Saturday, June 30, 2012

1.5ish years early, but forever changing

dayuuum, the new macbook pro is thinner, and i thought mine was already thin. visually (without reading statistics) the new screen/lid/cover is thin as Air and doesn't slightly curve up (this is hard to describe) and it's, i think, 5mm thinner, just enough to put a usb in.
and then there's the new software. mine is snow leopard which they hard for a like 2 years, last year was lion, and now this year is mountain lion. i wonder what next year's or the year after animals will be? at this rate, i think they will have a new one every year, unlike before 2011 where they had a new OS X every two years.
they've had the macbook pro for a few years now, and last year they only changed the inside (like the iPhone) but this year the outside changed (like how the iPhone will probs change shape as well)
in their adds, they don't even have to say their brand.
i still love my purple default desktop (: (personally, i think it's prettier than the blue-ish milky way/galaxy for lion)

but technology will be forever changing, and my laptop is still just as fast/good since the first day my parents bought it, a bit less than 1.5 years ago. seriously, it would be a hugeeeee waste of money to buy something new each year. (well they are getting cheaper though. this year's RRP is $400 cheaper than my one 2 years ago)

oh, and i figured what i wanted for my birthday. i always have a mental list. i was hoping to save money for iphone 5 since my one is so old that it doesn't have any updates, but i'm just secretly hoping that my uncle would by the 5th one and give his "old" 4s to me....
no, what i want are memories...which can be bought in a way, but can be kept forever...if you just remember it....
and i still owe more than 2 people their prezzies, shall get something soon hopefully....

i think today was the first time this year i had gloria jeans. i've developed my love for chai tea/latte after high tea at QVB.

also, i don't think i'll ever be bringing my suitcase to camps ever again (unless maybe i'm on a plane or my stuff inside has to be protected). like on camp, my suitcase looked so fat and i had my sleeping bag and another pair of clothes, that was it. i could fit 6 days worth of stuff in just one country road time not going for suitcase option (unless i suddenly feel ceebs and just want to pull something along)

slept for 12 hours last night, yep i catched up on sleep for sure (:

Friday, June 29, 2012


last ever school camp. (or de-stress camp)

ahh, so chill. haven't done any work in 48 hours.

i did high ropes and flying fox, which were fun (: too bad there wasn't enough time to do leap of faith.

ok, i'm not ging to recount everything because i want to sleep.

but, thank you guys for the letters! (and i now feel bad for not writing any, but i can always write other letters/ cards at a later stage)

-i like how the teachers expected people not to sleep, and how they assisted some guys to have a bbq (their bbq was so small and cute!)
-wasn't bothered with "party clothes" and i do do dance, except that type of dancing is not disco type of dancing...
-food wasn't that great, but it's camp...
-yay for beach! my legs still hurt since these two days have been the most exercise i've down since cross country (which is quite embarrasing and i'm highly doubting i won't fit in my dress, and they waste more money by buying a dress because i'm fatter) the scenary was really good, and the wall of glass...

speaker was good, except some things i think would not work. yes, trying hard is important (which i have been doing) but sometimes, you need to be more than trying hard (if that makes any sense) we should have spent more time listening than taking photos, but photos are still very important!

ahh, monopoly deal and big two, maybe after HSC we can play for a whole night straight!

(just read bitter's post, wimbledon sounds 10times more expensive than aus open, which i already expensive. parents said they may let me go if i pay for more than 50%, except i don't have any money): )

and i guessed my english mark correctly, from eyeing the teacher's hand movements when they write your mark down after your speech

need to catch up on sleep!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

for so, so, so many reasons.

assessment on a strike day sucks. imagine if the whole grade had to go to school for maths exam on strike day.

can't believed i stuffed it up after practicing 20+ times. it breaks my heart </3

i'm not that excited about camp, compared to before assessments. still haven't packed. don't know what clothes to wear ):

decided to look at uni courses today since i feel like i will end up at... idk, some courses i kind of want to do are not the "top" uni's...
i'm more worried about jobs available after you complete your degree...

days like these feel stupid.

i must promise myself to make it all up in the trials/hsc...or else....idk....

can't believe most tickets sold out for Masterchef dining within a week...i want to go, except it's 100 bucks, and i would rather use that money to go to another hatted restaurant.

i can't remember which verse it was, except the one that God knows/plans everything for you is comforting, despite how )))))))))))))))))))))))))))): i feel

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

so sooo sooo unlucky.

my head doesn't work in exam conditions :'(

another say day.

