Monday, November 20, 2017

Round 2 Take 2?

Finished exams 2 days ago, but I feel like I may have bombed out on a different strand this time round. Like we were talking today when catching up with the optom girls, what more do they want? We literally try our best, and have a whole year to re-study everything, but if we don't pass again, do we need to spill some blood to prove we are trying? (We were all half joking and half serious). Hearing about these crazy 5th yr reports/placements/deadlines all seems exciting and daunting, but just have to make it there first...

4 exams for 6 units of credit. 4 hour theory exams compared to commerce exams which people finish in 1 hr compared to 2hrs. Hardly anyone leaves an optom exam early, and generally there's not enough time to write everything. Like, why can't they give us more credit??

Ahh, when other older optoms understand all the stress from optom exams.

I will literally have nothing to study next year, so if I don't make it, going to be yolo and probs travel to Europe again.

From not eating out for 3 weeks (apart from eating junk food every odd hour which is probs equivalent to eating out), to then going out everyday, post-exam-life-in-between-supp-list-release is actually quite busy. So many photos to upload, but haven't had the time. Even sleeping 1/2 to 2/3 of what I slept during exam time. Studying really does drain your brain, more than working full day then socialising at night.

Results also come out same day as research presentation. I may/may not be sulking when presenting our research...

It's easy to pull a straight face at work or when meeting up with friends, but in my head, I'm really just like 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh'

Despite all this being said, still have to remind myself that I have no control and God is in control. If I don't pass again, then I guess that's the way it is. Never too early to start planning on how to fill up an empty year right..?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Henry Lee's

I wanted to try out this cafe mainly for the drinks, since they looked and sounded good on paper. Weather was perfect for trying out this courtyard style cafe, loved the vibes here. It wasn't really busy on a Thursday morning.

food spread


Pleasantly surprised when I walked into this cafe, and to be honest, wasn't expecting it from a cafe in Redfern. It's set in a courtyard which has some covering so even when it rains, most tables won't get wet, but also has natural lighting which comes through. Although if you do sit on a table in the sun, those dots on the ceiling are going to cast heaps of 'dot' shadows over your table...

cute menu

Apparently they don't really have a popular dish since everything is popular. A lot of the dishes though are sourdough topped with something, or have similar ingredients but in a salad form/different presentation. I guess it really depends on what you feel like on the day.

White Lavender Hot Chocolate: white Belgium chocolate infused w/ lavender & served w/ your choice of milk-$6

I just decided to go with normal milk, since I wanted to try the 'og' version, well more like try the actual hot choc without the milk flavour altering the taste. Really loved this drink since you can taste the lavender without it being too overpowering. I love floral flavours in drinks. I'm not a big fan of white choc, but luckily it wasn't too sweet here. 

Aztec Chili Iced Chocolate: Dark Belgium chocolate infused w/ cayenne pepper & served w/ vanilla bean ice cream & your choice of milk-$7

Went with coconut milk in this one (50c extra). I don't think I could really taste the coconut in it, but I could actually appreciate the chilli in this drink which gave it a nice kick, then balanced but the smoothness of the dark choc. Again, this drink isn't on the sweet side either cause of the chilli. 

super big wooden square board

Tangier: Tagine baked soft eggs in mild spicy rancheros sauce w/ pumpkin topped w/ crispy kale, Mexican guacamole, Persian feta & served w/ crispy tortillas-$21

I actually didn't have any baked eggs during winter, which is normally one of my fav go to brunch winter dishes. Then again, I wasn't here much this winter, and when I was here it wasn't even that cold...The main difference in this one is that the yolk was still quite runny compared to others which are generally cooked through. They also added bits of pumpkin which helped reduce the amount of sauce in the dish, so it wasn't too salty or spicy. I could actually tolerate the spice, so pretty much wasn't spicy at all. Wished there was more tortilla to mop up the sauce, since they only gave one pieces (and on the menu it's plural lol).

Henry’s Dream: Sourdough topped w/ nasturtium & pine nut pesto, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, radish, lemon zest & whipped ricotta then sprinkled w/ za’atar w/ poached egg-$21


I actually try to avoid having avocado toast at cafes (because I'm trying to save for a house deposit-jks). It's cause I can make avo toast at home, but just nowhere as pretty. I did cut into an unripe avo since I had a sudden avo craving the day before, so thank goodness for ripe avo on this toast. Loved how they added edible flowers to the dish. Wished there was more pesto in it, since I couldn't really taste it. Same with the za'atar since I found the herb/spice was quite subtle even though you could see it. I couldn't figure out what the black smear/sauce is...some slightly acidic/tangy sort of sauce..? The sourdough crust was quite hard to cut into even with a sharp knife. Yay for a nice runny yolk to soak up with the toast.

I also liked how they have bigger tables as well, I guess cause their actual plates are quite big. Would recommend to come here even just for the drinks.

Henry Lee's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Brunch Withdrawal Symptoms

Brunch withdrawal syndromes are real. Someone should add that into a medical dictionary lol.

I may be at the point when I am sick of my junk food even though I have at least 15 varieties to alternate from. Maybe I should do a post on exam junk food after exams...

Pablo opened today and can't wait to try the one in Sydney, hopefully it's just as good as the Jap ones. Also once again, glad I haven't visited LA yet since Dominique Ansel also opened up a new bakery and restaurant which does brunch with no proper menus and seems super creative, which I will visit one day once I do the West Coast. So many other cafes to visit, not enough time...Even restricting myself on not checking my Insta so much so don't see people having fun exploring new places and get too distracted from studying, which obviously doesn't really work.

