Friday, August 31, 2012


i don't get why people hate the merit system. i love it! it gives me a sense of achievement since i can't achieve anything through marks, so i resort to merits.

i received the highest level in primary, which only ever happens to like one person per two years. and you get a badge in the end. in girra, they used to have trophies, except they resorted to badges except for the last two levels where you get a trophy or something.
at baulko, all you get is a piece of paper with the principal's signature. and i thought baulko was "rich"

success! 105 merits in 1.5 years.
40 merits this week. you really have to become best friends with your teacher. especially the week leading up to the collection. if i came in year 7, i would probs get like over 3 golds. impossible to become good friends with phys teacher, and maths teacher is super stingy.
my eng ext teacher was a merit saver. she was like "you can have whatever amount you want"
but the main reason was because i actually hand in stuff.

all my teachers know how hard working i am, especially english adv and ext and jap. it's just that my brain doesn't function fast/well, so not matter how much effort i put in, i won't be able to do better than say, the person who puts in no effort but is naturally smart.

tbh, baulko's system is easier since you only need five columns to get the top thing. in girra you need 6.
both need 2 sport or extra curricular or service etc, etc
the difference is that you need merits for the academic part in baulko (and apparently they're hard to get in junior years) while at girra you need to be above average (approx 80%) or you can choose to use your merits. i've never used merits for the academic section at girra.
so for me personally, since i'm not smart at baulko, i would rather collect 20 merits (as getting above average for me is....hard..): )
the merits you collect at girra are "extra" awards, which don't really contribute to the ultimate level.

i ran after maths to year advisor so didn't have to wait for 80mins like some people...
i hope he recorded it correctly...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

AppleCare Protection Plan

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for all those of you who have macs. even though you might think it's a waste of money/not worth it.

i cannot stress this enough.
one year and 7 months ago, i thought i would never use it, and my dad told me not to buy it, but i wanted to. and today i am so grateful that i was allowed to.

story is, yesterday i was trying to delete hidden files since i thought it took up more space on my hard drive than normal. apparently i deleted one of the fundamental software my mac needed, so it fully froze, and even force quit didn't work.
this all happened at 12am last night, and i was fully panicking because my whole life was on there. i don't back up stuff since i always think "it's a mac, no need to"

so i rushed to towers after school to their Genius Bar. lucky there was someone there available since i didn't make a booking, and then he started backing up all my important documents on my usb's, in case it crashed again.
then he re-installed my whole laptop, but without deleting anything.
it's a 50/50 chance. if it didn't work, then i had to come back with a hard drive and then he had to wipe it, but i realllly needed and couldn't wait more.
i was silently praying it would work, and files won't delete itself.

and it workeddddd! thank you God (:
all that took 2.5 hours.
while i was there, there were at least 6 people who got their iphones replaced, 2 people who bought laptops, 3 other people getting it repaired), at least 2 bought ipads, and another person who got a free ipod since it was under warranty. wow, i wonder if Apple will ever run out of business.
i also watched there video on the wall about their "glossary"
i learnt that if you pressed space bar twice while messaging, it becomes a full stop and a space. HOW COULD I NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE!?

anyways, there was this 60+ year old woman who also had problems with her mac book, but i overheard and apparently here laptop was out of the one year warranty, and it costs $280 +gst to fix it (might as well buy a new laptop) that's approx $300=apple care. i bought mine for 331 last year, so it's cheaper now! and you get so much other benefits. i still need to get a guy to re-format my hard drive. i should start using time machine.

you get a peace of mind with extended warranty, driving insurance, health insurance etc, even though it may cost a lot...

and i haven't done anything tonight since i think i've gone through too much stress. so glad it didn't die before trials. imagine retyping every single essay...

lesson learnt: don't show hidden files, don't touch hidden files, and don't delete hidden files. warranty is good.

three more merits to go!!! i can do it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baulko Live Aid

ahh, such talented people who don't study 24/7.

there were some acts which weren't that great, but most are really good.
just annoyed that i sat on the ground seats.

and even more annoyed at my usb's and photos.
i've taken over 20gb of photos this year already, and haven't been overseas yet.

maybe i should stop sorting out photos. it's driving me insane, more crazy than trials.

i've really failed yr 12. all i can do is remember that God has already made a plan for me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

stressed and i don't have exams

heart attack.

