Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th of February

(in case you haven't noticed)

EXTRA DAY TO STUDY!!!!!! (except it reminded me of how trials/my birthday are going to be during olympics. I LOVE OLYMPICS!!! especially swimming and gymnastics and the opening ceremony!!!. so sad going to be missing out on it): so much self-control needed this year.

still going over essay...

first time staying back at school today. i actually don't have to waste as much petrol going back then, then going to tutoring again then back home...

i like how the tables in the study room are big. and if you stay behind, you can ask people questions, unlike when you're at home. everyone is really nice to help me out. shall give people stuff, someday, sometime...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

first time on a school night-didn't turn on my laptop until 10.30pm. success (:
i actually got stuff done, (except for English which requires a laptop...)

don't like this weather. too hot for my face ):

Monday, February 27, 2012

my uncle is soooo lucky! he got 8 tickets to see Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!

hong kong is soooo crazy. since China doesn't have any shows, everyone is going to hk, so there are people who lined up 48 hours in advance to get tix.
there are some people called "professional line-upers" who get pack $80hk (10 aussie dollars) to line up. so in 48hours, you make 480$ just by standing and waiting. there are other people who threaten people with lives so they can stand in front of them. so there had to be police watching people by tickets. people auctioned tickets for $10 000hk, which is over a thousand aus dollars, soooo expensive. not worth it.

apparently now, they split the tickets all over hong kong, so only the first like 6 people at each "outlet" can buy max 8 tics. and they don't advertise where the places are, so people all over hk are trying to find them...kind of like a treasure hunt..haha...

they made an extra show, so somehow my uncle got tix. too bad i don't live there ): my uncle and his friend was like, if they don't get hk tickets, they would even come to australia to watch-some dedicated fans...

soooooo lucky.... i shall go to a concert, after HSC/when i have an income.

why did they take away our old id cards ):

quite glad i handed my essay over the weekend, so she has no one good to compare my crap essay to. i have been re-doing my essay since 3.40 now. it's taking me foreverrrrr. i really do ramble ): and not answer the question ): have not done maths tonight. nooooooooooooooo.

and i think i finally get ophelia's post a while ago about being stuck in traffic for 1.5hrs. i was driving the other way, and there was a traffic jam from pennant hills, then beecroft, then cheltenham then epping. NOT A SINGLE CAR MOVED IN THE TWO LANES. i felt sorry for them. it was at least 8km worth of road. coming back there was traffic, like 20mins, but not as bad as that looooong line of cars...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

tonight was great fun.

teppanyaki (: food getting chucked everywhere, i managed to catch most of my food. there was a lady on another table who missed, and a raw egg cracked on her head...yuck...and then the occasional flicking of random pieces of egg, and rice flying through the air...
and you could feel the flame before you saw it...
yay, foooood, i love food (:

ceebs uploading photos

we did a topical on dinosaurs today. all we know is that they existed.
it didn't really answer many questions =/

Saturday, February 25, 2012

there were some backyard, but looked legit fireworks in some neighbour house. i wonder how much it would cost...

i think i really ceebs with ext2, too much research, reading

i would save so much more time if i just thought faster and calculated faster.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

oooft, those harsh comments which de-motivates you rather than motivating you to soldier on and keep writing. no wonder why more than half the initial number of people in the course dropped. sooo demanding.

100 words/2hours going strong.

i am so unhappy. going to dentist today and waiting for trains and thinking about the work undone, esp maths. and then going to chiropractor when i have englishhh to do.

and my english essay...i know i am rambling, i am going to get slashed for that. how to connect two text, context and question together?

first time catching a bus this term!!! which reminds me why i hate catching buses, those bus drivers who stop in the middle of a busy road because you are too loud/someone pressed the stop button.

must keep essaying!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

arghhh, why must English be so hard? (and every other subject...)

it's so easy to ramble here. 100 words in like five minutes.
essay rate: 100 words per 2 hours. ):

i have so much notes on context, but more than half is literally random crap. too much useless, misleading information.

i guess i could say belonging was a much easier (well at least the it took less time to write compared to now) it's soooo hard. like my stupid texts, one is a rambling essay which goes on for a 112 pages, with one paragraph being 10 pages. the other a play which is funny/wrong except it's sooo hard to decipher unless the teacher tells you to. and we've only done like 10 pages of the play and first 2 chapters of the essay and the essay is due fri/sat.sun.
stupid texts that no one knows...

