Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Work Life

Past four weeks have been surprisingly busy with catch ups/sorting work stuff out. Now completed one month of work, and slowly settling in. They are already cutting one hour appts, compared to previous grads who were on one hour for longer periods. There's actually quite a lot to help keep me pre occupied, haven't even finished some shows or started my list of things to read. KH3 is so cute, and gaming after work lol.

So much planning to do, sometimes I just ceebs but also enjoy it at the same time. Been eating out way too much these past few weeks, but haven't quite found the time to blog about food. Quite a few CPD event nights to attend to. I guess since I'm still 'young' it's easier to attend them, but a lot of those with families, I can imagine it's hard attending a talk at night right after a whole day of work. It feels good to work though, and being generous in giving money away as well.