1. scholarships. its sucks how i'm the first one in my family to do this, and i just have to really on people/researchhh.
ahhh, freaking out.
can't finish in two weeks.
2. sorting out photos in folders ahhh. i'll do more of this in my free tomorrow.
3. meritsmeritsmerits and other stamps. that's allll i've been thinking about the whole day, 20 merits in 3 days..? i think there is hardly any chance ):

i don't even have time to blog about the weekend, and tomorrow i won't be at home from 8am-10pm.
i feel more stressed now than before trials (thus, i failed trials)
actually, i finally didn't fail ext 1 eng, but no full mark creative like last year ):

you know, if you get a smart person to sit ALL OF THEIR EXAMS IN ONE DAY, and then me to sit one exam that day, that smart person will still beat me in all my exams because they are naturally smart, and my brain doesn't work that way. it's like my brain has a "threshold" and when increase the intensity (aka my effort i put in) nothing happens to my brain since it's just not naturally smart (tried to incorporate phys photoelectric effect...)

Monday, August 27, 2012

train of thought after trial results...(more to come later)

haven't blogged for a week to experiment if i can voluntarily not blog.
also, it was due to depression, not serious depression, but my marks were super duper bad. i've bombed out in all my trials, including chem from last year...
for jap, i have the power to determine everyone's marks, and thus my mark. go figure.
in english last week, my teacher said do you want to continue doing past papers, or do you want 2 periods to cry?
i cried.
i just have to work harder. really, really, really disappointed with English since i put so much time and effort into it and didn't pay off. like i was confident with A which turned out the worse, and i totes new i screwed up in B because i made up half my essay, except that turned out the best (which was still not very good). i guess they can tell the difference between a prepared essay and not prepared since for B they were like it was good it wasn't a "set piece" i'm surprised making stuff up for once worked out. i'm just really ))))))))): because my rank is going to drop downnnnn...tbh, so far i've managed to scrape and get A's for everything.
but triallllllllllllllllllllllllls was the first time getting ever so many B's ))):
and know i have never achieved full marks for any English Advanced things (except for listening task, but half the grade got 5/5 so that doesn't count)

post more later. 
so much has happened. on the weekend, the only time i spent at home was to sleep.

i am sososososososo busy. all those applications...just for med! even before results come out are a million things to do. i'm thinking, well i'm not even going to get into unsw, so why bother even wasting time on it, but then i might regret later in life if i didn't try. i guess i would rather try and be unsuccessful than not try at all....
haven't touched maths in so long.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

after watching the snow egg for a second time, I REALLY WANT TO EAT IT.
problem is, it's 145 for a four course meal at the Quay. well it's 1st ranked in aus.

then i went to explore more, and Noma in Denmark is number one in the world, and the website looks really boring with no pics. they must want to surprise people. can't believ you have to make a booking at least 3months in advance, and even then you may not have be able to even go on their waiting list.

wow, just realised heston blumenthal owned 2 restaurants which are ranked 9 and 13 in England.
i will defs go to The Fat Duck one day...
the closest to liquid nitrogen icecream/gelato in sydney is N2 Extreme Gelato, except it won't be the same as Heston's Bacon and egg ice cream or his snail dessert... i would rather go to his 13th ranked fat duck than the other one...

