Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chemistry 2011

relief, i don't feel it.
first of all, sorry to bitter who listened to me rant for an hour during sport. like i actually full ranted and half-cried, i've promised myself i wouldn't cry, so i didn't fully cry.

i don't know why i'm so stupid. i didn't get the calculations ): and there were heapppppppppppppppppps of them. ): i think this test was more about using your brain then just knowing the stuff.
i mean i did heaps of past papers. actually i don't properly do them, except i just look at the question and then write out a correct response. maybe i should change my study habits? i didn't go one facebook for over 2 weeks and i feel so anti-social.

i didn't like the option. like the freaking 3 mark diagram. I ONLY KNOW HOW TO DRAW ONE FOR SODIUM. obviously we had to just that knowledge for other stuff )))))): and they didn't ask for friggen pigments asdfghjkl. the time i spent memorising them. it was only in a tiny part of a question.
and the periodic table was missing some atomic masses, which i kind-of needed ):

i know i have lost 15 marks already. there goes my band 6 and here comes my screwed atar. i'm scared i'm going to get a atar less than 90. people say its hard to, but i don't think so. i don't get how people can leave a test half an hour early. like i haven't even finished the test. i went toooo slow in mc ): and i screwed up. you know, the test wasn't that hard, i just somehow couldn't apply it. my brain wasn't it the best functioning mode today, which sucks, cause this counts towards my atar. and my future. and i am sulking at how badly i did.

you have no idea. ))))): of how badly i did. and if i repeat and get a lower mark than i did, then that's suppper terrible. i think i am bottom 25% of my grade, which means i get scaled dowwwwwwwwwn. ):

i don't know.
i have appox 10 exercises of maths to do, and english and physics and Jap.

now i have to work extra hard this year and next year to not get under atar of 95.

and why did it have to be on a 2-hour strike? i guess its kinda good as it minamalised the voice levels more, except i could have used that 2hours to do homework. imagine if the BOS went for a strike...haha...

everyone else said it was easy and good.
i wish i could come out of every test saying that....

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