Wednesday, May 30, 2012

i swear, the week that english is on, the days roll by so much more faster. it's only english. like other exams, the day seems normally-fast, but for english, time just zooooooooooooms by.

really scared for module b, especially if they throw a minor character at you and you have to talk about and you don't have it in your practice essay, generic ones are obviously the best, then rubric based, then theme based, then part of novel/character ones (which are the worse since if they specify it, then you HAVE to talk about it, and there goes your prepared essay-unless you're lucky to have prepared that scene/character, but knowing me, i'm very unlucky)

wow, google-mapping disneyworld is bigger than i thought. like you zoom out, and you think "i've reached the boarders" then on the corner is another disney related resort/park, and you keep zooming out, and i think it's way bigger than 5 sydney suburbs....maybe my house to girra?

started my survey if people are going to leave before/after results come out. people seem to go before...(it would be wierd to look at your results form someone else's computer)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tri-School Tournament 2012

oh yeah we won! actually thrashed them (not like i did much but...)

hardly watched anything. only saw the last game-baulko vs ruse at lunch. guys matches are so much more intense since they actually "fight" for stuff. last year i saw quite a lot of matches, just shows how important year 12 is...(still don't get why Average thinks i support girra even though i went for baulko last year)
i feel less cheery this year (not in terms of happiness, but in terms of cheer level)

i thought it wouldn't go on since it rained a bit last night/morning, but luckily it did, cause apparently ruse is the busiest school and there was no way for all three schools to re-scehdule.

2nd and last tri-school. i really like how selective schools interact. it's only started to more since like year 10-ish. before, it was just girra with no connections. (well not many) and now there's heaps more interaction.

so baulko is best in sport (well not really, since ruse sometimes dominates zone), girra is best musically, and well of course, ruse is best academically (i will applaud whatever year/school who beats ruse-if ever it will happen...)

from photos, it seems girra spent the most time out of class, then baulko, then ruse (i don't see any spectators in ruse-they must all be studying for their 99.95's)

and just read daniel's post. if penrith joins, i think it would destroy the whole thing. what's the point of the "tri" school. 3 is good like in harry potter, and also, would it become "quad-school tournament?" (that just sounds horribly wrong, so no offence penrith, srs go find your own schools)

i wonder if the quick glance/tiny bit awkward eye contact with some girra peeps, if they still remember me...

Monday, May 28, 2012

this school will be winnin' B-A-U-L-K-O yeah

ahh, it's so catchy. like when they played it again this morning in assembly, i had it stuck in my head all day....even now

it's kind of comforting you're doing the "rare" text in the "rarer" module, which means again, less info around, but then again, my teacher gives us textbooks of paper....

i should pay attention to school calendar more. didn't know we were getting them today...
only the front page is perfect.
the rest....i don't even know how i'm going to get a decent atar if my marks continue like that...i have "improved" but it's still bad bad bad marks. ):

Sunday, May 27, 2012

we had one of those m-rated sermons today.
and in the sermon outline, there was one of those fill-in-the-blanks. how interesting! felt like primary school (:

so when are people going overseas? like, if you're lucky and get on of those expensive interview scholarships and your not in aus, that's $$$ forfeited, then there is enrolling issues, and back to school after results day, and that feeling of looking at results overseas and not on your laptop you have been doing all your studies feeling, and then the best time to go is the week before xmas, but is also the most expensive...1.5 weeks before xmas prices were a bit expensive, but last time i went, we bought the tickets real early so it wasn't as expensive as 1.5 weeks before xmas tickets should be...
yeah, i really don't know.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

one of my uncles went to Japan yesterday (for about the 3rd time this year) and he only just left aus last week.

when i grow up, i want to travel (when i have the money/time etcetc) it's really pointless how the dog from a few days ago in the news received its own boarding pass/award for having more frequent flyer points than the average human being.

i have so much more to say. not in a typing mood.

Friday, May 25, 2012

just talked a bit over the phone with my aunt about end-of-year trip.

