Thursday, March 29, 2018

Glider KS

This cafe only has a few seats inside and is next to Spice Alley, but almost missed the entrance into it. There’s a front and back entrance, and somehow we both missed both entrances trying to find this cafe. 

food spread

Hojicha french toast, genmai with taro ice cream-$17

I think I was expecting a bigger hit in flavour in this dish, since the hojicha in the toast was very subtle, and the piece of toast wasn’t that pretty. The purple in the taro ice cream and edible flowers did help brighten the brown hues in this dish. There was a decent amount of taro flavour, but I also would’ve liked more. With Asian flavours, I prefer more stronger flavours without being sweet, so I guess they may cut back on the flavours for people who aren’t as accustomed to those sorts of flavours.

Glider thai omelette (plain)-$13

I wanted to order a savoury dish but not a burger so settled for this omelette (too cheap to add extra money for chicken). It’s a nice omelette, but nothing amazing. Could be fluffier and had more Thai flavours rather than just using Thai toppings. I think if I tried, even I could make something like this.

Butterfly effect: lemon iced tea-$7.50

love this purple shade

When you poured out the drink, it had a lovely purple colour-one of my favourite shades of purple. It was a little bit bubbly and slightly sweet, but tasted more like carbonated water with a bit of lemon. 

cool cutlery

sort of open kitchen

front entrance 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

End of an era  stage of life (?) today. Gym membership finished today after over a year, since when I pushed it back a month for when I went overseas. I think in total, there was around 6ish weeks where I didn't go, either too busy with uni, sick or didn't have time, which is a decent chunk of money thrown away. Even when I did go esp towards sem 2 when I had classes, only just managed one class a week if I was lucky. Paying premium price to go to a place which is clean and has classes. Stuff like gym includes buying new clothes/yoga mat/shoes etc, then probs won't use those stuff ever again. Reminds me of all the swimming and dance gear I still own but haven't used in ages. Are they supposed to send me reminders that my membership has expired...? I hope they don't keep deducting payments cause that'll be really screwed.

It doesn't help that my gym is/was a 20min drive from me, through a road which is upgrading to multiple lanes, so construction all the time for the past year. Pretty much spend an hour each time just for transport. They have almost finished expanding it from 2 lanes to 4+ lanes with more room for bus stops. They should've just built a wider road ages ago to help those people further in the north west. It's also like they should've made the tunnels ok for the new trains between Epping and Chatswood when they started making it, rather than closing it and remaking stuff....

I think I'll still miss the classes, since without them, I'm back to being a couch potato. I can't do my own thing at the gym because it requires too much brain power and I won't push myself as much, whereas copying someone is a lot easier to do. Shoutout to Tracy for introducing me to it. Never new over a year ago I would actually join s gym lol. Maybe one day I'll do a list of things to do if you fail, but gyming is is a very good time waster yet productive at the same time. I understand why people go on runs sometime to de stress, just exercising or just simple yoga does help clear the mind, even if it's just the tiniest bit away from the constant mind talk inside your head.

I've been waking up with a headache for the past few days, and I never get them. My initial thought was ok, maybe I am getting a brain tumour, but my visual fields are still full and no sudden onset of double vision or vision loss...It's just this dull, persistent headache...My eyes have also been screwed the past few days, but that's just more contact lenses related, it could be giving me the h/a, but there have been times I haven't worth the CL but haven't felt this h/achy...

I've taken way too long to do some of my reports. Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of rotation 2, then 3 week holiday  study session.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Easter Show 2018

The last time I was at the Easter Show was 2012 when I was promoting stuff/selling stuff, and technically my first paid job and got free entry into the show but didn't actually do much since was tired and didn't have time. Going to the Easter Show almost every year in primary school and spending so much money on rides and show bags brings back good memories, but damn it was expensive. I guess going again this year, the novelty of the Easter Show has long worn off, but it was nice just walking around slowly and really just chilling there.

For a Saturday, it wasn't too crowded, especially cause it's not even school holidays yet, and the Easter weekend next weekend is always the busiest. Didn't buy anything apart from food. Showbags base price are like 2/3x what they used to be and not very useful a kid stuff wasn't that useful but it was still fun having a show bag of random stuff. 

headed straight to Woolies fresh food dome for free food

Pretty decent portion of freebies. We went again just around dinner time, and they had like a pulled pork coleslaw instead of pork schnitzel. 

I always like looking at displays

Haunted House

I listen to Kyle and Jackie O whenever I drive, and every year they hype up their haunted house, and I've never been before so wanted to go to this. It was 10 coupons, and each coupon is $1.10, so pretty much pay $11 to go in which isn't cheap. It takes around 6mins to walk through. As expected, a lot of jump scares which I'm pretty bad at irl. I can do jump scares in movies, but irl even at home, if something suddenly falls/smashes when it's quiet, I scream a bit...It also didn't help standing behind BW because they scare you from behind lol. They don't actually touch you, but can sort of scream behind you. The actors stand super still so you can't really see them pop out from the dark. Have to give credit to their make up artists cause all that fake blood isn't easy to do. I guess they do get paid so they're pretty good at jump scaring people.