i got so sidetracked.
anyway, i woke up at 11.15am like yesterday....i haven't woken up this late since...forever... literally have done absolutely zilch, nothing these past four days.
then i spent like 2 hours watching my dad cut down a tree. it's actually the neighbour's pear tree which overgrew to our side and never ever bore any fruit. except it has thorns and was getting really massive and dangerous.
then i spent 1.5+ hours looking for these pair of heels. my mum and i have sooooooo many shoes. by myself, i have at least 40 pairs. had to search through boxes and boxes and racks and shelves and more cupboards to find what i was looking for. i forgot i bought some heels earlier in the year =/ but it means i'm set for formal. should i wear stilettos? or maybe something more sturdy which would still give me the height.

nts about things i want to blog about:
-wearing clothes
-kids these days

i was supposed to go on uac today, but i still have time...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rice 2012-Satisfied

8th and last rice (unless i help out next year)
why 8? because i started going in yr 5.
let me take you through

2005-Town Hall. Free entry. That was a really good talk.
2006-Town Hall. Gold Coin. First met San Choi Bao. He didn't turn up this year ): he's always so "lol"
2007-Sydney Convention Centre. $5 they had this thing where you walked around the building looking at different things leading up to the talk before being seated.
2008-Sydney Entertainment Centre (since heaps of people started to come) $15. this was a really good year
2009-Sydney Entertainment Centre $15 had expos on different youth groups.
2010-Sydney Entertainment Centre $15
2011-Sydney Entertainment Centre $15 started to become alright
2012-Sydney Entertainment Centre $20 they had nothing before or after the rally.
Prices are approx.

this times speaker reminded me of our own youth pastor. kind of chubby, young kids, aussie, kind of same attitude. i found this term more "sermony" if that makes sense, still pretty good, but much less songs. massive games have a nice feel to it.
it's really good to be reminded of what is really "satisfying" and seeing heaps of other young Christians in the same place.
i understand why they're under budget. there were sooo little people this year. i even had an empty seat next to me. usually people would "reserve" rows and rows for their friends but it was not as crowded as other years. even at maccas,  you didn't have to wait long.

Rice: Renewal and Inter-Church Evangelism.
they didn't explain the other meaning so i shall explain if you're curious. well, they only explained it back in '06 and i was full like "wow"
so, basically non-asians won't get this meaning.
well, since as Christians, the cross is symbolic of Jesus who died for our sins.
then you draw a cross.
since it's evangelism (spreading out the Good News), it's similar to how in light globes and for suns, we draw dashes to show it's glowing/radiating like.
then we draw four dashes in the space of the cross.
thus you have a glowing cross, which is then the chinese character for the food rice.
so that's another name for rice.
and it's an Asian event (but now i see more non-asians which is also good) and most asians know the character for rice:

(not ticker for '11 because it was like "print at home")
i think hsc has made me become anti-social since at times you "don't have time" to talk to people. even though i saw heaps of people i knew, i just ceebs to say hello....
twas very lucky to have parked right across from the station (:

i've never been to a big day out before ): oh wells....

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

woke up at 9.30 today, an hour earlier than yday, so i will plan to wake at 8.30 tomorrow then 7.30 sun to get back into routine...

(don't keep reading unless you've already watched it)

it was goood, except i was a tad disappointed, since i had super duper high expectations (which is super duper rear, esp for movies which are nearing the trilogy) the twists and stuff were good.
it wasn't as good as the second one since i really loved the joker (heath ledger) who did quite a nice job.

the cars were cooler, except that was expected. i loved the role of anne hathaway....
except the storyline of the 2nd one was better.
you could see some similarities between them, like dramatic openings and stuff like that.

because i'm slow at movies, i wiki-ed it. i actually wikipedia movies after i watch them to see if their synopsis are good...
but yeah, i don't like the ending. it's apparently "open to interpretation" like inception. i like to believe he escaped and didn't die.

but yeah, it was nice to watch a movie with the buts of humour here and there. didn't watch it in vmax, but the sound was louder than normal cinema sound.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

that feeling when you still fit into your formal dress, but just slightly not fit into the dress you'll wear in the near future...
oh well, time to starve myself.
lol jks, i went out to eat at eastwood today again. so sad, they didn't have pearl milk tea (what sort of restaurant in an asian place don't have pearls..?)
and then had more cake back at home
and didn't exercise.

