least they still have ash/Pikachu/broc.

i never knew they had a series of Madagascar tv shows. they use the penguins and the zoo and then they go on their little "missions"

i hope my books don't come in this weather...or else i'll be :'(

i love the week after concerts where it's the "relaxing week" where we don't have to remember any dances for the following week and where we focus on technique (:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

yay, i love the book depository (:

everything is sooo cheap and free delivery (:

i've done about half of physics and i have already 5 pages of info D= and i've already cut down heaps. there is no way that 10 typed pages will be in a 40mins physics test,
information overload D=
i hope i'm not the only one in this situation....

i think it's really pointless:
my dad just bought another in car navigation/entertainment unit for our subaru with rear camera etcetc. i'm mean, it's only a second hand car.
today i think he was deconstructing the one in our big car coz i think he forgot how to install it....
my dad really has a thing for those entertainment in car stuff.

early morning tomorrow :'(

and masterchef is amazing. every week a new thing happens. i wonder how many people work together to think of those ideas....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mid-Year Concert (:

so this year was Dance Pointe's first mid-year concert.

it was really really casual but they still had the usual lighting stuff and fog effects =D

i never ever get drawn in raffles ): it was really dodgy since the dancers had to pay to get in, but it was also part of the costume hire...

makeup does make you face nicer (: if you don't put a lot.... and if it's the right shade unlike last year's formal where i had to get ready in 1 hour and accidentally used the wrong concealer and ok i won't go into details...*shudders when photos with flash was used....................

but i guess today was fun except for tutoring test. i aim to get 50% and over since i only study 20mins before...

i'm kinda sad these dances i did won't go into the end of year concert.
i', glad it ended early coz i have a ton of work to do, but then when i got home i was full ceebs and watched Inkheart. i still haven't read or seen the whole movie :'(

anyways, i'll now bombard you guys with my fake face =D

oh, and i love straightened hair. i wish i would wake up earlier more often to straighten my hair...

Friday, May 27, 2011

chem prac )))))))))))))))))):

my heart still hurts from it this morning.
it was sosososo stressful.

i don't think i'm allowed to say what the test contained but there were 12 stations and each stations were 7mins in length and then they say times up and you had to move. so you moved 11 times in the test. if we just had more time, then we would ace it.

when i walked in the first thing i saw was so.much.equipment.

and laptops


it took me a good 5mins to work out how to use it.
and then 2mins to think how to answer the questions. so i basically had no time left :'(
so in the end i fully guessed.
another failure:
we were supposed to heat stuff "gently" and the person next to me and myself turned it onto the blue flame. the teacher saw me do that for 2mins and i think he felt sorry for me for my stupidity so he just did it for me. it was supposed to take 10 secs. so i look 12 times as long as other people. yes i do fail.

i bsed sooo much stuff since i couldn't remember the exact words to answer it ):

RAGE. asdfghjkl.
all pracs contain stuff, but not these ones.

i used to be better in pracs than theory, as in my prac marks would always help get top 30. but defs not this time.
so i was out of breath after the test (also due to my unfitness..)

but luckily i didn't have to light a match since the teachers did that for you.
it's so dodgy. you have a person next to you and if you're friends, you can share answers =/

and this prac is worth more than my half-yealies and the same as trials DDDDDDD=
my only hope is that they scale everyone up. dear teachers: please mark ever so kindly.
after hy, people were like "it's sooo easy",
but after prac, i didn't hear anyone say it was easy, unless they were trolling me.....

so overall,
i fully failed and not looking forward to results.
it was even more stressful than the last 30mins of 2U, maybe because this actually counts towards my ATAR and my future, but maths doesn't....not yet

i'm scared before and after the prac...
once again, i think i came last ):

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yay, i got above average for adv. which was one of my goals.
it was worse getting english back than maths.
the room was so intense when the first person got his back.
the first thing the teacher said when we got into the room was something like: "oh, now i have to face a bunch of losers and failures" and "even my year9's can write better than that"
geez thanks.
some people in my class got close to full/full marks.
oh, and the person who got 5/15 for the reading part was apparently really tank at English last year :S and you lose 3 marks for not writing a conclusion.