APPARENTLY DISNEYWORLD HAS ITS OWN BEACH!!! and i just looked at the really vague map on the website, its sooooooooooooooooooooooo big. like the 4ish golf courses are tiny on the map. afjkwhfbjkdbkaf. i'm so excited just looking at it. each theme park is tiny on the map, which shows just how big that place is. like there's heaps of resorts, which are quite small compared to the piece of land. i think disney world is about 3/4 sydney suburbs put together. wow, that's like from my house to school. (wait, that's too close). from the map, i think if you drive from one end to another, it would take maybe 25/30min, that's hugeeeeeeeeeee, well bigger than i thought disneyworld would be.

i should stop fan-girling over disney world. no wonder why my aunt said that you have to spend 7 days there to finish doing the stuff there. massssive. i reallyreally want to go while i'm "young"/can fit into "baby" rides, but it's wayyy too expensive, plus if you do go to america, you also want to go other place as well, then there's airplane there etctec.

and personally, i don't think it's good to take kids to disney places when they're under 10, cause they don't remember much/didn't fully decide to go=most likely waste money

it's literally a "world" wow, i'm already excited thinking about all the disney stuff there. i wonder how i would feel if i knew i had the money to, a whole week of disney....

still don't know what date i should leave for hk... =/

oh, probs last eng excursion today. it was interesting, and know i can finally say i've been there. back in history elective, they said they would take us there but didn't....tbh, it was a waste of time since the person talked about the text that i'm not doing (teacher wanted us to go, since that text is from the same elective as the text that only our class will be doing for next module) only our class always does texts other classes/hardly any class does...

my mum is forcing me to use my electric's a waste of electricity though...

back to SHM!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Ever Athletics Carnival

60-ish people. oh yeah, great turn up (that was sarcastic, and those who turned up only turned up for maths in the arvo)

i just went in everything again. last time to jump over a hurdle throw a discus etcetc. you know, if i went into the "competitive" 100m yday, then i would make it to finals, since in finals today, there were only 6 people and you can have max 8, oh well

long jump and triple jump are also good to watch.
and my house won! (not that i did much). i have to reiterate how much having a carnival at school kills the house spirit-there weren't even any relays.

i really love prefects' videos. they're always really good (:

i've gone through most of the clothing. it really wasn't as much as it looked, since quite of lot were knits, and they're so frikken fat that i have to rearrange my whole wardrobe+drawers to fit them in. like one piece of clothing when folded is about 15cm thick.

i always tell myself to not write a lot for essays, but i don't know how i go from 0 words to 1400 words, and then go through the pain and frustration of cutting it back down.
whenever teacher goes through my essays, word count increases by at least 100 after corrections. ):

probably the coolest google today! (well apart form pac man) i don't really get what the turning know things are for...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Athletics Carnival-Day 1

personally, i think its pretty pathetic that 33 out of 201 people turned up. what happened to school spirit? yeah, baulko has no spirit. i'm glad that i once experience a "house-spirit" school. but yay for merit! what's even more awkward is deputy's daughter didn't turn up, so deputy has to "lie" to say daughter was sick, which defeats the whole role-system thingy... and i heard from someone that deputy thinks the jerseys look better without the blouse, (which i guess would be a mum's opinion), but as a deputy, she has to enforce people wearing uniform (but now approx 50% of grade where random stuff under jerseys...)

i guess it doesn't feel much different since it's held at school (like x-country). like swimming carnival has a bit more house spirit since it's not at school...apparently they had heaps of timing issues today. i hate how they don't time "non-serious" competitors. i kind of need to know during my high school life how i've improved/fattened and slowed down. i just want my house point! so for some events, i didn't get them ): at least my house is winning, so far...but things always change on the 2nd day. and i came third in javelin, because other people's didn't land properly. if only i used a little bit more strength, then i might have gotten into zone-lololol...but going to zone in year 12 is the worse. like for sprints, you run for less than 20secs, and you waste time/petrol just getting there. like for swimming/x-country, it's more worthwhile making your way to the venue and doing something longer there...

attempted to study today. weather wasn't bad really. guys high jump is really/probs best thing to watch. can't even get past 1m == but apparently a guy tied the record of 180cm, which is taller than himself. how do you jump taller than your height?

really couldn't help myself but look at my aunt's clothes. better put myself out of the misery of not knowing. now i have to chuck out old clothes, or they would not fit. i already changed wardrobes + bought another drawer last year, and i thought they would fit my clothes for a few more year....well i guess maybe not...

