Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Party!

went to watch the Hobbit in 3D. tbh, it was kind of boring, like they dragged the first half too much for my liking, but the 2nd half was ok.

(setting a random time for this post..)

had cheap pepper lunch (: and i finally had my cheap pearl milk tea! despite being in hk for over half a month, today was the first time having it.

this year's xmas/new year's party was kind of a disappointment for me. like no massive, massive turkey/ham/carving set. only food from Jusco, which was surprisingly good. people playing card games and loser had to eat the christmas cake since it was untouched unlike all the other foods. they also did a drinking version. everyone had a card on their forehead and you look at other people's but not your's. you call out who you can't to lose, so maybe all hearts or highest/lowest card. really funny, since my uncle thought other people would lose, but he lost two times. first round one piece, 2nrd round 2 pieces etc.

\it was nice seeing people i haven't seen before and just the atmosphere was amazing.

as for presents, no individualied stockings. last two times i was in hk, every child received a stocking filled with really nice lollies/snacks/useful toys and goodies.

and my names was picked 2nd last for the family present draw. i could either pick from my family's present that we chipped in, or the other one, so i went for the other one, turned out to be honey. we already bought 12 jars of manuka honey over to hk. also, for the family draw, my family was drawn out last, so the only prezzie left was a bath set. not useful ):

but my rich uncle gave everyone personalised prezzies (: most of the guys got this branded jackets worth like 100 aussie dollars, but he bought it in new york, so not sure what price he got it for...most of the girls got agnes b make-up bags, yay useful stuff. AND HE BOUGHT MY MUM A COACH BAG. wow, at least 4000hk$.

as for raffle, 2nd/3rd prize were $500 sponsored by my uncle and his friend. 1st prize was 1500 where each family memeber can choose to pitch in 100 for their name to go into the draw. the person who won it was one of my cousin's. apparently they won 500 last year. then the major, major prize was another legit coach bag bought by my uncle. my 7 year old girl cousin was drawn, so her mum has it. imagine if i got it, 2 coach bags in massive cardboard boxes in our luggage...

not even sure what sydney's fireworks theme is. all i know is that people can send txts and it would appear on the bridge. hk's fireworks looked better than last time i saw it, along with the laser lights. but i only saw like a minute of it since there were over 40 people in a hk house and you were lucky to even get from one side to the other to watch the tv. at least my grandpa chucked out his old box tv earlier in the year....

and alcoholic drinks which are mixed with each other are so sweet and nice (: even though they have heaps of alcoholic yum (: my brother drank a whole cup of 7-up, and it was alcoholic 15%. his liver is going to die...i didn't get drunk. i wonder what it would be like...

ahh, my newphew and niece are so cute (: and they're both 3, so they play together and super duper cute (:

2012 was a really amazing year (:

Saturday, December 29, 2012


i love Zara! and it's in quite a lot of places around hk, unlike sydney. it's soo good (: like they have
what i consider "cool" clothes.

heaps of people now since they have sales. so glad i didn't buy anything from there last week. in sydney, things are wayyy over priced and apparently they get sent quite a lot of old stock from other countries. still haven't been to the sydney one yet. in hk, the clothes are considered expensive to hk people, but still heapppps of people buying stuff. on top of sales, the hk dollar is high, so even branded stuff like zara are ok and worth to pay pieces of clothing. so many people lining up for fitting rooms, and paying and also lining up to ask staff stuff. there were already heaps of staff using their fancy ear pieces asking people upstairs for more stock.

but all up, spent less than 1000 hk dollars for decent pieces of clothing (:

the lego at causeway bay was sooo cool!

so much good food. like massive sized fresh abalone. i guess going out with relatives' relatives' relatives' is good since you get heaps more free food and prezzies.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Les Miserables/High Tea/Ice Skating

Les Miserables was soooo good! defs one of my favs movies. i NEVER cry in movies, not even in marley and me and dog-like movies, but i kind of got a bit teary in this one. i thought i wouldn't like it since it was all sung out, but those songs were all deep and meaningful (: like seriously, there were less than 25 spoken words in the whole 2 hours. my cousin was full crying throughout it. you could also hear other people sniffling a bit, but there were also humourous parts.

just go and watch it (: i really like it. surprised people like russell crowe could sing.

oh, and i went to the ifc and the xmas decorations were sooo cool! xmas trees made out of yarn, and also different styles of dress. and the cinema was really nice, they actually call it a "house" instead of a cinema. seats were leather and wide, and i could fully extend my legs in front of me. sat in the 5th row even though my uncle already booked tickets a few days before. yeah, it was a full house, but 5th row was alright.

had hotpot dinner and got home at 1am...

before that i went to high tea at The Upper House. everything was so posh, but the menu description sounded better than it actually was. the cutlery and stuff weren't as nice at qvb. qvb tasted better, portions were a bit bigger and also more tea choices.