Monday, June 25, 2012

because I have jap writing tomorrow

what i thought about maths. damnnnnnnn.

すうがくは ずっとむずかしいと思ういました。そして、時間が ありませんでした。あたまは ちょっと いたいでした。手もいたいでした。ずっときんちょうをしていました。

じゃ、あした 日本語のしけんなので、作文のれんしゅうしないといけません。でも、これは、とてもやさしいでしょう。やすいもんだいがほしいです。いつも もう時間が ほしいです。
今、休みの日になりたいけれども 二しけんがあります。ストレスをかいしょうするのために マスタチェフと言うばんぐみを見ます。

that took longer than anticipated. btw, google translate doesn't translate it properly.  it's quite hard incorporating senior structures into a blog post.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

i don't always write maths notes, but when i do, it means i really don't get it.

i've just been doing maths the past two days, still not enough time! the variety of questions they can test in motion..and in the end (as in hsc) they only test like two types...
and tomorrow, i just really hope i do my best, even though my best is probs below average (really hope i understand the questions tomorrow and USE LOGIC)

i feel sad atm ):

Saturday, June 23, 2012

i've found a new form of procrastination: looking at homes on various websites.

it's quite amazing how small city homes can buy you a massive house somewhere else. some city apartments are soooo modern and cool. some are soooo pretty and massive......
idk, i feel like moving houses but that will be a loooooong time away. i guess if we wanted to move where would we go? like epping/eastwood is good for trains, except there is nowhere to shop, and carlingford court shops is not as great as castle towers. and my suburb is in the middle of my school and brother's school, and i still kind of want to stay in my house to see where the new "train station" would be. north-west rail link-in 20 yrs time, which means probs about 40 yrs since it's australia...oh wow, that's ages away....
being a real-estate agent is good, you can go and see various people's home (and drive nice cars)

city houses and also be big.
i think in my lifetime, i would like to live in: the city, have beach/ocean views, and live in a massive house with a pool/tennis court, or live in a very modern/designer house.

oh my, i am so screwed for 3U. only did half of last year's paper in the time limit (and they don't have answers for the last two questions D=) i can only do the easy questions, and i know 100% they will be all hard questions, cause you can have hard questions for motion.

yummm, home made prok crackling... (:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Use your logic Elisa!

1.1min/mark. in hsc its 1.5min/mark.
that's why it was hard, hardly any time to check.

i am sosososososososososososososo ILLOGICAL. elisa, it says down, and you get a huge number OF COURSE ITS WRONG, USE YOUR LOGIC! i suck at thinking. like at tutoring, a guy hits a ball and the time of flight was 7 seconds. of course i was wrong! you cannot have something like a ball in the air for that long.
I HATE ALL MULTIPLE CHOICE IN EVERY SUBJECT. i'm so glad yr 11/12 english has no multiple choice, and neither does jap, but arghhh, why are we the first year?
and other questions require logiclogiclogic, it wasn't really hard but logic, and i over thought everything. 1 mark 2%. pleasssssssssssssssssse be above average. i failed this time ): only thing that keeps me from thinking i failed really badly is that its worth 15%.

must think very clearly but fast for 3U. it's going to be such a hectic test.
i love worked solutions <3 it gives you that peace of mind that you can learn it by yourself instead of hassling someone.

so i decided to watch most of today's episode of masterchef, which was good cause i knoe how to make legit french, french toast, and its good cause it only requires simple ingredients: 500ml milk, 4 eggs, 40g caster sugar, and vanilla if you want. typing it here, cause i ceebs writing it down atm

Thursday, June 21, 2012

i've always liked speeches. in those junior years, you can practice your speech for a whole week and then you just memorise it, but now, there is no time to practice a lot, so you really need your brain to memorise most of it. stumbled on a few words, but oh well. it was quite disconcerting since the teachers talked quite a bit after my speech (i hoped they were debating if i should receive a 20, but i 95% doubt that would happen) then others, they didn't even seem to discuss about that person at all, very much...does that mean they get a straight 20 cause it was too good to talk about? i like how the guy related cheez tv to his speech, quite "engaging"
managed to fit 550 words into time limit, with some pauses (: there was one girl who had 450 words, but she spoke really slowly, and was 1 second away from going overtime...

