Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Work Life

Past four weeks have been surprisingly busy with catch ups/sorting work stuff out. Now completed one month of work, and slowly settling in. They are already cutting one hour appts, compared to previous grads who were on one hour for longer periods. There's actually quite a lot to help keep me pre occupied, haven't even finished some shows or started my list of things to read. KH3 is so cute, and gaming after work lol.

So much planning to do, sometimes I just ceebs but also enjoy it at the same time. Been eating out way too much these past few weeks, but haven't quite found the time to blog about food. Quite a few CPD event nights to attend to. I guess since I'm still 'young' it's easier to attend them, but a lot of those with families, I can imagine it's hard attending a talk at night right after a whole day of work. It feels good to work though, and being generous in giving money away as well.

Monday, February 11, 2019


Always thanking God for placing Blair in my life. When people ask, was I expecting it? Yes and No. Yes, but not so soon! Beginning of a new era indeed. Thanks Blair for surprise after surprise after surprise #mindblown. Simple is best. First day off from starting a week into full time work=best day off. Thanks for all your love and support friends.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Beginning of a New Era

First day of full time work and I survived. I think the logistics of how 'full time work' is harder than I imagined it to be. Especially working within the company beforehand, my account/numbers and stuff hasn't transitioned smoothly into the new position. First day was daunting since it's like ahhh, no supervisors, everything is my choice, I get to prescribe what I think is best. I still feel like I need to restudy everything...probs on my day off. Stuff is already slipping from my memory after not using it for over 2 months. Guess I'm disappointed in myself at how slow I am at things.

I already predict I'm going to be one of those people who long for the weekend, especially when it gets busy at work. Still trying to get used to the whole flow of things.

Been thinking if I should continue doing food reviews. I still love eating, but sort of ceebs writing and uploading pics. I'll see how I go after settling in a few weeks since there's still lots of admin stuff to do...and emails to write...

Here's to 'adult life' and learning how to adult.

Monday, February 4, 2019

India ICMC - Grad Trip Round 2

I've never had so many people reply to my Insta Story of 'What? You're in India!?' Same reaction as when my parents told their friends I'm in India (and same reaction from the pharmacist and doctor back in Sydney lol).

Went to India with some ppl from different churches visiting an orphanage and sort of like a cultural experience of rural India. Sort of like mission but not mission. The place we stayed was sheltered from 'real India' so the air was a tiny bit cleaner, but water pressure was really weak that it was my first time doing bucket showers.

It was really an eye opening experience. Visiting towns where the don't have running water, and handing out those Operation Christmas shoe boxes to them, opening a church with our name on it, and BW and I now have our 2nd sponsor kid.

Seeing where our money went to help fund churches/schools/colleges/hospitals and just essentials to kids. If an orphanage has beds, it's a luxury, even though the kids were squished together. Just playing with the kids or giving simple things like a very cheap packet of biscuits really makes their world and melts your heart. $10 water park entry fee means nothing to us, but a lifetime of memories for them. Even if the slides are dodgy metal stuff/rusty, or the ferris wheel and rollercoasters look like it's about to break apart. $2aud in India vs $50aud for high ropes since in Aus we have insurance, and India has loose harnesses...

We are alll so over spoilt in the Western world with clean water and pretty much anything. A maccas burger is equivalent to one day or one week wage of people who don't like in the cities. There are heaps of villages with cement building and palm leaves roofs who don't go anywhere except farm or stay in their villages to survive, or they trek really far away to work. $1aud in India can get you 2 ice cream and 2 soft drinks, whereas in Aus, you can get 1/4 of an ice cream. The Western dollars really do have a lot of buying power in India, where everything is dirt cheap, except for the airport where stuff is like internationally priced. Majority of Indians travel are very, very rich. Even having an old car in India and you're considered rich.