yet another disapproving/disappointing look because of my essay.
throughout the two essays i have written for eng, i bet i can count 20 of the words "expression"
but i am utterly surprised since i thought i would at less than 20 outta 30. and also the fact that i spent less time on reading yet did better than my essay...

so i now realise i suck at expressing stuff. how to improve expression? i don't know ):

the walk to the oval is unbelievable loooooooooooooooong.
and i am going to miss sleeping in on monday mornings for 2 terms ):

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the look of diapprovement/disappointment from your english ext teacher is :'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

i'll just go and cry in my corner now.

well i thought ext was one of my "better" subjects.
turns out it was the worst.
i'm pretty sure my mark lowered our class average, because i'm an outlier.

which means adv will be the worst of the worst. and i know i will be the person who got 5/15 for reading task. i'm prepared for it.

i have pretty much bottomed the class for everything ): pleaseeeee guys, be happy happy with above average. i'm pretty sure there are others like me who wished we were above average. it DOES actually feel bad when people got above average and/or 90%+ say they failed/or got reallyreally bad.
i silently and mentally cringe and sulk when i think about how i went.

i wished i was one the those new people who owned everyone else. well i'm not, unlike the other new people.
for example, back at girra a few years ago, this girl came from blacktown girls and then moved to girra and owned us in jap and then now goes to ruse.
i wish i was that type of person, but i can't wish what i don't have.

i hope that English tutor has room for me. please. i need it.

it always pores just when school ends.

Monday, May 23, 2011

i spent 2.25 hours dancing today and literally span my right arm 50 times. i'm going to be in soo much pain tomorrow. it sounds weird, but the move is really cool =D
i really like the dances for the Mid-Year Concert. it's the first time we're having one and i'm kinda devo that these dances won't be in the end of year concert. but for all those who want to get away from some maths/chem/phys/eng/bio or whatever, you can see me at:

Cherrybrook Technology High School
$10 entry fee pay at the door

i can't wait (:
so my Saturday is now planned from 12.30-8.30pm. precious study time gone but dancing, i guess it's worth the time (:

but i first must conquer chemistry (hahaha, that's the name of a textbook)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

E Show Dinner (:

wow, what a long day. today, well yday, i spent:

-40mins on a train
-5min dentist
-because i'm so tank, 4hours of chem tutoring
-3.5 hours in the car
-4.5 hours eating.
-1 hour homework
-5min phys

i think today was my first time eating at hurstville. it took us 1.5hours to get there because of traffic jams == and zomg, from my house to that place, there were AT LEAST 15 SAFETY/RED LIGHT/SPEED CAMERAS and 2 police cars. the government really knows how to make money.

i liked the place that the boss shouted us to. he hired a room which had a toilet and karaoke =D and we were the last ones to leave the restaurant, about an hour after everyone else. and since my rents drove me their and we live really far away, he shouted my parents as well for dinner. hahaha, my brother missed out on nice food.
they like to call it a "Lobster Dinner" since they joked about how if we sold everything in the freezer, we would see a lobster swimming in the bottom. well i guess they made good profits.
i really like that job. free entry/food/dinner.

we drove the subaru there today and i forgot to put my L-plates there ): i should have drove since i didn't drink, except ii STILL haven't driven the new car yet.... it's kind of funny looking at my parents thinking who drank less.

my whole day was gone from tutoring and dinnering.
ahhh, haven't studied for prac DDD=

Friday, May 20, 2011

i promised myself that i wouldn't go on fb or blogger until i finished all my work,
well that failed.

my maths tutor told me off for asking too hard questions =/

and the exams just keep on rolling.
the phys one reminds me of junior science in yr 9 where we did like 5/13 topics (yr 9 and 10 stuff) in our own time and learnt it ourselves and then tested.
i hate how they make us find our own stuff and then test us on it.
what if what we find isn't correct which means you failed that question and how would we know how much depth we have to go into?

so much work ):
and my day tomorrow is planned from 11am till 10pm D= must study in the car, but then i want to drive, so that's not possible ): hmmm, i guess i should study while i eat....??
i hate how it gets dark so fast which means i waste precious time reading in the car when it's 5-6pm, if you get me...

one thing i truly hate:
how people who get over 90% say they got bad and alright. i mean, that is good.
bad is when you get under 80%.
idk, maybe people are tooooooooo modest or they just say bad because they didn't get first.
tell me if i say i got bad and i get over 90%.
but that will surely never happen because i will be content with over 90% in anything these days.....

