Sunday, September 30, 2012

the moon's been so bright the past three nights. at night, it feels like i'm sleeping in daylight. i can't sleep with a single bit of light. even when i was like 2, i couldn't stand having a "night light" or leaving my door open a bit...

OH ENGLISH, HOW MUCH I HAVE NEGLECTED YOU. i decided to not start memorising last week or else i would forget.
i was planning to do dot points on thematic concerns for each essay rather than full memorising for HSC but i ceebbbbbs, just thinking about it makes the task daunting. i know i really shouldn't memorise for HSC, since their questions are so much more specific. and with trials, the essay i forgot most of my stuff and made up stuff on the spot was my best essay out of the others. hmmm...maybe i'll attempt to find more thematics concerns with quotes and techniques etc...
mustmustmust work on english this week.

i was talking my friend the other day from syd girls, and she said she made up her related text on the day, so it could fit with the question. the trouble is, what if HSC markers randomly google your text and can't find it...

the only mooncake i've had are the cold ones.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

yum: lamb cutlets and pork ribs and baked chicken and lipton ice tea.

my new plan of attack is that if i get bored of studying/want to get out of the house, then i'll just go swimming. it's better than sitting at home eating all day.

i can't not go on fb. it's because someone might post something hsc-related and important stuff about yearbook/formal and other resources stuff, so communication is kind of vital...and also to check the boost challenges, except i think it's going to be ridiculously hard on Monday...i guess i can control how long i go on it for...

bro gone on short term mission trip, quietness for 2 more days. and parents went out to friends house, so more quietness tonight (:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trial Make-Up and Hair

oh wow, my back hurts from sitting straight and still for four hours.
luckily it's "holidays" or else i would have full stressed about studying.

so basically my mum called up and she went to our house today to try different hairstyles and make up one me. then took heaps of photos of different hairstyles/make up. the only time when i wear blush is for dance concerts cos we have to, otherwise i prefer a more "natural" look, which is common among aussie girls, but in hk, they have fake eyelashes over their already false eyelashes and sticky-taped eye lids. fake eyelashes are pretty, but they're just so...fake...and i don't think i'll go with them for formal..(and they cost more as well...)
apparently braids and plaits are "in" this year. and she has these stuff which adds more volume to your hair which is pretty cool

it's so much work. especially if your getting married, makeup and hair on the day is 200, plus 200+ throughout for touch ups.

anyways, make up is so nice. but i'm glad i didn't succumb to the high school stereotypical teenager of putting makeup on everyday since it would be bad for your skin in the long run and would waste heaps of time and money.

but getting your make up and hair done professionally is very different and much nicer, compared to doing it yourself, since they have experience and know what's good.

no work done today ))): must study harder from tomorrow.
since i've already wasted the day away, i might as well post some pics (blogger takes forever to upload them ): )

it's hard to take good photos of good make up without a super good camera...
don't think i'll go for this hair style...apparently it's a typical "bridesmaid" hairstyle.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

thoughts on formal...

it's a good thing i've been going out all week, since after i come back, i am more motivated/put more effort into studying, unlike today where i literally googled random stuff for an hour since English is sooooo boring (and then i resorted to maths) oh, i finally made it to the new century with my past papers! about 10 more to go...

YOU GUYS DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITED ABOUT FORMAL I AM. which i why i am so side tracked from studying ): i  FINALLY understand why people study at the library now, because you don't get as side tracked, compared to at home, and everyone around you is studying, so you also study.

and since everyone seems to be talking/blogging about ballroom dancing.
the idea behind it is nice, like what you would see in those chick flicks/prom movies etc i've actually kind of want to go to a "ballroom dancing" formal cause i think ballroom dancing is kinda cool, like i used to watch dancing with the stars, and their costumes etc are amazing...
BUT, what about people who don't have dates? people who are forever alone like me? actually, there's even more people than just me (oh wow, this sounds really self-centred, it's not supposed to turn out like that...) as in, there's approx twice the number of guys to girls, so 1/3 of guys will just be sitting on the side, literally, unless they ballroom dance with each other. and it's going to be a "boring" formal without any up beat music. it would be a very "toned down" formal.

boost finally realised they were losing a lot of money. tomorrow's challenge: you have to dress as a fireman, and you have a have a real suit. it sucks )))):
basically only fireman's are eligible, not even a challenge for them. i think it's illegal if you wear a government piece of clothing like army/police wouldn't it be illegal for people to borrow and wear fire fighters clothes?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watermelon Hat

i can't believe my mum actually went out to buy a watermelon for my even though they weren't in season, and my brother actually scooped it out for me to make my hat.
thank you both!

the guy made me take off my glad wrap, but didn't make the people take off their kitchen towel/paper, maybe because it wasn't as visible as glad wrap...but it was ok since the watermelon didn't fully fit onto my head so it touched my forehead/part of my ponytail..

today there were way less people doing the challenge, so they guy have me what i was entitled to: original size. had a green tea mango mantra-my new favourite!!! i used to have the wild berry smoothie one, until i was like "i should try something new"

tomorrow is footy fursday. i don't even watch/play/support football, nor do i own a piece of footy clothing/face paint. so obvs not doing it tmr.