So once again, going to compile some thoughts here:
- 2 weeks of using bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth. So much plastic wasted. These bottled water aren't from springs or mountains, they're just filtered water, but over half of India doesn't even have access to proper water...Anyways, pretty much if you're a tourist, bottled water it is cause it's been treated/filtered
- India is so dusty and dirty, with soooo much smog. If you have been to cities like HK, NYC in the summer and think that air is bad, India is 10x worse. When we were in NYC going to SF we were like fresh air, India is soooo bad everyday. Apple weather reporting every day it's 'unhealthy air quality.' Pretty sure if you were asthmatic, you would suffocate. They also burn their rubbish everyday on the streets. The place we stayed at were more of a controlled burning, but on the streets it's literally fires everywhere with smoke and ash
- Burning rubbish is illegal but no one cares cause actual landfills cost too much in labour, so burning is easier. Imagine smelling burnt plastic and bush fire everyday. Whenever we got driven out onto the streets, I immediately started coughing
- Streets are so dusty as well. India in general. My shoes went from black to literally dirt brown coloured
- Streets are filled with sooo much rubbish
- Everyday is a struggle to connect to 3G, most of the time I had E (although I shouldn't really be on the internet lol)
- So sick of curry and chicken. The food we had was very well controlled and cooked with bottled water, but it did get repetitive. They have quite a few diff types of long grain rice to go with it, with diff sort of bread things, but towards the end we just wanted other meat. Hindus don't eat beed, Muslims don't eat cow, fish and lamb/goat aren't really accessible...
- Maccas and other restaurants/fast food have very seperate places/lines to cook veg and non veg
- There was a massive lack of fresh fruit and veggies in India, it just like doesn't exist...
- Got sick on the second week, probs lack of hygiene from the kids, bad air, lack of proper nutritious food
- Got food poisoning in Delhi from chicken curry. Worst food poisoning ever. Ended up throwing up on the plane 5hr into 8hr flight on the 2nd flight. BW had it worse for the 2nd flight. Other ppl had it on the 1st flight. Didn't help my immune system was already down. It's been 5 days and I still don't feel hunger. Literally only eaten a few bites of congee or one slice of white bread everyday for the past few days. Never had food poisoning before, and just so happens to be when we're travelling to Delhi.
- Taj Mahal was very nice in person, but imo a bit of a waste to bury someone there rather than live in it. It was also the cleanest place in India and most expensive attraction fee, but once you step outside the entrance, it's back to crazy cars and people haggling you to buy
- Bribing people like Police is real in India, heard of stories for people to like cover deaths or incidents. Even inside the Taj, 'officially' you weren't allowed to take photos with other people's camera, but then I saw the guards taking photos and some notes in their hands...so yeah, can just pay them and you can take photos inside. It's so corrupt, and I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface
- The air was really dry, my hand started peeling like it did on the way to Europe
- First time wearing a saree, all held by one safety pin.
- Apart from India being the dirtiest place I visited, I think it's the interactions with other people which made it worthwhile

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Europe Round 2 - Grad Trip

Back from my grad trip last week, and heading off this week. Felt a bit bit jet lagged since I slept during waking Sydney hours instead of sleeping at a normal time when I got back. Defs new experiences this time round (both highs and lows).

Won't ever have the opportunity to travel during Christmas/New Years ever again until I retire. Whilst other people have company shut downs, our bookings increase towards the end of the year. Thankful I was able to have the opportunity and finances to go, since after America preceptorship which I spent 5 figures (enough to buy a car), and this trip wasn't cheap either, especially with the low dollar. Can't believe managed to coordinate a trip with my Mum and then BW for the second half, also how my mum Managed to change 3 planes in between 3 countries to navigate back to Sydney without missing a plane (even if she almost missed it). Now I know my Mum can change planes by herself if she has to.

First time moving around between different countries in a short time period. Spent just under 4 weeks in Europe, and some cities just around 2 nights. Shoutout to BW for tagging along and following my hectic itinerary (although not as hectic as previous trips). Also first time not planning everything. Thanks to BW for helping plan the 2nd half of the trip, and figuring transport since I didn't have enough time to plan since had 3 days between exams and flying out.

As usual, there's no way I can blog about each day and all the food I consumed. I ate less than the previous trip where I had about 6 places a day. This time, there wasn't a real standout city/thing, I enjoyed them all differently. There was a lot more history and scenery to look at, rather than continuously eating. There was no free tap water at all. Even in Paris and other cities I travelled to Europe before, there was free tap water. Since I went to less museums and food places this time, there was less free toilets. Also, shopping centres don't really exist in the places I went to.  It was a lot harder to find free toilets this time round. There's generally less tourist around winter time, so some stuff tends to be closed. Also slight culture shock at the lack of English they use on signs and restaurants etc. Loved going to all these non English (well not main language) countries that I've never visited before.

