Tuesday, October 11, 2011

woke up at 8am today.
hectic morning ( i didn't speed while driving and still made it to school on time (: )

doctors then 4hours tutoring.
only spent an hour on my desk today.
so hectic day/night.

i have no idea how i'm going to wake up/get to school by 7.30am on fri.

do you want to know what i got for 3U? well, keep reading...
and my 3U mark is the worst percentage out f every single test since yr7.
not only did i asian fail, under average fail, under class average fail (which was heaps worse than the grave average) but i actually failed failed. like the REAL percentage wise fail.
my percentage are some people's marks. that's how low my percentage is.....
and the test was out of 61.
oh, and i skipped the last page which was worth 18 marks.
go figure (:

my mark was expected. i know 3people in my class who did worse than me. so i think my rank for 3U will be about 180 (me, again, making a wild guess).

yes, no more "hard" competition for 2U. i love 2U even though i do stupid stuff in it.
but it means 3U competition will increase.....

and my parents went out to dinner again with my dad's Japanese work person. and they bought back Italian pizza. yum (:

still haven't learnt anything in maths. i hope i still have my maths teacher.

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