practiced so much (but could still have done more). so scared my voice would die, so after each practice, i drank half a glass of water (oh i practiced at least 13 times...) and since i had jap oral, i really needed my voice today...

i knew my teacher would not put up answers on moodle even though she said she would ))): let's hope the questions with no answers won't be in the test...
ahhhhh motion ahhhhhhhhhh, even if its 2u ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh etctetc.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

neighbour's finally sold their house. this time, this agent was really good, sold in 2 months, the other 2/3 they hired in the last 2 years were obviously unsuccessful/did no work. it was probs more then 2 years ago since i still practiced/played piano...

still changing speech last minute ):
i'm having second thoughts that i can speak 550 words without sounding too fast ):

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

if there was a strike...

so jap teacher said they may be a strike next week, which is actually both good and bad. here's why:

-you can get a random sub to monitor maths exams, but not oral tasks, esp ext 1 since they are harsh markers. how can they postpone oral tasks since everything is already set in groups? well i don't ind doing it next term...
-they may change exam times, and students may not be aware and then be late to the exam...
-we have camp next week. so if teachers go on strike, does that mean we can party ourselves/camp ourselves, or do we get our money back since the teachers have to go on strike?
-oh, and in the eng staffroom, i saw teachers have these read "strike" t-shirts

i have head teacher for both eng orals =/

ahhhhh, feeling so screwed for everything. my voice is starting to die a bit due to eng, eng ext 1 and jap orals... ):

Monday, June 18, 2012

Orange Day

they seemed to have an abundance of oranges compared to last year.

the thing i wore today was orange, but throughout the day, i kept on speculating it, and i think it is read, but if you look at it closely, there are orange threads. so i went in my room when it was sunset, ant it was orange. yday in my room, i totes thought it was orange...

i actually have orange everything (well mostly): orange leggings, fluro orange fishnet glove, orange see through pants (which i have yet to figure how to wear, orange cardigan, orange dress, orange hair tie, orange socks, thongs, wedges, skirt and a shirt (but i ripped it up to use the orange material as a "belt")

but most of the above, you wouldn't wear to school.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ahhh, i really really really want to travel. if i never get married, i will use my money to travel around the whole world, eat, shop and do fun stuff.

listening to other people's trips makes me excited.

thank you aunt for weird yet wonderful clothing! even though i said i won't buy as much stuff at the end of this year at hk, i think i won't be able to help myself...
already making a mental list of things i want to bake/make and other food from masterchef...

just had boysenberry gelato. it was not as great as i thought it would be, since it tasted like really fake bubblegum ice cream ):

i really should stop keeping tabs on who doesn't go to church. church is good. relax talk listen sing and learn.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

i just felt so ceebs today ):

i experimented, and if you sob over the phone you have a higher chance of getting what you want. thus i went to the optometrist even though they were double booked and took someone else's place =D i've thought that if i wanted to be an optometrist, it would be interesting, but then you only look at eyes 24/7...
but the equipment/technology are all so cool.

i love pirates (: still have not seen the first one...

i'm so poor i don't have enough money for people's presents ): \

i felt really angry today. i don't know, i felt like eating cake except we only have muffins at home ):

that ace umat seminar thing was one today. i was one of the first to "attend" and send an email. except they didn't reply/ i know with these "free things" that you had to call even though they don't say, so i just wanted to see if anything would happen if i didn't call, and nothing happened, so they have bad student service. didn't really want to far...

Friday, June 15, 2012

so glad i didn't crash today. i didn't want to drive, but had no choice...

for those who saw me this morning, i wasn't crying even though it looked like i did. i don't know what happened to my right contact. already didn't wear it for a week since my eye was slightly swollen cause it was infected or something, and when i wore it, woke up today with a really stinging/hurting/red-ish/watery eye. but i don't have time to go for a check up. and i don't think that guy does either. he's always booked out, esp on weekends about 2 weeks before...and i have exams so sooo....
all my exams are 15% this time. (but why not physic sfbjakfbjgfwbfjek!?)