Monday, May 21, 2012

another free boost today (:

my heart kind of skipped a beat yesterday when i checked fb while waiting for train...for once it was legit...
if i didn't have a hsc this year, i would drive my brother to all the boosts i know: towers, hornsby, parra, chats, rouse hill (still haven't been there yet) and others, then i can stock up =D jks, i think it would go off, but you get the point

DO NOT BUY THE CHOCOLATE ONE. first time having it and glad it was free, since it was quite gross. it's like chocolate flavoured gummy/jelly lollies and worse then the choc jelly belly flavour. ok, it wasn't that bad, but my least favourite one.

i've had 3 boosts this year. i think i have had most of the varieties now...

i hate groupwork, especially if you have no choice but to work with someone who does things last minute, and you can't do individual because the teachers don't like/recommend it ):

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Relatives Leave/Ext Study Day

two weeks have gone by sooooooo quickly. now the house is sooooooo quiet.

today was one of the busiest days i know of. i could only go to one: relatives leave/ext 1 study day/ doorknock appeal/ relay for life/something else

didn't say bye to relatives since they left at 6.30am. one of my dreams is to go to the first class qantas lounge to have neil perry food. ahhh, it looks so posh with facials, and massages and super duper nice food. maybe i should get my uncle to travel with me one time and so he can somehow take me in. it's one of those things that money can't buy, you actually have to travel to earn your points (which does mean you have to pay heaps for plane tickets, but you can't just turn up with money to have nice food). i will travel and achieve high status qantas member day....

i started going through the clothes my aunt put in my closet. it didn't look like much, by so far, i have a billion stocking: black, grey, navy, purple, tan, ballet/skin, black sheer, brown, patterned black, patterned purple, red and then another bag of unopened stockings and then everything x2. really, was it necessary to buy two of the same patterns in different colours? i have enough stocking to wear each week for like 20 weeks....and i have started going through the suitcase/bags of clothes yet....i don't think i'll be buying much this year at hk....

took 4 trains to stanmore today. first time going on the inner west line. usually trains just go past and don't stop. so unfamiliar with those suburbs. what's cool is that-THE TRAIN LINE IS PURPLE! yayay. heaps of people turned up there. i quite like the boys' school's uniform.

i guess, i didn't really have to go, since in my elective, they gave at notes, so people who didn't come would have them, they're really helpful, if only i received them earlier....

coming back, train was late (going there it was late as well) but then i have to change trains and go down the long esculators, and i heard the whistle blow when the i was a third of the way down and then i knew i had to run down then jump the last few step and made it just when the doors closed. it's like in those movies, but no one was there to see my epic-sliding-through-doors... it was so close, any slower and i would have to wait 30mins, since weekend times are gay. the door then opened since the guy realised there were like 2 more people behind me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

last dinner with relative tonight. food was really good. yay for my aunt who can cook lamb masterchef style. my mum sometimes overcooks it, since my brother hates eating meat which is pink-but it's supposed to be pink! (aren't you guys proud of mez? i haven't watched a FULL episode of masterchef yet this year...)

cousins came over, so more people was in da house.

and, i am quite sure my aunt gave me enough clothes to last a year. but no time to go through it so i will wear old clothes.

going to hk, and we still haven't bought tickets yet! last time i remember we got cheapcheap tickets before end of may. i guess it's harder to this year, since i don't know when is the best time to go and come back. i also want to buy clothes in hk, so i am going to have heaps of clothes which won't fit in my wardrobe, maybe it's to to get rid of old clothes...

dessert pizza is always nice, especially people who take time to make homemade ones.

oh wow, hectic last minute ext 1 travel plans. too loong to explain here. but i will be catching approx 4 trains.

