Monday, February 28, 2011

Elisa is running out of time.

jap test tmr since teacher wasnt here today =/ rather have done it today. i realised today how much i suck at thinking of things to say in jap....
and yuck maths. taken me a whole night and still =/////

Sunday, February 27, 2011


well yesterday was heaps fun. catch up time with lots of food (((((: i didn't eat as much as i would normally eat at a buffet coz of wedding food before =/ and i forgot to use the ice cream machine. so devo.

talking is fun (:

well, i found out unnecessary stuff yesterday which i had noooo idea about. yeh, that doesn't make sense ==

i did exercise yday (Y) so we were slowly walking to the bus at para which was a massive walk and then bout 5mins left, we thought we would miss it. so we sprinted (well ran as fast as i could after eating lots) but we made the bus. and then the walk to shirley's house, well we encountered a lot of unfriendly insects. walking in the dark is kinda hard coz you can easily trip.

i slept at 2ish and woke up earlish.

and the hw pile grows. i think i am going to do my hw tmr morning at school like a baulko kid. soo out of it right now.....

it's a first time amazing race actually went to australia!!!!! and actually do stuff instead of passing it to go to nz. its not exciting anymore since they've made soooo many seasons.

i loveeeee heels. they make you not the shortest person for a day. at weddings, when they take a group pic, you are more visible (Y) yes, a few inches to me does make a difference.

i am superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr screwed for jap test tmr. i know its not counted, but everyone still studies hardcore for it == and superrrrr screwed for maths but i'll worry bout that tmr night.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

weddings (((:

i love going to weddings. since yr5, i have lost count of how many weddings i've been to. im guessing 10ish. i've never been to a non-Christian wedding before so i have no idea what they do.

so far so good, i have worn a different dress to each wedding.

today was the 2nd wedding i've been to where it was actually at our church. the first was the person's brother. it was quite nice with all the decorations and purply pinky stuff. apparently your not meant to wear the brides's fav colours....
the bride was special because she was ONE HOUR late to her wedding == usually they come 15-30 mins after everyone, but not this one. her dress suited her since she was skinny and ye.  i have seen some people with dresses which dont match them. they made up for it by kissing longer-lol. usually people just give a peck. and the guys reallly likes photos. every single things he did ie. holding pen, walking up steps, he had to have a photo. but i don't blame him, i'll probs end up doing that as well. photos are cool (Y)
and this flower's girl dress was nicer than the other ones i've seen.
i have always wondered what happens if someone objects to people getting married? do they have to go court and explain why idk....i hope that doesn't happen to me...
and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee wedings as i mentioned before even if im supersupersuper busy like right now (and i shouldn't be blogging)
so you can count me in at your wedding (Y)

there was a lot of variety in food and i stuffed myself. and i am going to be stuffing myself in 3 hrs gg. i need to lose weight.... but buffet tonight....yum.............and midnight junk food...... i cant wait to see everyone tonight (((: even if it's costing me my precious study time ):

so much stuff to doooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

anyways, these were real flowers and funny birds that were used as part of the decorations:

Friday, February 25, 2011

tri-school tournament!!!!!! (((:

wooooooooooooo! go baulko!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((((((:

believe it or not, i actually went for girra when it was the girls girra vs baulko. girra girls bbal are quite impressive.

and where did they find the ref from?

so i was quite pumped because all the smart co-ed schools versed each other and i think that's really nice. i think the other selective schools are a bit jealous...  i watched bbal for 2 periods + lunch so i guess i didnt miss out heaps.
i have to say, girra is much more aggresive than the other schools. they had the most fouls in every single game and i think baulko had the less...i dont remember...
anyways, baulko had a "welcome to baulko" chalk letters in the quad which i think is nice and they also had a paper banner to sign on (:
wow, girra has new bbal shirts and for other sports as well.
hope they have it next year (:

maths topic test and jap vocab on mon/tues. andddd heaps of hw + other things i need to catch up on == anddd sleepover and wedding on weekend. man, i am soooo screwed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

my face is like a monster ): rahrahrahrahrah. yeh that's right, i can scare you :P (ok...that was reallly lame...)

oh, and i only took part in cheering (:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

im weird like this but i cant stop admiring the nice smooth/cleanness of a new maths textbook covered by me and bubble-less (: it's kind of a motivation to do maths.

on the other hand, i haven't started maths tutor hw going to get told tmr ):

should i go for girra or baulko tmr? im actually quite excited for the tri-school tournament?

and should i donate blood? im kinda a wimp with needles...