i can't ice skate to save my life. i would rather bungee jump off a cliff than go ice skate at full speed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


casually got given $10 000, some diamond earrings and a really cute silver necklace from my great uncle today. even if it's in hk dollars, it's still quite a bit of cash to hold. don't get me wrong, i did share it with my family. my great uncle really likes me (: last time he gave me diamond rings and more jewelery, but this time more cash. yay! i don't have to use my own money to pay for my iPhone, that 10K will defs pay for it in full (:

and he shouted my family last time for our trip to macau where we lived in 5 star hotels for a few nights (: i still remember the really cool electronic fogless mirror. also, i forgot which year, but he paid for one of my hk tickets before (yep, didn't even pay for his own nephew, my dad, but paid for his grand-neice..)

he owns like 10 jewelery stores around hk, macau and china, so it explains how he casually can give my legit jewelery for free (unlike how i'm pretty sure the pearls my brother got who he claims are real are probs fake since it's impossible to get it for so cheap, but at least they look nice..) he asked if he needed to support my uni studies since he really likes to support kids to study, but i'm like "nah, it's ok". apparently he also supports like 10 other relatives' kids to study.

also went to The Symphony of Lights. going this time, i don't think its as good as last time because:
a) it was cloudy-ish
b) less laser and less colour varieties
c) the economy is worse so it only went for like 10ish minutes.

had maccas for the first time in hk for dinner. totes stylish xmas relatives on my mum's side always have a massive xmas party every year, but i think this year, for once, they're trying to save money, so they're having a combined new year/x,as least there will be prezzies for family raffle draw thing and heaps of food (: BUT THERE WILL BE NO TURKEY! ): last year they bought this massive carving set for a leg of spanish ham and a turkey. the whole set includes the stand, knife, fork like thing, mesh glove and other assorted stuff costs more than the massive ham.

even though i live in a hole in hk, coming back from tsim sha tsui was less than 20 aussie bucks. i love taxis in hk (:

Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Loader

i feel so popular in hk. everyone wants to have dinner with me. so i choose depending on what type of food they can offer.

i went sushi train today! 2nd time in my life. had 22 plates between four people, and we were actually full. last time i only had 3 plates since it's sooo expensive in aus. another aunty asked me to have sushi train with them, but i picked the other one since they have a car =D and i can only see the other uncle on weekends since he works in China. parking spaces there are soooooo small, and it was the more expensive side. you cannot open your door. wider cars will have both tires on top of the parking line, and some cars have to go over to the other parking space. if you have a medium size car, it won't fit and the front of your car will go over the front line-so ridiculous. i have photos.

then hot pot for dinner with some relatives' relatives' relatives (: everyone is so friendly even though i've never met them before. the whole "fighting" for the food spirit is really fun.

didn't have to pay a single cent today. all the clothes and food and transport absolutely free (: maybe my parents might pay them back, but i doubt it, since i wanted to pay for my own clothes but they did the asian thing.

also, at a store, theline to pay was so ridiculously long, they had a guy holding up a sign saying "Please queue up here" so you knew where the line ended, and it was a pretty big store.

really need to stop buying clothes. i've only bought around 10 pieces of summer clothing. still wearing a t-shirt around the place, while everyone is wearing massive down jackets, i hate down jackets, and even if you give me one, i probs won't take it back, since one big jacket equals around 20 pieces of summer clothes.

it's actually quite nice to not have parents with you, since i can have good quality meals with relatives for free, and i don't have to use my parents' money to pay.this week without parents have been good since i get to choose which relatives to visit. i've pretty much been to all of the department stores on the west part of the mtr line. they're just department stores, but the xmas decorations are really different in their own ways.

oh, i saw a half travelator and half escalator today, so cool!

so many free clothes and shoes and food (:

new phone (: which can't be used atm ):

Sunday, December 23, 2012

bro got back from China yesterday was supposed to be the day before, but their flight delayed for like 12 hours and they went to the crown hotel for free! according to my bro, it seems like 6 stars (even though it doesn't exist). at least he said china was fun, better to spend that money playing rather than changing the date of his ticket. and he rememberd about me and bought me a legit pearl necklace, i'm not a pearl fan, but at least he bought me something, and it's purple.

ceebs recounting all my days.

i bought starbucks today, but was disppointed, since 1/4 of the cup was ice ):

yay, surprise phone calls with good news from relatives =D although i will have to pay back my parents when i get back to aus...

need to do a post about where i'm living in hk right now. i really like it (:

i haven't bought a single piece of winter clothing in my first week at hk, all i've bought are summer and work clothes.

i still have a week to figure out what to do next year..