(unless you were in my jap class last year where the average was approx 96% and 90% was actually bad....)
ok, i think i should do work and stop confusing you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

seriously, how do people get 100% in maths tests???

not surprisingly, i failed. i'm pretty sure i failed all my half-yearlies, except for chem. i guess it's my fault....
it's kinda funny how bottom class average is around 70 while top class is 90.
i think my goal is to get over 90, it used to be over 95, which was only achieved two or three times.
i heard a guy, whose also new, in my class say "90%, that's the second lowest mark i have ever got." either his previous school had really easy exams or he's just smart.
i never was a maths person, so 4U doesn't really matter. my parents/my tutor and i know i suck at maths and really slow. maybe i should set an easier goal such as getting above average...?

i heard today some nsb yr11's did a chem prac via the school intranet and the system crashed so everyone had to re-do the test =/
and the yr12's did titrations on the computer for one of their assessments =/

the more i think about it, the more likely lighting up a Bunsen burner is going to turn up next week.

i feel behind in work already.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Athletics Carnival: Day 2

so i did my first hurdle race ever today. my lame goal of not knocking any hurdles down was achieved (: even though i took twice as long as the fast people.
i think discus is the only thing i did and they measured it even though you can fully tell i was 10m behind the other people.
that's why i like running stuff because they have to time you, unlike jumping/throwing where once they see you're bad they don't bother.
and soccer. i was made goalkeeper and it actually wasn't fail. twas very....flukey. during my time i managed to keep the balls out (: and that's the whole point of being a goalie right....?

i have been exposed to the sun more than normal in the past two days.
i see the difference between baulko and girra in terms of people in carnivals.
baulko, well in my age group, there's about 6 girls who are good at running, swimming, jumping, chucking and are smart. so bascially everything.
girra has people who can run fast/jump/chuck but not swim fast. so people are very good at something but poor in other things.
so baulko people are more all-rounders, well those few who win stuff are...
idk how to explain it.
i'm kinda jelly of those girls who run/swim fast/ smart all rounders. but it's not good to be.
i still reckon the athletics carnival is not as fun as girra's ):

i need to get into a study mood except my weekend has already been planned out for other things... :S

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Athletics Carnival: Day 1

h2so4 is a diprotic acid.
i forgot what to do with the 2 in questions DDD=

i have to say, the athletics carnival was dodgy.
here is why:
-it's at school , well we do save transport money (:
-it's like class but each period is a different sport
-the 100m sprint is an 80m sprint because if they did 100m, the race would crash with the long jump/walk way. why do they shorten the distances?? they did that for x-country, now sprints...
- the hurdles in each lane and your own lane our different sizes
-they have the dodgy hurdles, like the ones we used to have for P.E
-there's only 4 lanes in 200m
-the 200m race makes you go around the curve twice
-the places when you watch are hard to sit in/slightly damp/ sunny/ hard to read stuff places.
-you have to chuck stuff past the qualifying line to actually start getting counted in
-which means you can only chuck stuff once and if you foul then game over
-even if you do foul, sometimes they cbb to count the "participation points"
-they only say "serious competitors only" which reminds me of doing butterfly, and when they say it, it kinda makes you feel like you shouldn't participate
-there are no house relays
-the whole school is split up
-there's no 800m (not like i would do it, well i think i did it twice before though....)
-seniors either go to a different age group or don't turn up
-there's no "house spirit"

but they have tug-o-war and ball games which i haven't done since primary (:
i miss going to an actual athletic centre. tis veryveryveryvery different from girra's athletics carnivals.
however it goes over two days so no classes (:
i totes agree with what ophelia said before about some people say they suck, yet they manage to own 3 quarters of the group

i have a hunch, no- a theory (since i can prove this, but not a law as there may be some exceptions) that the science head teacher doesn't like new people.