arghhhh. soooo hard

and she already hinted how bad my ext2 was...woops... try and avoid more conversation with her about it until fri morning when everyone gets slashed together in class

i don't know what to write! how to link stuff and make sure it makes sense!? and stupid useless presentations she makes us do in class instead of going through how to write the essay and go through the books. and then she tells us to not always use the first part of the books to write on, except we've only done the first parts.

this is mind-screwing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Honesty #2

another parked car. another car crash. this time my mother's. this time a different story.

so my mum was at a friends and she came out of the house and saw half the bumper fall off. it's a relatively new car, wasn't fully dented, but the front head light shifted position and cracked. headlights are like $300 + each, according to me dad.

this time, the person left a note with phone details. so called in arvo, the person picked up. but calling at night the person didn't pick up.

it looks like an easy fix from a glance, but close up, things have cracked and shifted position, so it needs to be fully replaced as if it was fully damaged.

it's going to be costly. for once, a person left their details. that person, i think is korean, since she has a half chinese/korean surname, and a jap/korean first name...


but saying that, maybe people have relied too much on them. like a few months ago, my mum dented our newest big car into our trailer in the driveway and it has reverse parking camera and sensors... since we were in a rush....and the other day, i saw a car with parking sensors and a dent which resembled a pole in the back of that car....


haven't dented or scratched the car myself...yet...
thank you God for keeping me safe so far (:

Monday, February 20, 2012

they fixed all the potholes in my suburb! (:

and i just realised i have a branded laptop case (: thought i was un-branded, so i was surprised (:

ahhhh, esssayyyyyyy. poor maths. my maths is very bad atm ):

also, my mum and bro went to the new medical centre at Cherrybrook shops. apparently when they went, they still had the ribbon on from their "opening". today was the first day, so my mum was happy since it was relatively "germ free clean" compared to older medical centres.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

my mum found my 1st birthday card from someone who she has lost contact with and i have never seen...

i really should stop sleeping in on weekends. so much stuff left undone. yay for torrential rain= free car wash (:

Saturday, February 18, 2012


why are people so unhonest these days? like back in the early days, when someone hit our car, they actually left a note for us to call them back. i wish these type of times didn't change.

lucky my dad can fix dents in cars, it wasn't a massive one, but you can still see a bit even though it's fixed to the best it can be. and luckily my car is white, since white cars are easier to fix with paint than metallic painted cars like my mum which is a metallic dark grey...also, luckily my car is old so i don't feel much of the "pain" if i had a new car and it was hit

we figured who hit it last night. neighbours friend with their big ass 4wd who did a u-turn and obviously hit my parked car and drove off. the bumper which dented the side of the car is higher up which means it's a 4wd, and has a black bumper. those sri-lankens....(no i don't hate you my lanken friends, i just hate those people, well that family, who did't admit to hitting other people's cars, and it's like how my whole family hates that asian couple behind our house with their dog who barks 24/7 NO JOKES). go install some freaking parking sensors or get your eyes checked! our cul-de-sac is pretty wide so i can't possibly believe how a full licensed person can not do a u-turn in such a wide street...

now i'm going to park inside my driveway. it's just annoying to get in and out of the driveway, and i park on the grassy section of our driveway which get really muddy when dad suggested to park my mum's car out on the streets one time, luckily she didn't listen to that...out of the two years we park the old car on the street, it just had to be the neighbours unhonest friend who hits it.

hit and run cases are the hardest to get insurance for

hate rant over.

you know cirque du soleil, it looks sooo good. i wanted to see it last year, and now they coming on another tour this sept. before HSC...DID YOU KNOW, EACH COSTUME COSTS $10 000. and each person has like ten costumes. it takes 80 hours to hand make. so i finally know where all the money goes... except insects, it will be weird....differently weird....

and i have over 100 sheets compiled in fat booklets for much irrelevant info, what a waste of paper...

