Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Car (:

so my parents bought a new car today.
we only JUST got one last year....
it's actually a second hand car but it's really new (according to my dad) because:
-it's only been driven two years for less than 20 000km. the average car drives 1600km/month (according to the car sales person last year), so in two years, it hasn't been driven a lot. you can do the maths (:
-it still smells like a new car.

and the car is leather =D that's my only request in a car. apparently leather for 7 seater cars don't match so we didn't get leather for the other car =/
idk what the colour of the car is. it's greyish blackish silverish and metallic. well apparently according to my dad it's "diamond grey"
also, the car is an "all wheel drive". i still don't know the difference between all wheel drive and four wheel drive, there's is a difference....

so now we have four cars for 2.5 drivers. our whole driveway is filled with cars now.
i hope my rents don't sell the old car so i can have a car all to myself when i get my p's.

there are times like today when i wished i had my p's already...

i found out today why Will wore red. apparently it's an irish guard uniform and he used to be one of them. i would not like to wear uniform to a wedding...
and i think Kate's dress looks a bit better in newspapers. the way they photographed it...yet it doesn't look photoshopped... so i am confused....
i think the shape of kate looks like  barbie doll princess....the longish veil and then tighter at the waist then the rest of the dress goes out
beckham's wife's heels yday was massive :O

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

i just got home in time from maths tutoring to see them say their vows (:
but my first reaction was : wahhhh, soooo ugly
i have seen pictures of Westminster abbey but it''s still really ugly to have a wedding in. i only like the high ceiling and stained glass window.
i don't think i would like a traditional royalty wedding. there's so many songs and people talking.
and the dress.
it's the first time i have ever seen someone where long sleeve. i mean, i have been to weddings in winter before and she didn't wear a long sleeve. and lace, well i don't like it but that's just me. i like the train of the dress though and the veil. that's about it.
her hair is too simple, and her make up, well, i think that was pretty simple as well.
i think she should have at least one thing extraordinary.
i didn't see when they lifted the veil.
and they didn't kiss which you would normally do at weddings, and i didn't see them sign papers.
i also wondered what they did when they walked in the back of the church...
i find the seating very very very strange. it was in a T shape :S it's funny how people say they attend the wedding but the second half of the church couldn't. was there a TV there or else they would not have been able to see the wedding.
i can bet you they BOTH William and Kate don't know more than half of those people in the chruch. a quarter was probably media. they probably only the people in the front part where the choir was.

i would not like to wear a red suit in a wedding if i was a guy. it is English/ royalty stuff but its not normal for wedding....well i don't think.
one other thing: they have sooooooo many horses/soldiers/marching people/ that just literally put on a show. i mean, why would you need that many horses, soo pointless and a waste of money. horses are expensive.
her sister's dress was simple but nice (: it suited her.
i thought the ring would be more fancy. and why didn't William have a ring?
it wasn't as pretty as i thought it would be.
and google changed it's sign just for the wedding, it wasn't like that this morning. and does England gets another public holiday?

i bet anyone 1million bucks (if i had 1 million bucks) that i came last in maths.
it's my first maths test which i didn't finish, so devo )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):
i feel very stupid ):
i'm literally going to die in 3U
i always feel that my test i do is harder than the previous years.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

100th Post (:

yay, i can finally say 100th post (: i must have posted more than 2 times in a day on a few occasions because the numbers don't add up :S

and i didn't fail my first baulko test, well i don't think so since my class's average is the lowest, but i got above his other class's average (:
in terms of percentage, it's not that great, but it's better than i thought i would get (i thought i would get less than 50 out of 75) i can't believe i chose that styrene has a single bond ))))))): it's one of the FIRST things we learnt about hydrocarbons and i got it wrong )))))): super sad silly mistake )))): must not get wrong in HSC.

i understand why people say my year is the unlucky year. stooooooopid english. all the English teachers are like "it's one of the hardest questions we've ever given in 5 years" ==
the questions are sooo hard :'(  and they are relate to people but my poems talk about nature D= and my practice essay has nothing to do with the ques. i am super screwed for english.

but now i have to worry about maths. 