and my chem teacher admitted today we were 4 lessons behind every other single class :O. i think we're behind in maths...since we spent 1.5 periods covering textbooks =/

my brother got his laptop today. my first reaction: it's sooooooo ugly!!!!! :OOO
well, for those who haven't seen it, it's green but not metallic. like  our red was metallic and the blue on is kinda. my thing with laptops is that they have to be metallic or black.
well it's thin which is good and the screen is bigger than ours. the border around the screen is thicker than ours but thinner than last years.
the programs are the same except for microsoft office 2010. whats the diffrence between '10 and '07?
but the mousepad is weird. there's the clicky thing on top and below the mousepad. and there's also the red cursor thing in the middle which is yuck.
but the laptop can bend 180degrees like my old one (Y)
and the "i" in thinkpad had a dotted red light. it's really strange.
it seems that normo always gets the laptops first coz last year my bro saw the laptops before i did and the yr before when we got ours, normo had it before us (i think...)
hmm, i think there was more critiquing...but that's all i can remember.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i remember now

so i now remember what i was going to say yesterday.

on mon, the school bought a drinking fountain!!! and installed it yday. it's quite cool coz its this metal block this and has FILTERED water on both sides and a bubbler. and apparently the school bought a mini bus. will i ever ride in it before end of yr12? i don't think so....

so in sport today, something veryveryvery strange and disturbing happened. i shall briefly describe it:
so a girl bought wedges and shared with everyone. this was at castle hill bowling. the location is important for what i am going to recount.
so my friend started to eat this small wedge and also told us to smell it. the wedge i was eating then was fine but her one smelt  literally like.....crap.... like gross....
so this guy told the guy who was making it and then he gave a refund.
but that wasn't really much, so we then all followed to the manager person of the day. well we told her to smell it and to her it smelt like..... "parmesan and blue cheese" thats soooooo bs. even the guy who made it said it was poo. i mean who even puts cheese into wedges? and that types of cheese is more expensive than the cheese you use in pizzas  and hot dogs. i think the women knew she was wrong but didnt admit it.
well what could we have done? i don't think we're old enough to sue and fill in complaint forms and "raise awareness" (that just reminded me of high resolves last year) and tell the news that there was poo infested wedges.
so anyways, NEVER EAT WEDGES AT CASTLE HILL BOWLING. the crap was camouflaged so it looked like the same thing. i think hot chips are ok....

we got new cambridge textbooks today!!!!! we spent the our 3rd period of math today covering textbooks. mine is bubbles-free (:
i am going to be behind maths for a day. i cbb doing maths hw right now. maybe for once in my high school life, my maths book is going to be used for more than 3/4 ):

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my mum thought the magnitude of the earthquake was 8-9. no mum, most people would be dead by then.

like ophelia's mum, my mum also bought litres and litres of gourmet ice-cream. is not even hot, but i still eat it.

ahhhh my memory fails me. i was going to write something interesting.

englishcreativewriting. mine is about an old man. i wish the teachers just gave us something to write about.

today was a very boring post.
so i'll just upload a random photo. this was at byron bay and was veryveryvery windy. the lighthouse is in the background :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

i really love when my mum makes those lamb chops. the sauce is really nice and apparently today she put bunderburg rum into it...    dw, im not drunk.....

i think yellow blouses show creases more than white ones. the creases in my blouse are realllly evident but i cbb to iron.

i don't know how to improve my story. the whole story is like ________________________________
there's no exciting stuff ):
and how do i add contradictions into it?
i wish there was no word limit. so i basically spent tonight staring at it and hoping something "good" will pop up....

man, i fail at phys pracs. drawing them is just as hard.

i have a huge feeling that my class is really behind the other classes. i'm actually quite glad im going chem tutoring. and i found out today a lot of people go to the same person for maths.

i really like the song we're dancing to for jazz (: the beginning is so cool. but i dont know the name of it ):

Sunday, February 20, 2011

we don't do spring cleaning in spring. we do it when the council says you can chuck out the big stuff. at least 10 cars drove up our street looking for rubbish. i lost count after that. my mum felt happy since people took our chairs. last time people took our washing machines/fridges.

today's sermon was good. we had a guest speaker, he was pretty funny and he gave us a few facts.
in bangladesh:
-you had to burp after a meal and say "mesh" to show you enjoyed it
- had to leave a plate with food on to say you're full and if its empty, the host will keep topping up your plate which is a rude gesture
-inviting someone over and brining out food/tea is a gesture which shows you want the guest to leave. you do that when the talking is over.

bible study today was very confusing and deep at the same time. revelations is very metaphorical.

im opting for a very different approach for my creative writing. never did it this way before.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

writing stories isn't actually that hard. you can just keep babbling and babbling and easily reach the word limit.
making them good is hard while incorporating other things and making it creative.
i'm going to go over the word limit as usual and then im going to spend most of my time cutting it down.
my story isn't interesting but hopefully the meaning behind it is....

my parents are looking to getting solar panels =/

i really don't like how pages (which is the the you type documents for on mac) don't have a grammer check. and i really poor grammer so i have to use my other laptop and open it on word and then proof read it.

i have a random lump in/on my leg. it doesn't seem bruised and i don't remember bashing it but it hurts.

there's more jap vocab to learn this week than last week.