Friday, February 17, 2012

ngaww, just watched hp 1 again for the millioneth time. you can see that 11 years ago, the special effects were pretty crap, but everyone was soooo cute and tiny. my favourite is still no.2. i really like wizard chess (:

logarithms, why must you be so hard? i swear it was easier in yr 10, and logarithms don't change much...

i bet all the iceblocks are gone before they even freeze, people just drink the sugary liquid before it turns into a solid...

why are friday nights spent watching tv? i really need to sleep earlier/change friday night studying/hw seshes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Presentation Night

i really do look up to the people who get perfect atars as well as being sporty at the same time. like this girl had A WHOLE STACK OF PRIZES AND AWARDS. wowow. smart and sporty, all rounders.

it was worth going to since i've never been to one. soo little people from my grade went...people who get first in more than one subject are amazing (:

and yay, i got a pen! i thought it would just be a girra...girra used to have trophies...

i have not done any work these 2 nights. so tired...the night went by faster than i thought it would

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Middle of the Week Outing

yayay i love seeing people and going to houses, especially big houses!

apparently i told my mum i would get home by 10, except i got home at 10.50pm, she wasn't that pleased...woops...

shirley, your house is so coool, i went on an electric chair!!!!!!!!!! and 3 ovens, we can having baking parties after HSC (if you ever get into baking...) and more toilets than people...haha....really love the openness of the kitchen to the outdoor kitchen.

and i had meet fresh! first time having it, twas nice, but didn't finish it ):

and driving home at night, i saw a BMW get caught by a holden hidden police car. it was like 10.30 in suburban streets on a Wednesday night, the message? don't speed, even at night

and was the house really hard to find? first time going there and it was perfectly fine....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day :')

awwww, today was suh a nice day, all the seeing, giving and receiving (: AND FOR ONCE, THE PURPLE OF THE SCHOOL ACTUALLY COMPLIMENTED THE BALLOONS AND VALENTINES DAY COLOURS!!! i actually quite liked it (: maybe they painted it just for val's day hehe..

thank you God for such niceeee and wonderful and caring friends (: you know who you are (:

and i love roses (: everyone is soo nice with all their food as well (: all that effort. i made heart shaped cookies from packet mix (cause it's 10x faster than making your own mix) but according to everyone they were nice (: i guess it's the thought that counts for everything. and connie's cookie cutter is so awesome, it can cut through chocolate blocks (: oh, and i got rid of half my favourites chocolates today (: oh yeah, but still have soooo many boxes from christmas, and easter is coming soon, so even more chocolate, which means there is 50% chance of us chucking out our delicious chocolate from christmas which would expire by easter...

first thing when i arrived home and mum opened the door was that i said "Look at all these flowers the boys gave me!" of course, a mother knows best and knew straight away they were from friends (:

yayay, i'm realllly happy. and the fridge was soooooo full today, like more packed than my fridges...

personally, i thought that the src should have ordered more roses....

yay for friend who is shaving her head (: apparently my brother said he would do it...haha...

parents talking about travel plans when rels come over in May. too bad there aren't any school/public holidays for me to go interstate with them ): i hear my parents say "kempsie" but they are really trying to say Cairns" took me over an hour to figure that out, oh, and i finally get the joke about the Children Minister being an egg, and children are bananas, think colour then race colour (she is white, but we are mainly asians...) lol, that won't make sense to people who don't come to my church...

pumped for tomorrow!!!!! school has been surprisingly really good this term (:

ps. google is sahhhhh cayoooooooote. go check it out if you haven't already (:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Swimming Carnival :')

it was perfect weather. not too hot, not too cold, no rain/thunder/lightning/hail

every since i stopped training at end of year 10, my times are sooooooo slow, and since i'm fat as well, my times were pretty disappointing, but i enjoyed myself, since i already knew i swam really slow.

first race was soo fail, but it was a good experience (: it was the 200m girls open free. i was in the first heat. it was the first race of the carnival. they said take your mark then a whistle...a whistle (!?) i just stood there for a second on the blocks watching everyone dive in, and decided in less than 1 second: well everyone went in, i might i well start as well.

that was when i swam into a rope.

it's cos the teachers were "practicing" with their whistles and startups. i'm so glad i was slow and didn't fall for the whistle and swam into the rope unlike other people who swam a whole lap before realising it was a false start.

looking at photos, i see that i have slow reaction times compared to other people, after HSC i need to refine my dives.

i love relays. they are so exciting! i full slowed down my team...haha...but the guy who swam last for us can swim a 29 :O for once, the teachers didn't cheat in their relay.

i miss girra's house spirit and their events. i love going into all events. and i also miss the less competitiveness.