Switzerland: Zurich, Lucerne

- Yes, everything is expensive, but not crazily expensive that I feel like I couldn't eat anything. Some things were similar to Sydney prices (well Syd isn't cheap to begin with)
- Crossing roads were a bit hazardous. There are cars, trams and buses but no crossing light. You just cross and the cars would then slow down for you
- Air so clean, like SF, they use electric buses
- Never have seen so many Audis, BMWs, Mercedes in my life before, even the police drive BMWs and taxis are Mercedes. Rich country storing a large chunk of the world's money with German made cars I guess
- Their tap water is nice, probs from the Alps
- Restaurant food consists of pretty much cheese fondue and raclette. You pretty much pay $40aud dipping bread into cheese. It was really nice and my first raclette experience (the waiter had to teach us how to use the equipment lol), but still exxy for cheese
- They have hardly any meat. There aren't any supermarkets, only small 'express' supermarkets. Didn't see a butcher, but saw a place which had half preserved meats and tiny bit of fresh meet. Iirc, beef was over $100/kg, for 'basic' beef
- First few days were pretty cloudy with some light rain, but on the day I planned to go the the Swiss Alps, we were blessed with cloudless skies and reeeeallly good weather
- Top of Europe train ticket/entry was $250aud, my jaw dropped when I first was doing research online. It was so worth the money once at the top! The view at the top was insanely beautiful. The train trip there was just as beautiful. For the whole 2 hour train ride, snow capped mountains are always in sight. The lakes look so peaceful as well. The scenery of the Alps is probably my favourite so far. The mountains are better than Queenstown, Yosemite and Mt Fuji. Don't get me wrong, those places are still amazing, but the Alps just win by a little bit. I love seeing God's creation both near and far
They also had diff Lindt flavour chocolates there in that shop, and also a cool ice sculpture park
- Day before went to Mt Pilatus where it was super cloudy, but still cool since it was snowing and the cable car ride up was super scenic, like a winter wonderland with so many big pine trees
- They have free and clear public toilets around


- Felt so dodgy walking around the streets, immediate change from streets of Switzerland. There were a lot a beggars whereas didn't see any in Switzerland...and people at night just seemed more dangerous
- Roads are super squishy and you walk really close to cars
- So many towers/domes to climb up and stairs everywhere, but the whole city is walkable by foot since there's no public transport within the main area, and views are really nice walking up
- Nice orangey buildings when you walk to the top, every building top is the same, and with the sunset over the city is so pretty

- I hate Italian police. Started Rome off with one expensive bus fine. So I bought these tourist passes which include unlimited public transport for 3 days and 2 museums. These passes tap on to work, and we tapped on the bus. Then transport officers came and took our passports and issued a fine immediately. They said we didn't tap on and didn't activate our cards. Well, if the bus tapping machine wasn't broken then it's not our fault. But when you're in another country there's no point arguing since they took your passport and can jail you up or worse, can not leave the country and under Italian authority. On the buses there was an ad of a person being handcuffed and even though the ad was in Italian, you can tell it was about people who don't pay for public transport get jailed. Later we Googled this and it's quite common for them to target tourists on public transport. Also makes sense why the night before when we arrived we saw some police looking at tourists passports in the metro. We went on other buses with broken tap on machines so then exited early and decided to walk just in case of another fine. Locals use the old school dip tickets (remember those on our buses before Opal came in)
- Apart from that, I loved Roman architecture. So many ruins and so cool to see stuff BC
- Pasta and pizza everywhere was so good. Fav was That's AmorΓ©, we went back twice
- So much gelato everyday. Last 2 days went to 3 gelato places, oops. Never too cold for ice cream
- Also cool to just walk into another country to Vatican City. However, it's just sad knowing the history of how they managed to hoard so much stuff by getting people to 'pay the Pope' in hope of good fortune...
- Paid toilets here are the worst, so didn't go lol
- Was 'museumed out' after Italy, especially cause all the sculptures looked the same

Germany: Berlin
- Arrived on Christmas Eve, and since from here on in I didn't do any research until I got to the city, we didn't realise everything closes from 2pm, event the Christmas markets. Luckily Burger King was open, although it accepted cash only (crazy how the Germans invented so many things, but Germany was the country we encountered the most 'cash only' places)
- BW most definitely gave me a good history lesson about the Cold War. Crazy how this stuff didn't happen that long ago
- Christmas in Berlin was amazing, with the Christmas markets and the whole vibe. Although it didn't snow (#globalwarming) it was really the memories and the company which just made the whole Christmas day extra special and memorable
- Shops were also closed on Boxing Day even though all the sales signs were already set up on the 24th, but they reopen on the 27th so didn't manage to get any sales.
- Slowest airport security meant we missed our flight. They schedule like 20 budget airplanes to depart within an hour, so airport security couldn't handle all the people. Plus, only one person checked X-ray, so they had to stop the machine every time they dug through people's bags. I even got frisked 3 times even though I was wearing a t-shirt with pocketless tights. It was soooo inefficient. 10 other people also missed our flight, and other people on other planes also missed their flight. The office also had heaps of luggage from flights on previous days, it's common to miss a flight in a budget airline esp in Europe. That's why I don't fly budget airline for international flights...
- Thank goodness Europe is also connected by land and we managed to secure bus tickets on the same day to our next destination, since I had a tour booked the next day so had to arrive before then

