Friday, May 31, 2013

Vivid Sydney!

even though i had heaps of study to do, i still went to vivid, and it was worth my time. the projections with the music was so good! stayed for about 2 hours, and saw about 1/3 of the stuff.

twas very crowded on a friday night (as you would expect). heaps of parents pushing prams.

didn't want to spam my phone camera. iphone cameras are super good for quick snaps, esp in daylight, but at night, there's too much exposure, so it doesn't focus properly when zoomed, which is why my normal camera is still useful, since it was built/made for night shots.

my favourite? probably MCA and the cranes floating up the tower!

building was so trippy. there was a projection which looked like the building swayed.

MCA. I LOVE THIS COLOUR SCHEME! which is why i also love orchids. purple , blue, aqua, green. (: i also have a scarf with these colours. it was so pretty. there were some which had a waterfall on the building.

just got a glimpse before i left.

interactive light up ground!


gelatissimo! i had the panna cotta with berries. the only reason why i'm disappointed because last time i had paid ice cream, it also had berries in it, so i feel like i'm wasting flavours. Dandelion had tiramisu, which was really nice (:

crowded tunnel

almost missed my bus. actually i missed it, and there was an old lady pointing to me/talking to the bus driver, so the bus stopped at a bus stop which it didn't normally stop at just for me. thank you dear old lady! buses after 8pm comes every once an hour...

Next up: Finals

Finally! no more exams...until finals.
after 8 weeks of consecutive exams/handing stuff in, while keeping on top of work.

algebra was ok i guess, the last questions numbers looked nice, but when i did it , i got heaps of fractions :/

damnnnnnn. eisteddfod the night before 8:45am maths exams. noooooo. and then mid year concert in the middle of finals. damnnnnnn. troupe if fun, but that commitment D=

they were going over babs exam format today, it's kind of weird: 50 multiple choice, fill in the blanks and short response. and then they were saying, if you label everything right except for the last two for diagrams, they'll still give you the mark. and you can give synonyms for you answers. but then, not looking forward to short response. do not get all those dna replicating things. genetics is actually quite interesting. i think that part is the only part which will be slightly relevant to my future.

still have lectures for visn next week ): that's what's bad about having a small course, they can easily decide we need extra lectures/ tutes since they still haven't taught us everything.

i wish i could cram, but i can't. 2 weeks is not enough time.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

out of all the stockings my aunt got me last year (there were about 20 pairs), i don't have a full black sheer pair of stickings with no gusts(?). the part where there's this line. need to go buy more stockings ):

and another thing i forgot to buy in hk: bright red lipstick, because even non branded make-up in aus is not cheap.

also, i fugured out why my phone battery lasted longer than normal on friday! so i was procrastinating (as one does, even though i am behind on work), and connecting your phone on wifi last for 10 hours, whilst connecting to 3g last 8 hours (continous use). on fri, i felt like connecting to uni wifi, and thus, my phone lasted longer than normal. i thought 3g used more battery, but now that i think about it, it makes sense, since 3g have to connect to mobile stuff further away than wifi connection...

but new record! i managed to use 900mb of mobile data in a month, probs because i watched heaps of videos from whatsapp and downloaded heaps of lecture notes without saving them, and then repeatedly download massive files on my phone. still had 600mb left unused. i've always been using 3g at uni, since mobile internet is more expensive than wifi, and since i get 1.5gb, i utilise the expensive option. but then uni wifi is not bad, and it saves more battery, (i like to save battery), so probs leave wifi on.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


a whole day of maths, yet i am still 3 chapters behind in calculus, and 1.5 chapters behind in algebra. so sad. it takes me 30mins to do one massive inverse/reduce to row echelon form. and sometimes i'm off for a bit, and spend 15mins trying to find what's wrong with it. in reality, it takes me 30min to find and correct my mistake. sooo time consuming. and i don't want to skip half done questions which i know how to do, i'll rather skip questions which i have no idea how to do (which probably doesn't make sense...) but argh maths. and doing to online test, couldn't do half of it D=

relatives sending me photos of haagen daaz ice cream cake. they're actually expensive, even when you convert to aussie dollars, and they're small ish as well...but they're other cake they had fancy decorative work.

