Saturday, August 19, 2017

LuMi Bar and Dining

Birthdays are really just an excuse to go out and eat. Every year I treat myself to some fine dining, because what is life if you don't enjoy the finer things in life? (Well every year I've worked...) Literally all my savings go into food. This year decided to go somewhere 'cheaper' (*cough under $200pp) since I've already gone around the world in both Europe and Asia, and have long well reached my food quota for the year. Decided to come here since the chef was on MasterChef as a celebrity chef (who lost but that doesn't really affect the quality of the restaurant since when was reality tv all that real...). This place is a fusion between Italian and Japanese (so many post-Jap feels...). Be prepared for a photo spam.

Different side of Sydney

The restaurant is actually quite quiet around this area, so it's nice to come this side of Sydney.

Cute tea set


Went for the 8 course degustation for lunch $115pp. Normally they have the 5 course menu for lunch, so you have to call them up if you want the 8 course for lunch. I think price wise it's decent since you get a few snacks, and a petit four to finish. Even though the blinds were drawn it was still quite sunny.  The main problem was dealing with moving shadows when taking photos...


Snack: snapper jelly with fish mousse and Neptune seaweed


The flavours of this jelly reminded me of miso soup rather than a fishy taste. It was really flavourful and you have the slight creaminess from the fish mousse inside.

tapioca with seaweed

So crispy and love the way they used seaweed as a seasoning. Interesting how they placed it on top of the the raw veggies.

soft cheese- not too cheesy, and yes it was soft. 

Jap steamed egg custard with shell fish oil and caviar

Loved the presentation of this in a scallop shell on top of the sea shells. The flavours were quite interesting and not too salty. I do prefer the crab steamed egg custard I had in Tokyo since it was more eggy/flavourful.

Brioche bread + breadsticks 

This is probably one of the best brioche breads I've ever had, probably even better than some French bakeries. From far away they looked like muffins. It was still nice and warm when it came on the table and super easy to pull apart. Super soft and flavourful, didn't even nee the extra butter on the side. Since it's not your normal complimentary sourdough, they do charge $4 for each additional bread, which is pretty cheap if you compare it to Asian bakeries where it's just all air inside. If only I could take one of these brioches home...Breadsticks were average, but I did notice you only get them if you have the 8 course tasting menu.

Veal, yoghurt, jerusalem artichoke

First time having raw red meat. I was too scared to have steak tartare in France just in case I got sick. I do love my steak pink inside, but having it completely raw is a new experience. It was surprisingly nice, and the flavour of it reminded me of a cross between salmon/tuna, texture wise sort of was similar to sashimi. The yoghurt added a lovely creaminess to it whilst still being light. Loved the crunch of the jerusalem artichoke, if only they were readily available in packets to buy off the shelf...


A spin on the classic minostrone soup. The scoop mini balls from different veggies and other ingredients such as cucumbers, radish, pickled radish, potatoes, carrot, pumpkins, potato, macadamia nuts, and poured in a tomato soup, but unlike the normal red tomatoes in the original dish, this one had a clear green tomato soup base. Really an interesting concept. I saw that they do chop up the core of the veggies, for example, the cucumbers have the skin on, so I guess they use the middle for other stuff.

Agnolotti, parsnip, truffle (added more truffles-$15)

without truffles 


It's almost the end of winter and I missed the beginning of my favourite season since I was overseas, which also means that the truffle season is almost over. I am a massive truffle fan, and if I could have truffle everyday, I would. So it made sense to pay the extra $15 for some shaved pieces of truffle. If you had the 5 course lunch, you could opt to add truffle in the pappardelle (below), but it was in fine strands, rather than seeing the fine grains of the truffle. I found the truffle they used here smelt good but it didn't taste as strong compared to other truffles I've had. The pasta itself had a parsnip sort of liquid cream inside which bursted with flavour. The sauce was supposed to have some truffle flavour already, but couldn't really taste that much.

Pappardelle, duck, hazelnut

I love when I see duck on the menu since it's my favourite protein. Although it is more in a ragu form, it really complemented the flavours of the pasta. It was super flavourful, probably because it was cooked in individual saucepans with a large slab of butter. The pasta was super silky and cooked al dente. Loved the crunch from the hazelnuts as well.

Lamb, celeriac, chilli kosho, carrot puree

Lamb was super soft and melt in your mouth. There was quite a bit of fat though since they used the shoulder. Loved the plating of the sheet of celeriac. The chilli kosho wasn't actually that chilli, and helped complement the spices in the lamb (slowly building my chilli tolerance). The puree was super sweet and tasted like pumpkin more than carrot, pretty sure they said it was a carrot puree. There was a rosemary (?) powder sprinkled on top as well.

Granny Smith Apple: green apple sorbet, liquorice mousse, finger lime


My favourite dish was this apple, it's unlike anything I've seen or tasted before! It's a real apple with the top cut and stalk still intact, then they core it and hollow out the apple, before putting in a mousse, sponge and green apple sorbet on top. How do they manage to make the apple hollow inside whilst keeping the skin intact? I loved how it was presented on gum leaves, and they sprayed a food scent on it, so it smelt even more like a super fresh and sweet granny smith. I love a bit of theatre in food and it delivered. The sorbet was on of the bests ones I've had and really kept true to the flavour of the granny smith without being too acidic. Couldn't really taste the liquorice mousse, but loved the burst of the sour finger lime, making this dessert really refreshing and not sweet.

cute candle (which I slightly burnt my finger and left wax all over the table for them to figure out how to clean once it dried....)