)))): i hate when different textbooks have different things ):
oh, i thought i got the hang of motion in terms of x, but once you look at different sources, then it's :S

i feel really screwed.
must get twice the amount of work when rels leave tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Strike and School Night Italian Dinner

after 12.5 years of schooling, i still don't get the point of strikes/half strikes, even though teachers have explained it to me. but it was really refreshing sleeping in 1.5 hours, which was much needed since yesterday i felt dead-ish all day.

i only had maths. (well a free and also .5 period of jap which we played this logo game on an itouch while teacher was talking to someone..)

then dinner out again. i've spent around 7 hours this week having dinner out. i feeeellll so fat. ): but the food was nice. twas so busy. that restaurant is like my "family non-asian restaurant"

i had this for the first time though:

it's really nice. i thought it would be not as flavoury like apple cider, but its not too sweet/bitter. it's an italian drink made in aus (:
and it was my first time having dessert there. (never had dessert apart form icecream at that restaurant before...)
we ordered garlic bread but it never came, so they had to minus it form the total cost (and then the boss was like, "where is she" ooft, someone is going to have a mini-lecture)

soo much good food. so many leftovers of good food as well (:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

School Night Malay/Singaporean Dinner

another first. also, trekked out to parramatta on a school night!

it was quite nice. you can taste the difference between that and chinese cooking and flavours. yay, leftovers for tomorrow! i feel so full....and fat....
apparently that restaurant is well known for that cuisine in parra...

they also had western desserts which they got from another company:
it's a square pyramid strawberry and rock melon ice cream (:

dear virtual baulko-ers: please don't think i'm a rich kid since i dropped all my coins yesterday. i didn't have the hands to pick them up, and they just scattered everywhere....can't remember if it was a lot, except evern if i did drop 2 dollars in coins, you really can't buy lunch, only something minuscule from the canteen.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not Your Everyday Story

so i came home, ate lunch and then the noise began.

turns out that my grandpa stepped on dog crap, but i didn't smell it...and then they were about to go to yum cha when they found out that it was stepped on today.
everyone was screaming, cleaning, and getting pissed off since they were late. my uncle video-ed the whole thing, they are sooooooo funny, and my mum who tried to clean the shoe. it was such a bigggg piece of crap, which filled itself in the grips/lining of the sole of the shoe. luckily he had another pair of shoes, cause my would never allow crap into our the big car.

then they went to yum cha (i could have gone except it would be a waste of time). they ate like 7 plates, and on the 8th one, with only one thing left, my cousin found a cockroach on the plate. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT NOTICE? like the person who cooked it, plated it, trollies it, and people on the table.. luckily it was on the plate and in the food.
oh, it's the place in carlingford village, i think some who read this may have gone before.
they didn't have to pay for the dishes before the cockroach thing. only the few after, and my grandpa payed which is a first. he is so stingy about his money, he said he would rather be buried with his money than give it to people (he has reallyreallyreally weird psychological concepts). it's because he didn't admit he stepped in crap, and kept on saying it was dirt, and so he decided to pay to "even" things up.

rahh, that feeling when you forget to do important stuff at night. ):
why do my retainers hurt my teeth? they just feel like plastic braces which are clear. so annoying ):

happy apple is so niceee! we all are busy and she still finds time to make stuff (:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


i think i cherish eating time more now.

they are sooooo annoying. i cannot talk properly ))))): and have to take them on and off to eat, so now when i eat, i eat a lot so i don't have to take my thing on and off so much. it''s quite sad. and it kind of scratches the back of my tongue...can't clamp my teeth properly, since the material is kind of thick...

so when i eat, i can actually talk properly.
and it feels really unhygienic wearing them the 24/7.