Friday, February 18, 2011

english excursion

so we watched Rabbit Hole today. it wasn't that great, and was kinda sad. surprisingly, all 200 people managed to fit inside the cinema. it wasn't really an inspiring film since it was pretty predictable what happened except not much happened in the film.

food was good (: we had pizza and three types of pasta. at first it seemed there wasn't enough food but then 2nds and 3rds started to roll out. annnnd, 200 people also fitted into that restaurant, except a little squished but it was ok since there were long tables and you didnt have to walk around and get in or out.

and then we bought gelato. the one i had didn't give to you in scoops but it was like a spade thing which they would dig and place a flat piece of gelato on top of your cone. it was a bit hard to eat since it kept dripping everywhere.

i cant think of what to write. what i have thought of is lame ):
1st or 3rd person? =/

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i am in a huge crisis/trouble.

i still don't have any ideas to write for the creative writing task. i thought of the start and the end but the middle is just _____________________________. so basically i have less than a week to conjure up an amazing piece of writing using some aspects of the film ==. ahh gg. this is gay. i wonder what happened to my creativity.

ahhhhhh, soooooo screweddddd. inspiration come to me pleeeeeeeease.

we did this in chem today. it was quite cool seeing the colour changes. i like the pink (:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i unimproved in bowling today ):
i prefer domain over range but i still don't like them :S
my maths teacher's fail is <85%. gg. i mean, the test wasn't THAT easy (im not saying it was harder, just harder than what i kind of expected  =/.....)
my mum wants to take me heel shopping tmr. i would love to go but hw is stopping me to ))):
and i should really stop eating junk food.
my day was full of maths apart from one period of eng.
i found out today chips is twice the price here. :O
i actually need to study more.

okay, today was a bunch of rambles. i don't know what else to say.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i don't think i have mentioned this yet but my physics teacher uses physics (ie concave mirrors) at the back of the room so he can see if people are playing on their laptops. there are two mirrors.
so yesterday and today i had a very awkward chem lesson since yr 12 were on camp and it was just me and the teacher.

more than 50% of statuses these days are about maths hw (or hw in general)

my brother had his swimming carnival today at night. that is strange.

it seems in both groups, i am the eldest ==

for those of you who haven't gotten ur l's: get them!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day (:

some of these were taken ages ago, but that doesnt matter.

happy valentine's day everyone!!! and yay, i got two paper roses today and many cupcakes/brownies. i'm glad i had dancing today to burn off all the calories =D

i reallly need to find an english tutor. i feel today, i don't think i have any hw =/ but i think im forgetting to do something.
i finally got a lock so my locker can be put to use.

hope everyone enjoyed the cookies (although some people thought they were brownies :S )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

yay for more younger uni leaders for 3pm youth (: last week there was more people in 5pm service than 9am. that is a first. i think as people grow older, they wake up later so they probably decided to come down.

i'm glad today that it wasn't too hot since my mine doesn't really like it if i bake in air-con, but i have done that before and she couldn't stop me... but yes, anyways, mass baking is fun. i'm so cheap that even my mum told me to get a cutter but i'm like i can do this by hand. well, i wasn't a massive fail so all is good.

well after 4 years i get to have a locker. i still don't have a lock and i still don't have a jumper. today was like the least hottest day in the year so far.

jap is confusing.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

yesterday i saw two porches. today i saw a jaguar. i saw a ferrari last christmas eve.

i went yum cha today and it was the traditional shoving of money. a girl was like "give it to the kids" but i think the kids know better to not take the money since you follow your parents and not take the money if you get what i mean.

and i got the paper back for chem for tutoring. well i got over 50percent which is still pretty fail but better than i thought. and the guy bought chips for us today.

i dont know, i feel kind of angry today. manymany reasons. my brother is so arrogant.

i need to go woolies before 12pm tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

i think i cant be stuffed to write a title anymore.