this time my arms don't hurt (yet), my legs hurt more though. like after butterfly they felt like jelly =/ people are too fast the age champion for my age has never been to training :OOO which means SHE IS A NATURAL. well she had a backyard pool, but with those pools, you just dive into the other end and you've already done a lap...ahah..

good memories and a fun day (:
excited for tomorrow! (: (no i don't have a boyfriend in case that sounded different....) have not done any work today....tis my "relaxing day"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Children Ministry Worker Farewell :')

i can't believe it's been 6 years since she came into our church. i left for youth church the year she came, when i was yr6, because back then, there weren't many i have never had a proper Sunday school lesson with her (Kate).

but she has still done soooo much for me and for the church even though we weren't fully close! like the Kids fun days were soo well thought out and planned. i miss Highs Seas Expedition and Pandamania :') there was a song, and then a person in a panda costume came up...haha...the song was good. hopefully someone videoed it so i can re-watch it (: and one of my favourite things was the high tea for mother's day a few years ago, where the youths were also involved (: and also dinners for father's day, and various arts and crafts for all mums and dads and spiritual mums and dads as well (: so sweet of her and the kids (: i will really miss her enthusiasm in EVERYTHING SHE DOES!

also the year i helped out in Children Ministry, we all got very pretty flowers! i think they were irises...still have pics of them.

we had a farewell dinner today for her. there was soooooooooo much food and desserts, and it was soooo crowded. i don't think it has been this crowded for church night dinners in sooooooo long. everything was sooo delicious! the dessert left over was "supper" haha...

and then sharing time. finally heard her play the flute! it was sooo BEAUtiful, so were the other musical items. like the music parodies, and also about how she was "moving further down than hell" aka melbourne hahaha....i don't get the joke about how she's the "egg" while the children were "bananas"...and everyone who shared mentioned about her laugh. it's soo true, when she laughs, you can't even see her face...haha (ok not literally, but you get the idea...) it was soo worth staying for dinner and sharing which lasted more than 3, these things don't happen often, it's sad to say goodbye, but as everyone has said tonight, we're all still living under the house of God (: it was a really good night to go to (:

we've chucked heapss of furniture out. like 2 desks, one wardrobe and one hugeeee tv cabinet thing. i liked that colour....and since we've made the front patch of concrete nice, next door must be thinking we're gonna move. they've been trying to sell their house for over 2 years. my mums says we should just sell it for the competition..haha...not....the house 2 up the hill is 90% going to sell. they rennovated their kitchen (finally figured out what they were renovating since i saw an old stove being chucked out) then the house after that has been one the market for over 5 months now...i still haven't had time to check it out during their open days...

the weather is like monsoonal tropical weather/melbourne weather. one second raining, next second sunny, next second thundering lightning, next second sunny etcetc

i can't swim when it rains! i know because there was a year or two when it was raining, and my times were slower. i should stop caring about my times, even though i only compare it to myself/verse myself. i should just enjoy tomorrow (:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

a different saturday

woke up at 9.30am =/

physics then maths till 11.15.

change and drove to tutoring. saw a demolition take place! soooo much traffic, but it was really cool seeing the bridge being broken in half at Epping. i have no idea why they even built the bridge for. occasionally my dad sees a bus on on it, but other than that, it was a waste of money even to build it, now destroy it.

phys from 12-4. one on one's are sometimes a tad awkward.
near the lifts, walked past someone from the year below from my old school, and somehow we recognised each other.

talked to a guy for about 5 seconds in the lift who used to go to my church.

returned library books which i kept on renewing. penno lets you borrow books for a month, so i renewed it and i basically had those books for around 2months =/

4.30. got home, eat, change.

until 6, swimming! i saw a person from church who apparently now goes to my school. haven't seen her around =/ where do all the year 7's hang? since there weren't that many people, i had room to dive (((: i love that initial feeling.