ahhh, algebra....i think i get it it would be easy, like some stuff i get it's do-able, but how would i know when to use matrixes or just sub stuff in or how many solutions are there for planes/lines? hopefully i'll figure this out all tomorrow...

what's also bad about having one eye which is super blurry, is that during visn pracs, i actually can't do them, since you have to use your eyes to look through these instruments/equipment and focus on stuff, but my right eye can't even read stuff at 25 or 40cm (Least Distance of Distinct Vision!).

slept for 10 hours today. oh that extra 2+ hours i could've used....but saturdays is the day where i get enough sleep, and on weekends are the days where i have time to eat massive meals. yes, i do like my food.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 11

i am ao angry/annoyed with the world right now. (oh wow, makes me sound teen angsty =/)

exam at 9am today. i left the house half an hour earlier than normal. USUALLY, the earlier you leave, the less traffic you experience. OUT OF ALL THE DAYS FROM DAY 1 TO WEEK 11 FRIDAY, I EXPERIENCED THE WORST TRAFFIC JAM EVER. FROM LANE COVE TUNNEL ALL THE WAY TO M2 EPPING. that's at least 20km of traffic. so it took me 1 hour 40min to get to the city, usually it's <1 hour. and then i had the slowest driving bus driver to uni. got there at 10 past 9 after running to class. and the annoying thing is that i couldn't see what was making the traffic. t has rained before, but the weather hasn't caused this much traffic before. luckily they didn't start yet, but by then i wasn't in a test mood. couldn't even study on the bus because i was panicking about arriving there on time. then 10 more people arrived when the test started. for finals, i will have to leave the house by 6:15am, to have 45mins stuck in traffic.

but damnnn. all that study, and i still mind blanked on a few questions. they said it was "going to be easy" but everyone said it was hard, then they said "we'll mark it leniently" but we'll never get our test back so we'll never know ):

and bus ride back felt like a vip bus ride, 10 people on the whole bus, so it took less than 40min from city to back home. oh, and bus ride back to central, sat next to this girl and she started talking to me. she's in her final/3rd year of journalism, but she won't be doing a journalistic career. personally, i think journalism has died. which brings me to my next topic. THIS WEEK THIS NUMBER HAS RANG ME 3 TIMES A DAY FOR 5 DAYS. it started with an 03 area code, so form melbourne, the only number that has called me before was from SMH, since we used to be subscribers, but ended it. so i have been silencing/ignoring all those calls for the whole week except for today, and sure enough, it was SMH asking for subscribtions. we already received a letter saying to re-subscribe, but seriously, it's only like 30% cheaper, whereas last time it was 70% cheaper. anyways, i just told the person they had the wrong number (hopefully they would stop calling me). and you know the whole story about SMH being tabloid size, i think it's easier to hold, BUT reading news on phones are so much better (or ipads for all those business people in the morning was like a bigger screen compared to their iphones...) starting to sleep on buses since i get less than 8 hours of sleep these days. sleep for about half an hour to and from city, which makes up to 8 hours of daily sleep. and half the people sleep on the bus.

i am behind on everything, and i am super annoyed. usually i prioritise stuff, BUT EVERYTHING I HAVE TO DO AND STUDY FOR IS IMPORTANT! what to do!?

also on wed, 2.50 moochi. i already skipped a third of the line, but still had to wait 45+min. I REGRET BUYING IT. there, i said it. since they had to mass produce it, there wasn't enough flavour in it. i got watermelon and strawberry cheesecake w/ green apple pearls, mango pearls and mochi (last time they didn't have mochi at george st...). not worth my time. i wanted coconut, but they didn't have it since it ran out. also, their production line was very slow. like they let people take photos of the food, instead of hurrying up to serve it. i mean, use common sense, there's a 50m queue, you can take photos of the toppings/froyo some other day when there isn't a queue instead of blocking your fellow work mate serving people.

it's sooo small. i take back what i said about noggi. moochi used to be the cheapest. i shall do a photo and price list comparison when i have time. already, from jan to may, they have decreased size and increased prices. by next year...

