Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Reflection

Around 20 blog posts behind, and probably won't get time to do them until like in 2 months time...

It's safe to say 2016 is/was my worst year yet. It started off with a bang travelling to Singapore with friends and swimming at Marina Bay Sands. Actually learnt a lot this year, just sucks can't put it into practice, which is pretty much wasted effort. I really wanted to be an optom peer mentor which I got into, and also got selected to go to NT for placement which was super fun as well. Again, have to say goodbye to any plans for next year. Phone died in September, another impending doom, but at least I had the money and privilege to buy another, legit the next morning. Pretty much died 3 times in Nov/Dec, emotionally, physically, and maybe a bit spiritually....Argh, slowly getting over just a mark or two away from passing that tiny 1/27th component in what I would call a fake practical and rigged test. I can list a lot of reasons why it's rigged-not included in my previous 2 rants. You know what I'll miss next year-my concession Opal. Another 💔 

Also living alone and first time ever I think I got food poisoning from outside food (not my cooking, since been too sick to eat) whilst balancing work in-between. Pretty sure you don't get a 3 day post-hangover. Just felt way too sleepy and normally I don't have naps. Ate something next minute....unless it was stomach flu or something, no idea how you tell the difference. On the other hand, living by yourself atm isn't too bad-just don't eat, or eat one meal a day. I'm not sure if it's because I'm still a bit down, or my stomach is a bit sick, or it's just too hot or it's everything combined but I can't have more than 2 meals a day. Or if I'm eating for the whole day, the day after I can't eat anything. Yep, body is screwed.

This year did also go downhill with family stuff, and also new neighbours moved in with a guy who studies music and is a frikken drummer. The house was not designed for this sort of stuff. I need to stop with the negativity. I guess I do question to God why all this happens to me. I still am waiting/hoping/listening for anything on WHY.

Christmas ham! no turkey this year...

I really don't like how everything is so commercialised. Christmas is all about gifts rather than the true meaning, that a Saviour is born. Also, the other day I saw an ad on a bus for Easter show tickets-like what?! Christmas only just finished.

Never going to drink 15 glasses of wine again. Although I see why people drink alcohol to try 'solve' their problems. It does make you feel less depressed. I think I'm just going to stick to my standard max 5 wines from now on....Everything was such a high quality though, kind of couldn't resist haha.

I know I definitely become more antisocial, or maybe it's just the unexpected turn of events that I would rather curl up in my own hole and not care what people think because it's fine being left alone. Only go to some outings/meet ups, but I know I should go to more. I think I'm in that stage of life where I'm happy to see people getting engaged or married, and even if I live alone for the rest of my life, at least I can #treatyoself everyday, and spend money on family and friends i.e. slowly giving up.

I'm still thankful for friends who I can rant to. 

Thanks Happy Apple for the macarons!

Kris Kringle was fun with 7/8, the highest number we've had in a while. Our high school group is notorious with missing each other by literally a day or two. Next time we all need to type out the names rather than hand write...

I've actually hardly worked at all so far these holidays, just only the last week of the year. I guess everyone I talk to tells me that it's ok to enter the working life a year later. Compared to other friends, some would've earned 3 years worth of money before I even step foot in a consulting room, which is a whole great deal. Then again, you only get one month of holiday compared to uni. It's times like these it's the time vs money situation-which is more valuable?

I feel too old to be braving the crowds and jam packed public transport to see the fireworks. Feeling too old for this.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


My page views have increased at least 4x since September, not sure why, but tbh idm people reading my rants. 

