Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dance Pointe Concert 2011

yesterday was A FULLY HECTIC DAY for my whole family.

ok so, my dad and bro left to go to a wedding, which i sosososo wanted to go, except i had dance, so obviously i couldn't (more on that later) they left at 10am and came back at 12:10am.

so i woke up at 10, and had a cry for half an hour, partly because of how stupid/failing person i am and partly because of my eye (now i am once again half blind)
then i had to leave at 12 for morning rehearsals (and i was late), and i brought stuff to read, but ended up watching other people's dances =/ so i left at like 2.30, then did an hour of maths (which equates to half an hour of maths for smart people), then somehow time went by and i only had an hour to get ready.
this year they had no one to do our band parts ): and my fringe is almost grown out, so it was even harder to do. so hair to a long time.
ended up eating in the car and and arrived like 10 mins before the concert started =/

i didn't know there were that many people who have been there for 10 years, they all got really cool trophies...this year went by really fast, usually i'm in 5 dances, could have been in 5 this year but was ceebs going for extra rehearsals. i like our contemporary costume (:
they had confetti this year =D since it was the 10 year anniversary
and they made us stand during the time when they were giving out trophies...

got home at like 10.30, so did about 2hours of work, or less.

i soooooo wanted to go the wedding today, mainly because the guy was Western, and they went to a Western place the The Rocks to have their reception, and had their wedding at a park. my mum wanted to go as well, except she kind of had to accompany me to dance. and i wanted to see what happens n a non-Christian wedding, because every single wedding i've been to is Christian, which is good (:
i wish i had an older sister so i can be a bridesmaid....
and they had cute marshmellow which chocolate as a suit ....hard to describe....maybe photo when i upload them....
oh well, maybe i should just make more Western friends and go to a Western reception =D

woke up at 11 today, and my legs still hurt ):
and i love this feather fan, it's really massive. i wish we could keep it....but if i did, then i would have no use for it, unless to attract dust mites (like my mum said....)

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