Turkey leg-$15

It's reminiscent of when I first went to DisneyWorld with fam, since needed something filling, cheap and quick to eat when you're crazily running around to make the most of your time lining up for rides. Luckily had quite a lot of time to eat this. It's decent and not overly salty or burnt from the BBQ.

Lunch time entertainment. Was hoping to see some horse jumping but missed out. Also didn't manage to see any dog jumping or random pig racing either. 

Booked a session to try some Woolies food at reserved seating

It was quite fancy with sparkling apple juice, and they were showcasing their new packet pizza bases. It's not cheap for like $7 if I heard correctly, and you still have to roll it out, wait 30min for it to proof then bake it, and you would also have to prep other ingredients. I guess it's a sort of fun thing for kids to do, but I think premed pizza bases would be a lot easier.

Potato pizza

with some salad

Pear pancakes with sheep yoghurt

Sheep yogurt sort of tasted like Greek yoghurt but not as sour, and more creamy/elasticy in texture. They were telling people that the Odd Bunch of fruit at Woolies is still usable/edible.

Cheese toastie $2

I don't think you can go to the Easter Show with snacking on one of these. Back in 2012 they used Coon cheese which was a lot more cheesy. I think this one is run by an Asian since all stores employed Asians. It's not as cheesy, but if you're after a cheap and quick feed/snack, this is the one. Food is never cheap at festivals.

Looked at the animals but didn't bother lining up to pat them, and didn't want to step in poo hidden in hay...The other artwork and cake designs etc are always nice to look at, but nothing really caught my eye to be bothered to take a photo of it. After a few, they all look the same lol. Yeah, I am no artist.

Just after the rain

It started raining just as they were starting the Opening Ceremony with the Army, Navy and Police force marching out, plus heaps of animals and some officials. Poor guys were in the rain for about an hour. Only some officials had umbrellas which were held out by army guys. The rain stopped when the ceremony stopped haha.

Lemon myrtle ice cream-$5

Interesting flavour and decent serving size. It was a bit soft since they just made it.

Bianco Kitchen: Spaghetti Bun Burger-$12

It is a novelty thing, and it is a total copy of the ramen burger. I didn't really like this bun since I don't like the texture of mushed up pasta. It wasn't really crispy on the outside, unlike the ramen burger where it's got a nice crunch (even though it is quite oily). This was oily but not as oily as the ramen burger. The meat was decent and not too fatty, and the sauce went well and cheese was fragrant, just wished there was more cheese. Price wise it is decent and is quite filling.

The night show has definitely improved. I just remembered their used to be cars, and motorbikes then fireworks. Now they even have a circus/heaps of stuntmen. I love looking at those stunt/risk taking stuff, so fun to watch. I liked how the lighting also matched the music and whatever the performance was on.

people flying off the hot air balloon

horses and people moving the other people on the ropes

motorcycle trapeze

They don't zoom in at all on the motorcycle wheel. I have a feeling it's like a conveyor belt where the wheel is locked onto the string and you physically can't knock the wheel off cause it's stuck to the wire. The person just has to have good balance to fit on top of the motorcycle, and the person flying under just need to hang onto her trapeze seat thing.

trapeze and people flinging other people


some cool thing on the floor

I like these colours

It went on for about 12mins which is pretty long. The fireworks were really loud as well

night lights

I decided to go this year because who knows when will the next time I'll ever have a Saturday off again when I start working next year. Could be another 6yr gap before I come back here, but just being yolo and making the most of my time that I have, for now.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Pepper Lunch

This place is reminiscent of high school outings where you go out to the city for the day then have lunch or dinner at a cheap eats place. 

Classic Beef Pepper Rice-$10.90

Kimchi Chicken with Rice-$13.90

They're decent serving sizes for the price, and it's sort of a fun novelty mixing your meal on a hot plate. Just need to mix it fast to help cook the meat more. I don't tend to add more sauces since I think there's enough flavour in the meat already.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The whole fam is finally back. Hearing stories about tradition Taoism (?) funerals was really weird, even my parents thought it was strange, and is obviously against our beliefs, but followed traditions in respect. It also isn't cheap to do one of those funerals...

