Monday, January 31, 2011

The First Day

well, baulko is different to girra. it has air-con so thats a good thing. it's not as "welcoming" as girra though. like last year, girra had these "bonding" stuff to do together. well at least i'm not lonerised.

there's a lot of l's in the grade which mostly is taken up by lee's and li's.

well i guess i'm gonna go through the day.

after assembly, i had chem. well that was fun ==. i was the only one in the class since the yr12's still had their assembly. so ye, THAT was awkward. i have a chem excursion next mon. i don't really feel like going.
physics was bludgy. guys dominate over girls and the room was, well, different to girras. i have to admit, girra's labs are pretty nice. there were stools like the va rooms. not a big fan of them.
in english the teacher found the remote control 3mins before the bell rang. at least we'll have aircon in the next lesson.
i had eng. ext in a maths room.
and jap. there's are more equal balance of gender unlike the last 2yrs. the teachers not japanese. i was hoping for more.
and no maths today!!!

apparently there's scripture in yr11. i have no frees, i dont know if others do.  i have around 3 doubles a day ): i guess it's ok-ish since the periods are shorter. i dont like how lunch is soooo late compared to girra. school fees re around $200+ more expensive than girra. there's no week a or b's so i guess it makes it less confusing. i think i have ok teachers unlike last year english.... i still cant get over how ugly the uniform is. there's too many people in the grade. hopefully i'll know everyone by the end of the year.

i have to find a lot of teachers tmr.  so the day was alrite.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

last day of holz ):

well these holidays have been really fun, but it passed by sooo fast. im not gonna do a recount because that would be very time consuming. if you think about it, the next holidays' we'll be in yr 12 and with a pile of work. i'll miss these holidays

it still hasn't sunk in yet. i cant believe i wont be seeing people ive seen for 4 yrs for 5 days a week ):
i really hope there wont be a lot of work this week. i dont know which bus to catch. i'll follow someone home. i think my skirt is too long == and i hope i dont get lost.

is it possible to even stress before school. i think i am. the workload is daunting.

i kinda hope murray wins but i'm still depressed fed's not in it or even nadal isn't in it. what is with this year? all the top 2 both men and women were knocked out.

i still haven't done half the things on my to do list.

have fun everyone!!!!

i don't like it when my brother touches my laptop even if it is 1 week and 3 days old.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


i cant seem to manage my school week time....
well this year i dont think i'll go training for swimming because:
a) it's time consuming
b) i cant seem to be stuffed even though i love swimming
and nooo more chinese school!!!!!!!!! i cant believe my mum made me go for 11.5yrs straight.
for once in my life, tutoring maybe taking over my extra curricular activities :O

im running out of time to do my maths ahhhhh. i think i need another laptop that only contain textbooks/work related stuff and no other distracting games/internet/music/movies etcetc.

time really does fly during the holz. it felt like a 2 week holiday. i still have manymanymany things to do/buy.

i was going to write more but my memory fails me...

i really didnt care who won today but tomorrow definitely murray ftw!!!!!

next door is having one of their very many parties

ohhh, im running out of time do drive ))))):
i think its coz im too lazy to drive, not that i actually dont have the time to drive, if you get what i mean

Friday, January 28, 2011

i dont know what to put here :S

i was supposed to go to the beach today but my nose failed on me (go figure)

i forgot to say yday:
when djokovic does an unforced error, you can hear the yeeeeeh over the awwwww, which means there were more federer fans yday in the arena which means:
federer > djokovic.

i know fed's getting old, his one of the oldest in the tournement... he'll probs retire next year....
but im going to go for whoever wins tonight on sunday, simply because djokovic won fed so i dont want him to win.

i also bought school shoes yday. it seems watever i buy these days is always low on stock/ no stock/ last one. i had to go to 3 shops to buy that pair of shoes in my size ==

there are some good things bout macs. when you shut down and open it again, the pdf opens up on the page you closed on it. its convenient so you dont have to find your way to where you left it and the camera effects are cool (Y)

I WISH MY CAMERA HAD BLUETOOTH!!! it would be sooooooooooooooo much more convenient to share photos immediately. someone should invent one.

i covered my books today. there not as good as last year ): im older so i should have more skill......i guess it doesnt work like that on me.

ahhhhh, i get so distracted these days. so not in the working mode. oh, and my sleep pattern is sooooo screwed up. how can i possibly wake up early to go to school??