i planned to wake up at 11 today, woke at 10.30...good enough (:
then spent the rest of the morning catching up on much loved missed olympics: watched more rhythmic gymansics, artistic group rotation intergration, synchronised diving and swimming.

wow, sync swimming is so difficult. like, how to hold your breath for 45secs+ while doing wierd twists and kicks upside down....
i think diving is tiring esp 10m platform since it's so quick, but walking up takes like 100 times longer...
it is not possible to even watch all of gymnastics. like in group rotation, there's four countries at each apparatus each time, so depending on where you sit in the arena, you'll watch that one. what i'm trying to say is, you can't watch all four things at once...
if i didn't have to go to school, i think i would be a rhythmic gymnast since it's dancing but with cool ribbons! and they're much taller and less toned than artistic gymnast, but still have the same about of "spring" and strength. artistic is much more weary on your body, and stunts your growth more and generally way more tiring.

i really ceebs liking everyone's post since they're all bunched up and i have to individually click on them all. it's funny how much you can find on fb. like how my cousin broke up with her bf with who she's been for quite a while...i think she's kind of heartless since he bought her sooo much stuff and she just said she "lost it"....

i can't believe you can already buy tickets to breaking dawn pt 2...
the new cinebuzz theme looks so ugly...
what is this? i have 1700 points on my card, which i think is quite a lot, but only 10/150 points for "vip" status.

i don't get how people like miranda kerr can have a child and still be slim/continue to be a model...

was supposed to finish filing today only got 3/4 done...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


yay! i couldn't help but smile after my last exam. it's the relief before the results.
managed to voluntarily not go on fb for a month without deactivating/swapping or changing passwords/not even going on mobile. wow, fb changed a bit, and it lags since i haven't been on for a while...

i really hate our trial timetable, only 2 weeks, 1 day with jap hsc in the middle. like something people finish within a week, unlike Hornsby which has exams over 3 weeks, i could have studied much harder with an extra week...

sooooo much to say, now i have a bit of time. some thoughts.

- i feel that i should have studied much earlier, i feel that i could have done better. overall, they weren't very satisfying...oh well...i tried...esp this morning, when i woke up at 6:15am to study.

-catching up on much love rhythmic gymnastics (: it's sooo amazing, especially the only sports i didn't watch were synchronised diving/swimming out of my "to watch" list. i think England had a massive 2 week public holiday since all the main streets/shops were closed for running/cycling. and then i thought, don't the kids have to go to school, and since my brain is slow, i realised: oh, they have their summer vacation now!
-one day i will go overseas to watch olympics. the 2016 Rio one has really cheap tickets, and probs cheaper accommodation compared to london. then i can say "i've been to an olympics" instead of "i've been to paralympics" not that i have anything wrong with it, it's just i want to watch rhythmic live.
- as i've mentioned news have been so interesting when it was olympics now it's boring. eg people said like " our olympic gold is like london buses, come once and twice and then suddenly all at once" and i thought, same with sydney transport

i had more to say but i forgot.

send me major works guys! i'm in a reading mood (:
will defs sleep in tomorrow, then file away stuff, and fill in passport forms...
my mum wants to go out with me for lunch, except i already went out today. can't afford to have post-trial hsc fat if that makes sense..
need to go swimming!!! oh, maybe i should go tomorrow. the weather is getting warmer...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ahhh, i realised like at 4pm that i don't know so much stuff.
ahhh, will attempt to wake up at 6am tomorrow.
unfortunately, i can't cram ): so hopefully i'll make stuff up which makes sense. i realised i forgot to read all the history stuff.

too many things to say but not enough time.