I don't think I've ever taken for granted what my parents do for me, even if they don't buy me fancy stuff, I truly appreciate what they do for me, ever since I was old enough to appreciate stuff (probs starting high school till now). Don't have to go into 40deg heat to go 3 shades darker to hang out laundry (I get tanned most easily in the fam), can do some study after dinner instead of washing dishes/tidying the house then being too tired to study, can sleep in an extra 30mins a day cause brekkie and lunch is made for me, actually have properly boiled warm eggs for brekkie instead of a cold breakfast of cold egg and cold bread (because who even has time to toast bread in the morning), not eating half raw eggs because I didn't poach my soft boiled eggs for long enough and the egg white wasn't cooked through, not have to worry about who is coming home for dinner and calculating how much rice to make depending on who needs to bring lunch for rice the following day, not having to wash veggies with my super weak and sensitive hands. I'm pretty lucky to have lots of meal preps and BW helping out, but argh, how do Mum's do it, seriously? Working, cleaning, cooking etc etc....

from SG to HK to SYD

These chips survived 2 plane rides lol.They're pretty good, and have a nice chilli kick to it. It's like an addictive chilli where it's spicy but you want more, you guys probably wouldn't have thought to be hearing that from me. The chilli sort of tickles your throat but goes away. Apparently there's a fish skin version of this, but I feel like you wouldn't be able to bring this back to Syd...

Didn't even ask for any snacks/food from HK, but I haven't even looked through the luggage and there seems to be a lot. I haven't even finished my Jap snacks from last June/July yet lol. Keen to see what work clothes Mum got me. The only clothing I will probably allow myself to buy is work clothes since I will wear that until I'm 65 (I bet they will increase the retirement age to 67 by the time I work), so literally for the next 40ish years...

The other day, someone's car on my street got impaled by a thin but sharp branch right through the windscreen. Don't park under that tree if anyone comes up to my place.

I can't believe it's already 5/6 weeks of rotation 2. The first 3 weeks passed by quite slow, then the last 3 weeks goes by really quickly, just like in rotation 1.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ed Sheeran Divide

Attended my third concert with last minute tickets, literally got them 2 hours before I left the house. When a friend is on placement and she knows you wouldn't really go to these unless it's last minute/slightly cheaper. They were general admission rear standing, so it's not as crazy as front standing/moshpit, but standing does mean standing for at least 3 hours. If I could choose, I wouldn't do standing again since it does get tiring, and subtly try to push to the front. Ended up being 5 rows from the front of the rear standing. You could still see him a bit bigger than if you were seated high up or far back, but so many tall people in front of me, so you had to shift around to sort of look through the gaps of all the tall people. It was super crowded since there were like 2 other concerts plus one sports game one, plus the 78 000 at ANZ stadium. Opening acts included Ryan McMullan and Missy Higgins (only recognised one of her songs, which was really old school)...


Simple stage set up, no stage transformations. Just used the 5 screens branching up with the lights around the speakers, and of course matched whatever he was singing in colour and timing, and the theme of the song.

Was here just over one year ago


The music wasn't really that loud, and personally I think his vocals live weren't as impressive as Adele or Taylor Swift. It's literally just him on stage with his guitar, no back up singers or dancers or costume changes. Whereas Adele had some backup singers, and some dancers, and Taylor Swift is super talented dancing while singing since you can easily loose your breath, and different outfit every few songs. Ed Sheeran has less people to pay for, and he did 3 stadium concerts in Sydney, so he would rake in more money compared to the other 2 artists I've seen.

I like the songs in Divide, because it seems like there are more ballads/more meaningful songs (amongst the heartbreak songs lol). Since it's acoustic, people weren't too crazy and not too many fan girls. I don't really get the whole loop sound system thing, since people screaming from the top half of the stadium is always a fractioned delayed, so I guess people thought he had a back up sound track. I think it's something to do with him singing and then the stuff needs to take time to be moved through all the wires into the bigger speaker near the top.

I sometimes wonder how parents can afford to take the whole family to see a concert. Like one ticket isn't cheap, for a family it'll be one half to almost your whole week's of income, unless you earn above the average salary. I didn't go to my first proper concert until I was 21 and even then it was a discounted ticket. Before that were all these free mini concerts/dance concerts.

around 7.30 not completely full yet

The A Team

I think the phone with lights is most impressive in ANZ Stadium because it's just so big and immense.


Galway Girl


The main reason I wanted to see him was just to hear this song live. Let's be honest, most people fav song is Perfect from this album. I haven't been to a wedding reception before, but on my social media, I've seen at least 5 couples use that song as a first dance song. It is a pretty cute song. 

Thinking Out Loud

I like the cute graphics 

Shape of you 

I like the trees/branches look sort of growing up the screen.

Exiting the concert was so bad, cause everything pretty much finished at the same time. Took like 15mins getting stuck in this bottle neck where people are trying to go in opposite directions. Managed to get a seat on the bus since feet were quite tired. I think I can walk for hours and hours, but standing for hours does get to me. It was still an enjoyable night hearing Ed Sheeran live.

Set List:
Castle on the Hill
The A Team 
Don't/New Man
I'm a Mess 
How Would You Feel (Paean)
Galway Girl
Feeling Good/I See Fire 
Nancy Mulligan 
Thinking Out Loud 
Shape of You
You Need Me, I Don't Need You