Thursday, January 27, 2011


i was gonna post about something else but this is more important...i think...

ahhhh, federer must win!!!!!! i need to see him in the finals. i hope djokovic slips more. it feels like the finals already since the top two players left are playing each other and the finals will either be seed 2 vs 5 or 2vs7 or 3vs 5 or 3vs 7.

djokovic-don't get any more break points. i dont like him. he swears to much. fed is much more gentle (:
this set right now is vital to federer. my heart is pounding. federer ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gg plain black swimmers. you have done your deed and survived through many months in chlorine/beach/  and a million water slides.

and wth!? im capped again ==. my bro and i cant possible use 50gb on/off peak if we were away for one week and was at church the other week. and we have a password. im so confused. maybe im getting scamed... :S

im soooo devo )))): his still losing ))))): the finals are gonna be boring to watch without fed.

ye, im short enough to fit on one side of the wardrobe. the camera did the lighting....

 it's not as exciting as it sounds, but you can see the reflection off the window (:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day-Project Constructing Wardrobe

well, i spent my day constructing my new wardrobe.

woke up at 9 today and started unpacking the packaging at 9.30. who would ever know cardboard was sooo heavy?

basically, i literally spent the whole day putting it together, actually it was mostly my dad....
first i had move my bed then take out my clothes from my wardrobe which took foreverrr. then deconstruct  my old one then take out everything so there was more room and then vacuum.

the frame didnt take that long but the sliding doors took over 1.5+hrs each. there's heaps a foamy/squishy things to stick on since its glass and you need to "protect" it. putting the door into the slide thing was very troublesome.

on the outside the door looks like a very simple piece of glass but the behind the scenes takes a long time.
i still have to build/put my interiors then put allll my clothes back in and build my other mini wardrobe (as in a chest with drawers)

so that's my australia day.

it was too hot too have a bbq ):

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new wardrobe (((:

so i finally bought my new wardrobe after much calling/checking to see if any were in stock.
i called and then an hour later i checked the web and someone already bought one. i swear they sell by the hour and on weekends by the minute.

i also got the interiors etcetc. i like it. its glassy, slidy, built in and a good size. lucky tmr's a public holiday so my dad can help me build it.

ikea ice-cream is quite nice.

i feel bad for spending $3500+ of my parents money these hoildays and that doesnt count what i spent up at the gold coast.

the dogs are leaving today

Monday, January 24, 2011

things to do

at the start of the holidays, instead of making a things to do list a made a places to go list. well, i had a mental note of things to do but that wasnt well kept...

so the things to do before school starts:
- buy school shoes
- find a new school bag which is the size of a4 no bigger/no less (highly unlikely considering i also looked around at the gold coast dfo and couldnt find one, plus ive been shopping like a billion times these few weeks)
- vacuum room
- rearrange room, move bed
- buy new wardrobe (if they have stock which is unlikely)
- get dad to take down xmas lights (its been over a month since we put it up ==)
- finish 3 chapters of maths (impossible impossible impossible)
- revise jap (possible)
- finish chem hw (possible)
- revise chem (i guess doing hw is revising.... so this should stick to the above point)
- contact books
- clean my desk (hardly studied yet there's heaps of junk :S)
- find a diary similar to last year's one  (impossible- see school bag point ^)
- familiarise myself with the mac
- lose weight (impossible since im really lazy these days)
- find a nice box to put my cards in (impossible, ive been looking the whole day, and i dont want to buy one)
- play a bit of piano so my skills dont die (impossible since i have nothing to play and i refuse to play exam songs/scales)
-watch finals of aus open (this is after school starts, i think)
- tidy up the house
- re-learn how to play the guitar with garageband (its really fun ((:   )
- drive moreeeeeeee (ive been reallllllly lazy these holidays, it's setting me back to get my p's, it's going to be really hard to do 120)

i have a feeling there's still more....

i think windows on purposely made mac msn one step behind since most of apple's programs isnt as cool as windows. you cant have one of those nice backgrounds, cant share files-you actually have to transfer like the olden days, cant change your pm unless you actually go to personal settings. the only good thing about mac's msn is that there are no add's.
i was forced to upgrade to the new msn on my pc ):

dogs DO go wacko for schamakkos. hehehe.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


i cant believe ikea can sell 75 of that particular wardrobe model and colour i want in less than an hour in the morning. i mean it's not cheap. i could buy another new computer with that money. do people wake up early on a sunday morning to buy the wardrobe?? now i have to wait till tues, and they said they were "expecting" stock, which means it probs come on wed. it's so troublesome, you cant even order the stuff.

