Monday, November 14, 2011

yay. i'm happy. i got my fitzpatrick textbooks, and they are close to new (:
and then i decided to get some success ones coz i guys was like, well you can this year's worked solutions online when it comes out. the school sells them for 23 and i got mine for 15 so i don't think it's necessary to have this years paper for 8 more bucks.
except i want a terry lee 2/3 unit book!!! it's coloured WITH WORKED SOLUTIONS! i haven't seen a coloured maths textbook since year 10. i kind of miss the lame Signpost jokes.

we did fun stuff in dance today. and zumba (:
my face was still red after my almost cold shower.

i feel relaxed tonight. as in, i haven't done any work. i shall do heapssss of work tmr to make up for tonight.

related texts: please come to me.
went through 5 periods of english today (out of 10, including lunch).

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