Monday, October 3, 2011

Gilgandra Mission Trip

internet!!! this may be a long post.

first of all, saturday morning, we were supposed to get to church at 5am.

we woke up at 5am =="

it's because my dad forgot to turn the alarm on and my alarm didn't work and my brother doesn't have an alarm and i fully got ready and finished packing in 10mins then my dad couldn't find his wallet and i didn't want to drive cause i was half asleep so then my mum drove, and we had to drive fast or else we might have missed the bus and then my dad would have to drive us there for 6 hours.

so luckily they just finished packing and arrived at church at 5.25am and we made the bus (:

basically, Gil is mainly an Aboriginal community and we went to an Aboriginal church, except the place also had white people. compared to my church, their one is tiny, but we went there to do the kids program based on God's creation and how the wise man built his house on a rock. apparently they had a festival in town, so not many kids came this year compared to last year. the songs were really nice, and so were the skits and games. i helped in craft and a bit in games. the craft was soooo cute.

the aboriginal boys play very rough, as in they tackle each other, and yesterday morning the children all wanted piggy backs. i'm too lazy so i didn't piggy back anyone (:

their town is really cute. they have a church bus which goes around the suburb picking kids up. their services are really informal, and if you want to sing you just go up to the front to sing (: and everyone their is sooooo enthusiastic. and they had a talent quest on Sat night, which was quite cute. we all thought it was just a music service, but they started to give out prizes and said it was a talent quest...

i think the journey was nice as i could see Christians of different race/background, have fun with the kids, and learn more.

there were many halfies, and they are all so pretty (:
the food the aunties made were sooooooo yummmmmm. for every single meal, i ate 4 times what i normally eat at home.
so i am now fat, and i still haven't gone swimming yet.

the bus was 5 stars (: it was nice singing Christian songs with people playing guitar on the bus, and mafia on the bus was fun (:

i bought work to do there, as in stuff to study, but i was soo busy/tired i didn't touch it ):
and behind in my reading list ):

the maccas "1 in 5 wins" is not true. in total, me and my brother had 5 of the I Spy things, and none of them were instant wins ):
but then again, a week earlier, my brother won 3 things in a row...

and my phone is so tank-it can last 4 days without charging it
and my camera can last 3days without charging.
i didn't use the intensely, but they still lasted me for the trip (:

home sweet home (:
i really hate losing an hour of sleep, it still affects me like 24hours after...

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