Friday, March 23, 2018

Pepper Lunch

This place is reminiscent of high school outings where you go out to the city for the day then have lunch or dinner at a cheap eats place. 

Classic Beef Pepper Rice-$10.90

Kimchi Chicken with Rice-$13.90

They're decent serving sizes for the price, and it's sort of a fun novelty mixing your meal on a hot plate. Just need to mix it fast to help cook the meat more. I don't tend to add more sauces since I think there's enough flavour in the meat already.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The whole fam is finally back. Hearing stories about tradition Taoism (?) funerals was really weird, even my parents thought it was strange, and is obviously against our beliefs, but followed traditions in respect. It also isn't cheap to do one of those funerals...

I don't think I've ever taken for granted what my parents do for me, even if they don't buy me fancy stuff, I truly appreciate what they do for me, ever since I was old enough to appreciate stuff (probs starting high school till now). Don't have to go into 40deg heat to go 3 shades darker to hang out laundry (I get tanned most easily in the fam), can do some study after dinner instead of washing dishes/tidying the house then being too tired to study, can sleep in an extra 30mins a day cause brekkie and lunch is made for me, actually have properly boiled warm eggs for brekkie instead of a cold breakfast of cold egg and cold bread (because who even has time to toast bread in the morning), not eating half raw eggs because I didn't poach my soft boiled eggs for long enough and the egg white wasn't cooked through, not have to worry about who is coming home for dinner and calculating how much rice to make depending on who needs to bring lunch for rice the following day, not having to wash veggies with my super weak and sensitive hands. I'm pretty lucky to have lots of meal preps and BW helping out, but argh, how do Mum's do it, seriously? Working, cleaning, cooking etc etc....

from SG to HK to SYD

These chips survived 2 plane rides lol.They're pretty good, and have a nice chilli kick to it. It's like an addictive chilli where it's spicy but you want more, you guys probably wouldn't have thought to be hearing that from me. The chilli sort of tickles your throat but goes away. Apparently there's a fish skin version of this, but I feel like you wouldn't be able to bring this back to Syd...

Didn't even ask for any snacks/food from HK, but I haven't even looked through the luggage and there seems to be a lot. I haven't even finished my Jap snacks from last June/July yet lol. Keen to see what work clothes Mum got me. The only clothing I will probably allow myself to buy is work clothes since I will wear that until I'm 65 (I bet they will increase the retirement age to 67 by the time I work), so literally for the next 40ish years...

The other day, someone's car on my street got impaled by a thin but sharp branch right through the windscreen. Don't park under that tree if anyone comes up to my place.

I can't believe it's already 5/6 weeks of rotation 2. The first 3 weeks passed by quite slow, then the last 3 weeks goes by really quickly, just like in rotation 1.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ed Sheeran Divide

Attended my third concert with last minute tickets, literally got them 2 hours before I left the house. When a friend is on placement and she knows you wouldn't really go to these unless it's last minute/slightly cheaper. They were general admission rear standing, so it's not as crazy as front standing/moshpit, but standing does mean standing for at least 3 hours. If I could choose, I wouldn't do standing again since it does get tiring, and subtly try to push to the front. Ended up being 5 rows from the front of the rear standing. You could still see him a bit bigger than if you were seated high up or far back, but so many tall people in front of me, so you had to shift around to sort of look through the gaps of all the tall people. It was super crowded since there were like 2 other concerts plus one sports game one, plus the 78 000 at ANZ stadium. Opening acts included Ryan McMullan and Missy Higgins (only recognised one of her songs, which was really old school)...


Simple stage set up, no stage transformations. Just used the 5 screens branching up with the lights around the speakers, and of course matched whatever he was singing in colour and timing, and the theme of the song.

Was here just over one year ago


The music wasn't really that loud, and personally I think his vocals live weren't as impressive as Adele or Taylor Swift. It's literally just him on stage with his guitar, no back up singers or dancers or costume changes. Whereas Adele had some backup singers, and some dancers, and Taylor Swift is super talented dancing while singing since you can easily loose your breath, and different outfit every few songs. Ed Sheeran has less people to pay for, and he did 3 stadium concerts in Sydney, so he would rake in more money compared to the other 2 artists I've seen.

I like the songs in Divide, because it seems like there are more ballads/more meaningful songs (amongst the heartbreak songs lol). Since it's acoustic, people weren't too crazy and not too many fan girls. I don't really get the whole loop sound system thing, since people screaming from the top half of the stadium is always a fractioned delayed, so I guess people thought he had a back up sound track. I think it's something to do with him singing and then the stuff needs to take time to be moved through all the wires into the bigger speaker near the top.

I sometimes wonder how parents can afford to take the whole family to see a concert. Like one ticket isn't cheap, for a family it'll be one half to almost your whole week's of income, unless you earn above the average salary. I didn't go to my first proper concert until I was 21 and even then it was a discounted ticket. Before that were all these free mini concerts/dance concerts.

around 7.30 not completely full yet

The A Team

I think the phone with lights is most impressive in ANZ Stadium because it's just so big and immense.


Galway Girl


The main reason I wanted to see him was just to hear this song live. Let's be honest, most people fav song is Perfect from this album. I haven't been to a wedding reception before, but on my social media, I've seen at least 5 couples use that song as a first dance song. It is a pretty cute song. 

Thinking Out Loud

I like the cute graphics 

Shape of you 

I like the trees/branches look sort of growing up the screen.

Exiting the concert was so bad, cause everything pretty much finished at the same time. Took like 15mins getting stuck in this bottle neck where people are trying to go in opposite directions. Managed to get a seat on the bus since feet were quite tired. I think I can walk for hours and hours, but standing for hours does get to me. It was still an enjoyable night hearing Ed Sheeran live.

Set List:
Castle on the Hill
The A Team 
Don't/New Man
I'm a Mess 
How Would You Feel (Paean)
Galway Girl
Feeling Good/I See Fire 
Nancy Mulligan 
Thinking Out Loud 
Shape of You
You Need Me, I Don't Need You

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Study vs work vs housework

I think I may have said this before, but I figured I can only do two of these things: work and study, or study and housework, or work and housework, but can't seem to do all three. Even seeing Mums who don't work at all and just at home being a 'full time Mum' there's still a lot to do. Then there are those Mums who also work outside the house and then also comes back to help out the fam. I feel like maybe after uni where there's minimal study, I can work + do housework and make food for myself etc, but at the moment it just seems impossible to find the time. 

For those who saw my snap of our freezer, yeah, I am pretty lucky to have meal preps from Mum. I haven't taken her making me a hot brekkie in the morning, packing salad sandwiches and thinking of what to make/coming home to cooked dinner after a 8-6 day or 9-5 day for granted, so always grateful for what she does. Even though fam gone for 1-2wks, trying to eat healthy at home/saving money (ironically splurging money on food outside). Shoutout to BW for coming over to help cook for me and help around the house even though you're also super busy. Recently also feel like sometimes I'm just so, so unlucky with my timings etc. I know there are people who have more struggles than I do, yet if I compare myself to people who have graduated from my course/employed, they seemed to have it so easy...I have to keep reminding myself to be grateful for what I have, although it's still hard to be. 

Having the whole house without the fam for about a week is pretty good, not gonna lie. All the peace and quietness without nagging anyone or others telling me stuff is quite nice. I've always dreamed of moving to a bigger house ever since I was small, like I've really only ever lived in half a house. Even now, if one person was to live here it's quite big. I think for our generation most people would move into apartments, unless they get a load of money from their parents. I think I hoard too much stuff so apartments won't fit my stuff, but if I don't hoard anything in the future, I think a small apartment for one or two people is quite sufficient. When your working the last thing you want to come home to is cleaning, so I guess a smaller place really minimises all the housework you need to do and focus your time on other stuff.

Missing last weekend to Connie's bday brunch. I love catchups with friends. It did sort of seem like a small high school reunion with other hs people I haven't seen in ages. Maybe do a food post up later if I ever get around to it.

epic homemade cake

who doesn't love flowers as deco?

that buttercream work is amazing


Can't go wrong with a woolies sponge cake. Love how you can see the distinct layers in the cake. 

I've been feeling very unproductive recently, like my motivation to study has decreased dramatically. I feel like it's decreased since 4th yr 2016. Maybe it's just a sign of getting old. This year has gone by pretty quickly, how is it already mid march? It hit me the other day that in less than 5 months I'm another yr older. No longer early twenties...There are days where I just don't want to grow up, yet other days I'm like I can't wait to get out of uni and 'progress' with my life #fwp

Monday, March 12, 2018

Concrete Jungle Cafe

I love the open-ness of this cafe, with big glass door and windows, and very modern decor and lighting. They have copper accents on the chairs and some lights. Some chairs were just stools while others you could lean back. Maybe having a mixture of different style table and chairs is the new thing. Bonus points to the waitress as she assumed we wanted the drinks and food to come out at the same time. Normally I have to ask, since I prefer taking a photo of the food with the drinks (I mean, who doesn’t?)

food spread

Berry booster smoothie: mixed berries, coconut yoghurt, mama powder, chia seeds, milk-$9

I normally don’t order smoothies outside of home since I can technically make them if I have time. For the price of this one, I don’t think there’s anything special about it. It wasn’t sweet, but didn’t have enough berry or coconut flavour either. Quite pricey for a smoothie and it wasn’t super pretty either. 

The coffee on the foam sunk really fast and there wasn’t enough foam, but had a nice bitter coffee taste without being burnt. 

Blueberry and lemon hotcake, topped with ricotta creme, maple syrup, coconut flakes, berries-$18.50

The hotcakes looked very similar to Harry’s Bondi, but just missed the mark. The hotcake was a bit wet/not fully cooked batter to get a nice crisp outside and fluffy inside. It was more on the sweet side, but loved how you could taste the lemon in it. I don’t think you can have a hotcake these days without edible flowers. Harry’s Bondi also had larger pieces of blueberries.

Nourish bowl: beetroot hummus, cucumber, sweet potato corn fritters, kale, avocado, cherry tomatoes, quinoa, sesame and tamarind dressing-$19.50

The corn fritters were quite small for the price, but it had an interesting taste as they used sweet potato. The flavour wasn’t super prominent so don’t expect too much sweet potato in it. Beetroot hummus could have had more of a punch to it. I liked how they coated the avocado with sesame seeds. I though some of the kale was more towards to oily side.

Blue majik smoothie bowl: blue algae, pineapple, banana, coconut water and coconut yoghurt, topped with blueberries and housemate granola-$17.50

The smoothie bowl had a lovely vibrant blue and so pretty to look at! It’s nice and refreshing thing to have during the summer. It wasn’t that sweet which I prefer, and good crunch from the granola. Decent amount of blueberries in the bowl as well. 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Duck In Duck Out

If you didn’t know by now, Duck is one of my favourite proteins, and I didn’t even realise a permanent store which is also promoted by Manu from MKR opened in World Square until I walked past. It’s fast food but a bit fancier, and hence cost more than your average burger and fries. They have mostly outdoor seating, or bench stools inside. It is quite windy sitting outside.

food spread

Quack Daddy: crispy confit duck, celeriac remoulade, red onion jam, pickles, rocket, harissa aioli-$14


The burger had a decent amount of duck in it, and could taste the duck flavour in it as the toppings/sauces didn’t drown out the flavour of the meat. The duck also wasn’t too fattening. The aioli gave a very mild spicy kick to it, and the jam helped compliment the burger with some sweetness.

Duck dog: duck sausage, fried shallots and other stuff-$12

First time having a duck sausage hot dog. This was a special for the week and forgot what other ingredients it had. I think if I used my imagination I could taste the duck in the sausage, but really it just tasted like a mix of beef and chicken. Sausages are normally a mince mixture anyway, so hard to distinguish the duck flavour. I like the fried shallots as it gave it a slight crunch. 

Ducking loaded fries: crispy confit duck, harissa aioli, spring onion-$12

The chips were cooked well with a nice crunch, but I would have liked a bit more potato inside. Loved the bits of duck and sauce which topped the fries. I didn’t think it needed the additional salt on the fries itself.


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Monday, March 5, 2018

Bondi Beach Markets

Past few days have been low key freaking out that there's not enough time. Just flipping through my diary where everything is in 6 week rotation blocks, a few flips and you legit reach the end of the year. Placement interstate, then back at uni, then overseas, then back at uni then exams. I really wonder how people did their research projects alongside clinic time. I'm already thinking I won't have enough time to do my reports once it gets super busy after May...and somehow need to squeeze in planning (hopefully) a grad trip somewhere...holidays stress is still better than uni stress.

Also hit me I really won't have time to do anything or go anywhere once I work full time, since 2 days off a week you probs just want to chill at home/relax rather than go out and do stuff. So me being yolo (for now), decided to go out/planned stuff for every weekend, until pretty much May when uni really gets super intense. Still behind on like 10+ food posts, but I guess those times when I'm stuck at uni and you see food posts, means they're all from my backlog.

Bondi Beach

double decker bus into the city

Bondi Beach Markets ft Bryan from Masterchef 2017

visiting BW's friend

Beijing Style Croissant-$8

The flavours were really nice in this, especially with the slightly sweet and saltiness from the asian sausage. Nice crunch from the nuts in contrast with the fluffy buttery eggs (not healthy but taste nice), and balanced with a refreshing salad. The slaw probably had too much sauce/too creamy from my liking, and would've liked a stronger hit miso.

Chai custard croissant-$7

Loved the spices in this chai custard. He listed like 10 ingredients in the custard, and it's not just a boring cinnamon chai flavour. The croissants are sourced from Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie, which are nice and flaky but not overly buttery. They have a nice rise as well.

Jasmine lychee tea-$6

 Flavours weren't really strong in the tea, as the tea flavour was more subtle. Apparently when you could brew tea it doesn't release any caffeine. Still a nice refreshing drink for market food.

Taro Milk Tea and Rose Watermelon

I forgot if I uploaded a photo of this already...The taro was quite subtle, and the rose/watermelon could've had more watermelon flavour.

Pear and Sea Salt

The egg pudding machine wasn't working so opted to go for sea salt as the 2nd flavour. This serving looks a lot smaller compared to previous once I've had, and it's more compact, which isn't good since the flavours merge too much together. I haven't had sea salt in ages and don't mind it since it's an acquired taste, but I found it overpowered the pear way too much.The pear just tasted sweet and not really fruity.

Year of the Dog: Mint Coins

The small ones are from Aus Post and around $10 each. 

All the way from the UK-1 ounce silver

Got given this as a red packet from relative in HK. I always miss out on these collectable coins since I'm in Aus, but low key asked for one this year cause it's my year. This stuff isn't cheap, 1 ounce of silver is ~$150...I wonder if these will increase in value....


cute toothpicks

Also went to a farewell party on the weekend. Somehow felt like a 21st with balloons, canapés and photo booth props. I know I should be grateful for what I have since technically I can choose where to work, but other people really can't find work so have to leave the country...