Tuesday, July 31, 2012

do YOU have tips on how to memorise essays?

i usually repeatedly write it out, except i can't afford to do that. like my ex-ruse friend wrote it out so many times she had a disease in her hand, but board of studies rejected her appeal because that thing was because of studying and not something else.

my brother is so angry these days he hasn't even reached senior school...

ahhhh, i was hoping uws was a tiny bit less competitive than unsw, but that's obviously not the case...

i handed in ext 1 creative 4 times in the past two weeks. must do better...

and i finally watched jumping in equestrian! it was only cross country, not inside the arena...there's this tension when i kind of want a horse to trip because it would be a tad more interesting....(i'm not heartless, i actually love horses)

i can't wait for 2016 olympics where i can actually follow it...yes, they have definitely overshowed rowing and swimming....please show something else during prime time when i eat
the asian countries are so good at swimming this year...

Monday, July 30, 2012

if only i got full marks for all my essays, then i don't have to spend these last few days re-doing/fixing up my essays, which are getting in the way of my memorising time.

channel 9 has been focusing wayyy to much on the Aussies, who aren't doing very good at this stage...

oh, i also love rhythmic gymnastics with their dances and ribbons and hoops and random other stuff. haven't seen any yet...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

yesyesyes! saw 3 aussie artistic gymnastics routine. i just love the artistic ones since it has dance elements (:
china is so good at swimming this year, it's kind of unbelievable.
and saw equestrian! except it was just showing off your skills, and not jumping type...

hate how my brother always says what's going on and then i succumb to watching a bit

ahh, cannot do mod b, even though out of all the texts, it's probs my fav.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

yayayayay! olympics! time has passed by so quickly, i still remember 2008, and parts of 2004.

need to exert so much self control not to over-watch olympics. i woke up late-ish today, but just in time to see the olympic torch being passed and the whole flame thing. my brother woke at 5.30am to see the beginning (he's not a morning person) so once they got to the country part (which took over an hour) he fell asleep and missed the part i watched....but it got replayed in the arvo...

i really love how every country has its own speciality to portray, and all the stories behind it.

as i've said before, my favourite sports are: swimming, gymnastics and synchronised diving. oh, and equestrian except they hardly ever show it. i think they've over-showed swimming today. i want to see some floor work for gymnastics! i love their costumes (: i actually don't follow Olympics tennis, it's not the same feel as grand slams. also, track and field isn't really interesting unless it's the 100m men finals.

the only thing i like about road cycling is when they crash (but then i feel really heartless and then very sad since the person who fell caused 10 other people's injury/can't continue, 30 people tangled in massive mob, 20+ people had to ride on grass to divert from mob and more than 20 bikes need change of wheels, and then they just fall behind...)

i don't get why they chose the basketballer. i didn't even know since until like yesterday. why can't they choose people like jones who is participating in her 4th games.

on a side note, just read happy apple's post. my brother got to touch the sydney one and stood next to the athens one back in '04 at this kids club thing. i wanted to go as well, but i had my own sleepover party to attend that friday night...

how did '08 year 12's restrain from watching olympics? i actually haven't been on fb for over a week, not even on phone since i ACTUALLY HAVE NO TIME, yet, i somehow find time to watch tv =/

Friday, July 27, 2012

(: /: ): D:

i feel more confident in myself now (not in an arrogant way). story is, after umat, i went home and watched approx 1.5 hours tv, then i wrote a completely different creative in 2 hours.
and i got it back today, and it has ticks instead of question marks! and a comment on a part that says "love it". first time in 1.5 years that actually doesn't say it's crap. so i basically wasted my summer holidays and other days writing a creative which i don't need. i guess, i don't feel as screwed since i was worried about creative over the other essays. the previous creative, i felt like i was going to get 8/15, but now i like this one better.

i guess i'm lucky to have this eng teacher, even though she destroys your essays. it's good in the long run i guess....actually, all english teachers are the most hard working staff only they do work after school, all the other teachers are technically "lazy"

my mum saw Kylie today at Coles! she knew my mum was staring at her. but mum didn't talk to her, since she didn't know what to say, but so cool!-now i know kylie lives in syd without google.

i can't write mod b essays.

time goes by quickly. i got 1 hr 5min of maths done when the double is supposed to be 80min.