6th free boost today. yay! making profit...(or they are just losing profit..) that's about $40 this year from boost..

oh, I FINALLY TOUCHED AN IPHONE 5 TODAY! just 5 days late... it does feel a bit weird since it's long, and photos look a bit weirder... but it's super slim and sexy (:

tmr will be the first stay at home study day-finally! (yeah, i am super screwed for hsc...)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5th free boost

i ceebs explaining everything here, just read what i posted on Tracy's wall timeline. basically i got ripped off. had a raspberry ripe, which had chocolate and it was quite nice compared to the gross king william choc one.

where to buy cheap watermelon from?

today was the first time in 18 years where a policeman went to my carriage to check for train tickets.

and i went swimming today in a bajillion years because i could not stand the amount of fat i have. and i don't want to die because of excessive fat since all my effort would have been wasted if i don't complete the hsc.

oh also, my passport came today!!! it's soo pretty, as in the pages are more colourful/have pictures compared to my previous one. and there's this page with like 6 different methods to tell if it's a legit passport, and each method requires like 3 different types of light, thus you can't tell, but uv light and the like can tell if it's legit. and it came in a little passport case (which didn't last time)

thus, no work done today.
ahh, i feel so screwed, already.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Green P's!

if you thought L's was a joke, the green P's is a bigger joke.

when i was about to start, the person said to the girl next to me "sorry, next time" and i thought "really? is it actually that hard?" because i talked to other people earlier and they said it was very stupid.

and it was. like, i got full marks in my L's test, and green P's is even easier. did it in less than 10mins. but they don't give you marks, only pass or fail.
they give you clips, and the trick is (for people who will do it in over 2 years...) is to either touch the screen quickly or don't touch it at all. seriously, half the time i just sat there because "it wasn't safe to turn"

my parents joke about me because i have to go through green p's but they didn't (cause it wasn't invented back then) it's such as waste of money-$120 all up, ~1/7 of an iphone 5 (and apparently apple maps are super bad in Australia and they're trying to fix it in a month, so if i buy it at the end of the year, hopefully it would be fixed)

anyways, i think my photo this time is the nicest, and i made sure to sign is super big, since my other signature's on my L's and red P's look like a dot.

less restrictions now...can go legit 100 (:

i don't think i can stop blogging leading up to the HSC, it gives me this sense of "relaxing time." same with fb, because people actually do use it to share/tell others about important stuff.

i understand hsc fat. well, i said i got this "survival pack" from the uni group at church which is filled with junk food, and my mum keeps on buying junk food, and then when you study you need to "power your brain" so yeah...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

there's a reason why there are post-grad medicine courses. for slow/stupid people like me. actually there will be even more competition with the 6hour gamsat...

i think i'll just work my butt of in 1st year uni and then transfer. top 15 out of 240+ people, that's actually harder than high school...

or maybe i should just do commerce as plan b even though i don't like it but people say they have "good jobs"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

still deciding if i should ever look at my umat results.

i miss the feeling of joy from results. the last time was when i saw that i got band 6 in chem i kind of teared up. that was a long time ago...but i was really content with band 6 since i actually failed my trial exam last year and couldn't do some calculations/chem of art questions in the hsc...

also, THEY MISSED GIVING ME MY GOLD AWARD PEN. it's ok, i already have one from the beginning of the year, but i still feel "ripped off". i should've have just gotten three silvers instead of 1 gold, since with silvers you get a badge, which i would like to add to my school badges.

ahh, too much fb photo stalking. must stop. self-control.

umat results

no, i still haven't checked yet.
maybe tonight if i feel like it. didn't want to ruin my "happy" mood from grad yesterday. i think i was really happy because of the music/dance/photo taking.

congrats to people who got 90+ percentile, pure geniuses. actually i think the real genius kid is the guy who got 100% in 4U while the second highest mark was 89% and he got 100 percentile. amazing. and apparently they have five 100 at ruse, in which one guy doesn't plan on doing med. i find that people who do good will be the ones to ask people what they got.

i'm expecting a mystery percentile, which i've heard is 0-20 percentile. i'm not one of those people who "surprises" themselves. i know i have failed. i'm just a slow kid. my mum also knows i've done bad.

i would be so grateful if i got into med without going interstate. but i think for me to have a chance, it would be jcu and adelaide since they either have no umat or only a little. except then i would have to break up 6+ years of connections, and i would still want to see people, except i won't have the money to fly back every week to meet/catch up. talked a lot about back up plans at tutoring today, and she bought us a cake and pizza hut plank pizza's.

i can predict with confidence the people who will get into unsw med, and also the people who will get 99.95, and those who will get into law, and those who will get 99+. i know i need to study harder, i feel like i have the potential to study to get good marks, i just don't seem to have the time, but now i have a full 3 weeks to try my best. i'll be content with other the "threshold atar" needed for scholarships.

i've been looking at other school formal's to see if someone wore my dress. seems like no-one so far, except i think i saw more last year, oh and yesterday when we went to that formal shop, i saw my dress there (different size and colour) and it was around $80 more expensive than what i bought it for. apparently my dress is made in australia so it is kind of expensive. i bought mine when they had a sale, so it was all good.

deadline for myself is to finish scholarship question but monday.
really, really need to study.
have to go fix essays first.
my face is so gross with 2 weeks worth of eating party/junk food
my arm muscles hurt, maybe from excessive hugging or carrying around random bags for the whole week.

mum's birthday/graduation cake from yesterday: honey and macadamia sponge/moose cake. we bought it because it looks sooooo cool, and it tastes really good as well (:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Yr12 Graduation

21st september 2012: graduation, mum's birthday (along with a few other people), iPhone 5 comes out.

i can't believe it. 13 years of schooling.
6 years of high school.
2 years at Baulko.