argghhhhhh. im having so much trouble with simple functions such as copying imported stuff from iphoto to my hard drive. ive been googling for the last half an hour and they all say you have to copy the whole library :SSS i cant find a simple way to copy a folder and paste into my hrd drive. i kinda wish mac would copy pc just for file copying photos.  anddddd, i cant create new folders on my hard drive. i think i have to revert back to my pc to do that. why cant i copy photos onto my external hard drive )))): so i currently back up photos from my comp. exporting the file doesnt work ):

there's only one more week of holz left ): i have sooooo much to do still.

here you go keely:

my mum doesnt let dogs inside.

the normal background:

yayy-it illuminates (:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farewell Party (:

thanks you soooooo much guys ((((: i really wasnt expecting all of this. i showed everyone in my family the shirt, they also think it's awesome (Y)
i think i may have to repay you with cupcakes :P

so thank you to:
keely- your awesome artistic skills which have done soo much
ophelia- it's really pretty (:
tania- yayy pooh bearrrr
daniel- i love the shoe and wrapping :P
julian- yayy it's sparkly
shirley-love that photo <3
yen wei- as always, love the paperclips
ankur- for the house, of course +pool/ (swimming) pool/table tennis
also to: sabina/hannah/dayanan/kanav/chris/ ranjith/legend/ robert for being there and the food (((:
(hope i didn't forget anyone)

of course i'l miss you guys sosososo much but we'll still defs keep in touch. everyone better be going to the next outing (whenever that is)

ohh, my mum thinks you guys are cool (Y)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Day of Kids Fun Day

today was the last day of kids fun day. i can't believe it's already been a week. there's been soo many good memories and the kids are sooo cute i will miss there cuteness. when you see them u will be like ngawwww. hopefully in the next month some of them might come to sunday school.
it has been a tiring/emotional/fun week. the food has been excellent esp the cakes today and the morning tea was very creative. i also miss the cool hall with the steering wheel/ seagulls/ balloons.
i wish my kids could come everyday so i could bond with them more (well, as in a friendly way)
i love the songs, they're alllllll soooo catchy (((((: and they have really really really fun actions. "jump jump jump" is a really tiring song. i shall download the songs sometime.....

i had dinner at a korean bbq buffet at ewood tonight. the car and my bag still smells like it but luckily not me anymore (obviously after a shower). it was alright but not much variety.
oh well, the ppl were happy since they got 30+ people come in.
i found it funny how each food sign said "do not waste food" yet people were barbecuing sushi ..... =/
and there was lots of food left on our plates.
ahhhh, it was a fun night with many different age groups together (((:

i missed the tennis ):

(this is my first post from my mac)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mac Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after 5 loooong years, i finally got a MAC BOOK!!!!!!
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY new laptop ((((((((:

so things that i like atm:
the keyboard glows, thinness, <5 min start up time, it has a welcome video :OOO i felt so loved (by a computer (?)), it smells nice      ....

my poooor msn. i have to rename everyone and it doesnt have the cool background to change unlike pc.
 i dont know how to maximise to fill the whole screen ): i know you press the green plus button but the window doesnt fill the whole screen.
i also dont know how to make the icons be bigger when you put the mouse over it. ohh, i just noticed, the mouse is black.
its going to take me so long to get used to the mac (oh, im using my pc for this post)
now i have to transfer everything. did you know you could pay mac ppl to do that but it'll cost you $200+. no thanks, i'll just do it through usb/hard drive.
whenever i type something, it has a red sguiggally line and i dnt know how to get rid of it. i think i may need to read the instructions booklet (yes, im a computer noob) simple stuff like making some stuff a homepage is troublesome.
everything is set out like itunes.
the mousepad is kinda hard to press, maybe coz it's still new...
the packaging is cool (Y)
everything IS gonna change (like the ads say)

im counting on you till uni (Y)

today's waterfight was fun. i got owned by little kids == since i had a hair water sprayer thing to defend myself with.
last day tmr ): the week has passed sooooo fast.
i dont know wat to dress up as tmr. i never had a pirate hat from wen i was a kid....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3 at High Seas Expedition

well this week i've been taking care of kids as a "crew" leader going on an expedition on a boat. the main hall of the church is kinda cool coz it has a stage with a boat steering thing and birds above your heads.
boys are sooo troublesome. you have to tell them 10000000000 times to do something.
i have vast voyage stuck in my head. it's reallly catchy and so are the actions. it's basically bout being ready to learn God's word at sea.
the food's nice though and the morning tea is always creative.
waterfight tmr (((: must go and find my bro's gun before he finds it.......
arghh sooo tired ): two more days to go but it's fun

i went chem tutoring today :S i forgotton everything we did last term ):
it's alrite but would someone like to come with me, it gets really boring at times.