6-6.30. shower, wash things up.
eat for 5mins.

maths till 7.30.. then dinner. there were quite a lot of movies couldn't decide which one to watch....

then more maths till now. (why am i so slow in maths?)

thus, i have not done english all day, and the most important subject is English.

this week has been a really good week. Tues: phys prac which actually worked, Wed: leave school early Thurs: INKJOYS! and swimming Fri: soul purpose and ice-blocks in fridge! i love middle of the day surprises and happy things (:

Friday, February 10, 2012

integrating with double angles confuse me. and is it 2u or 3u? i shall have my own way doing those questions...and we don't have school on monday, so my questions remained unanswered for 4 days ):
i wish someone gave me worked solutions. i learn from worked solutions, not just answers.

the house i much quieter without my brother.

someone put iceblocks in the fridge today! and i had my free in the middle of the day and it made my day better (: i managed to find a frozen one at the back of the fridge...
people are so generous (:
if happy stuff appears during the middle of the day, i could pass yr 12 happily...i guess...

and just watched (500) days of summer (an hour ago...)
thought it was good the first time. it's actually pretty crap the 2nd time ): like nothing happens... ):

Thursday, February 9, 2012


yayay. i'm really happy today (:

went for a swim before dinner. twas refreshing (: and swimming on weekdays means i can kind of follow what the squads do. free training (: the only difference between training and swimming myself is that you have to swim fast/actually use muscle in training. now, it's more like de-stressing than trying to keep the times i used to have. (and also hopefully prevent me from hsc-weight gain...)

After countless stores and a very generous friend, thanks sooooo much Happy Apple!, I finally have inkjoys!!! (((: The ads don't lie, they ARE smoooth. Now maybe I can fit those extra few hundred words for English....
the more expensive the better. even my parents tested them out and said they were good (: yay for exam pens! now i'm kind of pumped to write my next essay...haha... i feel sorry for my mum going around places. and every time i went to a store, they had no stock. so after over 2 weeks of searching i finally have them-yayayay. i think their ads got to there a term where ads actually work on consumers-commerce people?

and the thing i bought on monday came in the mail today! i love it when it comes sooo quick with free postage. it works, and doesn't seem dodgy at the moment. yay for cheap/working fm-transmitter.

i think now that i drive everywhere, my mum has more time to cook nicer food (:
and the other day when i was at woolies, i said i hadn't had their boxed up salads in sooo long. my mum remembered what i said and bought some today! (since it was almost going to expire and was half price)

and free morning tea since i'm an "old newbie" and mingled with the newbies (: there was more food last year...i think...everyone said really baulko was different to their old school. i concur.

so i'm happpppppppy today! yayayayayayay.

that won't last next morning where our ext 2 work will be brutalised/traumatised/shamed/bullied/torn get the idea. she's harsh enough in adv, but 10x worse in ext 2....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

yay- Wednesday!

i'm becoming a lazy driver....when i see low flat roundabouts, i just go over them without going around them..but everyone does that so i'm just following everyone else (: and i coast more now to save petrol (: it has actually worked. and indicate less thus saving battery power thus saving petrol (i don't indicate when there are no cars around) and not turn on headlights when it's actually dark (i turn them on when it's raining-i'm still a safe driver (: ) i just felt luck ranting about driving. don't follow my habits or you will fail! fyi: don't indicate two times=automatically fail. something i learnt from driving instructor over a year ago.

THERE ARE SO MANY POTHOLES! due to the continuous amounts of rain. driving has become a game of dodging potholes. to all to be/ L-platers: don't dodge them, if you do, it means you'll fail your exam cause you can't drive straight..haha...i just don't want my car to be damaged/ go through the pot hole feeling =/

i can't wait for jerseyyyyyyyyyyyys. (mentally picturing what jersey looks like...)


i think i will love wednesdays. short periods of every subject and half day of school leaving school at 12:05 got me all pumpppppppppped. i was soo happy at home. i think i'll actually start to finish of tutoring hw in time...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

just re-watched prefect vid because it was sooo cool (:

having doubts about jersey names. should i do mon Elisa or mon ELISA or just Elisa for the front? hmmmmmmmmm. must decide before tomorrow...

and my mum bought some inkjoys today!!!!!!!!! they ARE smooth and start up straight away. don't have any hw that involves pens, so i was just scribbling around for fun (: i just don't like how they are triangular. all the nicer ones were sold out ))):

oh, and i chose tutoring over dancing, cos i can do dance again next year, but you can't do tutoring again next year...