Poland: Krakow
- Luckily there's not much to do in this tiny town, so even though we lost a day it wasn't a massive difference since we walked through the town at night and on the 3rd day there
- Main reason coming here was for Auschwitz. It's just so crazy what happened to millions of people. Went to the concentration camps and saw the gas chambers and living conditions. All the lies they told to people they were coming here for a new life and had to undress and 'shower' before entering the camp, and all the innocent people believed them, but in reality they were showered with gas. There was a room filled with 35 000 ladies hair and one of the rooms you couldn't take a photo of, but it's just so crazy at the atrocities that happened
- There was also a salt mine as part of the tour, which was pretty cool how they carved sculptures, made an underground chapel and also a recreation of 'The Last Supper'
- Felt so rich here since everything was so cheap. Even the fanciest restaurant with 16th century recipes in a 17th century building (funny how Aus wasn't even founded then), was about $80au for 2 people. Also first time trying deer which as expected, is a bit gamey and a little tough even though cooked rare-medium

Austria: Vienna
- I literally wanted to come to Vienna for the Original Sacher Torte. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cakes, and it was nice but not mind blowing. Still intentionally over ordered since I wanted to try everything. The decor there is amazing
- So many cakes/desserts, also schnitzels which melt in your mouth rather than the typical bread crumb stuff you get in places in Sydney
- Vienna is new enough to have a good metro system, big lifts yet old and grand enough with all the architecture, history and heaps of fancy palaces
- Things were about a little bit more expensive then Syd prices
- NYE here was so cool. The whole city gets blocked off from cars and then the streets become 'dance streets'. There are stages with different genres of music like classical/couple waltz, EDM, pop music etc Never danced with so many strangers on the streets before. The fireworks were alright, but I like how they paired it with Austrian classics like Danube Waltz

So much more to say but this post was a lot longer than intended...thankful for the opportunity and people God placed in my life to make this grad trip happen. Travelled so much in the past year that I now how Silver FF status lol. Just took a trip to NZ, America and Europe...defs won't be able to maintain that status, unless I do 2 mini trips every where to different sides of the world...should start preparing for next trip.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

End of an Era

I made it! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠ Actually tears of happiness, from both my parents and myself.

Ended up only with just one supp, not 2 or more. Thanks goodness didn't have to re-do thera since there were harder examiners, and I guess that 5% chance came true. The supp I did was a bit different, but had 30mins instead of 20mins like thera. Longest exam period of 4.5 weeks. Feels so weird not to be eating breakfast/lunch/dinner with a side of reading notes. Haven't even watched tv for over 2 months lol.

Shoutout to BW for literally pulling me through. Making me meals three times a day, driving to and from exams, extra treats/study food, and just making me not insane. Still had my crazy stressful moments, but would've been even more stressed without you, and reminding me that exams aren't the end of the world, and better things are still to come.

Moved back home a few days ago, so it doesn't even feel like I'm in Sydney/home much at all this trip. Haven't tidied up stuff much from America...

Off to Europe tomorrow for a proper grad trip (unlike last time was spontaneous). Apart from America where people chipped in to help plan, this is the first ever overseas trip with fam that I have not finished planning. I guess America taught me to plan on the go, and at airports whilst waiting to check in. Sorry not sorry for all the spam to come. I've lost count how many planes I've flown this year. First time catching a 6am flight though. Doesn't help I've been sleeping at 2am since exams finished a few days ago. I don't feel as excited this trip compared to other trips...Probably it's just a shock that I don't have any study to do for a while, and my body isn't used to not sitting at a desk and studying.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Almost There...

Got results for 2/3 subjects yesterday, so one more to go. Ahh, so close yet so far...I guess today's oral exam I think I gave the wrong management, but I guess I didn't 'kill the patient' unlike in therapeutics where you may...I would much rather this supp than thera supp though. Didn't realise quite a few ppl had my supp as well...

I don't feel like I'm finished until I officially pass. I would be so sad if I said something wrong, which weighted this exam and made me fail. Like this exam doesn't really go towards marks, since the 'U' was from ACO, and in the end, your clinic marks are from the grade/number they gave you. So this exam is sort of like get over 50%, but also just a hurdle? It's still a bit dodge, since whatever mark I get from 50-100 doesn't make a difference. It's still weird how some ppl who didn't fill the minimum required quotas don't get a supp. Like what I got wasn't a required quota unlike other ppl...oh well, just have hope they don't make me fail...it would be like Dec 2016 de ja vu...At least I didn't get a thera supp since I think I would die...Pls give me an extra written assignment if I was close to passing today...

My heart cannot deal with the suspense. 4.5 weeks of study, longest study period ever. My hormone levels have been so screwed up, that my hands are dying and itching and inflamed. Thank goodness only vivas and not written exams...

Just over half the grade has a supp for something, some people have 2 or more supp exams, while the smaller half who didn't get a supp passed everything

Time to plan since only have 2 days to plan for 1 month worth of stuff. Strangely not in the mood even though I love holiday planning...