Monday, May 16, 2011

i am internally freaking out. many reasons, no time to explain.
i knew i would come last in the class for phys. that was expected.
i miss the times where i got above average for jap and get 99% for report mark.

i hate how you have to be good at English and write good English to get your marks in jap.

there's never time to relax on a weekday ):
examsexamsexamssss arghhhhhhhh. i'm scared, really really really scared. scared just thinking about it....

i made paint today in chem (((:

i wished i had a better memory.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

i love my heaters (:

thank you mum for:

-dual control electric blanket with 10 different temperature settings.
-Australian lamb ugg boots, my first pair of branded ugg boots (:
-fan heater
-air-con which i can turn on whenever i wish
-another type of portable room heater
-new doona which is lightweight but still very warm
-thick branded jackets. i actually prefer to wear the non-branded ones at home and save the nice ones for duke of ed/camping/snow etc.
and my room is tiny which makes my 4 heaters extra effective (: (compared to a larger room, of course)
so i am totes prepared for winter =D

even until now, i'm still finding new stuff about my mac.
and i re-visited its box today and it's still so....i was gonna say something here but i'll just say pretty.

i have been reading ALL day and i still haven't finished the book ):
i wished i read faster so i don't waste as much time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

two times in one week blogger failed on me.

so much happened yesterday.
i got my first pay check =DDDD it's such a good satisfaction. and i finally worked out how much i get per hour. not bad, not bad.
and i didn't fail my maths test. well i guess, average isn't fail. i can't believe i wrote 11 instead of 111, thus losing a mark ))))): and other stupid mistakes like forgetting to halve an answer. i did better than i thought i would since i didn't finish the test...
also, there's this year 10 girl who sat the yr11 jap half yearly, and owned us all. she even owned this girl who goes tutoring. that girl already knows yr 12 stuff. so now i feel what it's like to have an accelerant doing the same subject as you and owning you as well.
i finally learnt how to do compound angles.
and our teacher told us that people got 5/15 in a part of the test. she finally admitted that the essay question was the hardest for our class. (like seriously, how do you relate nature with human emotion when there are no people in the poem!?)

today is my relaxing day. reading a non-school related book and pirates 3 ((((: ahh it's soooo good (: and it's disney which makes it extra good (:
i've watched all the pirates on dvd so i don't think i'll go cinemas in for number 4.
i love the humour in it (:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

today was supposedly my fourth free day, except i'm such a diligent/hardworking/studious student that i came to school for chemistry (and jap speaking).
i think i had a pretty good timetable with a day free before each exam, except for jap. but then, the free days i had chem/zone/ other stuff =/

speaking was a fail because
a) i answered a question COMPLETELY WRONG
b) i needed her to repeat the question 3 times, and i still didn't get it, so she said a but of the question in eng...and it was a simple question ))))):
c) i forgot to say all my "smart sentences"
must improve before august next year or else i'm gonna fail D=

i came to school on the right day.
that is, we started a new topic in chem. how exciting =DDDD
the topic seems so jam-packed. we got a breakdown of what we gotta know: history/technology/chemistry in it/types of paint and random stuff.
it seems like a VA class. actually, what do people do in VA theory lessons?

two days ago i wanted this shirt and it was 40% off. today i went back and it wasn't there :'( so i bought a non-branded shirt to quarterly compensate for what i should have got but didn't get.

and it's really awkward shopping in school uniform before 2.30 hits.
also, trying out clothes in school uniform is so asdfghjkl.

i'm dreading school tomorrow. and i TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT RESULTS BACK. i'm scared. my brother's friend before the hols got a letter from the head teacher/ principal saying the guy failed maths, and they're only in year9 normo!
and this is senior school. i hope i don't get sent a letter of failure. well, i already told my parents i did supersupersuper badbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbad, so i guess, it's not a huge surprise if a letter comes...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so today was another unproductive day. i slept in for 2.5 hours.
i voluntarily vacuumed the house. and it took me 45mins, not because my house is big but because there is an insanely large amount of stuff i have to get off the ground so i can vacuum more area. i didn't vacuum the rooms, because i ceebs to move stuff off the carpet in the rooms.

