Friday, November 4, 2011

to do list:
-catch up on approx 10 exercises of maths
-eng hw
-eng ext 2 sheet +journel
-phys hw
-try start to phys assessment
-jap writing + speaking + other random exercises
-read sheets/booklets
-find related texts
-start adv creative
-tutoring hw

that is totes not going to happen over the weekend, and i felt lazy today and watched a random movie on Go tonight :/

and my report sucks.
like actually.
and my chem mark died )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

drove first time in early morning. i love the amount of parking space early in the morning.

and dance concert tomorrow (: i should feel pumped, but not really, maybe because of all the work.
so tomorrow is non-existant.
missing out on a wedding tomorrow because of concert ):

i finally got apps on my phone (: i love how itunes accounts can be shared so i don't have to re-buy the things my bro has already bought (:

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