100th Post (:

yay, i can finally say 100th post (:

and i didn't fail my first baulko test, well i don't think since my class's average is the lowest, but i got above his other class's average (:
in terms of percentage, it's not that great, but it's better than i thought i would get (i thought i would get less than 50 out of 75) i can't believe i chose that styrene has a single bond ))))))): it's one of the FIRST things we learnt about hydrocarbons and i got it wrong )))))): super sad silly mistake )))): must not get wrong in HSC.

i understand why people say my year is the unlucky year. stooooooopid english. all the English teachers are like "it's one of the hardest questions we've ever given in 5 years" ==
the questions are sooo hard :'(  and they are relate to people but my poems talk about nature D= and my practice essay has nothing to do with the ques. i am super screwed for english.

but now i have to worry about maths.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

school tomorrow =/
(: because i can see people
): because it's a day closer to exams

i did more work on English today than the last two weeks, i think.
i didn't even touch chem ): but then when i had chem, i didn't touch anything else so i guess they kind of balance each other out right??

i didn't bake at all during the holidays. it's tradition for me to bake at least once during the holidays. i guess times have changed. before i turned year 11, i used to go swimming training every week and in the holz i would go to either ryde or homebush pool to play. and this year, i have hardly swam ))))): even my brother swims more than me ): i miss swimming and aquatic centres. has studying really taken over my swimming life?? ):

all in all, these holidays were very unproductive.

i'm extremely screwed full stop

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i learnt how to park yesterday, except i think i have already forgotten the proper techniques today and i don't have time to practise until after half yearlies ):
the thing about driving instructors is that they pick on all the tiniest tiniest tiniest things you do wrong. it's sooo annoying, but i guess it's for my own good.

this has definitely been my longest streak of not going to movies. the last movie i watched was Tron Legacy 3D back at Dreamworld. i forgot what the last movie i watched in sydney was....but i am going to keep up this streak (: so basically 4 months so far since i went to the cinemas (:
we hired a movie today-narnia 3. it's ok, some parts are funny then gets lame, and some parts are unexpected. i think they get worse and worse since this one doesn't have all four children and that they spend most of their time on a boat, not on the "narnian land"

ok, i can feel i am super duper screwed for exams.
does anyone know how to graph this??

Monday, April 25, 2011

i should have taken up the offer of going to hotpot instead of saying i needed to study because i didn't end up studying. i now kind of regret it. today was very very very unproductive. i really suck at computer chess.
so i lied. i didn't even touch English today ):

the first time i touched a 3ds was at the easter show. what i like about is the analog stick like on playstations, but it's more flatter. i love analog sticks, they give you good control. but if you bought me one, i don't think i'll play it a lot, idk. i find it kinda hard to focus your eyes on.....but it's still cool how it's 3d. the game i played didn't "jump out" ): there's much more buttons on the 3ds compared with the other ds's.

i have a sudden urge to buy this. this is what i spend my time doing in the holidays, finding random stuff =/ so i just checked out cameras on ebay, and apparently sony cameras now are up to 16mp. it was only one year ago that they were 10.2mp. so they jump approx 6mp a year so buy the time i go to hk after hsc, i would be able to get a digital camera with >22mp. well i'm not complaining about my camera right now. it's still cool because it's touch (:

i took these the other day:
from far away i think they look quite spectacular. if only the fly screen wasn't there, so it could be more clearer. but i guess it's there to keep the flies away (:

this one really looks like the painting keely gave me, well in terms of colours, i think.

i think i like this one the most, except it looks different to what i have on the camera =/ it doesn't look as red :S