and i'm glad i'm not the only one with piles of stufff. i study in a part of the living room, so a corner is mine, i have a pile for each subject. there's no way a yr 12 can be completely organised unless they have unlimited shelving or doesn't do any work=no sheets

HOW DO PEOPLE MEMORISE 3 ESSAYS AND WRITE THEM IN TWO HOURS? how do i cut down on mod a when i like all the sentences?

this person said umat was easy and she didn't do any practice. either she's a genius (or she's lying)

bible study was nice. i like listening to people.

ahhhhhhhhhhh, less than a weeeeek.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


i have no logic. if you haven't realised already, UMAT is allllll logic.
my parents know i am slow, i also know. like in maths, it takes me forever to "get" it. but not my bro. he can do what i consider "hard"section 3 questions in 1min max, and easy ones in about 20secs.

and i quote my english teacher when she commented about my mod c essay:
"Clarify your thinking, Elisa-it's often illogical"
it takes me over 2 hours to go over and fix an essay. ):

and whilst going to acupuncture today (which took over 2 hours because of mis-bookings/lots of people) the person talked to me about subjects/what i wanted to do, and then said her daughter is in 3rd year UNSW med while her nephew is doing med at newcastle. my phys teacher does teaching(obviously, so does his wife) and his brother does so med clinical things. and how my mother's friend who used to go to girra 5 years ago, is now graduating from med this year at uws-his father is also a doctor. and i remember from medentry workshops ages ago, that this white girl's parents are lawyers, and her brother does med and she wants to do med (she seemed very smart). it's genetics! smart parents have smart children.

maybe after HSC, i will attempt to be more logical, and maybe re-do umat...or post-grad...at syd(?) idk, i only want to go to sydney because of it's buildings and grass.
everyone said it was easy.
i didn't think so.
i guessed way more than i could afford/wanted to.
oh well...
kind of paranoid i didn't circle ID no./test booklet correctly now that i think about it...
i should stop talking about umat, but it actually was a good experience.

tooooooooooo much to do....

i think i over invited =/

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

felt the need to double post.

i'm really excited, i actually have an idea for belonging creative after reading through section 2 passages! hopefully it's a heaps better idea than before....
i hope i can type quickly/precisely and somehow write 800 words in the next 50mins.

this year was the first time masterchef finale is on a weekday, probs because of olympics.

ahhh olympics, how i will have to sacrifice watching people swim dive jump tumble on tv, and need to wait another 4 years. maybe i can watch a bit during dinner.

and after umat, i was about to leave and realised why is my bag so light? ohhhhh, my beloved drink bottle! so it felt like hong kong, trying to push past people in the opposite direction. luckily, the officer placed it on top of my table so i could see from afar. and then there were heaps of names called out because people forgot to take their licences. at least i remembered to take mine! (:


ahhhh, over.......relief (?)

spent sooooo long there. left home at 11.30, got back at 7.30. transport 2 hours each way because trains weren't on time.
i feel the need to recap the day even though i literally have a million of things to do.

inow that i think about it, i've actually done umat stuff everyday for the last month.
time management was still an issue, but i felt the need to "finish" the test, which didn't happen. so glad there weren't any fully long section 1 readings....
i really don't know where my time went...i usually finish 2 or 3 in time, but not today...overall i think i didn't do good.

i imagined the number of people at KYCk which is approx 2000 but with tables...i underestimated..i sat in R55. and i calculated how many people there are. 55 people in one letter, and the letters go to II, so 55x(26+9)=1925, and to sessions, so 3850 ONLY IN SYDNEY. soooooo competitive.

i saw quite a lot of ex-year 12's from last year. it would be a miracle i received an offer for interview, i can always do umat again next year, or the year after....or still not graduate when i'm still 40 like some adults there and still umat instead of gamsat...

when i finished and then got up, i kind of had to balance myself since my legs felt weak =/ i've sat in car trips for more than 10hours, but sitting in an exam is different. pretty sure this is the longest i've sat for an exam. i got there at about 1.25 and when i made my way in and to my table it was 1.35, but the hall was less than half full, and the test started at 2.25. luckily i didn't go there too early, or else i would've just sat down for even longer.

there was a question EXACTLY THE SAME ON LMS, but i forgot how to do it ): hopefully i guessed other ones correctly...

oh wow Happy Apple, you are so dedicated it's quite amazing.