Monday, August 13, 2012


feels no different.
too busy worrying about failed exams and not enough time to study for next one.

i feel like an olympian, well a "failed" olympian, thus i can relate to steve hooker/ Mitchell diving guy who trained so hard w/ lots of expectations to come first but missed out on finals/winning.
well, i haven't come first in anything, nor do i plan to since my brain isn't capable, but it's all that effort you put into studying/preparing has "gone down the drain" since you can't do anything well in an exam.
i don't think i can repeat what i did last year. i actually failed failed chem trial last year. grade average was under 80 (yet there were still 2/3 state ranks :S-something i won't understand), and i got under grade average, like way under but did ok in previous assessments so i didn't "die" in the end. but, my previous assessments have been -------------, and my trials will be more -----------------, so yeah, whatever scaling is in school exams, i hope it's for the better

in the last few days, i watched more olympics than in the whole first week...but i love rhythmic gymnastics  (:
i've never been a smart kid. like just then, the reply of closing ceremony on tv guide said 4 hours, but i'm like no, this morning it was only 3hours. and my bro's like "there's adds" and i'm like "oh yeah.." my brain functions really slowly,

the only good thing today was free boost (my fourth free one this year). i realised today that one of the boost got demolished, so i only could get max one free at towers...oh, and their bins have changed.
and cake (:

doesn't feel like it's my birthday today.
must continue to study.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

some lies i tell in jap speaking to make the conversation interesting

- i have a part time job as a waitress
- i go swimming every week (well i used to before yr 11 came for over 10 years)
- i have a best friend called emma
- i learn heaps of stuff from nature club
- my mum cooks super well
- i go shopping with my friends/solve stress this year
i had a mental flashback, and realised i said something wrong in the first sentence... :S

just read Happy Apple's post.
well, this is my plan of action: aim for accuracy, not quantity, work fast and skip the ones i can't see in a minute-instead of pondering all the "proving" ones and still not able to see it and waste even more precious time.
it's going to be a stressful in terms of time exam.

i still can't prove binomials after looking at like 4 variations of answers
even the HSC ones are hard.

whoever said HSC is easy? i can't even do a 3U paper in less than 2hours.
i think HSC ones are even harder than Baulko trials.
they only ask like half the syllabus in HSC ):

in the loooooong run, hard papers are better than easy papers.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

HSC Jap Speaking and last middle of trials weekend update

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! i don't think i will bother recounting/don't have time.

main reason why i haven't been blogging is that i've been too depressed thinking about my atar/still not getting binomial/screwing up trials, and watching way too much olympics especially rhythmic gymnastics. i love it since it's like ballet but 100% more flexible, ribbon is my fav. they're also much skinnier than the typical artistic gymnast since they don't have to use a lot of muscle...i miss gymnastics...

japanese speaking is one of those "life" experiences as a HSC students. my heart still pounds after the exam. it's so intense since you have to wait through different processes. i think i may have contradicted myself, except i hope i uncontradicted myself glad i didn't get the jap man cause apparently he was really hard, got a jap woman which is good in a way cause they make the convo sound more authentic. well, that was 20 marks max gone which took 2.5 hours (you actually speak for 10mins)
another 20% of a HSC exam completed.
surprised at the variety of people who do jap, there were heaps of aussies and also curries. like the person in front of me was white, and the person behind me was a curry.

i've been reading sooooo much SMH london section. the jokes they have about the British are soooo funny. would share them but i feel so screwed. i was last minute hoping that reading newpaper would improve my improvisation when writing essays and improve exp problems a bit...i wonder if ext teachers allow for people to change from 3rd person to 1st person...or would they consider you stupid since you can't tell the difference....

2011 HSC 3U Maths WAS MIND BLOWING. i couldn't do half of it without looking at answers, which shows how screwed i am. the trial '11 was hard, but the hsc was even harder, yes i do agree with last year's yr 12 that the paper was really hard. my raw score would probs be 50%. even after looking at answers, it takes me a while to work out whats happening.

i know i won't be able to do the whole 3U paper, so i'm trying to focus more on phys, except i can't cram, so i just hope it "comes to me" in the exam.

my mum is more excited about my birthday than i am. i love birthdays, except i just feel so ceebs about this time.