Sunday, April 24, 2011

We did a medical view on Jesus' crucifixion at church today. it was pretty disturbing and very detailed with a lot of visual imagery. it's amazing how He died for our sins (: and rose again approx 2000 years ago.
i want to watch The Passion of The Christ. i've only seen bits of it, but apparently it's really gruesome/good at the same time (:

we also made easter cards today for prisoners. did you know glue can come in the form of whiteout tape!? it's very cool. i really don't have any creative card making skills ):

i forgot to say yday (i do this a lot). anyways, yesterday on the way to the easter show, the bus driver was driving 70 on a big road as normal. i saw a red light and it kept continuing at the speed so i thought, well ok, maybe this is a new bus with new super duper fast breaks without making you jolt. i actually kinda got scared because the bus actually ran through half the traffic light. it was very awkward as there was cars everywhere and there could have been a massive crash. i don't know what the bus driver was thinking. the lights were already red for more than 5 secs.
and there were two safety cameras there (one on each side of the road) :O i looked on the opposite side of the road and didn't see a flash. i think i must have looked wrong side. the bus continued driving right through the red light.
do bus drivers get fined? i didn't see a flash ): and it's a long weekend so double demerit points for him....??
once i saw an ambulance drive fast through a speed camera and i saw the flash (:

i shall conquer English tomorrow. the only thing i can proudly say i have done are all the maths past papers. that took up most of my holidays.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last Day

Twas the last day for me working at the easter show (: / ):
i don't know how to feel. It's quite good working there: free food samples/lunch/water/free entry/free time but then you have to stand for 8 hours. i guess it was a good experience. i'm so glad i didn't have to cook anything.
i didn't spend a single cent on food or drinks those 5 days (((:
now i can finally have time to study.

my mum said i was kiddish getting a tiny teddy's show bag. the only reason i got 2 show bags was because my brother got two.

i like fast and furious (: the fifth one seems good.
and did you know (i found this out only tonight) that Vin Diesel's name is an anagram for: I End Lives.
isn't that soooo cool!??? and it's so true (except for The Pacifier....but it still has the same idea...)

Friday, April 22, 2011

i woke up too late today to go to the easter service ):
in a way, easter is more important than Christmas. i think the song "Jesus Paid It All" really reflects the easter message (:

I am so glad that we didn't receive much chocolate this year. we still have soooo much chocolate from Christmas.

My mum, bro and I went to the easter show on different days-that's a first.
the woolworth's "good taste" magazine is exciting, in fact all food magazines are exciting. after the half yearlies/yearlies/HSC, i'm going to try out all the baking recipes (:

It has been one year since i had braces. 0.5-1 year to go (:

One more day =/

Thursday, April 21, 2011

you know, dog shows are fun to watch, especially when one dog misbehaves in a contest.

it is really awkward when it's just you and the bus driver on a bus at night and when he starts making a conversation about his life and you are trying to read something.

i can really feel the pain in my legs/feet.

my goal of learning to park in the holidays has vanished.

i like showbags (:

i don't even know if i am losing weight. supposedly, if you stand for 8hours +, you should lose weight. but, if you keep eating all day, i think it balances out.... i don't think i make sense.... but anyways, easter show food is nice.
and i have seen many people these past two days (:

a thought just occurred to me: i think i would like 2.5 units maths (:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Salmon on a Stick

so i invented salmon on a stick.
i feel so....proud...wait that's not the right word....well, synonym for proud, for coming up with something new for the company.
everything is on a stick these days:
hot dog on a stick, corn on a stick, chips on a stick, cheese on a stick (i don't know how that works), sausage on a stick

this morning i decided to look at animals.
i don't understand how they judge animals. they all look the same to me. so do the wool and oats.
the sheep pavilion was closed today, but i saw an alpaca getting sheared, and a chicken/rooster getting blow dried.
horse jumping shows are cool, and i like how everyone goes "ooooooo" when a horse knocks on of the poles down.

today around 2pm, we all heard like a sudden crash, then crashcrashcrash, well you get the point.... someone went to check out what happened and apparently someone's wine stall had one of their wine racks fall down. i didn't believe it. so i looked and omggggggggg. the wine rack on the whole wall filled with wine actually crashed down and heaps and heaps and heaps of glass at the bottom of the rack.
and then the wine started leaking.
it fully flooded their stall, and the neighbours store. 10m from it and you could smell the wine.
then there were security and cleaners and police (?).
it took about 40min to clean up
you kind of feel sorry for them since they had such a loss and when you're at the show, you want to make a profit.
later we asked someone and apparently 400 bottles broke :OOO let's say a bottle is 50 bucks (this is really minimal since at the show everything is overpriced). then 400 x 50 is $20 000 lost, which is enough to buy a car.
i kind of feel sorry for them.