i missed all my trains today, or they were delayed, i guess driving would incur traffic jams, but i walked/ran a lot today, so exercise!

now i have time for stuff....but too much to do!
it's a really brain straining test. all i've done is watch tv, as my dad always says, you don't need brains for tv.

oh, i also did everything on lms! (by doing, i mean i clicked on all the drills/exams, but some drills i just fully guessed), feels like i accomplished something

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

good luck everyone for tomorrow!

i should have prepared earlier, but now is not the time for regret. must stay in happy/positive mode. (:
the good thing is you can't really study/cram for it, but my aim is to finish the few drills i have left and then feel accomplished as a person since i can say i did everything on lms (actually, there are some section drills which i guessed to see what i would get if i guessed everything)

need to revise on yay/nay types of questions, still don't get them...

personally, getting into Baulko was a miracle for me, i think if i passed umat would be another miracle...

even my eng teacher says i'm illogical on my essay, at least we don't have to write essays in umat =/

dad going on business trip so he can't drive me back ): and his work is actually close-ish to that place...

my umbrella sliced the skin of my thumb today ): luckily it wasn't my writing hand.

Monday, July 23, 2012

i totally understand why people hire event organisers-it's because they don't have time to do it themselves!

i feel like i'm in this situation, luckily my dad can help with the arts and crafts...

you know, i reallllllllllly should have started to prepare for umat earlier, cause i kind of know what i want to do now after practicing and reading so much section 2 stuff which is actually quite interesting and if i had the time i would compose some short stories on them... it's just that my marks won't be able to reach it.....and unfortunately, i still suck at section 1

Sunday, July 22, 2012

today's sermons was relly good, and i loved the skit that they had costumes and stuff...too bad his family is moving to china for 2 years... (they're actually white people, their children will probs go to international schools...i think)

nooo, kylie left ):

i think my brain doesn't function properly in section 1. it's way too slow and incorrect.

for once in my life, teachers mark at a rate which is not proportionally equal to the rate at which i fix up. too many essays/creatives to re-do and NOT ENOUGH TIME! ):

it really doesn't help to have hsc speaking exam smackbam in the middle of trials/2 exams on one day/turning 18/olympics/neighbours moving ALLL during trials and next 2/3 weeks.):

i think i'll need a miracle...(not sure if right word...)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

finallyyyyyyyyyyyy finished 12 exams in 3 weeks.

i did half of section 1 properly, the others i just guessed and managed to guess 50% correct.
but yeah, my percentiles are veryveryvery low. maybe i will just choose/guess correctly on the day.
if i had more time, i would enjoy actual umat more.

yes. i. am. stressed. ahhh. heart pounding stressed. if only my brain wasn't this slow...
feel like i won't be able to do things in time.

and i just don't get binomial ): only the super duper basic stuff ):

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Parent Teacher Interviews

(i should stop saying "last")

but yeah, nothing much to say except people tried to jump times. last year they had this bell which went off every 5mins which i thought was very cool, this year they don't.
sometimes, it was quite awkward...teachers never say anything bad, out of alllll the ones since.. kindy(?) never anything bad.

i'm starting to get more of binomial!

and these days, everyone with laptops are always going umat. it's sad how only around 8 people get into unsw med...i defs know 4 people who i think will make it in since they top every single subject and  get really good percentiles....
i also know i am no where near the "top 8" so if i really want to do med, gotta go somewhere else....idk, after doing heaps of section 2, med seems interesting...

ps. paper 11 section 3 is so troll, everything you've "learnt" before just doesn't apply to that paper, and in the answers, it's just super weird ways that i will never figure out by myself

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

feel like i'm not getting my money's worth from lms ): ultimate laggggggggg

i really ceebs with my essays now. sooooo much to polish/need to do better that i'm really ceeebsss...i want to do maths/phys/jap but so much fixing up. i think i've said this before, but you can hear my teacher rage on my paper. she already rages a bit when you collect your essay from her. i guess it's good in a way...so much correcting to do...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Last Term

i knew it. i knew it. i knew it.
3U maths is on my birthday. i knew it. oh wells...
they always have important exams on monday.
3U maths seems like a monday exam, it's like how phys seems like a middle of the week exam...
noo, i have one double up ): and some consecutive exams =/
so very glad i did chem last year, since the timetable doesn't suit chem very well.

ahhh, all my mistakes came from silly mistakes in both papers, except for the last question and 2 mc... why? if only i had more time...well i guess if everyone had more time then it's not as competitive...but an extra minute or two i would have not lost all those marks...like forgetting to multiply denominators etcetc. and then the paragraph of words answers they expect from us. only like 10 out of the whole grade got...

why must lms crash? i thought they said "we have new servers" or something. listening to other people's marks/percentiles, i am no where near average =/ i hope i somehow guess all the correct answers =/

each year passes faster, and so does each term.

i hope whoever reads this keeps the 26th next month free....

Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Winter High School Holiday

i've gotten 10hrs of sleep each night, which means over 14x2 hours of study wasted, which is over a day ): i hope i've caught up on ALL my sleep before trials.

i feel like i've done nothing these holidays, but when you try to think optimistically like the talks people do when they come to school, i guess i have done stuff.

lms crashing =/ oh wells. i think umat is 45% luck. like really, when you're caught between 2 really close answers, well you need to be lucky to guess the right one, and if you guess correct answers when you run out of time, and when you have no idea and guess the correct answer and then it's about luck since it depends on how you feel on the day etcetc. and i am a very "unlucky" person. the only thing i've won in a raffle (in my whole life so far that i can recall right now) is this blinky bill puzzle from cbrook shops like 10 years ago before they renovated the whole shop. i still have the puzzle and a photo (:

but i still feel really screwed.
for everything.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


we started james today at bible study, apparently we did it 3/4 years ago, except i have a bad memory and don't remember.

basically in the first part, it talked about trials. so what are trials?
- in less than three weeks ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so not prepared

- they help you to prepare and reflect on how you can progress in life
- they give you an aim to study for, and not just study for no purpose
- God gives wisdom in trials, for those who have faith
and we talked about how hsc isn't the end of the world etcetc...

i know so many people who've gotten interviews for cadetships/business related schlorships and they've gotten in, which makes it sound like it's easy, but obviously it's not. the idea behind cadetships is good, except i'm not really into business so didn't apply for any...but my friend got into this uts accounting course, it's not a cadetship, but you get frikken $15000 per year, and the year after you get more...even faculty scholarships at usyd and stuff are only $6000 per year...

nooo. my envisaged date next month for 18th has been taken by person from old school. (awks because i wasn't planning to invite her...) but it's not the same without some people who may be going to her thing...and i don't really want it on sunday night....maybe i should still just stick with that date...idk...maybe i should shut up now and attempt to do some umat.
oh, i experienced the site crashing today, ultimate lagggggggggggg for over an hour.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

some change...

went to cbrook shops today, for either the first or second time this year. i've been outside many of times this year to go have dinner/cakes etc but not really inside.
went to get my passport photo taken. my passport expires like this month, just a few months earlier than when i actually need one...the guy was quite nice. took like 3 photos, and you could smile a bit. and he gave me a mirror as well, except i still look weird. the photos weren't as expensive as i thought they would be. i think it's the lighted wall thing which you sit in front of which makes you look weird.

first, they "digitalised" the car park so they tell you how many spaces in each place, but not like Westfield where they have green/red lights. it's an outdoor plus shade type of carpark so i think that wouldn't have been possible...
then there's a new coffee shop in the middle of the shops. macarons are $2.50 which in my opinion are not worth it since branded ones like Zumbo are also $2.50 (but then you have to add in petrol price..)
there are more optometrists.
but i haven't seen the new medical centre yet! my bro's already been there like 3 times since it's opened =/
a clothes shop changed to a sushi shop which sells $3 sushi, a bit more expensive than towers at approx $2.80. i never buy sushi out since my dad gets free sushi from a friend sometimes...the sushi shop looks pretty modern. there used to be a sushi shop in the middle, but then they moved, probs because it looks cooler.

and then the woolies add lied. they said they had free sample from the deil this weekend, and the only thing i ate free was bread. oh, but someone approached me with free chicken and i took it (probs first time people asked if i wanted a free sample), but it was just normal chicken. the bread was actually freshly baked cause it was still warm so my mum bought some (:
maybe it's because i went during lunchtime and it's unwise to bring out free food when it's lunch...