no time to go to Vivid Sydney, so taking photos on the bus. couldn't really see the opera house going northbound on the bridge ): (since you're on the further side of the bridge away from the opera house). but hk light shows are heaps better.

something happened to my right eye contact. my right eye started to screw up reallllly badly, and then looking at the lens, there seems to be a scratch and a mark on it, so it doesn't work properly. now i can't see anything form my right eye, i can only make out the shapes of objects, so i'm depending on my left eye for vision, and the difference in power between my eye is and feels super large, so my perspective of things feel different, and it tires my eye quickly and starts to hurt. i was going to wait until end of next week, since i still have exams/reports due next week, but i can't wait, like my eyes hurt from being tired. so going to appointment next week. hopefully my contacts gets fixed soon.

damn, some hk relatives can afford to have "wagyu beef parties with matching wines" which my uncle bought directly from Japan and also smoked salmon w/ matching salads which my cousin brought direactly from canada, and now they're whatsapping photos and it's making me hungry. how i wish you could bring meat into aus (actually, i don't, since there would be so many diseases, and aus would become filthy...)

long post. feeling annoyed at wasting time. but i needed to let my thoughts out or else i wouldn't be able to focus on studying. the only good news is that my phone is surprisingly not on low batteries despite leaving mobile data/wifi on and phone calls/photos etc etc from 7am to now. frustrated at questions and not enough time. ):

Sunday, May 19, 2013

dance eisteddfod today. didn't place ): just realised HOW FAR AWAY BLACKTOWN IS. no wonder why it's a my multi 3.  and gps was no help either, how do you want me to u-turn when the road is separated by a 7km island? it's times like these which i am thankful that i can drive on instincts and logic.

the dances today had soooo many props. like a pole dancing table, guns, suitcases, trampolines, random stuff, why made them pretty good, but the money they spend...

cousin in hk got married yday. it's actually her 2nd wedding, yeah, her family history is complicated. like she has a daughter who is about the same age as my bro, but they don't see each other... but from photos, she had about 5 different dresses, 8 bridesmaids, and the place was sooooo pretty. lights changing on the ceiling, flashing light dance floor, food looked delicious, decorations was so pretty. wish i was there....

and i am so screwed for vision. i understand it when i have answers. but there aren't any answers in the test...
don't think i'll be blogging a lot. today marks the day where i will fall behind on every other subject (not like i wasn't before, like babs i don't understand anything after mid sem test, so i will have to cram the week before...)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it's actually really easy to be lazy and not post, even though i have so much to say. so much to do :/


there was this other deal for Tomislav, hatted restaurant. i've heard/know of the restaurant. it's 100 bucks for four courses, but the deal was 80 bucks for 3 courses, and one hour of watching the chef make stuff/learning and taste testing new creations. i was going to buy one, then thought not worth it, since the choices you get are very limited, and equates to 2 entrees and one dessert, and don't even cook, so why bother learning creative stuff.

but noggi half price! and need to try movenpick ice cream.

i've bought over 6 vouchers, including other stuff, from group on. shall eat them all after exams and before wisdom teeth pulling.

dear friends, thanks for visiting! catching up with people is good. but i've "wasted" over 3 hours talking with people this week and skipped my 2nd chem lecture, and left a lecture early for the 2nd time D=
the things i do to get home early...

Monday, May 13, 2013

so glad that with maths class test they only count 3/4.

today i walked out of my chem lecture halfway, since i wanted a free bbq. i sat on the live stream side so it wouldn't be too awkward. whenever there's free food, i'm always on the other side of campus, this time i walk there, they aren't ready. NTS: BBQ'S ALWAYS START AN HOUR AFTER THE PROPOSED TIME. i have been expecting to go to at least 3, but they started late and by then, i had class.

tried on troupe costume. nah, can't pull it off ): it's like a leotard with cut outs.

and my friend is sooooooo lucky! her parents bought her a one million+ HOUSE right next to uni. not an apartment/flat/unit/terrace/townhouse/duplex, a single house for her to live in. if only my parents were rich...i would also like to buy a house for my children, it's just so cool.