i'm seriously going to fail my half yearlies ):

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sleepovers (:

i like sleepovers.

the park at eastwood was realllly fun yesterday, even though it was in the dark.
i felt like such a bogan playing in the park at night.
but it had super cool equipment such as the "ufo". i don't know how to describe it. check out keely's blog:

well, it's kinda like a giant swing and all 7 of us somehow fitted on to it, and swang...
when you look into the shadows, it actually does look like a ufo.
well it doesn't sound interesting but it actually is much funner than it sounds.
and i went on a see saw as well (: which i haven't been on in like a billion years.

i sincerely hate unanswered maths questions. ):
i know i am screwed for the half yearlies even before i see the test paper. i'm so glad they're not counted towards the HSC.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

some random easter show facts i forgot to write yesterday:

-did you know woolies now have avocado in a tube? it's actually really nice, even though its like green crap from a tube.
- they have a new haunted house. it actually looks pretty cool from the front. and sounds pretty cool as well. i so want to go in, but it's not fun by myself ): (and no, i don't really get scared from that type of stuff)
- there's this random game where people pick a suitcase like deal or no deal and whoever gets $200 000 wins a big soft toy.

i don't know if i should get a showbag this year. they seem to get cheaper in terms of the stuff they have inside.

today at church we decided to have a free coffee and cake stall where random drivers on the road can come and pick up a coffee and biscuits and stuff.
so i got to use my coffee skills, except they kinda suck now since i don't have a coffee machine to practise on ))))))))))))):
so only one car came. and we realised it wasn't working so we went up to the cars and gave out the cookies.
the guys decided the free coffee sign didn't work, and nobody was coming, so we decided to have a "honk for Jesus" sign.
since the church is on a main road, trucks also honked and it was quite fun (:

sick ):

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Iced Cakes (:

there was quite a lotta people at the show today even though it rained. maybe because it felt like a lot since everyone likes to go under cover in places such as the dome.
i went there early to check out some cakes. THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY =D i wonder how they judge since they all look sooo amazing. here are a few i liked:

isn't this soo smart? ipho. it didn't win a prize ): probably because it didn't have an "easter show" theme.

it even has a charger :OO and i don't get how to chopsticks can hold up so well

something for the twilight fans:

yayyay disney (((:

 noah's ark. the animals are soo cute (:

chinese stuff (i actually don't know exactly what they are)

narnia (:

and a violin

none of these look like cakes, but they all are.
so much effort put in.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally (:

yayayayayayayay. the thing which is my first item i bought off the internet has finally arrived ((((: after 15days. its soo exciting to finally have a package in the mail from the net. and i thought it would come after the hols, but it came earlier than expected.

so i got a jap dictionary.

i opened it and the paper feels really nice. i think they were a different material to the ones they have at school. so i looked at where it was published and it was from japan (for once it wasn't china). so i told my dad and he said it's radioactive since it's from japan, ofc he was joking.

so i told my mum to touch it and then i said it was from japan and she said it was radioactive and said "quickly wash your hands, you'll get radiation" lolol. i highly doubt the book contains radiation since it was published before the earthquake and has been passed through thousands of production people which means that those people will also have radiation (?) and also passed through the uk which means the uk would also have radiation but there's nothing on the news about it.
i told all that to my mum. she still suspects there is radiation in it ==
however, the book smells really strange though...not like the "new book" type of smell....

my dad finally finished building the garden shed. so now we have one big shed and another dismantled shed in the back yard. i really don't get why he needs a bigger shed since it makes our backyard smaller ):

after one week of holz, i haven't touched english at all DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD=