i wish maths homework would go die because it's killing me.

the uniform of the aus open last year was cooler. federer ftw!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

shoppinggg (heart)*

the funny thing is i didnt go shopping today but i felt like writing my summer holiday shopping experience.

last year (that still feels weird saying it) i went boxing day shopping at myer!!! i went around 10ish so there wasnt that many people but was still crowded. bought some stuff but not a lot since the week before i already went to towers like 4 times...
anyways, as time went by, you had to wait for EVERYTHING: go pay stuff, change rooms, toilets, lifts, esculators, food etcetc. by the time i went outside a bit after lunch it was exactly as crowded as hk. i think even moreee crowded. people had to line up going inside hahaha. yeh, i found that amusing. i was too short to take a photo of the crowdedness so i dnt hav a pic of it ):
went back to qvb where guess stuff were halfprice. ommmgggg. it was a jungle in there-literally. people pushing to get the nicer stuff, trampling over $200+handbags and the rest is your imagination... but i still found stuff i wanted (:
that was on boxing day.

the next day, i went to towers again for even more shopping. went back to myer since the city one had noo dresses my size, i think going there at ten was a bit too late since all the good sizes/ dresses were taken. there was still a lotta people. i got i dress that was even more expensive than my formal dress =/

i went to hornsby to use my westfield giftcard.

apparently i went to the biggest dfo in aus at the gold coast. i guess it was a bigger than homebush and melbourne.... it was really nice since it was outdoors and there was a lot of food all over the place. i didnt walk it all ))): i love branded stuff 70% off rrp price (((:

ohh, i went school shopping but ive yet to get new shoes...

my brother got a $400 bikefor christmas and i got nothing "special" since previous years i got "gadgets" and stuff. i am positive i spent more than 400 on clothes/handbags/accesories. the thing is, after all tht shopping i only bought one pair of shoes =/

well, it's my mum's money (but i still feel kinda bad)

today i bashed my toes against the corners of the wall. it hurts more than it sounds.

the small dog "sings" when my bro plays the violin

i have another mini dilemma. why does everything have to be on the same day??

*i found out you cant do <3 in the title ):

Monday, January 17, 2011



I got a dog today!!!!!!!!!!!!! infact i got twooooooo  :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

 lol jks, they're not mine, we're just taking care of them for a week.
there's a big one and a small one.

it's reallllly hard to walk a 30kg+ dog, especially when it decides to find a nice patch of grass on someone's lawn and decides to frolick there ==
full had to drag it-literally...and you know my capability of pulling stuff.....

is there a such thing as car lag?
if there is i think i have it. well, the gold coast is on a different time to syd, and the car ride was long, and i'm still tired..hmmm...i guess to me there is....

noo fb, i DON'T want to automatically upgrade to the new profile.

these days kids are really hard to control (the older ones i mean). four more days of waking at 7.30 and coming back at 4.30-just like school.

there's a dead bird on the pergola =/ no idea how it got there and no idea how my rents are gonna clean it.
can a dog bite a bird and fling it 1.5m+ high?
the small dog apparently killed a bird before and lashed (??)) at it about a month ago. my mum thinks the dog killed the bird on the roof :SSS

i must stop eating junk food.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold Coast (Y) funfunfun

first off, i really hope this post doesn't turn into an essay but A LOT can happen in one week.

well, it did rain when we went there and the first two days. luckily both the water parks were opened so i didnt have to waste time (((:  we also left a day earlier so i got to go to all the theme parks-yayyy
personally, i liked movieworld then dreamworld then wet and wild then sea world then white water world.

so i won't list in detail everything i did coz you might fall asleep-not because it's boring but it will be veryveryvery long. so here are the main points:

-movie world was the best. took pics with batman (: but not superman ):
-fav ride was the superman one, the voice which commentates (i dont know wat word to use) before you go on the rollercoaster was funny. scooby doo was also quite fun and so was the blackwhole water slide (:
-movie world shows ftw!!!
-the hotel i stayed at was alrite, the pool was pretty but there were sooooo many people living there that when we wanted to stay longer they were like "sorry, we're fully booked" that was a bummer
-my mum let my bro and i buy SEVEN of the pics of us on the rides . thats 7x15=$105 spent on photos
-i also had an ice cream cone for $6. most expensive ice cream ever (in aus), cant believe my mum let us :O well, it was delicious (: and freshly made...

something my dad and i figured out was that drinks are the best money makers.

things that were cheap:
-refills for slushies-3 bucks, and it's heaps bigger than maccas ones (Y)
-movie tickets at dreamworld. we saw tron in 3d for 12 bucks!!!!!! and apparently the cinema was newish and the seats were pretty comfy. when we were there, there were only SIX of us altogether in the cinema and it was pretty big-could still smell the newness. ye, i still cant get over the cheapness of dreamworld movie tickets (((((((((((:
-they also actually had some cheap soveneirs stuff

seven must be reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally dedicated to the qld flood. they have 14hr coverage. lucky there was nick to watch (: the shows are soooooo lame that it's funny.

i really wanted to go brisbane but stupid floods blocked the streets.
my dad still went to do stuff there. well, apparently it stank.

the car was covered in dirt when he got back-go figure

so i survived a 12hr+ car ride. coming back was longer. the pacific highway was blocked so we had to take a 1.5hr detour coz you know, there's only bout 2 country roads so if that one's blocked, there other one's there-but it's longer.
longest car ride ever. someday i'll tell u how to survive a long car ride.

well, gold coast is pretty fun, even though it rained. when the sun's out it's nice. yayy, finally went there.

there's always soo many people on the street.

i like this photo:

Sunday, January 9, 2011


right now i'm currently packing. i think we're leaving today and stopping at a motel or something overnight.....

My family has a history for packing. Whenever we go camping and hav to meet up the next morning at like 6 or 7, we always arrive there last. we literally pack 1-2 hours before we leave so we always end up late.

I guess leaving today means I don't have to wake at 4am tmr (:
I'm not a morning person, even if we're going on holidays.

I'm so glad my dad installed tv's and my bro and i get one each. they're quite good and have wireless headphones (Y) Now I can survive the 12hr+ car ride. so far, my longest car ride was to Melbourne. i think that was 10ish hours. Technology in cars ftw

Please please please don't rain this week.

It's too hot to pack. I'll go turn on the aircon now (:

I hope I don't forget something. I've done that before and was not nice.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Second Post (:

ahhhh, my hair is soooo short now. I always forget to account for the fact that if I say shoulder length, my hair curls up so it is shorter than shoulder length ): guys, please don't laugh at my hair, i look 10 years younger ): so short so short so short

I had a magnum temptation brownie ice cream just then yes, it's very nice (Y) -i'm quite sure it contained like a million calories....

Right now i cbb to pack for gold coast...Hope the weather is going to be nice up there

I learnt how to u-turn today-yayy!! (:

Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Ever Post (:

Oh wowow. I never knew I would be the type to blog. It was only half a year ago that I actually started reading blogs....
So this is my first post and it might be a long one.

Well, I think I mainly created this blog because I'm changing schools this year and I'll miss ALL my dear friends. It's also for people who don't hav fb, not going to mention names here but you know who you are. We'll definitely keep in touch ok??
Also, it's the holidays right now and I want to get away from some maths (ok, I'm actually no that nerdy but my maths tutor said I'll fail in baulko so ye...) Unfortunately I'm not going overseas this year. Last Christmas (as in 2010)/nye was my first xmas in syd in 8 years. I went to north syd fireworks which were pretty good but that's another story... 

But I'm going to the Gold Coast-yayyyyyyyy! It's my first time there so I'm pumped. Apparently it's going to rain there the whole week )))))))))): but hopefully the weather people are wrong. I have a mini crisis: I'm going there for 6 days which include 2 days of driving. So how am I gonna fit in 5 worlds+rainy weather in 4 days???    I can't wait until after the HSC-hk and idk, america? europe? canada?

So what will this blogs contain? Words and photos hence wordtography.
There are no promises that I'll blog everyday but at least I made a blog (it's actually harder than you think)