Tuesday, November 15, 2011

those english extension questions which you have to use your brain, and internet is not really helpful and you don't know what some of the words mean in that question =/

stomach muscles still hurt. we didn't even do any dancing in contemporary yesterday. just an hour of stretches, ab toning/arm toning stuff. not really toning, but it builds up your core/arm strength without actually looking like you have abs...lol, this sounds weird. if i did that every day. i think i would actua;;y lose weight. once a week of intense exercise is not enough.
something else to put on my holiday list.

yay, new iPhone case. the funny thing is that it came all the way from hong kong. and it only cost one dollar, with included shipping. shipping overseas costs more than a dollar, so why do people want to make these losses? =/
not my problem. it was quite quick. my book which i ordered before the case still hasn't come yet ):

extensions are just reading reading and reading, which was expected, and i like reading, if only i read faster.....so it won't be as time consuming....

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