- Slowly getting over this heart ache
- I emotionally  died 3 times: 25th Nov, 29th Nov, 2nd Dec
- 1 day of crying=age 1 yr. Actually look 10 yrs older/more dead. Well I looked like a teen before, so I guess I look more my age...? Slow quiet sobbing throughout the day is worst than1 big burst of tears like when you were a kid...
- Slowly letting the world know, trying to avoid awkward convos
- It's as if you're running first in a race at the olympics then face plant at the end just before the finish line and end up coming last, so close yet so far=💔
- Still want to strangle someone
- Why me
- Why that particular task. it was a practical but I actually didn't even do or say anything. Didn't even fail theory. I would rather fail theory cause then that would mean I didn't know my stuff, but failing that stupid worksheet which wasn't even a proper prac is just plain stupid. Not even a real exam like a normal theory or normal verbal prac exam
- Still pissed
- Still think it's 99% rigged. Feel free to pm me. I am happy to say why
- Miracles do happen, but I feel not in this case
- I guess I'll be prepared for 'real life' events and future heart breaks
- Less than half the people are from the original yr, so obviously I'm not the only one experiencing this before...
- If this happened at the end of 5th yr, it will be like running, face planting, then people running on top of you so you suffocate and then physically die
- Next year isn't as empty as I first anticipated (hopefully)
- People can judge as much as they want, slowly becoming desensitised
- Better still have a job after if I'm going on hols
- End of yr retail is crazy, but it's a lot better if people are nice and willing to spend
- Need to stop sulking at home
- Should be happy for good physical health (slowly emotionally recovering), but good health shouldn't be taken fir granting 
- Diary colour foreshadowed my year
- 2016 started off good and went downhill and underground towards the end...
- Still haven't had time to finish off 2016 21st parties pt 2
- So many people getting engaged/married #foreveralone

Finally went on a Christmas the other day. TripView tells you it's a xmas bus, so was excited for my trip home.

'Santa' themed bus

there are 6 types, interesting

Pan fried salmon cured with rooibos tea (red tea i think), spinach, pomegranate, cauliflower, potatoes, mushrooms, pomegranate, almonds and other stuff, plus citrusy dressing and orange/mint flavoured water

Thanks so much Dandelion for dinner! Really appreciate your thoughtfulness 💜 (the red heart disappeared...). Super delicious and filling. Good times catching up, and congrats on your promotion! Helps to get out of the house and stop sulking.

Uncle bought chocolates from Chile

Super expensive but nice to try chocolates from different parts of the world. It's nice but can't really tell what makes it different from other chocolates. It's not that creamy, but still sweet even for dark choc. Around 70c per piece. Got home late so some chocs were already taken...

Some people are just over achievers #goals, but I know my brain isn't capable of such knowledge. I really do love hearing people's life stories.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Duck Duck Goose

Slight regrets not using Uber Eats when they first launched. They now charge $5 delivery fee (which they didn't around 2 weeks ago, since I wanted to order something, but my card didn't go through...) Still pretty sure the $5 delivery fee only came about recently. Please use my code guys $10 off foood: 

Crispy Miso Cured Egg with sencha smoked tofu, avocado, nori and sesame dressing on a warm brown rice, kale and umeboshi salad-$17

Duck Duck Goose is literally around the corner of uni, but no time to go during uni. The food arrived within 30min of ordering, just the guy didn't walk onto the campus grounds, so I had to go out a bit...Was surprised that this was piping hot when I got it, like too hot to place on your lap. The dish itself was pretty filling. The egg wasn't really crispy, but I guess probably from the condensation from the takeaway container. The tofu had a weird taste and was really firm in texture. I love green tea, but it was weirdly smoked in this one. The avo was nice and creamy. I really loved the flavour of the dressing and the salad. Probably a bit too over seasoned in the rice, but that helped to cover the weird flavour in the tofu.

I think Uber Eats is good especially if you don't have time to go the a particular cafe/restaurant and it's out of the way, but you still want to try their food. It's never going to be as good as the restaurant since it's not on a plate, so presentation is a bit dodgy, but at least the flavours are there.

Duck Duck Goose Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Dining & Co

I was in the area so decided to visit this cafe sitting amongst local shops. Holidays=more food adventures.