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Show (:

the easter show started today. i went today not to play like the other 7 years i've been but to work (:
free entry ftw =D
and i'm not working as a volunteer but as a salesperson in the Woolworth's dome which means food food and more food. it's indoors as well so i don't have to worry about getting tanned (:

i could actually get full from trying the samples woolies have. the good thing is they don't make you buy it.

so what did i do? well, i basically stood for 8 hours trying to sell salmon jerky, salmon nuggets and salmon xo sauce. they all don't sound appealing but are actually very nice (:
so if you're going to the easter show this year, visit me (:

i guess it's easy money coz i get quite a lot of breaks and get to walk around for free food. i love how the boss/his son shouts us food. hopefully they continue to on the days i'm there.
to be honest, i don't even know how much i'm paid but i'm doing it for the experience (:

i can feel the pain my dad feels when he does his food expos. my legs just started to feel perfectly fine yesterday, but tonight my feet are dying ):

there was hardly anyone there today. i know because i got newspaper at 7.30 at night and newspapers ALWAYS i given out by noon.

and keely, i couldn't find your painting ): they all had trees and landscapy stuff...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

yayy, i have finally "updated" my ipod. i must remember not to leave it for a month uncharged as my ipod may suffer a little "heart attack."
it's good to have new songs on it (:

my throat hurts ): i think it is due to the excessive singing over the weekend and yesterday.
i cannot afford to be sick, for manymanymany reasons.

i work slower in the holidays ):

yay for another masterchef, but i have a feeling its during/ going to be near exams.
and i think amazing race australia won't be as cool as the america one. i think they chose a host which looks similar to the U.S one.

i have a feeling we're going to be capped by next mon/tues. it's not my fault btw.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it takes 1.5 hours to fully take public transport home from the city + 3-5 min walk.
and it takes only about 30mins to drive.

i went mizuya today. the food was alright i guess, but the drinks looked nice. i ate a lot ): but these last few days i probably walked more than i did in 3 weeks of school. so it kinda balances out right?
and i think i'm going k again next week.

i bought a new bible today after 5 years with my big fat study bible (: the new "2011" edition was ten dollars more expensive, so i went for the older edition. it took me forever to choose. there were too many to choose from.

i have hardly done any study. i already feel screwed ):

learn how to:
- parallel park in between to cars, space park, reverse park, angle park and any other parking ways possible
in between a gazillion of other things to do.

sportsgirl's nail polish is nice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

would you like to hear a joke?
well i find it funny.

well, we had cross country on the last day of term. it's like my bro's school where it's only half a day.

everyone does 3km. and i asked a guy and he said it only 2.7km :OOO. so if you do well in year 7, then you'll do well in yr12.

the course was hilly but i mainly walked up the hills. and i only ran like the first 700m non-stop then i was like ceebs.

so like ok, you would think that in a grade of 200 people there would be a lot of people competing.
there's was actually hardly anyone.

and here's the funny part: i walked more then a quarter of the course yet i made it to zone. i'm not even a runner. it's ironic coz i'm a swimmer but didn't make it to zone for swimming. i just find it funny.

two reasons for getting into zone:
1. people are getting lazy. i always thought baulko was good at sports. in each grade it is possible to have four age champions, but in yr 11, there was only one person, so i also think our grade isn't that good at sports...idk...
2. zone is during half yearlies ))))))))))): and i have an exam on that day ))))): so i don't know how i'll get there ): maybe catch a ride from someone's car...

so yes, that's my joke. it's not even funny but i find it funny.....

my legs hurt more than they did than yesterday :S

Sunday, April 10, 2011

KYCK (((((((((((((((((: (Y)

kyck was amazingly awesomeeeeeeee. this might be a long post, but its the holz so i guess you can spare a few minutes (:

i don't know where to start. maybe i'll do this chronologically but i doubt i'll stay in order..... 

on friday night, we arrived there first and it was a massive carpark and we were the first ppl there (well if you don't count the traffic people)
so we got front row seats for the first session.
omgggg. the hall is soooooooo big. it's actually a tin kinda shed but inside there's lots of light and a stage.