can you appeal if you go blind, or do they make you do the test in brail :S

congrats to happy apple, who might make it to state.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Leftovers

just read bitter's post, and i forgot to mention two days ago: did you know, roger federer has his own street!? how cooool. it's a "posh" street as well. it's in Germany.
i also want to go aus open! (that slight hope of fav players possibly not retiring until i can find my own money, but 95% doubt that will happen)
pls shout me bitter :P

they called us the leftovers. people who are not doing chemistry. more people turned up than i thought, as in more than x-country. approx 40-ish.
so collapsed classes. spent half of period one trying to work out where everyone was...i got some maths questions answered but not all =/ walked around the school a lot today.

i missed this, but apparently a bird flew into the study, and everyone screamed and the deputy saw on the cameras and had to come in and fix the flyscreen that someone attempted to take out for the bird to fly through. the bird kept on hitting windows, so i think it half died cause this girl just picked it up and put it outside.

you can actually say quite a lot in 5mins.

oh, can't believe in masterchef it went from 20mins to 10 to five! i was joking when i predicted that they were going to have half the time in the first round. in the previous seasons, it usually goes from 20min to 30 to 40/45, so 5min is a first. it takes over 5mins to heat up packet lasagne from the freezer =/

i still don't know how to answer it properly.
hmm, she used to reply so quickly....): really need to use my brain. pls work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

had to double post. (this is going to sound like i hate my friends, but i don't)

kind of excited about tomorrow where approx 140 people in the grade will be gone on an excursion.

1and2: apparently my phys teacher is also going on the chem excursion, so we get a sub, and hopefully do nothing and i can get my other work done.

3and4: hopefully they collapse maths classes like last time, and hopefully my teacher doesn't go and do random non-teaching stuff during my maths periods, so i can ask her allllll my projectile question. (80% sure she hates me asking questions which take up a lot of time, since she takes-longer-than-other teachers to answer it, and then she can't observe the class to see if people are really doing there work)

5and6: free but will do jap speaking since jap student teacher will be here. and then work on englishhhhhhhh. i think eng (adv) is my only hope right now

7: english. hmm, hope we do nothing and i can work on more stuff.

8: scripture. which is nice to end the day (:
today has been a very sad day. ):

i've cried more in the past week at school than at home. crying at school is discreet, few seconds, head down while at home it's completely different..go figure... it's really depressing. what's more depressing is wasting parent's money on tuition if results don't turn out in that "good" way. freaking 8ish people with 100%. i fully wished they gave us a first-hand experiement. loosing marks in stupid places.
i now wished they still have 4U chemistry.

oh, she now fully hates me. funny thing is, when i fb message her about the assessment and stuff she's written, she does not reply, but now, when she's raging cyberly, she replies in an instant. (i hate how she spends over 2 hours doing her hair, when she could be working on speech). but now i'm, by myself so it's all good, i have full control and decision over everything. i would rather get a bad mark myself then get a bad mark with someone else, and then think i could do better with someone. vice versa that does not work for me, again go figure.
i am alone literally (since teacher's won't go over it, and haven't been to tutor well over a month now...and kind of doubt other people in class would help) so any help from people from other electives will be greatly appreciated (although i'm not sure how you would/can help...) :S

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


is it too late to change? go separate ways? can you say a lot in 5mins? i only want another person because of time, nothing else. i should have known from last year to just start off by myself. she's gonna hate on me, but will it be worth it in the end? another pair in my class is like the same as me, one smart the other non-enthiusiastic/lazyyy. the teacher used some quote to describe that it's better to dog and win or something idk.
maybe i should try get to school early to chat. see what the teacher says about going by yourself, cause they said you "don't get as high marks" is you don't work in a pair ):
"meeting up at library's won't work." all you do is brainstorm and get nothing done. YOU STILL HAVE TO TYPE STUFF AT HOME. i think maybe i would rather get a bad mark myself than help someone get a good mark but i end up with a bad mark or, both get bad and then think maybe if i did it myself it could have been better.
she has done nothing.
and i want to finish it before this week, and she wants to start it at the end of this weel. asdgfhjkl.

writing myself paragraphs that if i do happen to dog her, then i am at least not "too far behind everyone else"

really hope you doesn't know i am ranting about her/she reads this blog. i'm 90% sure she doesn't read it...