Tasmanian salmon fillet: confit salmon with crispy skin and black rice, fennel, Swiss chard, pink grapefruit, walnuts, feta, finger lime, wasabi caviar, rice crisp and beetroot foam-$22

yay foam

rice crisps

There were so many elements here that it was hard to get it into on mouthful. The salmon was cooked well, but I didn't get a crispy skin like it said on the menu. The kaffir lime was a fun addition since it's sort of a citrusy flavour, and along with the grapefruit segments help to lighten up the salmon which is filled with natural fats. The salad was a bit overly dressed, but still liked the creaminess from the cheese and crunch from the nuts. The black rice underneath was a decent serving and made the dish really filling. The rice crisps gave another textural crunch, but it didn't do much to the dish, it was pretty though. The beetroot foam was also pretty, but I couldn't taste any beetroot...

regular capp-$3.80

On the pricier side for a coffee, but anywhere north of the harbour bridge you'd expect over $3.50 unlike in city. This coffee was pretty disappointing. Screwed up on the latte art so they just chuck some chocolate powder on top. One strip doesn't make it artistic. I heard that to make coffee, production costs around 30-50c. Most places/cafes which do coffee art (almost all these days, even if it's just a simple flower), will make sure they get it right on the first time, so else chuck and re pour the milk. The coffee here was quite hot in temp as well, and more towards the watery side which was again disappointing. Not enough coffee flavour.

menus, because I couldn't find any online

The Dining and Co Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Turn 😔

I was originally gonna post this on fb/insta, maybe later. Here will do for now.

In the end, I was too weak to flip tables...

The past few days, I didn't realise I could feel so low (or cry so much). As much as I love food, haven't been able to eat more than a meal a day for the past week...

I'm still angry, pissed and annoyed that a 6 minute worksheet that was only 1/27th component of one subject determined my life. That worksheet didn't demonstrate my competency. The system is rigged and unjust. They can do whatever they choose. For once, my wam went up, but it's really the final grade that matters. In a way, should have not passed third year to get enrolled into an automatic Masters, but too late now. I guess I'm not the only one, since almost half of every cohort have tripped up at least once. To be so close and then so far, it really is heart wrenching.

Another example is people who didn't attend lectures, ultimately affected other people in the end. Although I wasn't affected by this, it's just not fair for everyone. Ultimately, the 8-10 of us will have to go through the death year. Third year was supposed to be the killer, but not anymore. Then again, they are changing the course, so it probs might be easier, just like how in first year after they changed lecturers for optics, everyone passed.

In my heart, I know that God has a greater plan for me, as hard as it is to get over all these emotions. It will get better with time. I'm thankful for those who I can talk to, and can really empathise with me (still praying for the 0.01% chance of hope).

'Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Saviour'

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Grand Lotus

My mum has been here before previously on a Saturday, and she said the yum cha here was really fresh and good quality. We came back again on a weekday which is a bit more quiet, and there's less variety. Service was really friendly, and it's a nice yum cha place tucked at Rouse Hill Town Centre. 

har gao-prawns had a really good texture 'bouncy' when you translate it from Chinese (no English equivalent)

More meat than noodles -~$20

We ordered about 10 dim sums plus a plate of stir fried noodles which was around $100 for 3 people. Definitely over ate, but it's not cheap compared to your average yum cha. However, the quality is pretty good despite the lack of variety. On Saturdays most things are made to order, so steaming hot. Today only about half the things were made to order. Apparently almost all their dim sums are made on premises rather than ordered externally and then just steam or fry it at the restaurant. Good portion prices for the price you pay. Even the siu mai had 2/3 bit of prawns in them, and at least bigger than other places by 1/3. There's hardly anymore good yum cha places in Sydney these days, so always on the look out for new yum cha to try, and bring relatives from overseas to. Even in HK, a lot of yum cha places order their stock from China (and people don't like eating fake beef/prawns), so most yum cha places aren't that great or use fresh ingredients, unless you go Tim Ho Wan or those other Michelin star restaurants.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016


We made budget plus other KPIs at work, so work FINALLY shouted dinner for the team, and could choose a restaurant. Someone suggested to go here, and I haven't been here before and it's close to home. The venue looked really pretty, even at night, so I guess that's why they also cater for weddings/events here.