wow, so much controversy this year for chem prac. maybe it's cause there's around 30 more people doing chem this year...
i also can't believe the school's so rich...

in hindsight, if last years prac wasn't a test/time constricting, it would have been fun.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Korean Dinner on a School Night with the Fam.

well, it's a first going out for dinner eating korean food.

bro didn't go cause he has "exams" tomorrow, as in he has yr 11 geo, except he's still on fb and 9gag and etcetc...

sooooo spicy. and apparently it was hardly spicy to my uncle/cousin.
out of house food is not helping my face.

i feel really fat
i got my retainers today. they don't look very appealing to wear ))): the thing which will motivate me to wear them is this:
when i have them one=i won't be able to eat= i am too lazy to take them off every time i eat something= i will eat less= hopefully loose some weight...
i have a feeling that one of my teeth moved. the retainers look like perfect teeth, except on of my teeth doesn't feel perfect. how can one tooth move in 4 days...maybe i'm just feeling it wrong (hopefully that didn't sound wrong...)

so much to do D=

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food when relatives come


had yum cha today, and there was a huge traffic jam and we had to wait 30mins before going in ): like, it was only a normal place (as in not in city), must be because of mother's day...

yesterday i had: mud crab, lamb cutlets, scotch fillet steak, oyster, baked chicken, buffalo chicken and other stuff. i feel so fat right now.
every dinner so far is gooooood (:

four relatives already left this morning. didn't even say bye...they only stayed for 4.5 nights...

and my uncle just told us about how for $80 US last year in like june/july, he and other people went on a 4day 3night tour to america and its popular places with everything included. how cheappppp! it's like the beijing cheapness as well....

rahhh, how to cut stuff down?

i kind of wanted to go to the fashion weekend.
BUT, this morning, i was forced by my aunt to look at clothes, and she just went on explaining how to wear each piece and what it should go with much as i love clothes, i really don't need an explanation, so my mum had to interfere to let me go back to do work....
will look at the massive stack sometime...some are kind of fobby, so i'll just give those to my mum...

google mother's day is so cute (:

happy mother's day mum!
i think i've explained this before, but i don't get my parents anything, since its their money so they're technically buying themselves a i give them my love (:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day Early Mother's Day Dinner

17 people all together eating dinner. so hectic. but foood was sahhhhhhhh gooood.

like my mum's friend can really really nicely cook lamb cutlets.

one of my manymanymanymany cousins (still haven't seen all my cousin yet...)

they went blue mountains today, and she got this face paint. it's realllly well done, like there's glitter and stuff. 
she's really smart. first time i heard this, it's kind of hard to translate from chinese but it was like: use should eat more of the sour cherries (below) since you would have more good grandchildren. actually in canto, it sounds like this: "mama, se dao di 'soon' che le ji, nei hui yao dao di gwai 'soon'" and she can translate all the canto words i don't know into english (i actually can't translate all my english words in canto) and she knows like the same level mando as me =/

they also went to costco (so i missed out) and bought a massive cake, and tons of food. tis massive-2.4kg. afternoon tea for the rest of the week

so much left overs from today. they're still here.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Late Night Icecream

gave up my precious study time (approx three hours) to go to double bay to have this ice cream. it used to be there, then moved to the city, then moved back to a smaller shop in double bay.

yum. everytime my relatives come, it's tradition to go and have this icecream. even my grandma has had this over 5 times now...

took a wrong turn on the way home, and well, went through so many toll roads which means a lot of money wasted...

decided to go since it isn't everyday you can go out with relatives and have icecream in the city (:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Braceless =D

finally, after a painful 2 years and 1 month:

first thing i ate were nuts. not supposed to eat the, except during the 2 years, i still ate a few...

it was quite painful getting them off. well, the glue part was. ahhh, was it worth it? losing four teeth and get so much pain? idk.

my teeth look different (well of course!) but as in, the shape of my teeth look bigger than i remembered them to be. now i have to learn to smile again...if that makes sense...