nadal won over djokovic. if he didn't win french, he would have been the first person to lose 4 times in a row (as in lost 4 grand slam/ came 2nd 4 times) but i still love federer! i have a massive feeling he's going to retire next year, so i really want to see him before he dies (out). but tickets are freaking ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS and they are not the best seats. and when you had up accommodation, food, travel etcetc, it's enough for me to go to america and Disneyworld by myself, which i am fine with, but obviously having your family/someone there to help you take photos would be good.
was looking at prize money, they get over 2 million bucks :O

Monday, June 11, 2012

after 1.5 years, my dad finally fixed my fake mirror to my wall. why is it fake you may ask? because it costs 10bucks and is silver-coated plastic. i could have had a really mirror, from old bathroom, except it's way to wide and i don't have enough wall space. i figured, if my window was smaller, i would be able to put more shelves and stuff. like my window is basically my "feature" wall, i have quite a big glass to wall ratio. as in my window is one wall...

anyways, having 10+hours sleep on two consecutive nights is good. except that's around 4+hours wasted sleeping...

i have a sudden urge to go aus open next year...but tickets are expensive ): but i want to go before all my fav players retire, which is probs soon...

another sudden urge to start quennelling ice-cream. will do in the holidays...hands to cold to touch cold stuff atm. my living room is really cold, when you breath air, you can see it blown through the cold air, as if it as outdoors.

i hate how some pro patisserie websites only have really nice pictures, but no price.

i don't think you can fully not cross-contaminate during hot pot.

hey, i didn't see any police today and it was a public holiday-must be cause of the rain.

tutor was pregnant and cancelled all lessons for over two weeks now. i feel lost-ish.
our school teacher fully watermarked her work so that "we won't give it to our tutors" i thought that was such a weird statement to say.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

had hot pot with leftovers tonight (: and it as the first full episode i've watched all season (aren't you guys proud of me, cutting down on masterchef) actually, i still haven't seen a full set of opening credits, so i technically haven't watched one this season from beginning to roll call teacher loves masterchef. since she is a cooking teacher, an puts on old episodes to watch, and has pictures of old and new contestants around the room.

woke up ridiculously late today.

last night, sri lankan neighbours were drumming until one. they had like over four families in their house. probs someone's birthday...
then, today, house across the road had like 7+ families over for lunch and dinner. i have never seen more than like one family visit them...must be something big. i heard from across the street in canto "Haven't seen you for a long time" which probs means a big event...

you don't mess with the zohan is sooo funny, but ridiculous at the same time.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hot Pot

first time at home this year with two other families. we hardly ever have hotpot at home...

sooo much food. and one of them brought their dog over. apparently their puppy likes people more than other dogs. soooo friendly (:

thus, i got no work done today.

there's always so much to do at night compared to previous years: wash contacts, brush teeth, wash retainers, wash container/contact stuff, change, get ready to sleep..the list goes on....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Trivia Night

that last game of pictionary was so hectically fun (:
we should play it more often. i had a mental blank when i was supposed to draw stonehenge...

not going to do any work tonight, i think i'm just going to sleep early

came 12/19 so not last! the questions were sooo hard, actually my general knowledge is soooooo bad. i only know the obvious ones, like who says "c'mon"/olympics in 2004/school address. i think out of ALL the questions, i probably, only know 10%....a lot were to do with yr 9/10 history...which of course escaped my brain...

there was another group who also did 50s...people's costumes were really nice, even if they weren't "decades"...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Recognition Assembly

got exactly the same award as last year.

personally, i always make a mental list of who is going to achieve 99.95. i think people who have principal award's will achieve 99+

yay, found a white bandana thing that wasn't in my wardrobe...

excited for tomorrow.

english information overload, which is better than having nothing, but you have to look through a million pages to see if it's relevant, and then decide on what you want to use....

must wake/sleep earlier.

after school is chaos, there's over 20 p's and then all the parents park illegally, as in double park/park in no parking places, which makes the road a "one way" street.
there weren't as many p platers last year. so glad my mum doesn't have to pick me up now.

do school's allow refunds?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Winter School Uniform

i've never had a proper high school winter school uniform.

but in winter, i can now wear: jersey/blazer/jumper/black coat or even just tank it out with just a blouse. think of all the permutations and combinations one can have by wearing one, two or even five layers! (if i had a lot of spare time, i would work at the combinations-but i don't)
i have still yet to try wearing non-school uniform under jersey...