it's an amazing feeling seeing with 2000+ other Christians. everyone is sooo pumped and the talks were really good. kyck is kinda like rice, just longer and less asians. i like sitting at the front. you can see the people more closer. it's amazing how many people come to now Christ over this one weekend. 

i think i liked the 3rd talk and the 6th talk the best.
i'll just list stuff now:
- i got pegged 5 times =D yes i do like getting pegged coz it's interesting to see who pegged you and how fail you are at noticing.
- the countdowns were so cool. i liked the rollercoaster count down.
- and the centre stage thing was pretty cool. they should of turned on the lights for saturdays night session coz i didn't get to take any notes ):
- i liked the steve guy the best. "Angels are good but Jesus is better" (:
- and i loved the funny little boston (?) dance. 
- and the memory verse song "....ohhhhhhhhhh hebrews 10:39" hahahahahh
- and the mosh pit (Y) it kind of felt like a concert.
- i love how the music was loud and you can sing really loudly and no one can hear even if you sing off tune.

katoomba high school is pretty cool in a different way. it feels like an american high school with 3 levels and heaps of stairs. it didn't feel as if we slept at a school. even though i ate a lotta junk food, it was hopefully burnt off through walking up and down the massive stair/walking to and back from the conference centre/walking up the massive hill to get to the conference centre.

i will hopefully go back next year. going to kyck has made me persevere more and learnt more stuff (:
i shall try to apply it in my life.

there was heaps more to say but that's it for now.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

apparently tomorrow's water source is very far from the classrooms. and i don't know what to pack.
i feel like such a noob ):
how would i conveniently wash my contacts/shower/brush teeth etcetc. ):

today i spent the whole lunch time chasing after teachers. so i missed out on soul purpose ):
oh, and the anglican retirement village anzac cookies were nice (:
we got these little boxes which reminded me of happy meals and pop tops. the last time i had a pop top apart from today was literally like 5+years ago. brings back happy childhood memories (:
(well, kinda...)

but i'm really excited for kyck (((((((((((:
i just hope all goes well and that we're near the toilets.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

new mini dilemma.
what to do for sport???
and i won't be there to pick tomorrow ):

i wish there was someone in my family or a friend who i can randomly ask maths/physics questions whenever i'm stuck.
just then, i started catching up on maths but then i got stuck. so i turned to phys which was relatively easy until halfway which i was also stuck ):
i wish they gave out worked solutions in everything. i love worked solutions + explanations ((((:

the more i think about yday, the more marks i know i have lost.
i think i always do this. calculating how many marks i will get based on the gazillionbilliontrillion etcetc things i get wrong.

and i don't know what to pack for kyck. oh, that's mini dilemma no.2

btw, good physics notes are hard to find on the net.

why must yr11 be soo much more harder than yr 10 ??? ):

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Baulko Test

yayayayayay, finished. for now. this term.

aren't you guys proud of me??? i didn't go on fb for two days, didn't go on msn for 3+ days, didn't turn on my laptop yday and didn't go on blogge for 3+ days =D


everyone said the test was easy. well, it was easier than i expected but i still had to guess one question ): and still unsure about other random questions ): and i got an eassssy equation wrong which i actually memorised but forgot under "exam conditions" ))))))))))))):
ohhh, AND they didn't test on 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):
2hours past really quickly. hope they mark generously.

i spent 4 hours on my extension essay so there's really no point starting maths.
and i am 4 exercises and 2 worksheets behind in maths and also haven't started past papers. now i feeel reallllllly screwed. i have never in my life been this behind in maths. i must not be this behind next year or else i'm literally going to drown in maths/hw.

my brother had cross country today. he apparently fell into a river. lolll. thought i liked to share (:

and my parents are thinking of getting another car. we only JUST bought a new car last year. and i haven't even gotten my p's yet. so if they do we'll have four cars at home =/

oh, i just had reallyreallyreally sweet pineapple (: freshly cut and no added sugar (:

i'm scared that i won't get picked for grade sport.