Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas (: + Mosman Beach

Christmas service was nice (: i love singing xmas carols. the sermon was really good/cute since it was suited for primary kids. the pastor had a pass the parcel with envelopes inside with verses (:

last year they had eng and chinese congregation at the same time but in different halls, this year they separated the times...

and when i came back, my family friend was like, do you want to go to the beach, and we were like ok (:

i don't think i got tanned too much. except my right arm kind of hurts.... :S haven't been to a sydney beach for a while..
Mosman beach: you can actually swim, since there's no waves. so we brought out boogie board for nothing, except just to float on....i like riding waves (:
luckly, they had platforms which we could jump off, about 3m. it was soooooo ridiculously fun, except when you climb up the ladder, it's filled with moss oceany stuff. except it's safe. the adrenaline on your first jump (: except i can't stand salt water, so i didn't jump as much as i would have in pool water.

and the boys played cod and nerf guns all afternoon and night, so i didn't do any work, not even read ):

bbq was nice (: no turkey this year ):
i really miss my uncle's xmas parties in hk, he has a real christmas tree, xmas stocking filled with yummy yummy goodies, swapping presents with family, ham, turkey, custard, xmas pudding, fruit mince pies, gingerbread, etcetc, aka THE LOT. i shall experience that again next year

my dad forgot to zoom in.....):

it's almost 12 and they still haven't left, and they live in the city....

Jesus is a small package, great gift (:

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