they do feel different. but i'm kind of dreading wearing retainers...

and i'm so glad the m60 guy asked me where i was going, because he saw me running franctically from the hornsby to parra stand. that bus was going to hornsby, luckily i didn't go on's sometimes quite frustrating going on a bus when you know you can drive...

it was my cousin's graduation today. 85% of why relatives came was for her graduation. everyone was super nice, like one uncle bought her a burberry handbag, another a LV handbag, another a real expensive watch and other stuff + flowers. it's cause her mum passed away when she was like 5, and when her younge brother was a few months, so even though everyone hates her dad's attitudes/thinking, they still love children, and came allll the way from hk to take pics with her. and my uncle got an extra two tics by asking (: 

thank you dear friends for helping me with my maths! i felt like crying today because i couldn't do 2U motion. idk, i felt really bad in maths. even looking at people's working is really helpful (: i kind of hate it when my maths teaching does her marking during class, it's like us doing english in maths, and then she goes off on a tangent about sharing files, and then there's like 3 mins to ask her questions. i'm so glad i can ask smart people, who sometimes, can explain faster than the teacher.

and Happy Apple is so compassionate (:

my cousin says such innocent things in canto which cannot be translated into english, i think she's quite smart, she can communicate with me in english (and when i was in primary, i thought 

ooft, falling behind in assessment work...

yay for 12 other people in the house being kind enough to not talk and let me get some work done (:

face exploding more, that pork crackling, but twas nice...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Last Zone Cross Country

came 23 out of 23. consecutively last for two in years in a row at zone cross country!
yeah, i only ran when people saw me, and even then, i was kind of huffing. i. am. so. unfit. so i decided to walk the whole thing. (so sad, i lost my little 23 ticket when i was walking back to my car)

i was paranoid after the race that i dropped my car keys, except i just left them in my bag, was kind of lol, since the people at the finish line took forever to find the 18 girls ticket book...

NO ONE WALKS LIKE MY PACE WHEN I WALK CROSS COUNTRY. when i walk x-country, i snail pace walk, slower than how i walk in school shoes with school bag. it's really weird. i think i wore my bad socks. but when people say they walk, they still run a bit. yeah, i was observing people....

annnd, i asked the sports teacher do i still get points for coming last. she didn't answer directly, but said that the whole school looses 80 POINTS if someone doesn't participate. and she said that ruse only 2 people that didn't turn up. other schools had a whole team (almost) who don't turn up.

but with zone, there's so much to come with it, that i would rather walk it for these things: goes on your report, can get half a stamp, award at recognition assembly...oh, as well as exercise (:

and didn't have to pay for parking, cause the machine was out of order....totally winged it there....gps didn't work so i just drove on all the main roads/ follow cars, since most cars go to the main roads. and the occasional signs, and just follow my instincts (: soooooo much road contruction everywhere, and driving at 80 feels very good. usually i only drive at 60 ))): that i why i love going on big roads, and when big roads slope down.....and, people are so nice :') this person flashed their lights at me like three times. so i thoguht police, but i kept driving for a minute and couldn't see any, but finally, turning out onto main road, a whole carpark of police cars who caught another carpark of people, wow, they are dedicated to catching people in the middle of the day. the thing with unfamiliar roads is that you also don't know where all the cameras are...

one things now that i think back on today is that i should have tried to run it and see how i would do. but i was just too ceeeebs, i guess....

they're backkk!
my parents ditched me for....80 hours.
actually, i kind of feel good since kids always get to go on hols, but not parents. you really truly realise how much they do for you.

they brought back a lot of the food that they didn't eat.

sahhh hectic. haven't done anything all night. have to help out and arghh, the noise....

so sick of using the microwave. my face is exploding due to the lack of vegetables...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food from teachers

first time using the study room microwave!
i really should use them more to my advantage.