there's this guy before me in maths tutoring who is apparently in my grade. i think ive seen him around but i dont know his name....well at least i know my way around the school

i kinda felt loved this year. i got 2 chocolate hearts (:  (from people who got bags filled with them and had some to spare )

there are good movies on tv today (:

i like to drive slowly in front of fast people (:

i forgot to mention. baulko is cheap since they don't give out programs so you don't know the records. apparently they have a weird scoring method.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

swimming carnival

first once in my high school life i didnt come 1st or 2nd-but that was expected. there were mainly 3 pro girls and me which meant i came 4th for almost every single race. the amount of people competing wasnt that much of a difference but the times were. they are soooo fast. 2 of them are white (so getting owned by them was also expected )

like my dad always says in swimming: white>asian>curry

im disappointed. because. they only had 5 races to compete in )))): 200m free and 50m everything else. so the carnival ended early. house relays are different since they have a 7-9 relay and 10-12 relay, well they combine age groups. my relay was soooo fail. let's just say we kept talking and missed the beginning of the race.
the "novelty" relay wasnt as exciting as it should of been. i got to replace a house captain and supposedly swim with a soft toy but it ended up being normal relay swimming of houses vs prefects vs teachers.

baulko's school spirit is pretty poor. they are so unenthusiastic. they only cheered when it was the cheering comp.
the weather fluctuated a lot. it was raining wen i did free but sunny when i did fly. i guess it was alrite since it meant i didnt have to get sunburnt (:
i dont like the blocks. sooo slippery which meant bad starts.

i got a pb for free today (: (even though it's pretty slow compared to other peeps)

i wore this ugly dress for the first time ever. i hate this shade, but it was the only green thing i have
(i think)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i like sport (:

yay, sport is fun (: did bowling today and got 1 strike and a spare but that spare was that i hit nothing on the first go and then 10 on the 2nd its kinda a strike...

a friend brought last years school pics and managed to name everyone in the year :O it's going to take me a long time to know everyone in the grade. i still don't know all the people in my class..

swimming carnival tmr. i'm now green. i've been red all my life but only the surnames after Lim get to be red so i just missed out. but green's better than red apparently. i really cbb with swimming this year.

hope you guys had fun on camp (: i expect you guys to upload pics especially the ones who don't have fb.

Monday, February 7, 2011

chem excursion

first excursion of the year and it wasnt as exciting as it sounded ): went to a nuclear power plant which sounds dangerous but there was nothing dangerous bout it because apparently their safety is the best... there was mainly a lecture about radioactivity and then we got taken to only 3 places out of a massive piece of land. you saw stuff in action but it  was not that great. a got a free periodic table. all the streets are named after scientists.

maths topic test and jap vocab test tmr ): i have a feeling it's gonna be hard.

got a new bag today (:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

touching stories (:

at church today after dinner a girl's mother shared about her schooling life. she's going to uni this year. well, i won't say names in case ppl fb stalk her... but it was reallllllly touching. i'll skip 8 yrs of her life into a paragraph.
basically she went to a private school but that year her dad lost his job so there wasnt enough money. well she came first in the grade and applied for scholarships but the school doesnt like giving scholarships to old students. she went to interviews for other Christian girls' schools and almost made since she was in the top 1percent for the scholarship test  except when she was asked a question at the interview about representing the school for sport which she didn't and so lost the scholarship. she didnt want to go to a comprehensive high school nor did her rents but when the slective test came her rents were like only if u get to ruse i'll consider letting your go there or else we'll try our best to keep u at the private school. well she made it to ruse and cried coz she had to leave her Christian school. when they told the private school they wanted to withdrawal the private school then said i don't care how late at night it would take for you to get here and sign the paper but i'm offering her the money and they wanted her (since she was the top student). well they already made up their mind to go ruse.

well apparently she started already stressing in yr9. in yr 11 apparently they give you an estimate of your atar and she already made it to her course with using the estimate but stilll put more pressure on herself. she had to take drugs/see doctors, councellers/had headaches couldnt sleep. apparently that's really commen in ruse....esp, yr 12. so when she had trials it was really bad but she always prayed and when it was the hsc she still slept a bit better than when she had her trials. and after hsc she slept normally. she went hk for a month and then received her atar. she achieved what she wanted which was state rankings/ law at syd uni.

well, it's really hard to make this story touching online but i found it was. God really is amazing and provides a good path for everyone even if your under stress/different school etcetc.

also, for those who go to ruse, i hope you don't stress too much since the greatest amount of people who take medication for hsc related stuff is there.....

sorry is this post doesnt make sense.

chem excursion tomorrow =/

Saturday, February 5, 2011


i went swimming today. do seniors still swim in the carnivals? apart from that, my day was pretty boring.

the hw keeps going on. the's soo much new vocab for jap too learn and also kanji. writing is no problem is just that i dont how to say it. it's kind of like dictation back at chinese school. every week or every 2nd week you get a bunch of words to memorise and write out. seriously, jap on mondays is going to be like chinese school all over again except harder since there are more words and i'm not japanese.

something very exciting i found. there's a hardrive which is pc and mac compatible (((((((: i'll buy it in the next holz when the price drops a bit. and also, i found how to print greyscale. it's harder on a mac.

i don't get physics, well vectors atm. the textbook isnt that great.

i miss wicked. listened to the songs today and i want to see it again. but it's up at brisbane now...

it's still hot at night.