i really shouldn't write pracs 6 weeks after i do them. i literally sit there for an hour recalling what we did. the only useful thing i have which i recorded down were the results.

and wednesday.
tv is soo good in may the winter season. masterchef on 10, talent on 7 and new simpsons on eleven (its actually channel 12 on my tv since channel 1 and 11 are one sports hd :S )
so there is something to watch even during ad breaks. but i missed out how kumar stuffed up in baking bread ):
i feel like eating bread now.

speaking tomorrow D= i'm scared just by thinking about it.
i'll just go talk with myself now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so yesterday...

yay, posting works (:
anyways, back to yesterday...

asdfghjkl physics ))))))):
i got tricked by all the tricky questions, except for the mass one. 
i hate this topic. the whole paper is a trick. direction wrong, lose a mark. number wrong, lose a mark. not enough info, lose a mark. units wrong, lose a mark. sig figs, i think you lose a mark.

so i did all of the above. more than half the paper contained those tricky things. so basically i'm on 50percent right now. and the net force question D= i told myself they were at equilibrium, but my hand didn't agree :'(
i'll go phys tutoring next year. 
i just don't like this topic. i can't wait until we do other stuff (:

and jap.
it's one of those things that you can't really study for unlike junior jap where you get told specifically what's in the test. more than half the things you learn in class, you don't apply it to the test. i think i spend more than half my time looking at the dictionary than the actual paper. and listening was fail D=

so i'm finished-ish =/  jap speaking to go which i shall hopefully memorise by tomorrow night...

anyways, my after exam to do list:
- write titration and heat of reflux prac
-finish acidic notes
- do maths tutoring hw
- do chem tutoring hw. half way there.
-clean i actually don't mind cleaning. it gives me an excuse to not study yet has a positive impact on the family (well i hope it does or else there would be no point...)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

ARIA food


i should have chosen the duck consomme instead of this ballotine last year:

because i want to say that i have "eaten that duck consomme on Masterchef before at ARIA" but i didn't pick it. on the menu it doesn't say it had 30 ingredients or else i would have picked it...but next time i go there, i'll pick the duck consomme.....

i'll do another ARIA post some other time when i have more time.
btw, that pic is my own (as in i didn't copy and paste from the website)
ahhh, i want to have some of that consomme now....
there's always something different in each week of Mastechef...

today's sermon was short and sweet (:  ie. it was 30min earlier than normal...

and mother's day. i'm not a slack/cheap daughter or anything except i don't get my mum anything because her money is my money so if i get her stuff i'm just using her own money which is pointless, so my dad gets her flowers...until i have a job, the only time i gave her stuff was in primary school...
except i think that my love for her is enough (:
love is better than any other material things which are not long lasting and have no real purpose.

time to study now.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

HSM (:

ngawww, hsm 3 is on and so is shrek 3
both of which i like but can't watch the whole thing because of exams ):

for those of you who may not know:
i sued to be fully obsessed with high school musical. i have literally seen the first one 10 times, 2nd 5 times and the 3rd 1.5 times.
and i have all their songs on my ipod (: i think they're really sweet, except now that i hardly listen to their songs and now i just heard a few, they bring back good memories (: i guess if you hardly listen to them and then in a few months and you listen to them again, they are good (:

and shrek 3 also brings memories (: memory of my 07-08 trip to hk. i don't remember if i watched it going there or back but i wished i didn't have exams so i can watch it more clearly.

also, tv's are sooooooooooo cheap now. 3 years ago when we bought our tv, that SAME amount of money now can be used to buy a tv from myer which is:
led lcd, 3d, internet connectivity, nice design, 5 year warranty and a good brand.
soooo cheap. and its myer.

it's annoying when i wait for my parents to pick me up that i have to look out for 4 different cars ==

Friday, May 6, 2011

i feel a sense of relief.
english and maths now over (:
so i obviously physically survived 3U but mentally not really...
i found the test hardish as there were ques i couldn't do ): which means average people found it alright and the nerds ie. top classes found it easy.
now to phys. i'm worried. i only have 4 pages of notes. i had a relaxing arvo, which i shouldn't have been.....

