Wednesday, December 21, 2011

nooooooooooooooo accidently clicked on timeline on fb, and now it's sooooooooo ugggggggggggly and everyone will see the ugliness in 7days )))))))))))))))))))))))))))):

and i haven't started ext2, not good, not good.

and i can't believe my mum is letting me buy a ghd case. they are not worth what they look like.....but it's kind of a cheap xmas prezzie, i guess, since all my other xmas prezzies and bday gifts from yr7-10 have been $100+.....

finally put batteries for our xmas lights (: i have hardly seen any lights up this year, only the house around the corner does it full it year after year....

i really love this weather. i don't have to waste electricity on air-con and my skin doesn't go as dark as it usually does during summer....not too cold and not too hot (:

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