Strawberry and cranberry mocktail-$13

Garlic bread was baked well with a good crunch and slathered in butter. Not healthy but still tasted nice.

Balmain Bugs with fettuccine-$48

It was a relatively big portion, was only expecting 1 not 2. It was cooked well, juicy and moist. I guess it could have been more fresh, but this place isn't near the sea, so it's expected. I'm not a big fan of tomato sauce based pasta, but luckily this one wasn't too acidic. Pasta was cooked al dente, but there was some liquid at the bottom with slightly mixed water and soup which was a bit odd. It was hard digging the pasta out between the lobster shells. The other dishes on the table was a lamb shank which also had a good portion, sirloin steak but was quite small, risotto was decently sized, and a seafood platter which was grilled so apparently it was a bit overcooked. The platter wasn't that big either for $48, you get 4 scallops, some prawns, and a bit of fish.


So glad I chose the tiramisu (posting this a few months later, and now the tiramisu is $16). Presentation just a tad tacky with the chocolate sauce drizzle, but the tiramisu is one of the best I've had. Not too much chocolate/sweetness, but can taste the mascarpone cream, bit of alcohol and coffee flavour. You could also see real vanilla specks in the ice-cream. The chocolate cigar was just filled with chocolate, and made the dish a bit too sweet.

Apparently this restaurant is owned by an Indian family, but cooking modern Italian food. I wouldn't mind coming back to try the pastas/risottos/pizzas. My colleagues had the grilled seafood plate, which was apparently overcooked and rubbery (so wouldn't recommend), but apparently the steaks were cooked perfectly.
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bourke St Bakery

Rhubarb danish-$4

Decided on this since I saw them take it out fresh from the oven. Lovely flaky, buttery pastry balanced with a nice sourness from the rhubarb. If only they gave even more rhubarb...

Bourke Street Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Max Joy Co.

Hojicha and Eastwood Granny Smith, 2 scoops: $6.95


A cute little ice cream joint in Eastwood. The most popular flavour here is Hoijicha (roasted green tea), so of course I had to get that. It's not as roasted compared to ice cream I've had in HK, but for Australian standards, it's got a nice roasted green tea flavour. I love my teas really strong, so would have liked more flavour in it, whereas most ice cream in Aus is on the sweeter side. The granny smith flavour is really juicy in green apple flavour and really refreshing, but definitely a bit too sweet. 

Also tried a bit of the black sesame which was alright like other blacks sesame flavours. Taro was average, snickers tasted like it sounds, black sticky rice had quite a bit of texture in it. I wouldn't mind coming back here to have the hojicha again. Price wise it's average as well. I think 1 scoop was $4.95 (from memory).


The Max Joy Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Despite the busy-ness in all our lives, we managed to find a mutual time to watch the new Harry Potter film with the whole fam. I've always watched all the Harry Potter movies with my fam, so why not continue the tradition with this new era.

No spoilers here. I think the movie was alright, but was expecting more from it. Probably because I thought the Harry Potter series were really good, even though I didn't read the books until after the movies come out. This one didn't really have a major storyline, so not sure how they are gonna make four other movies. It was nice to see some magic though, and loved how it's set in NYC. Going out to the movies ain't cheap, but I managed to get 2 free tickets for the parents, and my bro and I got $10 cinebuzz student prices tickets #winning A full price adult ticket starts from $21...

Some of my shopping, yay Christmas! Pretty much been shopping in store/online for one too many days...

I missed out last year, so made sure I got one this year. It's so cute and pretty!

Non fattening advent calendar

why is there nothing for Christmas Day??

Super lovely evening with half of the G8s. Dandelion's puns were on a roll, and stalker shots so on point 👌 Had a full vegetarian dinner last night, and it was super delicious! (Again, post of that to come...hopefully before the end of the year lel). We need to do more hide and seek at train stations 😂