i didn't feel the need to cry/get all emotional, it's like how i don't cry in movies, or at these ceremonies.
i do however, "cry" in front of teachers so they can verify that i did participate in that extra co-rricular activity, and now my report is all fixed (:

today has been such as goooooooood day. i'm still all happy inside (:
loved all the speeches. funniest moment when Bathgate realised that we knew she had the same speech for the Induction ceremony, and decided for our grad speech to add more "coughs" inside joke, can't explain properly. but her grad speech IS different from last year's.
the performances were all really good (:

and the flashmob. it was actually really fun doing it (: i think people probs have found out we were going to do something. the happy atmosphere inside of my came from seeing people actually trying to do the dance, and just participating in general. i'm not one of those "i hate i school" kids and those "happy that school is over" kids. i'm just happy because today has been really nice. i know i'll miss high school. time has truly flown by.

and so much phototaking. i've taken 10296 photos in 2 years 9 months with my camera, with approx 5gbs of photos taken in the past week. maybe post photos later. hey, facebook has been improving in speed when uploading photos, it's no longer as fustrating.

and then went rouse hill for the first time to have sushi train! (also for the first time), after HSC i need to explore Rouse Hill more....yay for co-ordinated car-pooling guys! i hate ticket machine things when i can't reach them to put the ticket into it to go back out...

i'm really grateful and blessed to have an amazing group of friends from both Girra and Baulko. and thank you so much Bitter for your Gerberas (:  soooo thoughtful, and they're so pretty (:

for me, i would rather a few really, really close friends, rather than heaps of friends. if i make the effort, i know i would still be in contact with everyone i want to be in contact with after high school.

i actually really love Baulko/ school grounds/teachers and of course the people i have met. i forgot who, but someone yday did a Baulko rendition about how it's better to graduate from Baulko than Girra, and it rhymed so it was pretty funny. there will always be tat "competition between Ruse, Baulko and Girra. i need to do a proper post about high school when i have time..

also, the iPhone 5 uses a different sim, so i have no idea how my phone would work if i bought it from overseas, since asian sims networks are different to aussie sim cards networks.

absolutely no study has been done this week. 24 day guys!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PJs Day and Variety Night

when i first saw that there was a "pj day" i thought it would be very awkward, but i liked it! it was students vs teachers in different sports day, and the teachers were surprisingly good

anyways, today was a really. really fun day (: did nothing but take photos, play Billionaire, walk around the school.

variety night was amazing (: that talent :')
i do have one regret from high school: not doing a solo dance performance. too late now...but it was nice seeing other people (:

and yr 12 finale (: it kind of worked, but it was just fun dancing the pumped up music (: and i just love our grade, the organisational skills were just amazing.

i can't find my ticket thing ):

i hate how they counted UMAT as a day away, even though we all handed our admission tickets. i asked around earlier in the year and the office people said it was fine, but i couldn't argue with the roll call teacher, i should have checked with him first....but if i did go to school, then i would be freaking about umat the whole day and might have been now i have a 1 day absent thing. in my mind, i have 100% attendence. but at Baulko, they don't acknowledge it unlike Girra.

ceebs to write more about today. just go check fb photos when they're up-they tell what i've been doing the whole day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cross Dressing Day

oh wow, today was actually a really fun day.

originally i wasn't going to wear a guys shirt since if i did ask a guy, then he would ask me to borrow my stuff, and i can't stand the idea of a guy wearing my clothes. i only have one skirt, which i need for grad and cannot be broken/ button busted, and i'm short, so guys won't be able to fit into my skirt...

but people are nice, and saw that i didn't have a shirt but he had a spare which was clean as has hanged it on a hanger in his bag (no idea how it fit...). so he lent it to me and i didn't have to lend my stuff to him, so thank you again! (don't he reads this...)

wow, the guy's skirts were hitched up higher that what i would wear. and i love how they put in the effort with make up and all that shiz.

it's easier to pose as a girl. what are "manly" poses? tried to learn throughout the day...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


(yay! people more accepting of taking photos (: but need to take moree)

lovely weather today!

it was nice to have a day of play, like camp

so much food. i was going to scab people's meat, but then i was already full, so didn't end up getting any meat. some guys are so dedicated. a guy brought his bbd/coal roasting thing with like a pork roast and stood there turning it above the coals while everyone was playing.

i wasn't going to play today since it was a hassle to bring water guns/change of clothes etcetc, but everyone had so much fun, so i just had to join in. got slightly soaked, but that's cause i poured a whole bottle over Average's head...luckily the weather was sunny and breezy so it wasn't an uncomfortable wetness.

that sudden realisation that this was your last school bus ride (unless i catch the bus to school tomorrow/thurs, but wow, i haven't been on a bus for sooo long until today)

i cannot concentrate on work today.

don't want to go beach on friday.  hsc fat ): actually, not really, it's just that this past week i've been eating is junk food, cake, junk food, which has been in place of my hsc fat, this probs doens't make any sense... and getting there by public transport would take around 2hours since there's no "beach bus" and driving would take over an hour + parking is expensive.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Week Ever

i'm really angry/sad over so many levels.

here we go:
- manage to "cry" my way to getting what i wanted, well what was legitimately right but they screwed up. arghh it's so frustrating when half your report is wrong, and you have to chase up so many teachers then,
- not enough photos/not enough time for photos. FELLOW FRIENDS WHO READ THIS: PLEASE DON'T REJECT ME WHEN I WANT PHOTOS. yes, i document everything. i feel </3 when i see people with 2874937847519 photos, and i have... close to nothing.
- PEOPLE: WHY DON'T YOU COUNT WHEN TAKING PHOTOS? half my photos have people blinking/looking away... ))):
- full got slammed by her today, and she even told me she was talking about me behind her back
- i'll never have a normal class photo with people in school uniform :'(
- i'm actually just sad because i don't have enough time to take photos. ok tomorrow, like it or not. hope it doesn't rain! don't know what to wear..