Quay is also doing renos next yr in March, and cutting down seats from 100 to 80, which obviously means menu price increase...a 20% reduction in table numbers will defs have to be at least 20% increase in menu price...So glad I've had the iconic Snow Egg, since apparently they don't know if they'll keep it next year in the new menus.

I don't mind being stuck at home studying, and it probably is a good thing to have exams now when petrol prices are crazy expensive. Like around $1.80 or unleaded 95 or even $1.50 for cheap quality E10 is pretty steep, so I guess best to stay home and not drive around.

Once again, typical G8s missing each other by a day...You can't have a meet up without people literally unintentionally booking holidays or having exams a day before or after someone else isn't free. One day/night we will have a date which all matches up...

I have given up of trying to wake up early to study. I need at least 9 hours of sleep to not have random 5pm naps and not feel tired when studying throughout the day.

I want Saturday to come sooner, but then that also means I don't want exams to come as soon. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Marrickville Pork Roll

First time coming to this side of Sydney, so of course I had to drop by for some of these pork rolls. Even in the morning at around 7:30am, there was a tiny queue which started to form behind us, so I can only imagine how long the lines are at around lunch time. 

Pork roll-$5


I hardly ever have this sort of stuff so I can't really comapre-I think maybe 2nd one this year? According to a Viet friend, it's pretty decent. I though it was quite nice and loaded with heaps of fresh veggies and toppings, and not overly salty with the liver pate/added salt etc. Roll still had a slight crunch/crust and wasn't tough to bite into either. It's probably one of the bigger ones I've had, since in my area, there are non authentic Banh Mi's which are smaller and cost more.

super tiny shop

look at all those ingredients

Marrickville Pork Roll Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, November 10, 2017

Deja Vu

The deja vu was all too real this week.

I don't normally remember the questions they ask in exams over a year ago, but for pracs they somehow stick in my memory. All the feels from last year to this year...and trying to continue to study for theory and not going over everything I did wrong and potentially failing again...Technically should be doing well in this subject since it is take 2, but with pracs, one minor slip and it's literally game over, see you again next year. Ahh, I hate this hopeless feeling of thinking why didn't I say this or write that extra thing, but too late to change...and there are the theory exams but re-studying stuff just makes me think of the stuff I did do wrong...I feel like I'm at the stage where I don't want to study but still need to study. Apparently there are no supps this year either...I really, really hope everyone just passes.

Low key jealous every semester during exams when I see friends graduation pics or just randoms graduating on campus. Always wonder if or when I would ever graduate at this stage...I know work would have it's own challenges, but right now uni (actually, optom exams really) still remains the biggest challenge.

The past day and a half remains my most unproductive study days, which is not good...I know stuff, but the question always remains if I know stuff good enough.

So what have I been procrastinating on?

Tay Tay released her new album 30mins before midnight in NY time. Too cheap to purchase it, so just listened to the previews on iTunes, or I'll wait for it to come play on radio. It's definitely different, but vocals still on point. I think I'll come to like her new album even though it's more 'dark'. Only she still has the influence of not releasing her music to streaming sites, or even Apple Music (hopefully just for now...), and make people purchase music through old school CD or on iTunes.

Tiffany & Co also launched a new homewares/accessories collection, and it's crazy expensive. Would anyone actually buy a $1000 sterling silver tin which looks very similar to a shinier version of a  condensed can soup tin with the labels removed? Like you can't even carry a tin around with you. Jewellery/handbags you can wear out, but sterling silver homeware? Really? Other ridiculous things like a $1000+ leather table tennis paddles. Well, if they make it, I'm sure some rich people would buy it.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think my phone is a bit bugged. Whenever I press the home button just to check the time or something without unlocking my phone, the screen doesn't dim for over 5mins, even though it's set to auto lock of 1min or should just dim and turn off the screen. It just remains on and I have to turn off the screen using the lock button. I dunno if updating to 11.1.1 would help. And can't connect to uni wifi even though my password is correct...

Thursday, November 9, 2017


I didn't even know there was a Yayoi in Chatswood until a friend recommended. There was a 24/7 one in the neighbourhood I stayed in Tokyo but ironically, I never had the time (or stomach space) to go there even though it opened throughout the night. It's a good place to go if you want your own meal since this sort of stuff is hard to share.


I didn't feel like the whole set meal even though it's probably more value for money compared to the udon as I was still full from earlier in the day. I think it is a bit pricey for a bowl of udon, and not that much meat. The soup wasn't overly salty that you're reaching for water all the time. The actual udon was average, nothing special in terms of texture.

YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, November 6, 2017

Supp Thoughts

Pretty sure most optom kids have/had these thoughts:

- Blocking out the week after supp list is released on Friday after exams
- Making sure you can access the supp list on the Friday it comes out
- I'm not on the supp list, can actually relax
- Ahh, I'm not on the supp list, so really I failed so badly to even get a second chance
- Argh, I'm on the supp list, have to restudy everything in 2-5 days
- This then leaves only 1 day to do the poster/research presentation
- Posters take about 1 day to print...hello all nighter
- But please still offer non rigged supps this year rather than cutting more people...
- If I just study hard and do well don't have to worry about supps in the first place, and enjoy my holidays, but we all know we'll get called in to work because it's end off the year...
- Goodbye holidays

I think I'm at the stage where I just want exams to be over, even though I haven't started. Then at the same time, I don't want exams to start so I'll have more time to study. Yes, contraindicating myself.