Saturday, October 8, 2011

Half Dough

i feel really bad for my whole family. all together, we looked over 5 stores to find my Winnie the Pooh contact. i have to get it or else i can't study (not really, but it's tradition that my maths and science books are covered in Winnie the Pooh)
maybe i should have stocked up at the beginning of the year. i remember, winnie the pooh is always hard to find, even at the beginning of the year.
i think my maths/phys books just have to survive a term until next year when i can buy pooh bear contact.

and waited 1hour at the doctor today ): but i bought my ext book to read. i still don't get it.... :S

and new printer! (: it's laser and supposed to save ink (?) and it's wireless!!! no need to move my laptop to connect to the printer anymore (: but i still have to walk to the printer ): and it can't print double sided so i have to manually do it ):
and it only prints, so we have to keep our other printer for scanning and other functions.

also, MY MUM BOUGHT ME BEN AND JERRY ICE-CREAM. so my bro was with her and their phone was running out of batteries so i couldn't tell them what flavour i wanted, but my brother picked Half Dough, which was the one i wanted (: yay, we think alike (:
it's sooooooooooo yummy. it's the first time i've had it and it is a tub filled with goodness. half dough is like cookie dough w/ choc chips and fudge brownies. the brownies are the best, i thought i would like the cookie part except i couldn't really taste it (maybe i just didn't scoop out all the flavours inside the tub) but the brownies are like 10 times better than betty crocker's (and their ones are already yum). it's soooo addictive. it's worth the $12 for 458mL. this is like 2 times the price of Sara Lee/connoisseur gourmet ice-cream which is 3 times the price if normal ice-cream.
they fill the little tub to the brim (:
ok, well i've had better ice-cream than ben and jerry's before....
but until they sell 3 Michelin hats/ 5star restaurants' ice-creams in a tub (which will be never) but ben and jerry's is the best ice-cream in a tub!!!
my brother had their ice-cream before when he went out sometime before, so he wasn't as excited as me...

i was supposed to dance for 6hours today, but i thought i would use my time to study, which didn't happen.
i don't know why i bothered to watch the Simpsons Movie on tv when i saw it at the cinemas and have it on DVD which i have watched countless time......
it's one of those movies you can watch heaps and not be sick of it (: (actually, all Simpsons episodes you can watch and not get sick of it)

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  1. Cover traditions! I can totally empathise with your Winnie the Pooh contact.