AND ANOTHER NEW PERSON IN THE YEAR!!! AND HER BIRTHDAY IS TODAY AND SHE IS ONLY 15!!!! you only have less than 3 terms of school, like 2.5 cos .5 of a term in total is all exams. why change now? and i never knew they still accepted people when it's term 2, like they still have a reserve list? i wouldn't go change schools halfway through the year. and threeeeeeeee years (well 2.5 years) younger than me! i mean you have to be a genious to skip 2/3 years of school. and to be able to go into yr 12 when you're only 15. and she looked korean.

AND I AM OFFICIALLY STUCK WITH EXT 2. i have like general "four sections" they are:
- some people are aware of animals' feelings
- inequality of animals' living habitat/lives
- reliance on animals for therapy/human-animal interaction partnership


Monday, February 6, 2012

i know why i was so excited about today. but now not ):

my mum went to go officeworks to buy some inkjoys, but they were all sold out ))))))))))))): i've been everywhhhhhhhhherrreee.
somehow, people were like "i got them from coles/kmart" and i have been there, but when i go, they don't sell it ): not even at the newsagency or on ebay. ):
but thanks joanna (who i don't think reads this) for suggesting something cheaper than buying portable speakers for my car (: my car is too old and doesn't have bluetooth ): my dad wanted me to guy an in car system thing with gps/dvd/game/bluetooth/cd etc, the lot, like our big car, except as if i'll ever watch a movie while driving to school...? and my car is old, so i think it's pointless spending money on that type of stuff, so i forced him NOT to buy it.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I REALLY NEED!!!???? i need someone to document my life. well, a personal photographer. like swimming carnival, i want someone to help take photos cause i will be all wet ):

on holidays my mum wait no my dad is my personal photographer (: (i have a touch camera and my mum still doesn't know how to use it after like 3 years..., i mean it's TOUCH it's self-explanotry, you just touch it and it will appear, but i can't really blame her since she still can't use her touch phone == after like a month....)

this is such a small world!!! same person, same maths tutor (well ex-tutor for me), he is the same one hour before me, same day we get tutored, same school, now same english tutor. go figure.

the prefect video was soooooooooo good. better than last years ( not that i remembered much...)

how do people fit in time to study if they sleep early?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i can't wait for tomorrow. i don't know why. and i can't wait for jerseys to come, which means i should wear my blazer more.

i like this photo:

it's actually a macbook pro and phone in front of on iMac (which isn't mine....i'm not rich k.)

i remembered what i was going to say!!!! i found out yesterday, that when the brightness is set low on the laptop, and you turn on a light next to it, the laptop automatically reacts and becomes brighter to suit your need!!!!
ok that was kind of hard to explain....

such an unproductive day of googling unproductive stuff...

dancing or tutoring?

someone reallly should write worked solutions for maths. seriously.

slept at 1.30am past 2 nights and woke up past 10. not good not good not good not good not good.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

using internet at someone's house (:

why are my days so non-productive. i'm scarred.

still haven't decided to keep dancing or do tutoring which i have "lined up" for and the available time doesn't match my times...i'm really scared of HSC fat gain cause then i won't be able to fit into my formal dress and also i won't have any exercise, not even walking...i guess i could go swimming....but swimming is really time consuming since i have to wash stuff afterwards....and i've become lazy over the past few months... it's like how i'm too lazy to read question for section one and guess. i only read questions which are max 3 sentences. at least i get them right (:

soooo much fooooood for dinner. makes me fat ): but i love oyster and salmon which is fresh from fish market!

woke up late but still tired ):

ahhh english. i don't want to send it in. i ALREADY know what bad things she's going to say. like, i am my own critic. i can write a list of bad things i know i did and she will defs complete that list.


Friday, February 3, 2012


how sad, last time ever having school photos. i decided i buy everything since it would be the last photos i would get form school...almost 60 bucks.

I GOT TO STAND UP TODAY IN THE 2 GRADE PHOTOS. my first and last time. whole grade photo i stood on the silver things, split grade photo i was standing on the ground (on the edge... ): ) last time i will ever stand. i think in like 10 years time, i'll miss grade photos. i'm actually not that short. taller in baulko than girra. i'm just under middle height (:

they took foreverrr....cutting into English...which is much needed cause i don't even know what we're doing with this module.

THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN US MORE TIME FOR MUCK UP! twas super rushed...didn't even see everyone's stuff...i think i was blocked in the muck up photo ):i wanted to take more photos...
people's costumes were soooo good! i think my favourite was the guys who swapped shirts for pants and had a fake head clipped to their shirts which they used for pants. cheap, easy, non-time consuming. other good ones i think were people who were "jacked in the box" it was so smart. the lego ones looked really good. and the pool ones! such a waste to cut up a pool, but that's funny. and the aboriginal ones....haha they looked legit since they were al curry and used sunscreen as paint....the tetris block were massiveee...

i went as a barbie fairy (: everything i had/wore was from primary (: i just really wanted to use my fairy wings (: i'm kind of glad i didn't spend money/ effort into the costume since there wasn't enough time for people to look at other people's costumes and it was rainy. so if i made card board cut outs, they would have been ruined...

if i had a million hours to work on it, i would totally go as something from disney!!!!! the disney princesses looked so pretty (:

MINI DILEMMA: quit dancing for tutoring or don't do tutoring and keep dancing :S help!!!!!!!!!!
i think people's opinions are important. 

my adv/ext 1 and esp ext2 is going to get thrasheed by my teachers. like no joke. i know the outcome 
when i don't edit stuff

i got up at 6.30 today!!! earliest time i have got up and not fallen back asleep this year!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

yay, i feel happy for my brother. he got into accelerated geography (: had his first morning class today (hahahaha...he has morning classes in yr 10!) i still find it funny how his whole grade did 1/4 of the school cert...

why must tomorrow be rainy? it makes things more difficult.

i hate writers block. i'll be like "i forgot to print my draft..."

and when my mum went over to friends house, they came back from Japan and gave us a bag of goodies!!! more than i expected. there were these peas and chocolate that are iconic of Japan (cause our tour guy said so when we went) and they are so yum! except there's no wasabi in them so it feels like they have cut back on costs....or maybe they just bought un-wasabied ones....
and there's BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE, APPLE AND WASABI FLAVOURED KIT KATS!!!. i love jap lollies/oversea lollies. and those dry salty scallop...yum!!! i should tell rels to bring them over in May...

and the McOz, i thought the height would be like a grand angus height...except it's sooooo tiny/short, like shorter than a McChicken and it has more stuff than it...=/ more misleading than normal

hope i can wake up on time tomorrow =/ i'm kind of glad i didn't make cardboard costumes cause i can't think of a way to bring them without getting them wet...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


no jokes. i am actually not lying about this, even though it may seem bizarre.

i woke up at 8:15am this morning.

... i actually had a heart attack.

i've NEVER EVER BEEN LATE TO SCHOOL. except for when i'm on the bus back in girra...

here's the story:
i just woke up and then it was unusually quite in my house. i looked at my alarm and i thought it was wrong. i so went into the bathroom and IT WAS ALREADY 8:15!!!. so i mentally swore and got out of the house in 3mins. no breakfast/lunch/fruit. only water.

thing is, dad went on a business trip so mum slept in, bro slept in and i slept in. i thought my mum and bro already left the house and didn't bother waking me up. i can sleep through 10 alarms if i wanted get the idea....

if it was a nice sunny day, i would have made it on time. but no, it just had to be a Wednesday (i think school starts early on wed), rainy, trafficy and sooooooo many cars. traffic lights hates me when i'm in a rush. couldn't even speed if you wanted to. it was that bad.

now i have a gay roll call teacher who doesn't mark you off even if you just arrive on the bell, that's why i like my old roll call teacher cos she's also late.

i hope they mark me off as bus late cause there were 2 buses late and a million kids in the office so they got everyone to put their names on a list. pleeeease don't check what buses we catch/ where we live....i don't want a non 100% attendance rate.

my bro got to school half an hour late. like distance wise, our house is in the middle of our two schools, except his side has more traffic, even though it's not even in the direction of city/cbd.

i nearly cried in the car cause i was late and there was nothing i could do. AND all the kids mums parked there cars to buy uniforms, so i had to park EVEN FURTHER THAN NORMAL.

so if it was a normal day, i would have made it on time. unfortunately it wasn't.

people already dirtied the new study room ): and they put in a sign to say they have ccv, except there's actually no cameras yet, haha..

i shall go as some fairy character in barbie (: the sunset was really pretty today. light pink (: looked really cool through our blind things. but i was ceebs taking a photo.

i wish ext2 was this easy as blogging where i could keep on ranting about my day/ morning when i had a heart attack (its a metaphorical real heart attack, if that makes sense)