Friday, September 30, 2011

i'm hopeless, i still haven't done any past papers.
i'm going to cry.

lol jks i'm not, except i really should be doing productive stuff...

phones are annoying. i want a new phone, except if i spend like 300 bucks now, i'm going to get a new phone (hopefully in hk) next December, so i kind of wasted the 300 bucks...
but i do really want a new phone, except i think i should save money....
i've had this phone for over 2 years, and in that time, i have known people who have changed their phone 3times, and the other 2 phones aren't even broken, but i guess that's what rich people do.
and vodafone's 19 cap doesn't include news unlike three's 19 cap, except i can't find any 3 stores to change to the newer 19 caps which include data, fb.

the only "cool" thing i have is my news on my phone...
i guess, having top quality phones are kind of useless, especially if you don't have internet with your phone, then smartphone is only good for games....and you don't have to have a smartphone for games...

phones are material things. i would rather be healthy than to be sick with the best phone in the world.

apart my materialistic wants of an iphone and dslr, which i am saving but would probably buy the camera after i buy a house (aka in a looooong time), i 95% know what i want for my birthday or i could ask my relatives when they come over next year to shout me, just like they shouted me and my bro Aria last year <3 super yummmm.
next year i want to go to a 3hatter (: i was just looking and they have gift vouchers-lol.
one in particular and i am mentally drooling over the menu...
and i know 85% which cake i want to have for my 18th, its just that the money is a bit of a trouble.
"food, glorious foooooooooood" and i ceebs typing the rest of the song...

have to wake up at 4am tmr ):
i should start packing.
Gilgandra here i come!
its a church thing, i shall blog about on monday. i am going to pack my notes and books to read on the bus trip and study instead of sleeping on the bus. (which i think i'll end up doing)
i need to sleep by 10pm tonight, this is like 3hours earlier than holiday bedtime ):

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  1. I used to have this 8-year old mobile that could make calls and text and there was snake and it was like a tamagotchi and then my parents got me a new phone for my birthday.