they didn't have much abs graphs )))))))))))))))))))): so devo
and hardly any of the usual proving trig identities ))))))))))))))):

to other stuff:
in chem today, a girl fainted.
at first her friend thought it was a joke, since that girl is the type who jokes around.
but i've over heard her telling the teacher before how she's been sick for a long time and throws up everything she eats =/ she doesn't look sick....
so anyways, i see her one the ground for 15min...well everyone did but the teacher.
so then a girl decides to check on her and she didn't respond, then we told the teacher and he's was like "it's a stroke! get blahblahblah...."
so ogle comes in and doesn't really do much first aidy stuff except for ask questions. you know, if i was to do some first aid thing, i would probably have to bring my first aid book because i have forgotten most of the things i've leant ): which means i have a certificate...but no knowledge that i can remember well....

so anyways, she literally fell of her chair and landed with a thump.
i think they called an ambulance but it was the end of school and i didn't stay to find out what happened ): but it would have been cool to have medical people in the classroom =D
and according to everyone, and also from my experience in the class so far, that was the quietest the class had been this whole year and last term, no-one really talked.  amazing

Thursday, May 5, 2011

yayay, i finally got a clear pencil case ((((((:
well it's actually a case for some hand creams, but no-one needs to know that (unless you reading this....)
that made my afternoon.

watching my mum bake something simple like scones is so...lololol.

if they ask us to prove a formula from perms and combs i'm going to be like asdfghjkl

my ultimate goal for tomorrow: finish maths test (and get good accuracy which would most likely be impossible if i'm going to go fast....)

we did the reflux prac today (: but made a gay easter ):

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zone Cross Country

Accomplished and came 22nd (:
better than what i came in girra and its zone level.
i STILL find it funny that i'm a swimmer and not a runner and made it to zone. it's strange how soo many people don't want to go zone because of exams/laziness/other sporting commitments/ need to study compared with the junior years.

i half "ran" and half walked up the 45+degree hill.
and my shoes are all muddy :'( i hate deceiving grass which covers all the muddy squelchy things.
i walked with this other girl from Northmead. she took off her shoes to run =/ which meant that her white socks became brown....
ruse people are really tank. not being racist here or anything but i saw a white chick from ruse :O it's really cool how ruse people are nerds and sporty
i think i ran only a quarter of it as i was realllly ceebs.
also, i was walking and then i suddenly heard a thud and i gave a little yelp. it turns out to be 3 guys sprinting past me and they were only audible just as they past me.

i think extension was a bit too vague and didn't really give me a starting point, but vagueness is good to chuck random stuff in....i hope....

i have to go to school for a 80mins tomorrow just to do a prac in which the travel time and class time can be used to study for 3U, which i think i may have a heart attack once i see the paper and my heart "skipped a beat" in 2U. i really need to study for maths or else i'm going to come and be the last of the last (?) in maths.
did i mention there was only 22 people in the race? go figure :P

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

first of all:

At precisely 11:42am today, i heard a bell at home.
At 11:43am, guess what had come?

omggggg. i haven't seen it for more than 3years+ in my street.
how exciting (:
but what a random time when everyone is at work and school, and it's getting colder now....

there is someone called Elisa on Masterchef!! that's the first time i've seen/heard my name on tv, and it's pronounced my way.

sometimes i don't even get what i'm trying to prove in my essays....

Monday, May 2, 2011

now i don't know if i did worse in maths or english.
english was horrible.
the questions were soo much harder than previous years. i secretly knew they were going to pick the first question today because whenever i do a test, nothing ever goes to my favour ):

i'm having a few issues with ext =/ i technically should have more words than adv but i either have too many too write in the time or if i cut out that paragraph i have the same amount of words.....

how long does it take people to memorise an essay?

and today i saw they had an encore of Masterchef at 3pm

Sunday, May 1, 2011

so i think i may have misinterpreted the questions =/

let's all hope that magically we will get the question we want.
i think that will be the first thing i check when we get reading time.

stupid nature poems that we have to incorporate into confusing/hard quotes >: (

it's gay how Masterchef starts during exams ):