Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dad's Annual Work Dinner

happened to be on the same day as Happy Apple's Party, so i couldn't go to both ): i hate missing out on parties....

well, my dad was like, it's a jap restaurant in North Sydney, and when we got there i was like "hey, iv'e been here before, went int yr 9 or 10 for jap excursion and this girls' chicken was raw.

i think it's coz we were school kids so they care less about us back then.

but the food was really good today (: had all the traditional jap type of beef and meat etcetc.
and i had so many mocktails <3
and then the Christmas present aka money from the boss is always good.

so many people from my school go to my church's youth group....

another unproductive day....should have started to re-do eng ext 2...

i still haven't decided if i should check my results on wed morning or at night after tutoring.... i know i won't be happy with my result, fully failed....waste of tutoring money.... ):

which may result in a bogan atar....

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