Friday, February 4, 2011

happy late chinese new year (:

my internet died yesterday. i was soooo pissed. so today i'm catching up on my social life on fb. lol jks. i have hw ): tooo much hw ))))): but yayyy internet today (((:

so this is for yday:
i had scripture since baulko doesnt give out free periods. it's actually pretty good, the guy was funny, did a game which went reallly fail.... there's two guys. one of the guys son is in yr12 at girra, ye, i do know him. so since im a new person i have a few advantages. one is cutting through classrooms. lil' shirley's right. the architecture is pretty bad. there are building and a wall so to get from one side to another you have to cross through classrooms. even though i didnt bring money for sport i still got one of the last places. i realised that sport is on wed and swimming carnival is the next day. but i kinda cbb this year...
we did a prac in chem but i already did that last year. baulko's labs are pretty crap. girra ones are definitely better (Y) i think all schools are cheap with their chemicals. we had to "re-use them" well you might think baulko yr12s would be hard core studying but everyone is sooooo slowwwwww. they take two periods to do the prac and talk about starcraft (thats the cod equivalent) and other unchemistry things. apparently i have one of the best chem teachers but the class is a bit....  well i think i sit in the nerdiest row. well hopefully so i can copy stuff off them for the time being.

well in terms of food, i had the usual. duck, mushrooms, pork, salmon etcetc cbb naming eveything. i got less money this year. mainly cos the money went into the laptop/wardrobe/clothes and stuff.

and today.

i was supposed to have three periods of maths but there were photos. there's soo much people in the grade that they take half the grade at a time. my hair was scrwed but that another story. in one week i have 2 days triple periods of maths. at least the periods are shorter.

as if im going to call girra and get back my laptop signing agreement thing. i'll do that if they chase me up.

and i have to still do the maths class test since i dont have maths on mons and the jap vocab test on tues ): i dont like it.

food is soooo expensive. small oak costs a dollar more and normal price lunch is like 5 bucks. i miss the cheapness. the line is always long though == and so is the line for paying stuff.

i found a bag i liked which fits my criteria. i didnt buy it ): hopefully its still there on mon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lol. chem....... ))): (: =/

today at tutoring we had a test and i didn't study for it which equals massive fail. it wasn't really that hard it's just that i forgot superr easy stuff that we did last year which is at the back of my head. well, at first everyone did it properly but them about an hour in everyone looked back at my notes. even if i looked back at my notes, they weren't very helpful =/ it's hard to guess in a chem exam. i mean you can bs but it would look really ad. so i left 15% of the exam blank. it's not like chinese school where you can find words on the exam paper, put them together to make a sentence. chem doesn't work like that. i am literally going to get 50% for that test. hopefully i'll actually do better in the real deal.
another thing. since i missed out the first assessment, i'm given a mark based on how i do this year. i don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing since my HSC may be determined by those marks

ommmgggg. for once in my life, i'm not the only one who does maths hw in sport. back at girra it was mostly me and ophelia but now even guys do their hw during sport. the librarian kicked us out for doing maths in the library. shoudn't they be encouraging us to do hw in the library??? so i experienced the hot weather outside today for 2 periods.

ahhh, so much homework...

i don't know how to print black and white on my mac ):

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

second day

my maths class is filled with all the new people. people are from north syd. boys/girls, hornsby, sydney boys/girls, private school and other goodish school. the only reason i could think of top ppl moving down schools is the location. since we're not the top class, we get the crappier textbooks which i dont have a pdf copy off ): the maths teacher went through pretty fast.  we did 2 chapters, we'll skimmed 2 chapters. i bet the top class jumped 10 chapters. and we have a class test. it's been a while since i've done one but it clashes with school photos so its postponed to monday which means i'll miss out (: hopefully.
in japanese we were given 5 massive booklets which are now are textbooks. and every monday we have a vocab test gg.== at least im not here on monday coz of chem excursion.
im known as the yr11 kid in chem.

3 periods of maths tmr ==

there's sooo many people in the arvo.

i think baulko's moodle is a tad cooler.

my muscles still kill from dancing yday. ahhh, the unfitness during the holidays.