Saturday, December 22, 2012


i should be content with my ATAR. i guess i can get into anything i want (apart from med and law).

problem is, i'm still not sure what to do apart from med. people ARE going to judge if i do a course with less than 90. and i know people are like "do whatever you like" but i don't want to "waste" my atar points.

i was reading the news yday. they said something about atars are worthless. it's true, since everything has bonus points (apart from med/law/some courses), which means i could get a low 90's atar and still make it into stuff.

idk, i still think i could've done better, not that it would make any difference in getting into a course, but inside, i wish i tried just that bit harder to get a higher atar. i really had my own tail. the stuff i band 6 was ok, but my last 3 units were really bad, like how in school's there may sometimes be a massive tail, where my tail really dragged me down quite a lot (imo). yeah, my last 3 units were a big gap from my band 6 stuff. need to drill into my bro to not full focus on one subject.

on the other hand, getting a super high atar would mean i would waste more atar points. the courses are weird. as in, the main stuff are: med 99.95, law high 99, commerce/science 96, engineering 91, so i find it awkward for 98 and 97 and 95, 94 etc, since there aren't really any "general" courses to do, only specific ones eg physio which are in 98's and like psycology with 97. what i'm trying to say is that you either have to do exceptionally well, and even really good, as in low 99s/98/97 means you have to waste some points since uac don't really cater towards those ranks.

not sure if that made sense, but i've just been thinking about points being wasted for the past day.

awks, haven't even told my parents yet. actually haven't told anybody (except my younger cousin was looking over my shoulder, and i accidently left the atar window open, but i'm pretty sure she didnt know the significance of it...)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Result Day

i kind of could already guess what i got, although i am a bit disappointed with phys. also, i managed to not band 3 or 4 jap, so that's a relief, but it still won't count.

so the examiners hated my adv essays. there is quite a large gap which is super low compared with my externals for adv. quite sad really.

what's actually sad is how my marks differ by 14 (and that's all the figures you'll ever get with my marks). go figure. it means i failed stuff. some people's marks differ by like 4, but not mine.

yeah, now, approx 7 hours before atars come out, i'm anxious. i'll be super duper happy with over 98, but with my marks-there's no chance. i don't even know what to do apart from med (which i won['t get into for undergrad). expectations lower as you go through the journey...

people are really smart. they can still have a bf/gf and have a life and still state rank one or more subjects and not look like complete nerds. geniuses.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

night before HSC results

i didn't care much about my results, until i met up with fellow hsc students, actually one in particular...

not going to wait until 3am (which is 6 in aus). just wake up and check. anyways, i think the site will crash at 6.

congrats to jason who topped chem and joyce who topped jap! (secretly hoping joyce will pull me up so i won't band 3 jap....)
so many wierd schools (private schools) which i haven't heard off top different stuff.
i remember last year i almost had tears of joy for band sixing chem, since i didn't expect it. i think i won't band 6 anything. the worse thing that happens is that people stalk each other and they secretly judge you behind your back if you didn't get a band 6. please don't laugh at me! i already know i'm not smart.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Predicting HSC/ATAR Results

you know, talking about australia's schooliing system and stuff about uni's are always good conversation starters. why? because i've talked about it twice everyday-already.

i don't think i'm going to band 6 anything, so defs no-all rounders for me. and jap is/was my worst subject, so probs band 3 =/

as for atars, well not expecting anything spectacular. don't judge me guys if i end up doing a course with only 80 or 90 atar points!

i actually couldn't care less right now. this holiday mode is good (:

i think i'm going to drag down the school. oh well, no one will ever know (except the teachers) since i don't plan on telling anyone what i got, not even my parents (since they'll still be back there, probs tell them a week later), so don't bother asking me, but you can always tell me what you got if you need someone to share with =D

also, that is why i didn't register for sms. i'm still on three, and three roams, so my phone also works in hk, i think i would be really heartbroken if i saw my fake results a few days earlier than my real one. oh, need to do a post about phones in hk.

so unfit =/

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Family Dinners

i love family dinners (: especially my mum's side. (dad's side is more civilised...)

the dinner is supposed to start at 8.30pm. people start to arrive from 7.30, with the majority arriving at 9.15, and the last at 9.30 (my aunt whose houses' windows you can't see due to all the clothes piled in the rooms, is ALWAYS LAST).

people to rsvp, so there are actually less seats than the number of people. if you leave your seat then too bad, someone else would've taken it. it's kind of funny. that's why you have to stay put. but they ended up sitting on a 3rd table, but had to walk to the main tables for food.

HAD MY FIRST CLASS OF CHAMPAGNE! no dizzyness (: probs cause it's not as strong. red rose champagne is also good (: not very alcoholy, but smelt/tasted nice. even champagne itself sounds nice. there's this bubbly feeling. kind of got "peer pressured" by my relos since they're like "your mum's not here" if my mum was there, she wouldn't of let me (despite the fact that i can legally drink). it's good to start with something not too strong, since if you had like a vodka or something once you start drinking, it's not good, compared to gradually easing yourself into it.

so much food from relos today-already.
finally had the Haagen Dazs ice-cream. it's good but not super good.

also had the dinner, my uncle bought back cookies from the NYC which his friend lined up for 2 hours to get. super nice (: they were bigger than the size of my fist.

oh, and people have to sometimes think for 10 seconds of what to call each other. like me, it was the first time seeing some of my nephews/cousins, so sometimes people don't even know who i am and vice versa. this also applies to relos who live in china who just come back to hk for the weekend to see family.

find that i have more time in the mornings than at night.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hong Kong

yay hk! as soon as you step outside the plane, you can smell the distinct smell of hk. even from the plane, you can see the pollution of foggy stuff.

