Monday, February 29, 2016

Fourth Year

Can you believe we're in 4th yr already?! I know some have started working already, but I still can't believe how quickly time has passed. Technically we know more stuff than half of the whole optom students studying...Need to savour this non 8am start, since rest of the sem will be 3 8am starts ): And there's already homework...should get started on it

Since it's the 29th today, Benefit had a sale-everything $29 for 2 hours only. Most people know I'm not into make up etc, but this deal was just too good to pass (and I was free), and ended up getting 6 items. First time 'fighting' for make up. I got something that was originally worth $73, and it sold out before the sale even started since people were just holding onto it, and waiting until 12pm when they could process the sales. Bought other stuff as well, and ended up spending a day's pay...but yolo...all those super good deals.

Watched Deadpool in the arvo, and what a coincidence-my brother was watching the same movie, same time, same place with his friend. Legit thought he was just going out to the city, until I walked he was full shocked (so was I, and no, I didn't stalk him lol). It was a different Marvel movie, didn't get a lot of the references/inside jokes so wasn't as funny as other people have said...

Hoping to somehow catch up on blog posts before next week...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

there goes 3 months of holidays.

1st month working, 2nd summer school, 3rd overseas. back to uni. so not ready. i guess i did have time to revise when i got back, but decided to catch up on shows....

this year is the worst timetable yet. 8am starts, 10pm finishes, 6 hour breaks, trekking to different parts of Sydney. other super long gaps. thinking of skipping some lectures already and we haven't even started yet.

so behind on blog posts as well...

holidays were fun, i'll see you in 6 months

jks, placement up next...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We were in the inner west and thought to have Greek for our second dinner. Surprised it was full on a Saturday night at around 9pm.


back wall



Uncle 'Tzimmy' Classic w/ pork:  tomato, tzatziki, onion, paprika and chips, wrapped in pita-$10.50
The Zeus-Lamb: signature slow-cooked lamb with Aegean slaw, smoked eggplant, onion and parsley-$12.50

Yay for nicely wrapped/folded pitas. The were decent sized pieces of pork, with relatively healthy tzatziki, which tasted fresh, interesting to have chips inside. The lamb were cut into smaller bits, so wished they had larger chunks. Aegean slaw was creamy with a nice subtle smokiness from the eggplant Probably too much raw onion in it...Personally found the pita bread too oily, and if you touched the pita, you could feel/see the oil on your hands...

Salad: green beans, fig, feta, herbs, roast almond, balsamic and olive oil-$13.50

A healthier option for my dad, but it was the most disappointing dish.Some green beans which cost more than meat. I saw fid in the description and decided on this salad, but turned out to be dry figs. The roasted almonds were really good, and do was the dressing without the balsamic being too sour. Would have preferred the feta scattered throughout the salad rather than one slice, but it was good cheese (:


Zeus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I'm back! Actually got back on Friday night, then airport again on Saturday morning, then a 21st at night. I got sick when I got back, and then the alcohol didn't help obviously...Still turned up for work on Sunday, but then after work slept for like 20hours....first time vomiting in over 10 years, felt like crap the past 2 days...manage to get out of bed today to go to uni for this talk, but not really waste of time...Still have yet to unpack anything...Not even food poisoning, just some bad virus/sickness....probably didn't help since I ate mostly desserts in HK last week, and severely lacked my daily fruits/veggies...Felt so weird eating 2 pieces of bread in 2 whole days...also feels weird to be hungry/have an appetite again...Last week I was just too well fed lel.

Anyways, SG/KL/HK were really good! Probs don't have time to post about it...

Manage to survive the trip without being mugged, and everything I brought back from overseas easily passed through customs since no x-ray this time. First thing I checked back home were to see if my macarons survived...Finished the last of them tonight, even though they technically 'expired' yday, but they still tasted great. Also had this Jap snack called Ebi Cheese Sand by Shimahide, no wonder why my uncle could only afford to give me one since it was amazingggg. Some cheese sandwiched between 2 paper thin crackers bursting with prawn flavour...Why did I not discover this before...Quick google search, and it's called the 'Japanese Macaron' on their website...No wonder why I love it so much...

