Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady Gaga themed end-of-year Dance Lesson

this post was meant to be for yesterday.

so, it was the last day for my dance teacher yday, since he is going to study stuff, so won't be able to teach (apparently he drives 1.5hours to here to teach dance )

it's kind of sad since he taught me for 3yrs+ for both contemporary and jazz.

he loves Lady Gaga, so we kind of had to dress like her, and all the songs he played was LG. his costume was pretty cool (: i'm surprised at how many songs i don't know. also, he had trivia questions. like, her first name is Stephanie.

it was a fun last lesson. and the DVDs are much better than last years one.

i feel utterly screwed for maths. i think i maths rage.
so much for buffer week when teachers are going to be away....

i should really study. even during yearlies, next Wednesday is the most horrible. phys and eng, the subjects WITH THE MOST MEMORISING.)))))):  maths and jap: if your good at it then your good. it's like a pass and fail kind of thing. if this happens in the hsc, well it better not be on the same day, or else it would be a first....

need to study harder.

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  1. Seeing everyone else complain about their exams makes me feel lucky that I only have to study for three (eng, ext maths1, ext2 maths)


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