Monday, October 10, 2011

Yr 12-ish

i spent my time in my car today than on my desk, great start already.... =="
but i drove to school for the first time today by myself (: traffic was surprisingly good in the morning and arvo. and i got home at 3:30. i love how i don't have to continuously annoy my mum when i have to wait for her...

had dinner out tonight cause of one of Dad's companies clients (?) from Japan....
my jap sucks): i wish someone could get all the crab meat for me so i didn't have to cut myself on the shell doing so...

oh, and my phys mark was bad, but that was expected. apparently someone got 50%, so i'm 99% sure i am second last.
this better not happen next year.
but i know why i did bad. only wrote notes then crammed the night before.
and i can't cram.
so, yeah...

so much to remember for dancing ): i don't think i'll do contemporary next year, but i still want to keep dancing so i don't become sooo fat i can't even walk....
oh, and this morning after i parked my car, i was walking up the slight inclination, and i was slightly panting, how embarrassing, like my physics mark.

i just realised i did nothing at school today.
also great start =="
and yaya for extension english game (: if everyone "co-operates" we all get ten merits each. but there will always be a person who accuses someone else....

so screwed for chem. (i've probably said this more than 100 times now)
and hurry up senior study room! i hate listening to noisy yr 7/8 in the library. i can't even listen to myself ):

my physics book is funny. i was scarp parts of some leftover Winnie the Pooh contact, so it's like 3pieces of contact on the book. it's easier to contact in parts, and there were no bubbles in my phys book (:
hectic day tomorrow.
and fb chat numbers have decreased write a lot, maybe cos of HSC which feels veryveryveryveryveryveryvery near.

and people shouldn't get iphone 4s (unless your rich and like to spend money) cause Siri is only Beta, so there's going to be a better proper one, probs in 6-12 months. (which is my wildly random guess).
but Siri is still cool (from the videos it looks cool, i think i've mentioned this a lot as well....)

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