Monday, October 17, 2011

English rollercoaster

ok i shouldn't post, but soo much to say i couldn't resist

365 days till hsc English and i'm going to fail.
so in adv, there were three papers left and i was one of them so the highest in our class was 18 and i wasn't the one. and i was really freaking out. when there were two papers left.
well i did sooooooooo crap in that essay. she saved the worst till last for handing them out.
this time i actually thought i answered the question....apparently not....savage outside markers....
so i was )))))))))))): through period 5/6 and lunch.

then came ext. and for once in my english life this year i got FULL MARKS FOR CREATIVE :OOO so no one in my class knows except for the teacher and i ceebs telling anyone (except for you) because it's funny to see the whole class wondering who got the second 20 in our class.
i thought my story didn't make sense....
so i'm (((((((((((: for the rest of the night.
so maybe i am a creative person after all (?)  (actually, i did pretty bad in the advance one this year)
so i did all these things before 4.30pm: go to first arvo class, drive and buy shimmers, and drive home.

today, i almost had a heart attack in the morning cause there was a traffic jam and crash and i was sooo scared i would be late to school

and bitter was the one who noticed my random certificate sitting on the physics wall.

and today my mum went to buy an iPhone 4s.
but apparently people were lining up at 6am to buy them and they sold 500 on the first day and limited to 2 per customers. and my mum went around lunch time.....there are some hard core iPhone fans out there....and the Apple people don't know when they will have stock.

and now they have a new option on the apple website that says you can start to reserve after 9pm and then buy it in store tomorrow. BUT, it saids unavailable on the net, so you can't even reserve it and pick it up tomorrow.
people are reallly hardcore fans and check the apple website every second and once they said you can reserve through internet, they clicked right away.

and i love when we have new costumes instead of re-using costumes...
aaaaand i haven't touched chem tonight DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD=


  1. it's always nice when your good marks makes up for your terrible mark, it always happens to me in post-exam week and stuff

  2. Woooow.

    Makes me feel inadequate whenever I see/hear someone with a better mark =O

    Congrats though =3