so much food today. i've eaten cake and junk food the whole day. cake craving satisfied.
ahh, it was exciting having front row seats at assembly today, except the view is actually pretty bad, since the podium thing blocks half of the stage.
ext teacher got us a cake with : survivors of ext 1. yes totes, heaps of people dropped since our topic was just so hard.

spent well over half an hour finding where mum put all the's cause i haven't baked for a while, so yeah....after HSC, i am going to re arrange the whole pantry, various cupboards, shelves and other storage places with food. legit. i cannot spend so much time looking for simple stuff.

can't study at the moment. too many "graduating things to do"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone 5

i wanted to post about this for a while: IPHONE 5!!! it's actually not as exciting as 4s, since it had siri and new camera. the only main difference with 5 is that the screen is bigger, phone is longer, lighter, two toned in colour and faster. graphics and stuff are about the same. i was hoping they would make the camera at least 10mp...why do they make it longer? my hands are small and i think 3g/4/4s sizes are perfect for my hands...but i guess all their competition now has really large/long phones...which means my old iphone socks won't fit..

i really need a new phone, my battery dies in two days, and i hardly ever use it. also, it's super laggy now, even when texting. will save money. for the next iphone (as in no. 6) they will change the shape ie 1,3,3g were the "rounded" ones, 4,4s,5 are the rectangular ones. i don't think i can wait for 5s/6. try to buy overseas since they have less tax! also, the cable to charge is different, it's called lightning. only iphone 5 and other new ipod stuff uses that cable, everything else like iphone 4s and before, all the ipods uses all the same cables, so if i did use iphone 5, yes inside would be better, but it would be strangely different. the maps are pretty cooool.

oh, just checked prices. in aus it's 800 rrp, but in hk when you convert currency, it's approx 700 aussie dollars. defs getting it in hk...if i have the monies...

and the new ipod touch is sooo think now, and the colours are more pastel-ish, less vibrant...i liked the mirror backs of the current ipods, but the new one is only 6mm think! and the camera is like 5mp, but i will never buy a ipod touch...except prices have gone back up to $300+ that was the price around 3 years ago and during that time the price dropped to 180. but now since it's completely different, so it's 300+, but the price will drop next year..probs..
i'm not a big fan of the touch nano's. do you guys remember the days when nano's had a click wheel thing? i like my ipod because it was red (:

sooooo much to do tomorrow. sosososo worried, i hope i don't get slammed. maybe i can cry my way...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

yr 12 bbq

spent over 5 hours there, except it was really nice talking to some of my church's uni peeps.

the pastor's house (which was another family's house who moved to shang hai) was quite small, except his backyard was massive. it had a flying fox, swing, cubby houses, slides, big trampolines.

and yummm, pork ribs! except i only had one because i was soooo full.

and i held a snake today. she was quite heavy and awkward to hold, but "yolo" (1st time using it...) and hard to take pics because she kept on moving. i don't like cats, except their cat was a really nice black cat. there was this one fish which had this bubble thing around it's eyes, poor thing, how does it see?

then they just had a little talk, and they have a "HSC SURVIVAL KITS" they were sooo cute, everyone had a personalised one with sosososo much junk food in a shoe box. they had the Nissan branded instant noodles as well-my fav, then heaps of chocolate, and also highlighters, post-it notes, and bible verses!!! i love collecting bits and pieces. i feel loved (:

i've been asked way over 20 times today what i want to do in uni. answer: "med, except i won't be able to make undergrad, so i don't know what to do for plan B" apparently half the people who do optom go into med, but isn't optom already hard to get in...? and then learnt the life of a uni's student travelling routes.

i internally cried myself to sleep last night, as i realised i didn't put in one application for scholarships. then i fully texted her, and she said "no problem". not sure if she means i can still hand it in on monday, or it if she really meant "not her problem" i think i fell into mini depression, all that effort wasted....that all happened between 12.15am till about lunch today. i slept till 10 due to "a hole in my heart" so i got nothing done today.

less than a month D= i really ceebs polishing my essays/creative. i still need to do more maths.

ahhh, i still want to stay in school, since i won't have enough time to take photos. seriously, i'm going to take photos of everything starting on monday (hopefully i will get my report fixed in time), whether you like it or not.

Friday, September 14, 2012

today's been a "bad" day.

i don't know. i've just felt "sick" i think it's the "stressed" type of sick. i should stop worrying about scholarships and applying for stuff. i thought interstate stuff was also due today, and i forgot my other numbers and then haven't finished copying down the info i typed and yeah... STILL NEED TO FINISHED UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.

then at jap, my crepe batter fully failed, so i just helped other's. everyone else's food was sooo good. gg cooking life. i need to know how to cook proper meals after hsc, not just baking.

i haven't seen any of my group at recess/lunch for more than 10 minutes. THIS IS EVER SO BAD. and it's like the last time we'll ever be wearing our uniforms since next week is "graduating week" and i wanted to take photos of people normally in uniform. i am totes going to take photos of the whole school next week.

then reports. MY WHOLE REPORT IS WRONG! apart from physics and japanese. i am 99.9% sure i have not been away this year. they did this again, like last year's yearly. rahhh, cutting into my personal time and need to chase teachers up. i thought, yeah my half-yearly reports are so much better, since i got 90+ in 2U maths and an alright mark for adv. then i checked everything, and turns out 3U maths and eng increased, while 2U maths and eng decreased. ok i'm not making any sense here but bascially more stuff above average/ closer to median. i need to do a girra vs baulko post on marks one day...