i kind of hate having yr advisor as teacher, because they put it in front of their teaching.

drove mum's car a bit today. totes feel a difference between a car 10+years old and 2 years old. it feels sahhhhh good with the engine vrooming under you, cause it's designed that way.

freaking out/worrying about everything...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

um yeah, my eye hurts and i don't have time until holidays...

can't decide between baby photos! so i decided to ask my family, and we all voted and since we have 4 people and 2 photos, it was an even vote...

i just decided on my first choice.

also, this afternoon i had an inkling to to pharmacy since its at usyd.
i want to do something to help people, not commerce/music/architecture/visual arts...
yeah, i really have no idea what i want to do.
playing with chemicals and dead body parts would be interesting/fun.

what to do? need to decide in 3 months.

my passport expires next month. great, have to re-do all the forms etc.

whyyy jap teacher year advisor not here during my many questions to ask....

it's too early to have a "best baulko memory"

Monday, June 4, 2012

left or right?

rahhhhh, i changed it to the wrong answer asdgfhjkl. hoping for carry on errors.
i really hate no matter how hard you study/feel prepared, there's always something you don't get/unsure of in the test and you try to make an "educated" guess, but still choose the wrong one, thus you never get a mark you're happy with, plus the occasional silly mistakes makes you rage even more.
whywhywhywhy do i always change answers to the wrong one? (secretly hoping my wrong answer is right-not sure how that works)

i got a bit excited today when i found out my dad has enough points on his frequent flyer card to get 2 of us to hk. thing is, even if you book a year in advance, there's heaps of conditions like you can't change it to other people's names, no cancellation, unless you ring them up the "check" availability, so something like that...
well, next time when i have time to call and stuff, i can fly first class (: (which would be a massive waste since one first class can be enough for 2+ people) or i could go america....

yearbook questions are hard...

completely did nothing today...will do ext 1 coursework....tmr morning...

too distracted thinking about future travel plans.....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

slept before 11pm past two nights, aiming for a third...

i feel really screwed for phys, i get it when i look at it but can't "reproduce" without looking...

i've only had one pink grapefruit jelly belly! ): can't find another one/first world problem.

i actually didn't know what a jubilee was until i looked it up, shows how much i don't care about these things...i thought it was like a special jewel since it had the word "diamond" jubilee... =/

on thursday night, i had a dream that english was post-poned, now i'm kind of scared if i might accidentally forget i had an exam....

friend's face on usyd main page. i think they only photograph smart people...she still retain's her smartness from high school.

Friday, June 1, 2012

listening task was sooooo bad. why am is so bad at listening in ALL languages? ))):
fully freaked out when i saw the lines, i thought when the assessment said "short answers" that they would just be a few i only filled out less than half of the page. crycrycry.

i'm going to get zero marks ))): what made it worse was that i should have just written what i heard on a separate piece of paper instead of flipping back and worth....rahhhhwbafhjbw i'm so angry at myself. but it's only worth 15% and it was out of 25, so each mark lost is not as important, say if it was out of 10 but worth 15%....


watching the information clip about oral exams on bos makes it sound slightly comforting. BUT MUST NOT FALL INTO THAT TEMPTATION OF SUPER HAPPY OPTIMISM. 11th of august is going to be like top 10 hectiest days in my life. smack bang right in the middle of trials+tutor+trek my way out to that uni. even that days when it is hsc, i only have one thing on a day, not a million.

it's weird how long you "have" to spend on the internet if you don't go on it for one day. so much mental "catch-up-things-to do and see"

i think profiles/baby pictures were due today...except only 9 pics are up...i can answer some questions alright, but then some are really hard to answer...

had an afternoon nap today for like 45mins. i think it's the FIRST time in high school that i've had one. just felt really exhausted, even though i slept an hour earlier...

my mum is already planning what food to bring to hk, when we haven't even planned when we are going.. the list include: 10kg bags of rice, cup-of-soups, nutella, shapes roadies, honey and that's just the beginning...

was just testing out the green P's test. hey, part of it is actually quite fun, like a computer game which tests reaction time (dear L platers/will be drivers, driving is NOT a video game, just saying in case you think i think driving is like a game...)

rahh..i'm so fat ))):