if i did live by myself, i don't think i would survive. waking up by myself, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. those are soo time consuming, as you may know. travel each day now takes about 3 hours. it would probs take me 3 hours to cook,wash,clean etc for a day, so they kind of cancel each other out, and living at home atm is much better. i still get packed lunches and cooked meals every day after uni (: and leaving near the cbd would feel like i've left my past behind. like church/dance/shops etc would all change...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

my mum finally knows how to whatsapp/send photos/write in chinese/take photos and focus/send text/use siri. achievement unlocked.

why does my maple not work today ): it's been working fine throughout the week...combination of computer and maths is not a good combo.

i don't feel like i've got a lot done this weekend. like i've turned off mobile data to not distract me from work. typing notes feels as if it takes as long as writing notes. diagrams and adjusting stuff takes so long. i think i've just gotten to the point where everything is hard. chem got easy, then hard, then easy and now calculations are confusing, so i guess i'll wait till the tute, and hopefully she spoon feeds us with answers.

since my last free sausage sizzle i walked past before mid sem break, so far, every time there's free food at uni, i'm on the other side of campus ))):

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ooft, i didn't fail babs mid sem test. as in i passed 50%. one of the coordinators guys were like, a lot of you will be upset with your marks (as we had a harder test), so that was totes comforting == but they may scale our exam, depending if our mean is lower than the cohorts, so yay scaling! even if they scale it, it is only by 10%, which is about a mark. even though all that study i put in did not equate to an ok mark, at least i got over 10/20. i thought i was get a 5. we don't even get to see what we did wrong, but i kind of already knew.

freaking ray diagrams.

some people have 9-6pm for two days. if i had that, i would legit skip lectures, and catch up during breaks on other days.  i'm pretty sure optom/visn is different. you can't change tutes/labs even if there are opened classes or your timetable's don't clash. it just locks you in ): oh wells. they say that they can re-arrange people's timetables. pleasse don't re-arrange mine because other people didn't plan it out and their times clashed.

and dandelion, so thoughtful of you to match you breaks with other people's (:

i think i've become a "uni morning person" ie, a person who prefers 9am starts. think about it. when i have 10 am starts, i just naturally sleep later and sleep in, and then 9-10 when i could be having classes, it's just wasted on sleeping. when i have 9am classes, that 9-10am hour is used more productively, since i'm at uni. i definitely prefer starting early and finishing early (ie before 3pm). i have a 12pm start next sem, which is annoying, since if i bus it, i would have to take the 10:10 bus, since the next on 11:10 is too late, and then they're not express buses, so it takes 1.5 hours to get to the city, NOT during peak hour. ie buses between 9am-3pm are time consuming. but this is not to say I AM a morning person. i make it just in time before the lecture starts. i manage wake a 7, change etc, eat a decent breakfast, watch some sunrise, and get out of the house in 15min. i would rather not think about what to wear and get more time to sleep. (and i've gotten to the point where i wear the same top at least twice a week..)
i guess all this is to prepare me for 8 am starts next year D=

maple practice questions are so long/tedious which makes them hard ):

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Enrolment Take 2

first of all, THANK YOU BITTER FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS/ENDURANCE OF HORRIBLE SERVERS/TIME/EFFORT/SPAM FROM ME. i definitely owe you! i am so sorry you had to undergo the super laggy servers of new south.

all my friends at uni today either had classes/something on/on their way to uni. some people had breaks, but if i asked them, then my enrolment would be done two hours after the times opened, which would then mean i would have a 5-6 lab. I AM CONTENT BECAUSE I AM NOT IN THE LAST LAB for once! thank you bitter! even people who logged in 5 seconds after 12.30 took 45min to finish their timetable. the 12.30 congestion was greater than 9.30 congestion.

seriously horrible servers. like why do they put science kids and com kids on at the same day? like law kids did theirs last week, and it was fine. some com kids did theirs yday, and it was ok. but no, today had to be heaps of people.