then, there were 40% of pandoras at the jewellers. last year, the sale was 30%, so my mum bought me a more expensive one (:
1month minus 1day early birthday present (:

all that in one hour, so i walked around for about an hour today, which is really nothing.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Not-so-surprising Surprise Party

thanks JB-HI5 for organising it (:

yeah, tbh, i've never really thought surprise found out, like for instance, she found out through looking at her sister's email/parents buying food they normally wouldn't buy. if i had one, i would be sus, esp if parents take me out somewhere, since i go places by myself these days. i wouldn't be sus if they bought heaps of food though...there's a reason why we have four fridges...
it wasn't as surprising as we would have liked i guess, but it was nice of her parents to let us come.

but today was really nice (: didn't feel like winter (:
so glad old school bus went around bella vista so i still remember most of my way around there, since my gps died, well it died to begin with since my dad bought it over the net, and it functioned inconveniently...will get one next year when i need it, but for now, i'm fine with going to places using my head (:

really love going to people's house (: i don't think i ate a lot, but i was quite full...
i. am. so. unfit. no joke. sadly, the most exercise i've done the whole week was today (which was really nothing)
at home, i just sit eat and sleep.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

yep, i think i have fully stored up my sleep for trials.

these holidays are sleep>eat>study>going out.
unfortunately, study is not my first priority ):
which is reallyreallyreallyreally bad.

screw "particular module" essay. i can hear my teacher raging through ink on paper. i ceebs to do what she likes. like, it's 20 marks, which is worth 5% and thus 2.5% overall, and thus, each mark is .125%...
idk, english is taking up so much time.

i think i finally admit i will never be able to read every single question on lms. how do people even do all of them 3 times?

had homemade lasagne today (:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

so i was going to do a proper post about something, but i feel there is no time to do so.

ahhh, i actually haven't started studying. i've only been practising and spending too much time trying to fix english but it doesn't go anywhere ): and english is the one that counts...

i knew i would be in the arvo sesh since i registered "late" (not literally) so i guess it means i don't have to wake up too early...
why did i leave so much stuff till the last minute? ): it really is a "high stakes" test, i just don't want to waste money...

there has not been a night these holidays where i have not gotten over 10 hours of sleep. wasting so much time sleeping, but on the other hand, i need to "stock up" on sleep before trials.

ahh, trials, no time now to even procrastinate by thinking of being 18 related activities...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Holiday Class

yayayay! federer won!!!

wow, it really does suck to be murray, since he was quite close through the entire match. if i didn't have class today, i would have stayed up to watch the whole thing. his gf/mum/himself cries sooooo much. i guess it's kind of understandable since you're always so glass to winning a Grand Slam.
but yay for fed! plsplspls don't retire yet. keep playing/earning money.

anyways THE SCHOOL'S SECURITY ALARMS DO NOT WORK. so in the morning, we were all waiting outside, trying to get in, then the guy finds a door unlocked and we go in. we waited for around 15mins, and started to think our teacher trolled us, but then about 30min after the time she said she would start, she came, and she was like: "(guy) just turned off the alarm before i came in, how did you guys get in?" obviously, the alarm didn't go off since we came in before any alarm was turned off.

apparently, every year before us got pizza, except not this year...i just like free food...but she did bring cakes and stuff which were pretty nice, except for this sponge roll which was 80% cream and 20% cake, so no one touched it...

but yeah, it's nice of the teacher to teach for free. time actually did fly by quite quickly. and most of the class turned up, which was kind of surprising...

Sunday, July 8, 2012


oops, woke up at 11 today ):

didn't want serena to win...but she did...
and, my brain is so slow. i saw the serve was a small no. (88) and then saw mph, and was like "oh, yeah. they're English, they calculate stuff in miles)

hope federer wins and ranks will change (:

there was a lot of people at church dinner, but not that much food =/

one of my least productive days i think...

talking about uni stuff with friends, and they were like "our grass is greener!" (usyd friend) and that is so true. much nicer than unsw, and uts (which has a patch of dead grass the last time i went to it) but i think uts has a good combination of combined degrees

so many factors, mentally thinking..