1 month, i still feel very screwed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

deciding my future with 3 hours to go

so, last minute after school decision.
registered for qtac and satac but not vtac since only monash has undergrad med, while the other ones have two uni's so it's more worth it.
better to apply first (hope i don't miss random application stuff) if i do get in, then i can think about it later if i really do want to move in "holes" for 6 years...

but i am super stressed.
w/ jap cooking tomorrow, and scholarship questions. y u question so difficult!? everyone just goes building/designing/program stuff in their part time jobs (sarcastic tone)
i've done a survey of pharmacy or science.
science for usyd seems to win.

oh, and hsc, that can wait till the weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

questions, questions and questions

"Describe an achievement in the workplace and/or designing, building, programming or creating something. Your example might relate to recent work experience, a part time job or a major non-school based project you have undertaken. You might choose to highlight your creativity; the ability to see alternatives; come up with many varied or original ideas; or willingness to try/learn new things."

because i totes go around building stuff in my "part-time job"....seriously, who even builds stuff in their part-time jobs?

ahhh, soooo many questions, no answer. i thought i have a good amount of extra curricular stuff, but you can never have the most of something, and there will be others out there with 10 times more than me. but that space limit! i don't know how to answer it without repeating myself!

and i'm freaking out if i'm missing some information/parts of an application.

i'm actually super stressed about the forms and uni choices. i've said before-even more than trials!!! i don't feel stressed about HSC yet, even though it's in 4 weeks....

do i reallyreallyreally want to do med? jcu doesn't need umat which is good, and i actually have decent stuff to talk about since i went on a mission trip last year for Aboriginal people, but apart from paying qtac, if i do get in, i would spend the rest of my life in northern queensland , studying for 6 years, then working to help those people as a job at a hospital very north queensland, and then never ever see my family again because the hours are so busy, and limited vacations. even as a med uni student, you have heaps less holidays. i don't think i'll be able to commit myself that far away for the rest of my life. the med degree you get there is supposed to help those people up there. i'm still too young to live isolated away from my "life so far"

i have already dedicated the night to answering questions. will dedicate another 2 periods and tomorrow night. ahh my HSC...

usyd: science or pharmacy? i have a feeling it would be easier to get a pharmacy scholarship since atar is below 90 and thus less people, but they probs have a ratio.

apparently more than half the grade is paired up/will be for formal. #forever alone. i just don't get how tables work since groups will have to be divided...and secretly, i think...(i was going to encrypt text here but don't know how...) anyways, if you sit next to a guy, and then you don't like your food, i bet you can swap-that's a really good thing. yes, i do love my food.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


so yes, in ext english today, two guys in our class started looking at formal dresses (yes guys, i don't know why) which sparked the rest of us to look, thus the page was created. i think it's a really good idea, since the grade is so large, and it would suck to have the same dress, esp your close friends.
but then some people don't have fb, so then there's always that slim chance they'll have the same dress as you...

EXCEPT, MY DRESS IS BEING TAILORED AT THE MOMENT, so i can't take a photo of it, thus i'm having mini-heart attacks every time someone posts a link and thinking, hopefully it's not like mine. i can't wait until it's finished.

i will explain here. it's reallllllly simple, so that's why i'm scared someone will get the same one i have. it's strapless, maxi chiffon dress which is a light cream/white. no sequins or beads. comes in at the waist, and slightly flows out a bit.
yes, very simple, but it doesn't make me look fat. i wish i could just buy dresses online, if only i had the "body shape". online dresses are actually quite cheap and look really good.
i wanted a backless/low back dress, except i don't have "the back" for it, and i have too much fat. and i could only find one in the stores i went at the beginning of the year, which i looked really fat in. it's like how those slim tight/elasticity material makes me look fat (ok, i'm over using the word)

i was going to wear these heels my aunt got me when she came in may, they look sturdy, except aren't that comfortable. even though i really want height, i can't stand wearing 14cm heels the whole night without taking them off (unlike semis which i had to take them off...)
the wedges i have now are only approx 4 inches, not high enough! but after HSC, i'll probs look for some.

not a bit necklace fan, if i come across something nice, maybe i'll get it...
right now i'm pretty much set. dress. clutch. earrings.

Monday, September 10, 2012

formal is going to be the colour i want it to be! i just don't want it to be too dark, cause it will kind of be a black and dark and gloomy...but i guess if it's too light, then yeah as people have said, it's too girly.

i watched an whole episode of don't tell the bride. mentally planning's actually really interesting, but it's probs all staged.

i'm really excited about formal. apparently, yday at church after the baptisms, my mum said someone told her i was in yr 12 this year (aka going to a formal) and apparently she does hair and makeup cheaply and comes to your house...hmm...might consider getting hair done if it's really cheap, or else why bother? last time i got a quote was back in yr 10 where they had a whole "formal" expo thing, and you get your hair done for free. that salon costed $80, and due to inflation, it's probs $100, and then for make-up it was $40 at a make-uup shop. well, THAT'S not worth it.

dear hair, please grooooooowwww. can't do anything w/ short hair. growing ever so slowly.

i can't believe my brother's yr 10 formal is almost as much as my yr 12 formal. he's only going on a boat. like for semi, it was only around $55...and my yr10 was super cheap.

this year's prefects have done a really good job w/ assemblies (compared to the previous year i think)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

if alll else fails, maybe i'll go and do a theology degree.

it's so interesting! ancient history plus bible stuff with deeper/hidden meanings, and it all fits into history!