Can't believe uni is starting next week, so much stuff to do. So glad I don't have to get any extra vaccines.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Harry's Bondi

We were already at Bondi that day, we decided to have another lunch (well mainly to try an iconic dish) since it was only around the corner. Called up before, and it's great to know they offer an all day breakfast menu, which means I didn't need to trek out here another day early in the morning for the pancake.

Elixir-brewed 12 hours-$6
Large capp-$4.50

picture perfect

apparently Elixir coffee is between tea and coffee in caffeine content. It looked like some sort of tea, and kind of like watery coffee tea. There was a coffee taste to it, but not as much as normal coffee. Very interesting and hard to describe, should just give it a go :)

 Ricotta Hotcake with blueberries, organic maple and double cream with cream-$17.50

The blueberries were as wide the fork spokes!

This is probably one of the best hotcakes I've had so far! Definitely recommend. Yes, it's expensive for one pancake, but everything went so well together. We were the only ones there ordering in the afternoon, so I think they freshly made up new batter, hence it took over 15mins for it to come. Loved the maple which generously covers the hotcake, but isn't as sweet as it looks, only gives it a tad bit of sweetness. There is something amazing about double cream, not too creamy or thick, and holds itself up better. They also use real vanilla beans in it! And can't forget the edible flowers (:

love the decor

This place is a lot more spacious than Speedos (and a lot cleaner as well). Their bathroom is massive, and tables are generous in size. Hopefully can come back soon to have a proper lunch here! (:

Harry's Bondi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, February 11, 2016

In Transit

Currently waiting for my plane at 7am tomorrow, which means another night spent at the airport. Coming to SG, transited in HK for 4 hours, which was the most awkward thing ever since it was a mixture of no sleep and trying to sleep then full day ahead. Same thing now, except I was at the airport by 5pm, which means 14 hours at the airport. Currently killed 5 hours easily by walking through 2 terminals, window shopping, and looking at indoor nature. Too bad the movie cinema and indoor butterfly garden is in the other terminal. Terminal one is alright in terms of shopping, and there are tv screens and seats with individual speakers built in. Then will try to sleep at 12/1am since the shops close at 1am...but I have a feeling all the resting pods will be taken. Have to find out what my gate number is before I sleep....

Singapore was amazing, Malaysia, well tbh I wouldn't go again unless I'm with a local. Can't deal with dangerous traffic fearing for my life crossing the road, even more humidity than SG, and not so clean streets (compared to Sydney and SG).

Hope o blog about my trip sometime. Managed to go places on my list to eat, but skipped a few landmarks since celebs/too humid.

Feel like I should do some studying lel

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sparkle Cupcakery

Raspberry Red Velvet-$4.80

Walking around in Surry Hills, made a spontaneous decision to buy a cupcake from here. They used to have a small stand in Martin Place where I would walk past everyday to catch the bus to uni, but they closed it before I had a chance to try something. Took so long to choose, and eventually decided to go with the classic red velvet. The icing is sweet, but a good sweetness, and definitely buttery but light at the same time. The cake was light and not too sweet/buttery. Could taste the raspberry flavour in it without having bits or pieces of raspberry in it. It's small for a cupcake, but it's a once in a while guilty pleasure.

Sparkle Cupcakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Went on their last opening day in 2015, which luckily coincides with their infamous Truffle Burger! I have waited for over a year to try this, and whenever they have the truffle burger I was always busy and never had time to go.

I missed the first turn into the street, but luckily there was a 2nd side street with parking behind the car wash. Arrived before 6pm, and there were roughly over 50 people in front of us.



Didn't get the fries since it was just plain w/ chicken salt. Wanted something with their special sauce...maybe next time...

Redskin shake-$6

Yummm, so good. Not too thick and not too sweet, but a good hit of redskin flavour. There were bits of ice cream stuck at the bottom though. Would have liked a larger serving for the price of 'truck food', but it's a decent size for one person.