super awkward yday. i'm now 90% sure that if you're a girl by yourself going on a plane, you get tested for everything. like i did a body scanner, and had my 3rd random explosive test, which awkwardly turned out positive, (other 2 times were negative), and the guy had to repeat the test and go through normal procedures, so i was thinking, maybe i might make it on tv, but then i remembered border security only films people going into aus not out of. it was a waste of my express pass since i still had to wait for the results. no idea how i have traces of explosives. maybe it was from the train...or my dad's suitcase was really dirty on the outside...

training it to the airport is actually about the same time as taking non-toll roads, but soooo much more hassle. carrying 30kg of stuff all by myself ): and only 7kg of stuff is actually mine. my hands still hurt from lifting, pulling etc.

plane ride was good (: arrived half an hour early so my uncle who just came back from NYC didn't have to wait as long, at least he had a lounge to go to. he bought three suitcases of stuff, xmas prezzies! and managed to fit 5 movies in 8.5 hours (: mainly watched animation, but i really love on-board entertainment.

i've found that you either by business/first class or wait until 5mins before te bag drop closes, then you don't have to wait in line when you check-in.

the line at immigration was shorter for visitors than for hk residents. my child hk card expired, need to get an adult one. oh the struggles of being 18....i actually don't like using my card, i like to collect stamps in my passport.

i'm staying in one of my uncle's houses this time, not my grandmothers. my grandma's place is good since it is really convenient, but her place is on the outskirts of the suburb so less noisy. now the place i'm in, i can actually see green stuff! living on one of the edges of hk, wake up to a sunrise (covered by pollution) and mountains, but the air is more fresher on this side. THERE ARE NO SHOPS HERE, it's that new. at least there's an mtr.

waiting for relatives to wake up and then ring them to meet me....

Thursday, December 13, 2012


i have a habit of packing things the day before, in reality, it's really the hour before i leave i do most of my packing. like when people came to my house just before schoolies, i was still eating/packing.

i think i used to pack heaps early, but realised it was a waste of time/took up space in my room/hallway, so leaving it until i really need to pack is good.

also, sometimes you need this piece of clothing but it's already packed, so you'd have to dig for it, but packing the day before eliminates this "frustration" (not sure what word to use here...) there's actually not much to pack.

i have ~20kg of food which i need to take and lug to the airport ):

i still have changed/checked my preferences. kind of forgot what order i put stuff in. awks.

another day of Glee. don't know why i'm so into it since tues. am i missing high school? not atm. i mean, my high school life was probs around 2% of what glee has. the only thing in common between our high school life and theirs are the bells/periods.
finished season 2. well, i kind of skipped parts (obviously) since there's 22 episodes 43min each, which is approx 16 hours, which leaves 8 hours to sleep, but i like my 10-12 hour sleep, and then there are chores...i was actually quite excited for doing chores during hsc =/

hk tomorrow! going to try not to over buy.
by tomorrow night, i would have been to 5 different airports in one week!
5th planes ride in a week! setting new pb's (: yay planes and airports!


(sunday/monday post. yeah, my posts these days are kind of completely all over the place)

i really should stop taking photos of everything. i really am a tourist. from the path to clouds to the transition of a plane when it stops and people reload food and petrol.

it was sooo hot. "dry hot" humid. and the worse is yet to come. wild turkeys and kangaroos everywhere. and marine animals which sting you from november to may. it's actually quite pretty, but the water still wasn't fully blue like thailand beaches or cairns (haven't been there, but i've seen photos) so they don't actually have a beach.

everyone came from sydney. also saw 2 other baulkoers, who also didn't tell their friends about going there. what a coincidence. saw some old girra people, like some people i would never have thought they would have gone/tried.

idk, i can write stuff well, but can't talk good, and hate this feeling of regret...oh wells...and i always seem to talk less than people. really should have talked more/kept of talking and talking and talking.

if i got in, i would actually consider if i really want to go there, because location wise, it's pretty crap. from one side of campus to the other takes about 40 mins walking. there's just land and land and land, and even though i can drive, i won't have a car there. oh, and the public transport is really bad. only buses, which you have to walk quite a distance.

it's true how people saw rural people are friendly. like on my 2nd "random explosive security test" at the airport, the guy was making convo with me, so was the white/old-ish taxi driver, and the person didn't even check for my id at the airport! i mean, that's kind of dangerous since if someone picked up my e-ticket, they could've got a free ride back to sydney.

it was a good experience (:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


four planes in two days. i think i'm becoming a mini high-school-leaver-expert-on-planes-and-airports

jks. i wish.

anyways, i guess i made a good decision to come back down on monday on qantas, since my dad says they always give you snacks. so on sunday going on business i stuffed myself for the day, then on monday i was also fed more plane food (: (this probably doesn't make sense)

what i wanted to say is that qantas is good since they give you food even if you're in economy.

their business class on small planes isn't good since there are no leather seats.

also, the flight attendants on qantas vary in age. like one guy looked like one my the deputies/my old maths teacher back at girra. when giving out the safety instructions, they were very un-cooridinated and did stuff at different times, where as virgin had young-ish people, AND WERE SO PRECISE IN DEMONSTRATING THE SAFETY STUFF. yes, i notice these things. it's actually quite amazing, their co-ordination.

qantas had some screens to watch for economy, but glancing back at virgin's economy, i don't think they had any screens.

i love planes! being high above the clouds is so pretty (: i love everything about planes, except the toilets. i'm really picky about my toilets, so duke of ed toilets were...a challenge back then...

qantas is cool, since in sydney's domestic terminal they have their own side/building which is closer to the car park, which means other airlines kind of have to trek a bit to that side.

now i know where the 10min free parking is at the domestic airport.

Glee Marathon

my whole body full ached yesterday after trekking all over the place on monday and carrying all my bags since i decided bringing a suitcase and walking around the place would look even lamer. haven't carried a backpack since september, so my shoulders were aching yday (and kind of a bit now) and i also slept for 13hours yday, record. then i felt sleepy the whole day.

today and yesterday i had a glee marathon. re-watched all of season four so far, part of season three, and starting from the beginning. when it first came out, i didn't really follow it, and just watched it whenever it was on and i had free time. it's actually really predictable, but i like their voices (: and initially i thought season 4 would be bad, since most shows after the 3rd season goes bad, like Lost, i followed the first 4 season, and then it was ridiculous, and skipped to the last 2 episodes, and Heroes, was my favourite tv show for 2 seasons, then everyone started to have super powers which wasn't that fun to watch.

i could have a glee marathon any day over a LOTR marathon, but i'll still try to watch them before uni starts.

soo many chores. oh well, good exercise, and walking a lot over sunday/monday was also good exercise (:
going to gain so much weight when i go hk, oh wells, there's good and cheap food over there (:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Business Class!!!


i wrote about 2.5 pages about this in my notebook, usually i try to keep it to 4 lines per day, but it was just superb!

i went on Virgin Australia business class, really depends on your flight which kind of determines which aircraft. but on my first flight, i was on a newer plane (i googled this stuff before)

even though i didn't have any bags to be checked in, i decided not to use the "check in yourself" machines, but be cool and skip THE MASSIVELY LONG SUNDAY MORNING LINES, and get checked in right away. you could have 2 bags at 32kg each. that's 64KGS! so much! but i didn't use it ): even for my hk flight, we can only have one 23kg ):

free entry! actually, you have to be a member to enter, and then you also have to pay a membership fee, so technically you can't buy your way in unless you are a member, but business class allows you to have free entry. the food wasn't that great since they don't have neil perry whose with qantas, but there was still free food! i hate way too much, like 5 pieces of bread, plus other stuff.
the sydney lounge is better than brisbane as they have their own barrista and freshly made pancakes, but at brisbane, they only have a coffee machine, and a machine which makes the pancakes. but the seats at bris are better.
a lot of people go to the lounge to just chill and not eat. after 11am, they change it to the lunch menu, so at brisbane i could try more food.
the toilets are soooo clean. like 4 star hotel quality. they're massive as well. and the soap/hand cream was really nice quality. also, had a look at the shower, and they supply you with soaps and stuff, and they were really clean and nice, and defs 4 and maybe 5 star quality. 
waking up early to spend 1.5 hours at the lounge was worth it.

i bet the guy there was thinking "are you sure you're in the right line" but i didn't have to wait for all the old people/young kids to board first since business/gold/platinum member could board first (:

IT FELT LIKE YOU WERE ROYALTY ON THE PLANE (well as high as royalty can go on a plane...if that makes sense). 
"good morning Miss Li" 
"would you like anything miss Li" 
"would you like me to take it miss Li" 
"Thank you miss Li" etcetc
AND THEY ACTUALLY SAID MY SURNAME THE RIGHT WAY! yes, i was impressed since aussie people sometimes don't say it right.

the cabin crew boys for business class were so cute! not hot, but cute. kind of gayly cute.. (?) idk, like kurt and blaine on glee. and the flight hostess were quite pretty. (will do a comparative qantas post before i go hk).
upon sitting down, you get served some juice, then they ask if you need to hang your coats etc (yes, you can hang your clothes up if you want). 
AND YOU GET INDIVIDUAL SAMSUNG GALAXY TABS! they didn't have ipads ): but next year qantas is going to roll out ipads on most of their boeing planes even for economy. anyways, you only get a tablet to watch off if you're in business class, since they don't have installed screens unlike Virgin Atlantic's international flights. tablets are way better, since they're clearer/bigger, and easier to control compared to a remote. and they had recent movies as well (: didn't finish ice age 4 on my first flight (i'll finish it on my plane flight to hk), but on my second flight, i managed to finish diary of a wimpy kid (the 3rd one). then they also gave you free ear phones with this cute little cases and the quality was pretty good. 
since my first flight was short, they gave out muffins (well i actually didn't hear the other option since i was watching stuff. THEY HAVE REAL METAL CUTLERY, CERAMIC PLATES AND GLASSES for business class!  they have plastic everything for economy. you could tell the glass was actual glass since i saw one that was a tiny bit chipped.
then more unlimited drinks etcetc.

and they have leather seats! i could even extend my legs horizontally since it was THAT spacious. they rope of the business class seats, and there is this purple barrier. also, business have their own toilet. and on my 2nd flight, you're not supposed to go to the toilet when people are going to leave the aircraft cause you might cause congestion, but the person still let me since i was in business.

on my 2nd flight, it was an old virgin blue plane, but they renovated the insides so that even economy had leather seats, but business/economy had the same sized seats. just the seat pitch for business was longer. i was also watching stuff, and didn't hear properly the menu for lunch, so i was like "the 3rd option" which turned out to be the vegetarian option, the salad wasn't that nice, and the chocolate tart was soooo sweet, so i didn't finish lunch, but i already stuffed myself at the brisbane lounge. also had a cranberry and something juice. i had about 5 drinks in 1.5 hours.

you may say, business class requires more money so the lounge isn't free. but in one of my earlier posts, i said i used my dad's reward points since the business ticket used less points than the economy ticket which lets you changed dates etc (which STILL doesn't make sense, since in business you could also change dates and stuff for less points but you also get more benefits)

SO EVERYTHING WAS FREE FOR ME! BUSINESS CLASS IS SO WORTH THE MONEY! i hope i don't get sucked into wanting to go on business class for the rest of my life. i would really like to do a job which allows me to travel, since i love planes, and then reward points, and then fly business for free! you guys have to go on business once in your life! imagine what first class would be like...they don't have first class on short domestic flights. even though i'm going on economy to hk, it'll be ok since i'll have heaps of new movies to choose form and watch (unlike economy domestic flights you don't get anything if you're on virgin)

yay business class! (:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost an Airport Catastrophe

i was supposed to leave today, but stuff happened so i'm leaving on friday, but my bro is going by himself to hk.

and we all kind of died in the car today.

first, it's actually because of my bro/dad/mine decision

my bro was really, really slow to get out of the house, but my dad was all like "over an hour, plenty of time"
lol jks.

so i told my dad to not go through the m2/lane cove tunnel/harbour bridge tunnel because all up it would cost around 12 bucks. so we took the long way, and bam, we hit Victoria Road, one of Sydney's  busiest roads. we thought there wouldn't as much traffic since it's a weekend, but obviously we were wrong, traffic jam for 15min. then we avoided another tunnel, but went through the city. bad choice, city traffic on a weekend=20min traffic. super duper bad, like all the lights didn't co-operate, so when it was green, only 2 cars could actually go through the lights because of the cars on the other side. we couldn't turn back, so went underground to the free tunnel. even getting inside the tunnel took 10mins. then we saw signs saying there was an accident. inside the tunnel.

it was about 2 already, and bag drop closes an hour before the flight ie 2.45 since the flight left at 3.45. major traffic jam, since three lanes become 2. super duper stressed. dad was so angry. why? because if my bro missed his flight, we wouldn't be able to re-book since all the other flights were full. we couldn't even get a credit since we already checked in online. and then we already paid more than an iphone 4s amount for his trip to china, which obviously couldn't be re-booked.
after 25mins, we passed the car. FRIKKEN 4WD BMW? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BREAK DOWN? SO MUCH FOR A LUXURY CAR WHEN YOU BREAK DOWN INSIDE A TUNNEL. in tunnels, there is only one way, but if you at least broke on a normal street, at least we could've done a u-turn or something. there were signs saying "turn on the radio" and then they had several announcements about moving to one side for emergency vehicles, which meant the car broke down like 5 mins before we entered the tunnel. if only my bro wasn't so slow.

after emerging from the tunnel, we only had 15mins before the bag drop closed. every single car to the airport drove at 100 instead of 80. it was logical, getting stuck with so many cars. i was scared that my dad would crash into someone else's car and vice versa which would mean my bro wouldn't be able to get on his flight.

10mins remaining, my bro leapt out of the car, and i ran after him with his luggage. luckily i went with him to the bag drop, since he's kind of stupid. he went virgin australia instead of virgin atlantic. BUT WE MADE THE BAG DROP WITH ONLY 6 MINUTES REMAINING. SUCH A RELIEF. even if the bag drop closed, the most important is the boarding pass. i guess if we did miss it, he'll just have to buy EVERYTHING from his suitcase in hk. the guy at the bag drop kind of smiled, since my bro was sososo late, so he gave my bro an "express path" pass for customs, which he already had. i though you used them when you went inside customs but after he went in, the express path door was further too the left. oh wells, he said customs only took a minute for him. at least on friday i know where to go to use my express pass.

i also went with him so my dad didn't have to pay for super duper expensive airport parking prices. only the first 15mins is free.

and the gate closes 30min before departure time, and you still have to walk to find the gate, but he made it 10minutes before it closes. (but i remember once, the flight was delayed cause a passenger had some over sized luggage and the whole flight had to wait, something along the lines of that, don't really remember...)

REALLY HOPE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, WHICH IS WHY I'M GOING TO LEAVE FIVE HOURS BEFORE MY FLIGHT DEPARTS. going to go by train-at least there aren't traffic jams, but there are delays...which probs won't be as bad as our traffic jams today.

yay airports! going to be there for 4/7 days this week (:

i think being an air hostess would be cool. get to travel the world and go on many planes. too bad i'm short.

and i finally slept for 12 hours-record so far. super bad idea, had a mini-headache and back hurt and felt super duper hungry. tired throughout the day, and i also have to wake early tomorrow... =/


Friday, December 7, 2012

so many people assisted today. you could see where your money went.

you know, random thought, being a nurse isn't too bad, since it's not hard work, but you're still in a hospital.

nuclear medicine seems pretty cool. massive machines.

i always have the mindset that private anything > public anything (which completely contradicts the various posts/articles by Icedtrees)

just watched the last episode of season 2 sherlock holmes. MIND BLOWING. at first, i didn't really like where the episode was going, since it didn't have a lot of detective stuff, but i guess i didn't mind the whole plot thing. just googled how he came back alive. they are pretty plausible theories online. i understand why people can't wait for season 3! maybe they should also make a sherlock holmes 3 movies, since they have the tv series doing a season 3...

i'm also up to date in modern family and glee. i see what ten meant by fast tracked. i thought they didn't have enough money and just stopped putting it on tv, but it's actually because the episode isn't even out in America yet. i guess hk will get my mind off what happens next, and then watch them when i get back (:
but cliffhangers! ):

my "to go" list of places to eat/go is longer than my "to buy" list. i've decided the 2nd day i go to hk i'll go to my aunty's house to take some clothes. not sure if i told you guys this, but she sleeps in the living room since 2 of her rooms are filled with bags of clothes (the 3rd room is her husband's)

bro going to hk tmr already.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Talent 100 Party

i couldn't go last year since it was during exams, but i could go this year! it was super awkward at first since when i arrived (and i went there about half an hour late), there were only like 10 other people who i didn't know. but then that's why you have to make friends or else you'll end up a loner.

it was at this place where apparently had cheap and nice food. we had finger food there and unlimited number of drinks. i thought i wouldn't be full, but after a number of mini burgers which were super cute, mini quiches etc, and heaps of pineapple juice, i was full.

it was almost a 1:1 ratio of student to staff, since it was a school night, so there were mostly yr 12's. last year's pictures looked like there were more people. there wasn't a dance floor, but a dance space. at least the dj was ok. left 1.5hours earlier. it actually ends around now.

sooo much people drinking/smoking. unlimited drinks! the bar had heaps of different drinks. i still have had a proper drink yet, but it's too dangerous. at least i only have 2 years to be super careful not to drink and drive, unlike people who are are starting to drive after hsc have 4 years to be super careful to not drink and drive (if that makes sense, since you'll be 18 when you still have your L's). less than 2 years until i have my full licence, then i can have a little bit of alcohol, but still be under the limit to drive.

i wore my super short black dress. it's kind of for "clubbing" but it's not "revealing" which is good. it's amazing how a simple belt can change an outfit (i actually hardly ever wear belts). i love wedges (: comfy and gives you height (:

saw some old people, but then other people who i didn't know were quite friendly.

i've kind of lost my touch for curly hair since i didn't curl my hair during hsc year. oh wells, now i have time to refine my skills (:

went for a scenic drive at night (it kind of sucks that you can't stare at houses and drive at the same time). from macquarie to my house, i only saw three fully lit up houses. i guess the electricity prices are preventing people to put up more xmas lights. the house around the corner of my street has been consistently putting up lights full on-good on ya!

also, bro had his formal today. he's still not back. his school is so nice! they organise two private buses to get them to their cruise and back to the station. yes, yr 10 and they have cruises. not sure what they do for semi next year. i had to force him to bring a camera.

just read bitter's post. i was going to say, tbh, i don't like anne hathaway's short hair, but i still love her as an actor. remember the good old princess diaries?

ahh, early morning tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Draft Time

going to post my draft posts. they're all actually completed, except either blogger or my internet screwed up, so i thought i posted them, but they never ended up being posted.
and then i clicked all of them, and they all disappeared!!! ): so i went back, and then i could only save one old draft. i may have accidentally deleted it

from a while ago: (i also deleted a 100th post/ramble about btown, and other stuff...)

write, so the orange pencil button is for a new post. i think this is more stylish-word-document-ish, hopefully i'll get used to it... excitement for hunger games. they make me happy, since i haven't been reading anything good these days.
finished book 2 today. 2 books in 2 days. this is a record for me. (i'm a slow reader) it sucks how my brother reads faster than me and tries to spoil the story with truths/ know, his school studied the first book in year 8, how cool! he was one of those who "read the book before it was popular"

ahhh, the book is so ridiculous, as in funny (?) ridiculous...


got a letter from uac today, which reminds me that i need to change my preferences. haven't logged in ever since...before hsc...i think? isk, more than 2 months ago. i don't remember what my 1st preference is...awks...

also, i will admit that sherlock holmes, the modern tv seriers is better than the movies, but i still love the movies since they have some action and i like the actors, it's just that the tv show has really cool crime scene stuff, and the plots are pretty smart. like the one i watched today: "i am SHERlocked" ingenious! please watch it guys (:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"LOTR Marathon"

well that was the plan, but i only ended up watching a third of the first one. i've seen most of the first one in history elective a few years ago, but fell asleep in parts (and i usually don't fall asleep in movies), and i don't think i could go through and watch the 2nd and 3rd one. maybe i might finish the trilogy before i start uni...

thanks JB-Hi5 for the food! it's good to try something different for a change.

then we ended up doing...(i shouldn't say here)

i still remember how to get to girra without using a gps!

oh, did i mention that on friday night, someone crashed into my car which was parked on the top of our street. on sat morning when i went out, i removed the screen protector thing, and started driving when i noticed a piece of paper, and then i stopped and thought i was fined. turns out the guy left a note. then on sunday morning a neighbour came by and told us that her friend came and didn't want to drive home since she had drank and ordered a taxi. the taxi guy did a three point turn and crashed into one of my headlights and dented the side panel. IT'S SOOO WIDE AT THE TOP OF OUR STREET. HOW CAN YOU FAIL A THREE POINT TURN? there's enough room to not do a three point turn. fail taxi driver (and his english on the piece of paper wasn't very good)-at least he left a note. but at least he left a note, unlike our old neighbour's friend who also dented the side of my car but just drove off.
there's something about the spot i park on the street. i'm always wary of my parking, so i make sure i don't park bad.
dad fixed the car, but it's kind of awks getting the money back without going through the whole insurance process

Monday, December 3, 2012

Skyfall-James Bond

if you didn't know by know, i like to talk about the movie (so if you don't want me to spoil it, don't read it...)

it was good, but not great. i understand why my bro was kind of dissapointed. bond girls didn't do much of the typical stuff, only one bond car, this one was just different, but action packed with the bombings and stuff are pretty cool. i also realised i really like my cars, but cars lose their value, unlike houses...

and M died! she was a really good actress, she really suited the role. well i guess she had to retire at some point, since she was in a lot of films. i quite like "Skyfall" by Adele. and before the movie, my bro spoiled for me that skyfall was bond's home, at least he didn't spoil the ending.

and that movie seat was so bad. either had to sit really straight or slouch a lot. my back really hurts. that's why towers event cinemas > parra.

just googled who rescued him from the river. we never know! noooooo, but i guess that's where our assumptions come in.

and i feel ripped off. last time i caught a bus to parra its was 2.30. this time i said student (instead of child/concession) and it was 2.20. maybe it's cheaper after 8am...

and i finally had bread top today! well the savoury bread. haven't had them for over half a year since i don't think they're worth it, and are very oily

walked around a lot randomly today.

so much stuff to do.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

HK Tourist Websites

googled top 10 places in hk. i've been to all but two, and was planning to go there anyways.

thus, i will spend approx four weeks eating! going to restrict myself to not buying a lot. last time i bought quite a lot, that even now, some stuff remain unused, which is a waste of money.

i wonder if my mum will let me roam around the markets at night...

AND I FOUND MY OCTOPUS CARD! lets hope it still works. took a while to find it though, since i had to go through my bag of last holiday stuff. so reminiscent! i have wet tissues from thailand, and like  streamers from disneyland. and i found my journal from my last trip, it's actually filled in every page, and i managed to write everyday, unlike this journal which i am still a few days behind...

yay for business class! access to lounge=free brekkie buffet! will actually wake up early to go to airport (:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yogurberry x 3.5

so there was a yogurberry at epping. full packed today since it was their last day for 50% off. still haven't had noggi, but probs won't be having it anytime soon. i think out of moochi and yogurberry, i like the 2nd one better, as it has more stores=more popular=tastes better.

chatswood (after term 2 assessments): six flavours, i think. when i went there, i scabbed off people.

eastwood (after trials): six flavours, strawberry, blueberry, taro, passionfruit, plain, mango. i think this was $4.10

cherrybrook: four flavours, taro, mango, strawberry, plain. not self serve since the store owners bought a yogurberry machine. $3 (and it was half price). didn't feel like there was a lot. melted really quickly. flavours weren't strong enough,

epping: $3.10 (yay for half price) six flavours, strawberry, taro, green tea, chocolate, mango, plain. consistency better than cbrook, but because there was heapsssss of people there, i don't think the machines made it cold enough, so it also melted quickly, but i satisfied my froyo craving since cbrook one wasn't made nicely.

according to the website, i still haven't tried: pomegranate, pineapple, banana, green apple

this time i actually want to get bored in hk, if possible. whenever we go, we go overseas for a month, but end up spending only 2 weeks in hk since we go to another country/mainland china. so i will make a massive list of touristy places to go which i haven't been to yet! there's still other people's places i want to go.

relos forcing me to get whatsapp. i'll get it when/if i get a new phone.
i wonder if my octopus card still works from two years ago? i still have some money on it...
just checked. valid for three years.

and when i was getting out of the car today, there was this massive spider. as in 12cm diameter. literally had to run away from my car
and then another massive spider (but not as furry) in our hallway about an hour ago...