Douglas Fir ice cream, rhubarb, extra virgin olive oil

Another refreshing and light dessert to finish. This is not your normal ice cream, since it was super light and texture reminded me of foam from a foam gun. It tasted sort of like pine, well the scent of the fresh Christmas trees. The olive oil helped to cut back the sweetness of the rhubarb, which I did find was just a tad bit too sweet.

Petit four: pear and rosemary friand

For once, the petit four wasn't chocolate. Although it does seem a bit stingy giving one petit four, for the price you pay it's ok. The friend was quite buttery inside with a crisp edge. It did have pieces of pear and rosemary sprinkled on top. Again, needed to go with 8 courses to have the petit fours.

open kitchen!

the chef!

If you're after something a bit different and not too pricey, I think LuMi does a pretty good job. I would even come back here just to have the apple and brioche bread again. Too bad there's no a la carte here...

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Shout out to the Optom Soc this year for breaking the hoodie trend and making wind breaker jackets. Could actually test to see how wind proof it was today with the super crazy winds. They even blocked off trees at uni and sent an email telling people to avoid trees...I think the jacket did work.

So another ep of GoT was leaking on Wed (5 days earlier). You would think after the leak of ep 4 that they would tighten their security or what not. Still had to watch it to avoid spoilers, but now that means have to wait over a week for the season finale.

It's been a good week catching up with friends, and G8s for the hilarious chats/advice haha. Although I do need to start my assignments/start studying. Not studying for a period of time then knowing you need to study but lacking motivation ain't easy. So much for having extra time to restudy previous years things...

How has 4 weeks of uni already gone past? I feel like Nov will just roll by, and it'll be exam time.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yellow Stage

Shoutout to Shirley for these cakes! Thankful for thoughtful friends who know you love cake and haven't been able to make it to this new cake shop in Eastwood 💜 (I have no idea why there's no pink/red emoji in blogger keyboard thing). Surprised these cakes made it to uni and back in one piece, yay for winter so things don't melt as fast.

Ciel: white chocolate mousse cake filled with pistachio praline for texture and raspberry paste

The cake was quite light and not too sweet. Would've liked more pistachio and raspberry flavour since the white choc overpowered the other flavours a bit. Have to give credit to this cute looking cloud shaped cake.

Yellow stage: mousse cake filled with pineapple and yuzu

I think it was also another white choc mousse cake. Loved the acidity from the pineapple and yuzu, but the yuzu flavour could have been a bit stronger. Also, who doesn't love an edible flower on top?


If I'm ever in the area, I wouldn't mind going to the dessert bar and try out their other cakes.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

First Escape Room

Thanks for coming guys! Birthdays are really just an excuse for catchups. Can finally say I've done an escape room. Yes we just escaped! So lucky to have smart friends since all I did was really wing it lol. It was more frustrating than fun tbh, mainly cause it just started all dark and really just had to feel everything. I found something and it said this escape room was the middle level of difficulty compared to the other ones there at King Street Wharf. So many props/bits and pieces inside which were useless in the end...I'm pretty sure all our hands were covered in dust trying to feel around the whole room in the dark whilst utilising the tiny iPad light. It was so dark we couldn't even scan the QR codes to get a clue. Thank goodness they picked up the phone at reception so we called for help...Safe to say I cannot do mental arithmetics and the music didn't help lol. It was still great fun spending on Monday night and just seeing more than half the group (: The one at the Rocks sound really fun.

Matcha Ramen w/ bulgogi beef-$17

Decided to go here since Dandelion said she drank all the soup here. Normally I don't drink the soup since it's way too salty, except for the Michelin ramen restaurant in Tokyo which used truffle in the broth. It's a really interesting concept using matcha in soya milk, and creating a vegetarian broth (since almost all good ramen use meat in the broth). I liked the vegetarian better since you could taste the flavour of the broth more, whereas the marinated beef flavour over powered the broth. Would have liked more matcha in it since it was super subtle. The noodles were alright, but some were in chunks. 

Ed it's been a while: lemon, coffee and olive oil mousse cake finished w/ a coffee glaze and yellow chocolate pieces


Thanks Dandelion for organising! Wasn't expecting a cake haha. Loved the flavours of this one since it's not too sweet. Coffee could've been more bitter, and olive oil flavour a bit stronger, but loved the acidity in the base.

Also, found out tonight that when you're taking photos on iPhone, you can hold on the brightness and adjust it up and down. Learn something new every day.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

'Prime' of your life

city views 

Bday brunch at Social Brew Cafe where I broke my longest streak of no brunch (review coming up later...) 

Went to the smooth chocolate festival afterwards (running on 3 hour sleep) but not for the chocolate. 

Black star pastry strawberry watermelon cake in soft serve form-$7

It's better than N2 gelato, but obviously still not as good as the actual cake. Flavour weren't as strong and the texture was more sorbet like, but it was still fragrant and delicious.

So many people though and it was actually quite big. A lot of the stores had multiple stalls, and most of them were very decadent. A lot of donut stores as well. I couldn't even be bothered trying to find the chocolate sculpture.

Bro ended up buying the Angel cake from Uncle Testu and Mum bought a cake from Zest our local cake shop

I was too ceebs organising a cake this year, and somehow ended with 2...The Angel cake was quite light and fluffy, probably more cheesy than their cheesecake. The other one I think I've had before. Didn't even bother with candles since I was too tired.

I said before but I don't like turning prime numbers. I was talking to someone and they were like 'you should enjoy the prime time of your life.' Yeah, not when all you need to focus on is passing and then graduating tbh. City 2 surf was on today, and maybe that's something I should aim to try and do next year, before I get way too old and unfit...

Slept before 9, so one of the most uneventful eventful days ever. A sign of getting old....