Saturday, July 7, 2012


yayyyy federer won early this morning! (aus morning)

i watch him win the 3rd set, and decided to sleep, since he was winning and i just wanted to think he won the match, and he did so alllll is gooood.

you know, murray has never won a grand slam, only 2nd, sucks to be him.
i hope federer owns him so he can be number one again! i have a massive feeling he will retire this year, since it's so much more cooler to retire when you're number one, compared to retiring when you're 3rd. even some of friends say that as well...
which means that if i do somehow find enough money, i might not be able to see him next year =/ maybe i'll just save up even more money when i'm older, i'll go to switzerland and maybe bump into him..? nah, i would really hope to seem him play with my own eyes in real life.

also, federer is really good for his age, since he hasn't had any major injuries/long-term ish injuries unlike the other players who are a few years younger than him. like nole and nadal, when they reach federer's age now, i don't think they will still be able to be as good as fed.

it's cool how they showed it live. probs because they already have channel 7 people there for olympics to do more news.

it suck how olympics are before and during trials. I AM A LOVER OF THE OLYMPICS! so it's going to take so much self-control to not watch it. and it will be sad...
i love swimming!!! (: and gymnastics!!! synchronised diving is also good. yeah, those are my favs. then figure skating and bobsleigh for winter...
actually so much more i ceebs to name

i'm pretty sure olympics are soooo much earlier this time. like, 2004, the opening ceremony began on my birthday, this year they end before my birthday...must be a london thing...

oh yeah, when i'm rich, i will go to the olympics.
i actually have been to the olympics before! sydney 2000, but that was the paralympics, doesn't really count, but was still a good experience as a kid (:

i was going to find another related text for AOS, but i realised i already wrote something about another text. yay, no need to re-write (: i love that feeling.

went to acupuncture today, hey, it wasn't as bad as last time...sah expensive ):

had hot pot again with family friends! so fat/full now =/ oh, and this year, i've had maccas 10 times already... ):

Friday, July 6, 2012

what annoys me is when people don't respond to texts. like i don't get that annoyed if someone doesn't read my emails since i can pretend it didn't send through properly or they don't check their emails that often or emails are just plain slow.
but with phones, don't you have it right next to you? and it's instant, so how can you not receive it (unless it said it failed sending, then i'll just re-send it)
i also don't get the purpose of having 2 phones. yes i know they are different carriers, but why not just get a phone that has a large cap, or one of those phones with dual sim cards. in the end, you only have one pair of ears, and unless your talented and can listen/talk to two convos at a time, then i just think it's very bothersome for people to have to carry 2 phones around.
basically, i don't like people who take more than 6 hours max to respond to a text. (unless it was sent past 11/phone wasn't turned on until morning for other person to receive it if that makes sense...)

ate so much today, but i'm trying to eat in smaller increments at more frequent moments.

i actually completed one full exam (but with breaks) today.
still can't do section 1...

i've felt like i haven't done anything this week, then again, i don't remember doing anything "fun" as well...
i actually count my hours and keep tabs on how long i do stuff, yet at the end of the day, they don't add up...where did all the time go? ):

Thursday, July 5, 2012

must. wake. up. before 10.

wasting 2.5hours everyday sleeping. i could be doing more past papers...

practising on lms, i just don't want to waste money, except i don't really seem to be improving, i hope on the day i'll just guess the correct answers, 99.95% doubt that will happen...

i legit have an orange winter knit top. it was behind another pile of new clothes in my wardrobe and at the bottom, so i didn't see it, would have actually been good for orange day.

i really hate Debra. masterchef is good to go on holidays with, like they are getting ever so rich, travelling interstate just for Masterclasses...

i can't believe "match" membership is sold out already, the most expensive one...
there's always this risk of federer who might not even play in aus open next year, are the chance that he doesn't play in the match(es) i see (that is, if i somehow can get enough money to even go there in the first place...)
times like this, i kind of want a job.

i've finally written my favourite/encouraging verses into my disney book (: it actually took a while, but a good while (if that makes sense)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

i was supposed to post this on mon, but i got side tracked with the desert...(see below...)
so, new financial new year, and electricity prices go up $9 per week. which in a way is ok, since i have a small-ish house, so wouldn't use that much electricity unlike those massive houses which must show off their front lawn/house with spotlights etcetc
but then again, we have four fridges and 3 washing machines, 1 dryer, 4 cars (wait they don't use electricity-only petrol.... )and other electricity consuming gadgets...
we might be buying a new fridge, since one of our fridges is pretty old, and use up more elec than the newer ones....i think we should not buy a new one and say money.