yesterday, we got a cheese toasted sandwich in Jap because we said we were hungry and it was cold. that was like a period gone, i'm pretty sure i know why i'm failing jap....
today i got two lollipops in ext 1 to keeps us going through the double/day.

yayayay! free food from teachers! totes not awks...i'm on a roll guys!
i kind of missed those days back at girra where we helped pack away teacher's friday morning tea. i susally got picked, which meant freeeee fooooood!!!! from teachers...

can't believe that in top 50, people are already going to places. in season 3 it was like top 24, season 2 top 12, and season 1 top 8 (where they went hk, to this yum cha place i went to, except i have to go back there again since they ran out of their hand made bbq pork bus when i went last time. i'm still sad. i actually don't really like those buns, but they appeared in masterchef 4 years ago, and i do intend to have them in the future)
oh, and i found my list of places to eat again! yay.
and, i believe, this season has been the most multicultural season. like compared with season 1, there was like only 3 non-white people...

hoping i don't get lost tomorrow.

so veggie deprived. tis what happens when there are no parents for 3 days and you ceebs to go out just to buy some veggies. i have fruit, at least....

Monday, May 7, 2012

first time using the kettle in the study room! maybe i should use it more since the weather is getting cold. and maybe i should bring a mug, except i'm paranoid that someone else would use it then break it or not clean it up, but then i would have chocolate and don't have to buy from canteen...

sometimes, i really hate how english is very subjective, especially creative. from full marks last year to like no marks this year...yeah, it fully depends on whose marking it.

i only found out on sunrise today that the moon was the closest it's been to the earth in 18 years! damnnnnnnn, why did i miss it yesterday? or maybe when o was driving it was covered by clouds, and before i went to sleep it was also covered in clouds...well i saw it for a bit today, at least, but it's apparently not as "close" today ):

Sunday, May 6, 2012

the stillness

i'm pretty sure, this is the first time in my 17 years that both my parents have gone away from bro and I. usually it's children who go away from parents, like sleepovers/camps etcetc.

it's sooooo quite compared to yday. hopefully i can do more now, and catch up on work missed. monopoly deal gets really addictive when if your brother keeps winning...

and now, you realise how much your parents do when they're not here.
had dinner at church tonight, so i could have at least one "fresh" dinner.

i just hope i don't sleep in tomorrow.

also, i'm 95% sure they did not show Masterchef auditions in season 2 and 3. season 4's auditions involved people with "stories" i think if you didn't have a story or you didn't have a plan for the future you're cut. (like i think they were more lenient in season 1) but i only watched 15mins today, so i restricted myself! mainly because i wasn't ay home to watch the first that's why the ad's have a different setting, because top 50 is in melb not syd...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Relatives (:

i could hear them from across the street when i came back from tutor. apparently they waited for my parents for over an hour...

yayayay-for gifts when i don't ask for any!!!
ahhhhhhh, shoeeeees, like really really nice shoes. i love my aunts fashion sense, wedges, heels etc etc, they were like 2 for 70 hk bucks, which is appox 4 aussie bucks a pair, and they are soooo nice. like in aus, it would be around $60 AU no brands. each shoe has a story, like how she goes to the stores everyday to see if they have specials, and where she buys clothes from. only she can't stop talking...
i shall look at the SUITCASES of clothes and accessories. this aunt knows fashion better than my mum. really happy. unfortunately, it's winter now ): but, she said it's a fashion trend to wear stockings and wedges out. at least she brought over a pair of boots as well (: yay, enough shoes to last me over 10 different events (:

and then other gifts-BUT NO FOOD ))): apparently they wanted to clear customs fast, so not a but of food, luckily i asked for food when my uncle came a month ago...

annd, monopoly deal!!! yay!

pork ribs and steak tonight and fresh raw salmon. yummmmmmmmm! i love when people come over, house food becomes really really good

won't be able to do much work tonight. my has pack boxes of food for their camping tomorrow. it's quite funny. i can't imagine hk people going camping, which is probs why only half of them in will sleep in tents. when they go for a few days, i shall catch up on work.

my little cousin doesn't remember me, but she's not "afraid" of me. she's quite smart, told her once what she could play and where everything was, and she returned everything back into their positions. she's really innocent and was like "i feel like a doll, my dad puts so much clothes on me and it's terrible" but in chinese. maybe i should teach her more english...she has grown so much since i saw her in '10.