sem2 timetable is almost similar to how i wanted it, except for 3 hour break on monday. i am going to send them an email (because apparently that's what people did for sem 1 since they didn't want to go to the last lab), so hopefully i can make the 3 hour break into a one or two hour one.
ANYONE HAVE GOOD EXCUSES FOR ME TO ASK TO GO TO AN EARLIER TIME. please share (: everyone has to finish at 6pm on thurs cause of lecture.

hopefully 31 hours at uni can be cut to 29. also, i do have lunch breaks, so it wasn't as fully crammed as i originally put it.

someone on fb said:" Even auto-timetable can't produce a valid timetable. FML."
that is really fail. 

and to make my day worse, i spilt my buffer solution during chem lab. AND I DIDN'T HAVE A pH METER ON MY WORKSPACE. so damn, had to wait half an hour, and in anticipation of timetabling. fully did my chem prac in 15mins, since there was only 25mins left, yes, people were so slowww with their pH meters, like unsw server's slow.

no idea how to answer/do the calculations. hope people on fb post it

enrolment is equally as stressful as exams, or even more, because they are so unpredictable. it comes to a matter of luck to see who can connect faster.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Extra rehearsals already

4 hours of dance in two days. three more on the weekend.

troupe dance is so cool. like the beginning is unique (: it's supposed to be an illusion that there are less people on stage than really.

today i did no work. so much emailing/typing/texting/sorting stuff out for my weekends/church stuff.

should i go myc? i'm scared once i have my wisdom teeth taken out, the pain will ruin the experience/fun. and not many first years are going ):

in bible study today, twas quite cool. finding meanings which at first glance, you can't find (: oh, just realised, it kind of linked to sunday's sermon-"hold on!"

urgh, what is uni doing to me. my face is 10x worse than hsc. and i eat healthily/sleep 8 hours, exercise more than hsc. must be the transport. ):

fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Baskin Robbins

at first glance, the maths class test wasn't hard, questions were similar to previous years. but when you do it, THE NUMBERS ARE HORRIBLE, AND YOU GET STUPID QUADRATICS WHICH YOU CAN'T DO QUICKLY IN YOUR HEAD. so i didn't finish. they count 3/4 tests, so i must ace the next algebra one. i kind of feel like i wasted that study, but to be optimistic, that study will be put to good use for finals WHEN I HAVE MY BELOVED CALCULATOR(S). my mental arithmetic is so bad, which i why i always hated mentals (from junior maths).

so i have an exam every week except for week 13, until finals.

to brighten up my day, i decided to go baskin robbins since mum got a buy one get one free voucher. i was looking at flavours on the site, but was so disappointed when the towers one didn't have blueberyy panna cotta or the flavour of the month. like they had 8 different chocolate flavours, but chocolate ice cream is too boring.

got "love potion" on right and "berry romantic" on left.

it's not worth it. 4.90 for a scoop, $1 for a waffle cone (the voucher stated you had to get a waffle cone), and mum's scoop was considerably smaller than normal size (them asians being asians. usually when you go to white places/white person serving you, and you have a discount, they still give you the same size). i think this is my 3rd time having baskin robbins. the 2nd was in yr 11/10 when they had katy perry day and gave out free cotton candy ice cream. the first was...primary school...

the flavours we got weren't too sweet (i tried bee-licious and that was sweet, sweet), but it wasn't that creamy either. can't really differentiate baskin robbins as an ice cream brand. and the flavours at towers weren't that great compared to the website. so if i had another voucher, i wouldn't go there again, unless they had blueberry panna cotta. i've never had real panna cotta, only fake ones. like i've had milk custard desserts, which are close, but never a panna cotta properly presented on a plate.