</3 that mitchell from aus didn't make it to finals for diving, and it was his last dive that cost him his place, which is ironic since that last dive was that one in beijing which won him gold. i don't really care about hooker not being able to pole vault, be it also does suck to not jump once in a final.

what is more tiring: 50km walk, 10km swim, 42km marathon or triathlon? i don't think i even walk 50km in a half a month.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4/7 written exams in three days. + 2 back to back jap speaking to come.
my neck, and hand hurts/aches. it was already hurting before...

maths was...let's just say i shouldn't have spent so much time memorising essays since i forgot some parts during the exam, i probs failed to answer the question...  it's worth so much in weightings...
going to drop 50+ ranks ))): and then come last. how shameful (?) would it be to not band 6 2U maths? everyone says 2U maths in general is "easy" obviously compared to 4U maths, but my brain is ever so slow and doesn't function during exam conditions.

i get sooooooooo distracted during an exam. it's really bad.

so i resorted into watching olympics. how cool for the GB brothers who won gold and bronze in the triathlon. i can't comprehend how they can continue to move at fast speeds for over 1.5 hours. well i haven't continually moved that much. even when training for swimming, you get little "break" and stuff, and the speed is so much slower compared to their fast, enduring speeds.

very unproductive night.

Monday, August 6, 2012

i knew they were going to do that for mod B, that's it why I HATE WRITING MODULE B ESSAYS. i actually like the novel, just not the essays that come with it

ahhh, 5 hours of exams is mentally draining. hand is dying.
yeah, i'm not going to aim high for jap, i've never actually been median. ): just tried to aim for accracy, but then there was stuff i didn't get in listening ))):

and now maths.
i feel under-prepared.
another thing which is un-crammble.

the last 50s of aus vs russia bball was so intense.

my expensive inkjoy uses up so much ink. it uses 3cm of ink for 3 essays, while the cheap kilometrico one is still going after 20 essays, and probs 10 past papers.

i kind of forgot i'm 18 next week, until boost reminded me about how i could get free boosts...but i have trials...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

plan of attack:
A, B, C

A requires real memorising for essay to be effective.
B also requires memorising but can be told like a story, that's how i think about my mod B
C requires memorising, but i full cut down on this essay, so minimal words. you can kind of make stuff up if you forget stuff since it's going to be the last essay in the 2 hours, but my be on the verge of rambling so...

must write faster and answer the question.

why must jap be on the same day as English ))): but then, i don't know how to study for jap, it's like umat since it's an "aperture" test, as in for jap, it's the skills you develop overtime, so it's impossible to cram for jap, which unnerves me

this trial timetable is one of the worst timetable's i have ever had, wait, it is the worst, even HSC timetable is so much more happier

Saturday, August 4, 2012

so athletics started yesterday which is good change in a way from swimming.

i can't believe we didn't get any individual gold, last time was 1976. man, we suck at swimming now, and to think that is our best sport atm....

just watched the triathlon, awww we were so close to getting gold, but in the last 200m, she fell a tiny bit behind which cost her 1st place, it was quite tension-ny...

watched too much tv.

can't memorise it ): the thing is, if i do any essay on the spot, i'm going to have a million expression problems

Friday, August 3, 2012


arghhhh...i feel disadvantaged ))):
i don't even have a sickness, the only "disease" is on my hand and not the inside, the most important thing in the exam...)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

yeah, this sucks.

i used to be able to write fast, but for these trials, i have to cut 200+ quality words.

i should have gone doctors earlier

i don't think i'll be able to memorise three essays...

if only my hand wasn't screwed up....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i can't believe i'm saying this but i am sick of watching swimming, and then the commentators talking about how australia has lost, then replaying previous swimming moments when we actually won something. the rare 25 min where i watch tv/eat, it's ALWAYS AN INTERVIEW OR MORE SWIMMING RACES OF MORE AUSTRALIANS LOSING. i need to see some synchronised diving! 

must memorise essays. screw perfecting it, memorising is more important atm.