13 people in da house! still haven't seen my grandparents yet...probs sleeping...

Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th be with you (:

haha, get it? i like random jokes from monday assembly (even though i'm sure i've heard it in previous years), and some guys also bothered to bring light sabers today

yday during english, a guy was like "get it" to the Eng teacher, and she's like "of course i get it, i'm an english teacher," i bet they can decipher all those jersey names (maybe even those inside jokes, since they are english teachers after all)

and alsoooo, yesterday i went on a new train, like a NEW NEW TRAIN. it had a ding-dong to announce what station it is, then another when it arrives. it doesn't have those foot rest bars of the newer trains, and it's defs cleaner (since it's new), also, the arm rest thing on the side changed a bit, but the pattern of the seats are the same.

i think my jersey is bigger than the one i ordered, oh well, better big than small, maybe i can wear more layers underneath since they aren't that thick.

talking to career advisor was soo helpful. cleared up some stuff. did you know, she has her own baulko business card? i find it funny, business card for school...

and, in the grade photos, everyone is so small, i thought the actual photo would be bigger. i found two bucks left in the envelop of the muck up photo, i'm quite sure i put in correct money, obviously they didn't care about my two dollars, the muck up one is disappointingly small as well, not worth the money, at least my face is visible...

relatives tomorrow. going to be hectic.
house is still flooding with food everywhere. =/

Thursday, May 3, 2012


they finally came today. yayayayayay. ((((((((((:
i actually like the green (: and there were no mis prints (which was really the most scary thing i thought could happen)
except, the collar is weird, and there should have been more yellow (i feel ripped off for having more black, since colours are more expensive)  i guess simple is nice too (: and i think it's thinner than last year, and more tighter down the bottom than i would have liked, as in the cuffs around our wrist should be at the bottom of it (i think)

so much english change. ext 1 ):
also, eng adv new announcement...i screwed up mod a ): my mark would have been better with only just reading task...
it's kind of cute of eng has ranks on little cards...i can/will/hope (to) improve! (positive thinking from today's talk) some was kind of repetitive, but i guess it's good to hear stuff from psychologists...

i can't believe my uncle is going to lady gaga AGAIN tonight. he went into the "monster pit" yday, no he's going to sit back and enjoy the show tonight. maybe i can persuade him to come back to aus in june (even though he came in april and will come this again this week). i could say aus will yet again have different stages and people around etc, except i have a hsc to do, i think going to concerts should be the last thing on my mind...

mentally thinking/planning my meals for four days next week (kind of like camping when we thought about what we should eat....)

i kind of feel sorry for rachel when she stuffed up her NYADA audition. i think it might feel like that when we don't get the marks we want sometimes, so i could relate to GLEE tonight (except for the part when they say songs about geography-lol)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

uncle going to lady gaga's concert today. you know those little disco balls, he made a masquerade mask out of it, the time he has on his hands....

it's finally raining (for a bit)! half the side of my car was covered in grass....

everything is happening on the 20th may:

-relatives leave
-ext 1 "excursion"
-salvos doornock appeal
and also church

whyyyyyyyyyy can't they be split up.

also, $65 for english excursions in may =/

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

last year, my ext 1 class always had an average above grade average. this time, only 3 people got above average in my class. and i wasn't one of them ): they should give us some consideration since our teacher was away half the time ): this sucks.

when i straighten my hair, i don't do it properly, it like slightly bends towards the end. i think permanently straight hair is nice, except it won't be as special as straightening it once in a while.

my family has eaten quote a lot of jelly bellys already.

they shouldn't have trolled us with jerseys coming. i think it's more exciting when someone tells you something you haven's anticipated.