eg. today we went back to revelations, and then found out that "the devil's number" was really "a man's number" in hebrew which was "666".
but 666 stands for something else. since that context of the passage was written in the roman empire, with a really evil man called Nero, and other evil romans believed this was the "evil of evil" guys. anyways, so John wanted to tell people/ record in historical writing that Nero was evil and prosecuted many Christians, but if you wrote it in black and white, obviously he would have been killed immediately.
in the Hebrew alphabet, each letter corresponds with a number, like how for us, a is 1, b is 2 etc, but their numbers are a lot different. when "Nero King" is written in Hebrew, the numbers add up to 666, so it's not "Satan's" number, it's used to represent Nero. and we now it's not the greek alphabet or something like that, since it didn't correspond to anything.

idk if that all makes any sense, but i found it interesting.

the actual lesson was to not compromise your faith. and he gave out real examples like if same sex marriages were approved, then if a pastor refuses to marry the couple since the Bible does not approve, then the pastor can be prosecuted. idk, something like that.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Voting and Passports

my first vote. am i even allowed to tell people what i voted for?
i guess i have one more vote than other people who turn 18 late this year as they have to wait 2 or 4yrs (?) for their first vote.

it didn't take really long. as usual, there were people handing out flyers.
it's pretty simple. show your licence, get a ballot, put 1 on both sheets and you're done. which is what i did since i ceebs putting an order on the names at the bottom. a 1 is good enough. which is why licences are so important for ID. it doesn't matter if you don't want to drive, you need it for adult passport forms, and voting, and clubbing (which i have not done yet/will not do until much later), going in bars/casinos (which i will not gamble, but just go in there and look and the place), and so much other stuff.

i don't really care who wins. well, i kind of, since the person who i voted for apparently was against the county drive campaign where they wanted to put islands and fully block off a lane, so that people won't be able to park. i guess a few years ago when they changed a two lane road to on lane, most of us got angry. there are no labour candidates, which is wierd. i though there was at least one of every party in each council..? not in politics, so i wouldn't know.

how do people get employed there? i would like to spend the day marking people's names off and then getting paid.

i wanted to go mac uni for the camels, but it's kids rides and i'll probs would've squished them...but free fooood....

WHAT TOOK SOSOSOSOSOSO LONG TODAY WAS MY PASSPORT. lined up for 30mins!!! on saturdays, they only do them from 9-11am. in front there was a family, then another pair of children who never had passports before. they were around 16/17. how can you not have passports!? then a mother who had three children passport forms, where one of her children didn't sign the form. then it was me. i only took 5mins, while everyone else took soooo long. behind me was an elderly couple w/ their duaghter, and another couple, and another girl.
wasted so much time.

then i had coffee w/ my mum, and the "cake of the day" which was a almond berry cake, and wasn't too sweet which was good. ahhh, i should have gotten chai latte. everyone said it was good there. dayuum. next time, when i can pay for myself...

then tutoring.
then spent the last 4 hours finding all my awards. i organise my stuff into folders, so one folder contains that year's worth of awards and assessments etc. then i have a folder with "special awards" then a folder w/ primary school, piano, chinese school stuff. some stuff is just too old to use. then i had to find the cord to connect my scanner which took approx 30min, my mum found it in the end...and scanning is so troublesome. i am going to rage if i have to take everything back out and photocopy stuff. usyd is the only paper copy application, and they said on the form not to attach anything apart from reports and personal statement...uws has so many certifying things which i don't's times like these i wish i had an older sibling or parents who went to uni to guide me through these things. the career advisor knows me since i hassle her almost everyday, and same with English head teacher. haters will always hate. no, they don't hate me, you can tell they are just a tad annoyed since i keep on questioning them.

back hurst from digging out, moving folders, carrying scanner. i still have to dig out my year 7/8/9 folders from the garage to see if there is anything decent. apparently if you have over 20 pages for unsw, they just skim through it, but if you have less, they look at it more carefully, that's what i've heard.

is it awkward to nominate yourself for an award...? the only thing i'll ever win if they had a category is merit scabber, but i would like to know who else were big merit scabbers like me.

therefore, no work done today.

Friday, September 7, 2012

18th Dinner Party

1 week and 5 day late post.

first of all, i'm sorry if i bored you.

i did a million things wrong, but i guess you can't prepare much right after trials.

i'm too poor to hire a hall/community centre. i looked up at some of the price, and some were about $300 an hours, then you have to add in cost of food, dj, lights, music, audio and visual equipment (which are $400 for yr 12 formal) and plus heaps of decorations. helium balloons cost $1.50, and in bulk, it's not a lot cheaper.

i've always wanted a restaurant-ish party. and i finally had my own colour theme! since i doubt school formal would be purple and silver, i decided to go with purple (!) with the invites, and balloons, and kind of dress.
so it was based around purple, silver and white. (was reading dandelion's post-yeah, light purple would be too girly, so normal but not too dark purple) ahhh, i would be sosososo happy if formal was purple...i can only dream...but it's ok, i guess i don't mind that much since i've achieved my only colour theme already

and you can't really have "fun" unlike house parties, since you are in restricted space, so the fun factor went down, but what can you do in a "restaurant". i've had too many "fun" parties, so a dinner was just a nice chill night.

even for my 21st, i don't think i'll have a community centre styled party. I AM ALREADY MENTALLY PLANNING MY 21ST. drinks are more expensive than food, so i'll probs focus on having nice drinks for 21st...and it would be more talking as well...

thanks for the cards and presents guys! a shout out to Happy Apple with her very, very creative present. so much effort to wrap them individually, and also the symbolism of it and thinking of Bible verses to match (:
there was actually a person (not you bitter-lol) who i think forgot to include money in their card. i hate asking for money cause it's super awks unless someone owes me, so i guess the card itself compensates. really, asking for money for present is super awks if they don't technically owe you. i've had an experience when i was younger when i asked a person for a present. super awks, but i was young back then, so i had time to learn not to. (oh, i still owe a person for their bday a few months ago, probs give them their present on grad. i don't think that person reads this, so it ok to state this ramble)
EXCEPT i will be asking people for money on my wedding invitations. the last 5 invites my parents'i have received ALL asked to give money not prezzies. it's the norm.

oh, and i've realised over my high school life, girra kids are really organised with presents and cards, even in the junior years.

18th bday cake w/ family. raspberry and white chocolate cheescake. the chocolate work is amazing, partly why i chose this cake.

i love cake. the black forest cake tasted surprisingly good with its layers of moose and sponge. i down sized the cake since heaps of people didn't come. everyone seemed to have wanted more, so i didn't have much cake to "savour" the flavour more. after i've tried all the other cakes i want to try at that patiserrie, i will go back and have another black forest cake. it's more expensive than you think.
18th dinner cake.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

i've been wondering, if i did pharmacy, what careers would it lead to? apart from being a boring pharmacists in a store.
it seems "easier" to get in, and it's at usyd. i want to go usyd because of the place and atmosphere like i've said before.
medical science may be interesting, but the careers are soooo limited, apart from research. like i was getting my formal dress fitted/measured to be tailored, and she was talking about her daughter's friend is in america doing research as a mdeical scientist. i like the america part, just not research for the rest of my life.

my mum was like, hey teaching is good. they're increasing the salaries as well. only thing i like about teaching are the short hours and you get holidays!!!! but definitely not straight out of high school then back in it again, how do people survive that!?

freaking out about scholarships. don't know what to choose...
they take so long ))):

got my laptop back yday, and only just knew this morning you had to do a million updates to get it working. ahh, ceebs, after a double period, it was still downloading stuff. but i like how we get free microsoft, since i can hopefully now download microsoft word '11 for my mac for free (:

yes, i do love free stuff.

art show was soooo coool! really worth my time. i should've gone at night when they had free food...

i don't get how visually impaired people know where to aim to shoot the ball into the goal. i get how they know where the ball is since it makes sounds, but how do they run around in the right direction without bashing into people? Paralympics are really amazing. their will to still do sport even after injuries/disabled from birth is inspiring.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


i'm so angry.
at the skushy machine which ran out of "syrup"

damnnnnnn. i should have brought a container to school, but even around 1-ish, the store was crowded with yr 12's, well that's what it seemed as i drove and glanced past.

then before tutoring i saw kids with water cooler bottles coming out with empty bottles, which meant they had run out, but i went back after tutoring in hopes of they might've replenished it, but nope.

so i am super sad ))))))):
then i just saw on fb of people with rice cookers filled with slushy.


i've only had a slushie once at 7/11. i think it was because it was 7/11 day last year, but they kind of ran out of flavouring.

usually when you go to petrol stations, you get a big hit of petrol smell, but allll i could smell was sugary syrup, which makes me want to have some slushie now!!! and today was good weather for it...

ahhh, what to do as my plan b...???
i've decided that medical science won't really get me a decent job, unless i transfer over to med
i don't get why pharmacy atar is sooooooo low, do people really hate pharmacy? i mean only usyd offers undergrad...

if i have time, i'm going to apply for commercy scholarships for the lols.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drama Night

my first (and last) drama night.

ahhh, it was soooooo good.
at first i wasn't going to go since i had "no-one" to sit with, but then last minute spontaneous decisions, and i decided to go, arrived late and sat by myself anyways...

to all those who missed it, you should feel sad.
it was soooo worth my time. the group performances were really good. i wonder if anyone recorded it since i missed out a bit of my first one....the characters and costumes were really good.
they were sososososo funny.

and yay for free food! it was just morning tea food with little desserts, choc biccuits and a variety of sandwiches stuffed with filling. soooo full....i love free food (: (if you didn't know already...)

quite a lot of people turned up.

Monday, September 3, 2012

confusion of decisions

don't even know if title is grammatically correct.
was going to blog about last sunday. that can wait.

ahhhhhhhhh i don't know what to do? can someone tell me?
actually, i know what i want to do, but i won't get into med this year, so i don't know what to do in the meantime...

med sc has a higher chance of getting transferred to unsw med. 15/240 students =6.25% while undergrad is approx 200/4000=5%
but by that stage, everyone is super smart. even in high school i won't be in the top percent, and everyone around you is smart at uni. with a med sc degree, it seems alright, except what job can you do apart from teaching and research? i don't want to do research for the rest of my life, that's the same with an adv sc degree, research....maybe for a year, but not for life...

medicinal chemistry is just making the drugs. pharmacy is more than that. i think pharmacy is a good degree since it's at usyd, and i want to go usyd since it looks sahhh nice (: but the atar is 85.1 and then everyone would think i'm stupid because i got into a "low" atar course.
eye surgery sounds cool, but both optometry and medicine are soooo competitive.

i've spent over an hour just browsing. i wish my parents just told me what to do so i don't have to waste time thinking. they don't care what i do as long as i get into uni, since they didn't go to uni (and thus i'm also a bit slow compared to children of uni parents)
i was reading stuff, and at james cook, you have to spend 2 years in rural places like darwin/cairns. i cannot stand hot places, and don't want to be isolated from people for so long.
did you know, bond uni is a private university, and to study med there costs $300 000+!!!!!!! i can buy my own apartment. i guess that uni is for rich people who have money but not high enough marks.

ahhh, what to do?
i want to help people. biomed engineering also sounds cool, but idk, i heard it's best to go overseas with one of those you can help people, and watching the paralympics (on 22) is so inspiring. btw, those olympians with no legs and arms are still soooooo much faster than me, so amazing, and their will to do it all

i don't think i'll be able to decide. so, i guess i'll see if i get a scholarship and then do that course. but if i don't, then i will need to continue to think about what to do...

my belonging creative made my ext 1 teacher cry, it made my adv teacher say "i love it" which is super rare. Y U NO GIVE ME A RANGE!? i hate external markers, so subjective. i guess i wasn't the only one. this guy in my class also had a good story which the english staff agreed, but the external markers thought it was "recount" in which he got "slammed" for it....

Sunday, September 2, 2012

more about uni open days

i forgot to mention yday in my freebies post that at uts i got free fob glasses (that actually have a lens unlike those 3d pop-out ones) and a free computer shaped stress ball.
also at unsw, i went past the aboriginal tent and they had free damper with wild plum jam and lime something jam, which was all natural. the guy was like, why didn't you come at 10am!? we had free crocodile and kangaroo. YUMMM. too bad i was at the med lecture. i still don't think i've tried crocodile before...

mac uni has free camel rides!!! (for kids, except i still look like a kid) and more free food! and other random activities, but i actually haven't studied at all for a long time....

finally went to that udon cheap place in the city that bitter blogged about a while ago. it was alright for the price.

is my iphone too old?
i don't know if that's the reason, but the other day one of my apps was like "time to upgrade to 1OS 4 since no my updates are available for your phone"
well it's almost 5 years, so it's laggy, but i still love touch stuff, so i can't complain. should start saving for no. 5....

going by myself is very good. you don't have to go lectures that you friend likes but you don't, and you don't have to drag anyone. and you can easily go around by yourself to get more free stuff as you like. i lietrally saw 3/4 of my grade at unsw. but less than half at usyd.

i like being spontaneous. like at usyd, i was just about to leave for uts, then past a friend who i don't talk to except maybe when we walk up the hill before school together, and she wanted to go uts for all the free food as well. she planned to have lunch there just like me (: and she's white, so i am a tad suprised she likes so many free stuff like us asians...
and like unsw, was about to leave and kind of passed bitter, so went to have lunch with bitter and sweet.
will blog more about uni courses late (even though i said this yday) still have a mental list of stuff too post.
happy father's day! father's do so much for us. had dinner at church which was nice (:
the google pic is really cute (:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Uni Open Days

so i don't have time to recount everything, but i may end up doing that
i'm just gonna talk about free stuff...

i really love usyd atmosphere and the campus. it's so spacious, and flat (compared to unsw) and really nice. and whenever i go there to weather is perfect. it feels less crowded.
free stuff:
- health check
- packaged popcorn
- business breakfast. even though there wasn't a lot a variety, it was still pretty "high class" since they had waiters with food coming around, like a cocktail party. there were also banana bread, yogurt with fresh food, juice etc. and they had really cool showbags! like this thing where you open it up, one side is a calculator, other side is a note pad and the middle has a pen. also a 4gb usb (not as cool as the wrist band one last year which i failed to get) and a multi coloured highlighter. totes worth waking up at 6.30am.

-ahhhhh so many free stuff
the bus driver stopped write in front of uts from usyd, i bet he knew we wanted free lunch
-free "high class" sausage sizzle. branded bread roll, w/ branded butter if you wanted it, onions and sauce, on a plate w/ knives and forks. line was long, but it moved quite quickly.
-at the entrance we were greeted by branded Paddle Pops, and later went upstairs to have seconds. you literally just observe where people are coming from, and you know there is free food
- free fairy floss and fresh popcorn! there were many outlets so it was quite quick.
- free jump test. i can jump 41cm. it was really cool. so they had this pole with plastic sticks coming out. you reach up, and they swipe that away. then you jump and from the final height you jumped, they minused how high you can reach. only if you jump 50cm you get a prize, but i just got a lollipop
i went on one of their nanotech lab tours. i just wanted to go inside their labs. it was pretty cool. saw the 10 MILLION DOLLAR microscope. only two in the whole world. and they still haven't finished building it even after a year has passed. the other one in the world is the company who supplies microscopes-lol

- in the morning, bus line was sooo long, but bus came every minute so it was ok. the bus was full of asians. the whole uni was full of asians. heaps less white people compared to usyd.
- hada to trek so far for med lecture.
- had blue fairy floss! while waiting in line, had blue smarties and a free iphone speaker. but it doesn't work! i hate it when free stuff doesn't work ))):
- don't really like the campus, feels more cramped. it's sahh long...i used to go unsw every month back in yr9/10, only went to the optometry part...
- free glow sticks and glow in the dark wristbands.
- massive lollipops, had to beg for another one for my bro..
- the fresh popcorn was not seasoned properly, took forever and was only half a bag.
- couldn't find free sausage sizzle. i don't think there was one, they had one for info day earlier in the year, except that day was so much more low scale....
- turned the mining eng wheel of fortune. i got a "hard" question and thus the prize was worth more. i had no idea what the "permeability of ore bodies" are, except the person behind me answered. then the uni person gave me the prize-lol. IT WAS A GOOD PRIZE! got to choose between 2gb usb and keyring. i chose the keyring since it was really cute, in the shape of a mining helmet, and purely made out of the 4th most expensive metal in the world (pewter)

only got a few free pens, i have way too many so decided to restrict myself from getting too many. the adfa march/drill was pretty cool.

blog more about lectures/opinions about uni.