Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Outdoor Wedding +wedding tips

yes!! so far i have worn a different dress to each wedding, and i've been to quite a lot now, around over 10.

it was soooo pretty :')
they hired the garden theatre so it's like watching a Shakespeare play. they weren't over the top with decorations, so i guess that saves money. and they had cushions to sit on so it was comfy (:

and the weather in the arvo was good. it wasn't too hot/sunny, and only after all the photos it started raining a bit.

it's nice to sit outdoors. i remember last year, one of the weddings i went to was in an old style church during summer. it was pretty and all, but there was no air-con. i think i kind-of melted. it's nice to have a fresh breeze (:

i have started to accumulate some wedding tips:
- have wedding in arvo, so you don't have to make so much food since dinner is only about 2 hours away. if you have a wedding at 11, then you will have to waste money on food for lunch + money for food at reception
- ask people to give you money, not random wedding gifts.
-outdoor weddings mean you don't have to spend as much money on decorations compared to indoor weddings.
-also, in outdoor weddings where you hire a place that you have to walk a bit to, it means no one will see what car you turn up in, so you don't have to waste money on a fancy wedding car
-weddings not in the city mean guests can park free
-invite one set of people to your wedding, and another set to your reception, so you get double the gifts (except that's kind of weird)
-have one bridesmaid so you don't have to spend that much money on other people's dresses (except it's boring having one...)

there was another wedding at the same time. except, the other place was more narrower, and not as cool.

and so, i have not done much today ): no time to upload pics. i missed out on the Children Sunday School Anniversary. i wanted to see little kids perform. why is there always something else on, on the same dates as weddings ):

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