actually, i hardly buy a single scoop of ice cream. the last time was yr 12 ben and jerry, and the time before in never. my mum always says, you can get a tub for a scoop. but in hk, i had ice cream quite a few times. i want haagen dazs now. not satisfied with baskin robbins ): 

also, i bought a pair of jeans today (breaking my no buying clothes rule ;/) but they were super cheap, and probs cheaper than buying in hk where you can't even try them on if you got to the really cheap places=/ i need jeans which i don't care if they fade etc. half of my current jeans are branded, so i don't want to continually wear them to uni since they are going to wear out faster than normal. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

argh maths is getting hard. compared to all my other subjects, maths was easier, but now everything is hard.
stupid curve sketching, wasting all my time. like heart shaped curves and spirals are cool and alll, but they take forever. and we're supposed to measure with protractors and ruler. i'll probs do that for finals, but ceebs practicing. and matrices are cool, and you only use simple add/multiply functions, but figuring out what order, and to what row and what operation to use is so time consuming, and the rest of the algebra course is more vectors and matrices =/
so glad i don't do discreet maths. apparently that's like need full on logic maths, and full thinking caps. and it's basically proving theories, rather than calculating.

wasted 2 hours on ray tracing. stupid values don't correspond so my diagram doesn't work ))))): you know in vision, we spend an hour on deriving equations with diagrams, so if they ask us to derive something, would that take up half the time for our finals? i hope not.

feel like i'm failing (already. and then i think, did the 2nd year optom student who died felt like a failure? apparently his family wants to keep it a minimal thing, so no one except for his close friends no who it is, oh and probs the uni, since they have to record all this stuff. i mean, i don't even know for sure if it's a guy or girl.)

i've decided writing notes is a waste of time.

so sad. waste so much time thinking instead of doing because i don't know how to do it ):

if only i could change my way of thinking (brings back ext1 eng memories =/)

that feeling of failing first year.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Half Way Through Semester Train of Thoughts

this week was long and short.
1. ahh, babs. today, friday people got an easy test, and some questions similar to thursday. not fair. oh wells, i'll get over it. exoecting 10/20, which means that there is still a possibility of getting a credit if they ask the stuff i know in the finals (and not stuff which are subtlely asked).

2. first of all, my dad finally got an iphone! (well it's his boss's old 4s, but it's been only used for a few months). he really needed on since he was using an old nokia, one which could connect to wifi/had in built gps (which was pretty pointless since it was in the shape of a brick phone). now everyone in my family has an iphone! except for my bro. like he could use my old iphone, but his xperia right now has a larger screen/not as laggy, even though it's over 2 years old. i asked my bro what phone he wants, and he's just like "latest". for me, defs iphone =D i've realised that a few other bloggers (at least three) have also converted to iphone 5 this year. and now all my dad does is play with his phone at night. also, i was trying to use better's s3, and i realised I CANNOT USE A SAMSUNG. it's just so weirdly different and less intuitive/straightforward. also, i think the average user won't even use half of the s4's properties. i was reading an article, and it said how it had touchless swiping, so if you're cooking and your hands are dirty, you can swipe without touching. also it had some eye recignition thing, but fails in  dim lighting. so basically, it's not finely tuned yet, and i doubt you even look at your phone while you cook.

3. really admire Carrie from The Project last night. so courageous to talk live on national television about brain cancer, and how there's this neurosurgeon going to usa to have a conference about a possible cure. if you didn't know, her husband died of brain cancer 2 years ago, and they have a 5 (?) yr old. so it was super brave talking about it in public about such a sensitive/recent-ish thing, which explained the tears...

4. nooooooooooo. i need to get two wisdom teeth taken out. looking at the xrays, it's pretty horrible, since the teeth are growing diagonally, but apparently most of it has come out of the root part (which is supposed to be good news). why am i telling you this? because it means i won't be able to go out during and of sem break. sob. my face will be bloated/swollen, and i won't be able to eat proper food for days. i've already had 4 teeth taken out for braces, and apparently wisdom teeth pain don't compare to taking out 4 teeth pain. ):

5. most unproductive friday. thanks bitter for visiting! usually if i meet up with people, it's probs about half an hour. but it was nice chatting. thanks for explaining Happy Apple and your post. it's actually quite funny, esp your friend. and thanks for the shirt! but i would just like to reiterate, that i won't wear it until federer retires.

6. So kochie and mel casually catch a taxi after sunrise. I thought they had designated drivers...maybe that's just America...

7. mum bought a litre of coconut water for $6. expensive. relos in hk bulk bought like 100 litres per family for about $1 a litre from the us, delivered to their hong kong homes.

8. so in our vision labs today, they were like "everyone is welcome to this lab!" since it's the last lab (5-6pm), like who would want to miss their earlier one and go to a later one..?. they now have name tags for us, to see if people actually come to their labs in their timetable. must be because of all the drama of the past few weeks of people going into earlier labs. i guess i was just unlucky. i did my timetable the day after main round offers, so the only space which i could put down was the 5-6pm lab in order to finish doing my timetable. at that time, only 24 people could go in. but now if you look at it, it's 40/24 of all the labs. from what i heard, they over enrolled people for optometry/vision science, so people who maybe had late round offers/did timetable super late, they couldn't actually put down any times for their labs since every class was already full (24/24 people). so they had to email the coordinator, who manually put them into earlier labs. i had no idea people couldn't enrol in some classes, if only i knew and pretended that the 5-6 was full. if i didn't do my timetable early, then all the other good times for other subjects would be taken, so i guess i would rather have ok times for everything, rather than a good lab time and bad times for everything. not sure if this makes sense.

9. so i received an email today, from uni email. it said that a few days ago, a 2nd year optometry student died (it didn't say how/why). from what i gathered, he committed suicide since he was depressed. is studying optom really that hard? the unnamed guy, who has a slight relation to me since he did the same course as me, is probably the first person i know whose committed suicide ): oh, and it was a legit email. (but why didn't i hear it on the news(?))

10. 3 hours of dance tomorrow. also, the costume for troupe looks really cool, except i don't think i can pull it off. its like this leotard with cut outs (i love cutouts in clothes, their so trendy! except i can never find nice cutouts ):)

11. maths on monday. not ready =/ what if i get a hard paper ):

12. i need to use vouchers for ice cream.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

BABS Mid Sem

for those who don't know, the exams for babs gets progressively harder each day. and my test was on today (thursday) so it was considered hard, and yes, it was.

ok, it was actually really tricky. like mc, it wasn't straightforward like monday's test, it actually tested you on applied knowledge (since when did bio have applied stuff?), like instead of saying "what are the processes of photosynthesis" the question was like " which one is incorrect, and each choice a,b,c,d,e had three option, and saying which stuff were reduced/oxidised. like i'm pretty sure we were supposed to remember how through the whole 10 steps, it produces atp and nadh, but you had to think what stuff changed, which they didn't tell us in lectures. then other stuff i mind blanked on. like they didn't tell us what the dogma of biology was. and only one person left 10min early. apparently on monday, heaps of people left 20min early. 

and with this test, each mark is worth 1%, so fingers crossed i'll pass. no matter how much study i did, the questions for my paper were weird. trying to be optimistic...a harder test is more useful in the long run.

my demonstrator guy is actually pretty good. he printed out individual slips with our marks on it on our peer reviewed essays/peer marking stuff. you know me and my marks, i don't like telling/people knowing. other people just read their marks from a roll.
there's this girl who's mum did med, and teaches her all the bio stuff. people with smart parents/teachers are so lucky.

and i skipped my first ever lecture today! feels good. jks. it was cause i had babs after and wanted to revise. tried to watch the lecture, and i can feel i don't like the guy. he just read off the slides, even though he gave us a printout of the slides w/ worked solutions.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MC Chem

i did study for it, but not fully since i feel more comfortable with it than bio.

so while doing the exam, it felt alright. but on the train, i was thinking, and then realised oh wow, i did so much stuff wrong. that after exam feeling of what you know definitely got right and wrong and those in betweens. so now my max is 14/20, i definitely know i did 6 things wrong, not during but a while after the exam ):
luckily it's only worth 10%. also, i handed in my chem lab last week, and didn't realise it was actually worth something towards you final mark, so i didn't do it properly, but still managed a "credit range" mark. also, luckily i didn't have to run to the test, since chem lab finished 40min early for me (new record!) i was lucky since i had the ph meter in my workspace, so the person next to me had to wait until i finished.

i should go study for bio tmr. that is something which i have tried, and have a feeling i will mind blank. seriously, something is wrong with me head this week. it hurts, like the inside. this has never happened for over 2+ days =/ must be studying bio. that's the only variable that's changed so far.