you can buy so much with 9 bucks:
- 2 boosts
- a top
- approx 5 cheeseburgers
- approx 4 branded macarons
yeah, the list goes on...

was just watching some wimbledon (they didn't show any french open...) but anyways, so it started raining, and the referee was frowning, and then suddenly, about 100 kids in green turn up on the court. approx 15 to help federer with his bags ans stuff to take under shelter, the refereee seemed to be pushed while in his stand by 20 kids all seemlessly, then another 20 to take down the net in 3 seconds, and in another second, about 40 kids, run and pull the covers to cover the grass. English people, lol, can't stand a bit of rain. what is the point of even building the roof when they don't even use it? i think it would be cool to see Wimbledon though, cause you can see royalty and be like "i've seen 'royal' people". they were showing other stuff, and it had very high class background music. English people are really "posh." also, the lines people wear blazer type like clothing. and they don't cheer, only minimal applause, probs because it's England.

wasting so much time practising ): don't know if it's worth it sometimes... =/

trying to re-write creatives. my inspiration kind of died...i forgot what my point of the story was, so trying to work out what i wanted to say.

i have gotten over 10 hours of sleep since friday night. it's goooood, but then i feel like i'm wasting so much time...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thoughts on Uni Courses

when people ask me what i want to do, i really don't know.

ok, so here are some thoughts.
- i've always said i don't want to do commerce, except maybe it's useful in the future...
- i was talking to an ex baulko guy '07, and apparently he got 99th percentile for umat did medicine for a year at UNSW but dropped out, and i was like what!!?? and apparently he got accepted for a college in USA and just went there to do more chem and phys, and going back again to get a PhD and wants to become a uni professor. hey, that's quite cool as well. i want to study overseas, but not for 4 years...he was born that as well, so maybe that's why it was easier to get accepted....i want to go on exchange for a bit! yes, that's on my "wish" list.
- i've always known from the very beginning i would never be a 99.95, so no med at usyd, unless post-grad. but, doesn't that mean you waste heaps more time? like the course there is already 7 years, and another degree is like 3/4 years...
- UNSW med is a tiny possibility
- Oh, i was talking to a friend and she wanted to go UWS to do med since you need 93 (it's only 93 for people living in the west, for other people like me it's 95) but it's UWS...who goes there? i only know one guy who is disable who goes there, i think because of convenience and you don't get that "Uni" feeling like USYD or UNSW has, and it doesn't look good. but uws saves you time, since it's only 5 years, whereas unsw is 6. what if no one employs you since it's UWS? i was looking at it more, and the campus is at Campbeltown...soooooo far away, and you work at blacktown/mt druitt hospitals....sooooo far away. i've had my share of travelling during junior schools, don't think i can stand 1.5 hour driving trips everyday for 5 years (wasting petrol as well) obvs, it's less competitive, like law there is only 90
- I want to go USYD because of it's buildings, feels so magical
- Monash med/law seems ok-ish, but it's alllll the way down there, but it's ranked better then UNSW

enough of med,
- i want to do something chemistry. i've thought of medical science, but it seems "easy-ish" to get in, and it's only 3 years, what if you don't get into honours year? then you can't do anything with your degree.
- Still don't know difference between med sci and med chem (which is only offered at unsw, which seems ok-ish to get in)
- i think psychology has a good atar to aim for, for people who want to for psych. like if you don't get that 98 for unsw, it's not too bad for usyd 97, don't know what the difference is though...but those atar seem like ok aims.
- yeah...i've thought about law, 99.7 usyd no way, and apparently it's hard to get employed, idk, maybe you just have to be smart. only 90 for uws, 98 for monash.
- i like uts since it has a nicer combination of degrees. like med science and law seems good. but as i've said, they only employ lawyers from usyd i think... it would be nice to have a combination of science and law though... but then again, who goes to uts? i like like how other uni's have all those clubs and stuff
-major in chemistry related stuff? unsw has a major in food science. coool! like Heston. will go to his restaurant....one day...before he dies... (as in, it will take me a soooo long to save up money, as i still have other places i need/want to go)
- thought about pharmacy, but you only need 80ish. i always thought when i was younger, that you need high marks, except i don't want to become one of those people just handing medicine over the counter-boring...
- optometry seems interesting since you get to use cool machines. AND I FINALLY UNDERSTAND. some of you don't know, i went to unsw for a research test to see how asian eyeball change while wearing day/night contacts. SO THAT WAS THEIR RESEARCH YEAR. it took more than a year, since we always had to postpone our appointments. but i bet they get heaps of money to do it, cause in the end we received a card, movie tickets, and all our washing stuff was free and we received a good load of that, plus the contacts were free. and the people were 30-ish, so post-grads doing research. how creative do you have to be to think of something to do for research? ahhh, i finally know what they mean by research, yes, you really need to research stuff.

i know i want to help people, maybe science related
my parents say people don't look at your uni's only credentials, but i want a good "uni" experience, which obviously a cadetship doesn't offer, so didn't bother applying, heard a girl in my grade is already accepted, smarttttt....

and i was talking to my careers advisor last term, and she said if you want to go usyd then go, if not then don't bother. apparently, if you want to change from another uni to usyd, all those "credit points" or hard work you did, they all get deleted, and you start from scratch again/beginning at your new course at usyd, and changing courses in usyd is more annoying compared to unsw/uts as you have to go through wayyyy more procedures.

good on you for reading all this (Y)
i've been through/over 5hours of tutoring these past 2 days. catching up on stuff...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Parfum de Femme

oh, wow, straight away after it aired, it was the first photo on Patisse's home page.

how beautiful is that? basically it's a salted parfait (it's a mousse according to the website when you buy it so you can take it home easier), crunchy crystallised violets, red cocoa butter, rhubarb bits and pieces, gold cocoa, and so much more. it's soooooo pretttttttttttttttty. look at that precision
and it's only there for a limited time, i was hoping to buy it for my mum's bday with the little amount of money that i had (so i could also try it as well) it's $11 (i've finally found the order for thing...)
the masterchef one had tempered chocolate, isomalt sugar shards and more edible flowers, which i think, are not available to the public. i've never ate a real desert flower before (those michel patisserie ones are fake) i think if they served you the masterchef version, it would defs be $20+

one day when i'm rich, i will buy i branded cake and deserts to enjoy weekly/monthly.
the thing with Patisse is that it has no prices (unless you count the order form but that doesn't have much variety) which means it's really expensive. even  Zumbo's website has prices. oh, i will also drive there after HSC to get his macarons. that is on my mental "to-do" list, as well as other patisseries which have featured on Masterchef (:

(why are all "branded" patisserie's not in the CBD, but just outside? also just spent the last minuted admiring the colours...)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

23rd Church Anniversary

there were moe people this year than last year, i think, and they didn't open the school carpark cause the  high school didn't allow it, so allll the streets were filled with cars

they had cupcakes this year instead of a massive mud cake with royal icing, only a little cake w/ royal icing and 23 numbered cake had candles on it. i think the cupcakes are more convenient.

went out to eat for lunch. i'm pretty sure this is the first time this year that we went out with only the 4 of us, other times we had relatives/fans. my dad can't eat out much, since he looks really skinny/small, but he's really "fat" on the inside-go figure. that place was cheap, which meant the food wasn't great.

oh wow, just reading stuff about OS X Mountain Lion. it had this new thing called Dictation. from writing to type writers to typing now to just speaking and the computer types for you. maye in the future, people think and computers type it for you can help to unjumble your thoughts....or better yet, a computer than helps you to write perfect essays...
for those who have Lion (i don't know anyone who actually has, i only know people with Snow Leopard like me), i think they got ripped off since it only came with iCloud and a bit more new software, but Mountain Lion has heaps more new stuff plus whatever Lion had before.

i'm still so bad at section 1 =/ i wonder if anyone has had the luck of guessing most of it right then making it in, then that person was/will be very lucky....

anyone know of good italian restaurants at castle hill/parra?

also, it was my youngest uncle's bday yday and he spent the day on a plane like the year before. this year, he has already been to: australia 2times, japan 3times (once he just went for a friends bday-rich), USA 2/3times, taiwan 2+times, netherlands, and other europe places and know he's on london. and his friend's mum gave him this while watching Wimbledon (on tv):
yummm...strawberries and cream! but i find this ironic since strawberries are healthy, but cream isn't...

also, i've realised this year i hardly saw any adds from myer etc with their big EOFY sales...weird....

don't know how to start essay :S