The Truffe (truffle) burger-$10



Obviously they didn't use real truffle, but truffle oil in the cheese. Personally I thought it was a bit overhyped. It's really good, but not mind-glowingly good. There was probably a bit too much sauce, but I guess that's what you're paying more. Beef not too fattening and good portion. Also wished there was a tad bit more greens to balance all the oiliness. The brioche bread was really soft with not overly buttery. Pretty good for a burger food truck, and really filling (:


Bay Run

Mister Gee Burger Truck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Koi Dessert Bar

The long awaited dessert bar is finally here! I have watched 7 years of MasterChef, and finally someone has opened a dessert bar in Sydney! Dessert is life (:  After last year's pop up Evening with Reynold, I couldn't wait for the dessert bar to open! Even though the closest I've come to him is just a photo from here, you can tell that he's a hardworking humble guy. He was there in the kitchen that night, so we know he wasn't partying on a Friday night...

The dessert bar is just behind Central Park, with fairly new restaurants around, didn't even know those places existed, so hope to go back again. 


drinks downstairs

cake display-they didn't have the green one ):

kitchen downstairs

Nomtella: Expresso, salted caramel, chocolate
Strawberry and lychee

I realised after I ate this, the flavours were very similar to the 'Nomtella' dessert, but just with different textures. There wasn't enough salted caramel in this though, but the espresso shone through yet didn't feel like you were just drinking coffee. Beautifully balanced with dark choc, and loved the edible gold on top.

Quite a refreshing cake with bits of lychee pieces, and some acidity from the strawberry. Biscuit base quite hard to cut since they only gave you forks, but it was another good hard element to balance the smooth mousse.

Both cakes were mousse cakes with a biscuit base. Surprisingly light and not really sweet but true to its flavours. Hope to be back to try the other cakes! 

stairs to upstairs dining

real flowers (:

We awkwardly made our way upstairs. The guy said we should have told him to go up anyways since out table was already booked. There's not much seating downstairs, so we'll know for next time to take our cakes up since we were having dinner there. Some friends said they were't really full from the dinner, hence we decided to try some cakes before our dinner.



Love, love, love the decor! Such a modern and spacious space (although that may change since more tables=more business....). Nice glass window at the front as well, and a mirror on the ceiling to make the space even bigger. There's a mix of normal chairs and lounges style seating.

soon to be bar

I think they said they would have a bar licence by February. Currently they offer iced drinks. We didn't order any specials since we had cakes beforehand. Tbh, it's more of a 5 course than 6 course dinner since the first one is a snack to share. They had a spicy-ish tomato in the previous weeks, but we got this snack.



This smelt so fragrant when it was placed onto our table-I can still remember the smell. It's plated differently compared to the first weeks where they had a larger piece of fish on the plate. The sweet corn was the standout. So smooth and sweet like corn. The slight saltiness from 


The espuma is kind of like a curry but super light like foam and not spicy. I could eat bowls of that super light stuff anyway. It was lovely flavoured with coconut, It ws smaller than it looked, but the chicken pieces were of decent size and were moist. Loved the different types of rice with some oats for  crunchiness.  

Cream cheese

First dessert reminded me a cheesecake but lighter, with the cream cheese filling and crumbly biscuit crumbs on the bottom. I thought the burnt orange was weird kind of like dried fruit and a weird type of orange lolly, not a big fan of it. However, the dehydrated orange was amazing-dry and crunchy yet weirdly full of juicy orange flavour. The cold white creme fraiche bits gave it another smooth textural element, and quite light in contrast with the cream cheese.

Chocolate, strawberry, raspberry

This dessert as inspired by the original Forbidden Fruit early in the MasterChef comp last year, where it was coated in red, but I guess when you make something for service, it was probably too hard to make. I guess the dusted gold on it makes up for it. Once cut into it, the raspberry oozed out similar to the chocolate log in the last time. Again, chocolate wasn’t really sweet, and the mousse went down smoothly. The dehydrated raspberries gave it some acidity, and the sweetness mainly came from the raspberry compote, but it melted too quickly. Ut was smaller than on tv, but  I guess that’s why it’s something similar, and the full size would be way too big…

White peach

Last dessert of the night was a peach sorbet. First spoonful and was again mindblower, The full flavour sweetness of the peach reminded me of a peach soft serve ice cream in Japan. These type of homemade ice creams are the best. The jellyfish gelatine transparent stuff was also peach favoured. My one didn’t have enough peach pieces though, but overall it was a nice sweet and refreshing dessert to finish,

Maybe when they start making cocktails, I’ll come back to try their dessert menu and other cakes. Yay for a dessert bar!

Koi Dessert Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato