Tuesday, January 31, 2012

soo many people at school today. it feels weird, cos last term no one was at school...
i feel sleepy at 9.30 like, just then, but 3 mins later, i'm wide awake :S
today felt loong. why do i feel like i have no maths hw?
i love what we're doing in eng ext (: except it's hard ):
4k now...

I CAN'T FIND MY BALLET TUTU COSTUME FROM YR 4!!! it's actually quite sad ):

post-war video clips are quite the lol (:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Official Year 12's

ahhhh yr 12. i was kind of excited. i guess last first day of the year =/

worst thing is (refer to fb status) but for those who don't have fb: i really hate my new timetable. THEY TOOK AWAY THE TWO DAYS I COULD LEAVE SCHOOL EARLY!!! now i have one early day ): and free's are filled with english tutorials (?) ))): and its sooo fat it won't fit in my diary properly ): why must it be hot when we go to school???

and maths everyday now. i guess it's good in a way. and i only have like 2 free periods a week now ):
now we're in 5 different rooms for maths, last yr (term) was 4. ))):

pooooooooor nadal. he was sooo close. i was hoping novak couldn't breathe through his nose so he would lose. =D 

everyone i went for died in the end. federer, murray (when murray vs djo), then sharapova, then nadal. how sad. 

i figured that since i can drive to school and back, i'm saving time, so i'm going to continue to do dancing (: but dropped contemporary...

i'm too cheap to buy a costume, and don't have time to make something.....why can't one disney fairy have a white dress?
maybe i should go as a hobo: just find a cardboard box and newspaper. simpleeee.

did nothing this wholeee arvo. but today's my last relaxing day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

school tomorrow! mixed emotions =/

tennis is going to be a looong night. actually only the first set is long, and the 3rd set, and 4th set is the shortest...my opinion...the stadium isn't even filled tonight, maybe people are sick of djokovic and nadal or maybe cause of school.

also, all the men's tennis players girlfriends are sooooo pretty/ are like models!!! we were talking about this as family, and concluded that the prettiest of them chase after the players, since the players have monies.

i think i want nadal to win, since he's 2nd. i also want to see djo's angry face. he has a bad temper (not as bad as bhagdatis) but after nadal got the first break he threw his racket. i don't like those players. like fed controls his temper, and only cries when he loses but doesn't chuck tantrums (:

i had a free lava cake from dominos today (((: it's too sweet and fatty, but it's free!!!

my holiday list was never completed. major sad face.

dogs are leaving tomorrow!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

don't you kind of feel sorry for sharapova? she got a "bagel" women tennis isn't that interesting....but i wanted her to win because she is soo pretty for a tennis player, and her English is sooo good. she was on the brink of tears when talking, i think, but i would be as well.

and murray as well. soooo close yet so far. i don't like how top 2 made it into finals. at least give other people a chance..? men's tennis this yr is soo ordered in ranks...if that makes sense..
i don't know who to go for. nadal beated fed =/, but djokovic is one, and i want to see him come down (: just for the lols. nadal's english is sooo bad, actually his accent, it's soo hard deciphering what he says...

weirdest thing happened to me on the train: "This is the driver here. unfortunately due to this train being too long, the last two cars will not be used." which made people panic, since how would you know which carriage you're on?
so when i got off at my stop, (i was in the 3rd carriage) the last two carriages swarmed off to other ones, so it was soo hard walking the other way to go and exit from the station.

i hate walking the other way of crowds. i remember the night after Megaswim, i walked against the rush of crowds of afl (?) fans....

it's soo sad to admit my holiday list will never be fninshed on time ):

muck up muck up, can we not do muck up, no one's responding, so i'm freaking out on what to do.

you know what i just realised? MY PHYS CLASS HAS NO WRITTEN NOTES!!! only notes are from sheets ))): and if there are written notes, they are only 1-2 mark quality ))):

Friday, January 27, 2012

yayay, my mum bought me an E for my pandora. it looks sooo nice (: simple but nice. i promise myself to not be one of those people who keeps on buying charms. one is enough for now. i don't want to become one of those people who keeps on buying branded things without earning any money. and anyways, with filled pandoras, you can't even see the bracelet, so what's the point of buying such an expensive bracelet? my mum wanted to buy me pandora earrings, except you can't even see if it's branded, and looked hard to put on (but twas a cool design), decided not to buy it to save money (:

on another note, branded jewellery cardboard bags are sooo pretty ((((((:

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO BUY PAPERMATE INK JOY PENS!!!??? i've looked everywhere and i can't find them ): i want to see if they are actually smooth. i bought a frixion pen today-yay!

i think the cheer is slightly louder with Murray. i re-watched a movie today. i feel so guilty after since i've already seen it, but it was too good. i think Djokovic is really up himself, but that's just my mum's and mine opinion...

what to do for muck up? people need to reply!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pandoraaaaa (((: (finally)

yayayayay!!!! it's purple as well (((: i wanted pink before, but there wasn't any left, but i still love purple. and the leather smell is sooooo nice (((: i remember i was obsessed with them for a while in yr 10, then i kind of got over them in yr 11, but my mum saw it on special and she bought me one! yayay, she also knew about my obsession. might get a charm, just for the sake of having one (:

AND I GOT BREATH TESTED BY POLICE TODAY!!! the news was right, there were heaps of police today. i was thinking, i'm underage, but they probs saw i was a P-plater....so when he checked i was underage (imagine if i forgot my licence, i would be so dead) he checked if i drove an auto vehicle then asked if i wear glasses/contacts. and i was like i wear night contacts and he was like "oh..." 

that was after outing.
thanks icedtrees for hosting (: your parents are soooo nice (: twas nice to play games, like twister which i haven't played in years-literally. 

poor fed, SO MANY UNFORCED ERRORS IT MAKES ME SAD ))))))): he usually has hardly any unforced errors....the cheer i think is louder for federer-yayay.

and my name appeared on tv at 10:45, but that wasn't me saying stuff on Fango =/ it was such a rare thing though since i know no-one with the same name as me.

COME ON FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he should win more since i have a feeling he will retire soon....
only hewitt can do those lucky shots-the ones which JUST make it over the net.

and Happy Australia Day. parents cbb bbqing. quite sad cause i could hear the sizzling in the backyard from the neighbours...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

you know, if mona lisa was pretty, i would have a jersey related name to her, except she's not, since i don't want to be linked to an ugly painting.

so i'm just going to have a gay jersey name. and everyone will laugh because of my uncreativeness and not because it's punny/funny

people actually drove according to speed limit today. probs because torrential rain and double demerit points.

watching tennis while trying to write =/ hewitt talks too much. asdfghjkl. i just want him to shut up sometimes and let us watch the game in peace. they should have a grunt meter for ferrer and djokovic, like how they have a shirek meter for sharapova. i like the long rallies. makes everything so much more intense (:

driving in my mum's car actually feels safer. i like it. it's one of those 5star ancap safety ones. like my car, it would skid in the rain, so inexperienced drivers can't drive my car. and it's faster so overtaking people is easier =D

why must it be australia day tmr? i wanted to go shops, except that little shop i want to go to is probs closed.

federer is soo cool. he drives his own car to his match. like other tennis players get someone else. which means he likes driving and tennis..i think...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i want to see nadal lose too see his reaction! not really a nadal fan, except berdych has bad sportsmanship...
how nice, they got an umpire who speaks spanish, probs because his english sucks. but i admire his forehands.
just checked ticket prices. they are unbelievably expensive.

looking at hk cny photos of food and family makes me sad. i had a mini-dilemma today. what if i'm still overseas and then how/who is going to enrol for me? like usyd, you actually have to go to the campus D= but unsw is online....i think....

i should stop worrying about that and make sure i actually pass the HSC first.

this is sooo epic! for those who can read chinese...
bronze pocket (((:

soo much to do, i have been soo unproductive

tennis is soo good this year! apart from Stosur.. but i'm not a big fan of her...so i don't really care.
yayay fed!!! his backhand and slices are sooooo cool-even my mum agrees! (:

Monday, January 23, 2012

i love spontaneous going out decisions.
had yum cha at carlo today. haven't had it for soooooo long.it was nice (: and there was 20% off, we thought because of cny that it would be a 10% surcharge. which kind of explained why there were sooo many people even though we went late-ish, and it was good since there was still heaps of food (:

had a green tea cake with hearts today (: and it's not even my birthday.

i admire sharapova's body. she's skinny but filled with muscles and pretty and tall, unlike the chinese who looks fat but it's actually muscles. haha, they have a shriek meter for her ahahaha

i actually get more money when i see oversea relatives, than on cny. 
it's because i have sooo many rels, like there still quite a few i haven't seen yet.

ps. i don't think high school relationships work because everything this year is results focused/uni getting into course focused... so much stress from myself to do well. since i don't even know what i want to do in uni, apart from not doing commerce/music/the degree my cousin finished just last year/chiropractor

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Commissioning Service

awwwww.....its so sad to see her go. next week is her last week.

we did a little last minute item from a song in Joseph and the Technicolour Coat Musical we did 8 years ago....EVERYONE WAS SOOOOO CUTE AND LITTLE BACK THEN. have to watch the dvd properly again when i have time. i can't believe we bothered to do it...actually we were kinda forced to....my brother was soooo cute. he was Benjamin, the one whole stole the gold cup...haha....

so we did half a song, and changed the lyrics to make it more meaningful (: our leader did another song to Count On Me and IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. LIKE EVERYTHING MADE SENSE AND MEANINGFUL AND DEDICATED TO HER.

i have seen her grow, and she has seen me grow. and she brought back drawings we did like 8 years ago....we tried to figured out what we drew but failed...

and cny dinner makes me sooo fat.

i have done nothing the whole day. haven't finished notes ): and no stories. ):
i need to be strict with myself. self control.

ofc fed would win!!! it would be more exciting if it was a four setter. they didn't even play for 2 hours. fed has it easy this year (:
i hate watching djokovic. and nadal.

yay tennis! when i have moeny/time, i shall go and watch the aus open. but fed might have retired by then ):

and possibly found ppl to do medentry with. thank you God! (:

ooft. i am $1 and one minute and 24mb about to go over my cap. I HAVE NEVER IN MY 19CAP LIFE HAVE I BEEN SO CLOSE TO BEING OVER. which means no texting/phone calls for a few more days... well, it does make sense to increase calling rates since i'm getting quite a lot of free stuff...i'm like my bro now, can only receive calls, except he doesn't even charge/turn on his phone, so its super duper pointless for him to have a phone...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

what an intense last set!!!!

and highlights from murrays match were really funny and cool. and also the french guy starting with M 's match was good (:

can't wait for tomorrow. i'll still go for Fed!!!

it would be weird if tomic won fed, and hewitt won djokovic.

and today, we went to Paul's warehouse. so disappointed since all the cheap stuff were gone or no size. like  the whole rack of trackpants were size 12+ ): so i bought the first pair of shorts i saw which fit and a pair of thongs (: impulse buying!

and my evening of phys failed because of tennis.....

i am majorly screwed, like yearly feeling screwed.

the dogs are so cute. one of the "sings" when my bro plays violin.

Friday, January 20, 2012

KFD 2012: Pandamania-Day 5 +ewood adventure-ish

awww, it's so sad to see the kids go. i think i'll really miss my kids. they were sooo cute. like i had a new person on the last day, so my youngest kid started explaining what he learnt throughout the week, which shows the kids want others to know about the word of God through their easier versions of memory verses and bible stories.

and the last day was a wierd, wild and wonderful fashion show. i dressed as a tiger (: except i didn't have a mask ): i never had an animal costume when i was small...the kids costumes WERE ALL SOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!! there was a preschool kid with this jumpy giraffe thing and costume. he was so frickken cute!!! like one of those jumping things we had in primary :')

food was nice as well. had an "asian feast" with noodles in these cute takeaway cardboard boxes.
and the one of our pastors brought 2 snakes! none of the kids were scared. i haven't touched a snake in so long, so it was nice (:

then packing up the set was a tad sad. but it had to be done. there were soo many toy pandas left around so my bro got one (((:


last year after kfd, (kids fun day) we went ewood for a korean bbq buffet which was cheap and nice, so this year we decided to go ewood for koreon again, but that place closed down. so we went to this place called ingastoy or something like that, and apparently it's ok. 

so the prices were ok,


we sat there and then waited for others, only to find out of our 4 tables, only one could bbq stuff. so we had non bbd and bbq side. we waited 15mins for them to come to give us  cutlery. then took 10mins to call the person to order. then another 20mins for side dishes to come. and there weren't even any re-fills ): and the guy slipped his hand and a whole dish of things splashed on everyone, and he only gave us free tissues. then waited 1.5+ hours for 4 dishes OF RAW MEAT. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO COOK IT AND IT TOOOK SOOOOO LONG. yeah after 3 hours, we decided to eat something else and only have 4 plates of meat. so it was 9 and then the meat came and it was sooooooooooooooo small. waited another 15min for gas. they didn't have any so we had this dodgey bowl of coal and this plate thing over to cook which was concave down so the meat slipped off. 
then someone went to order pizza from eagle boys. they are really yummy.
paid 8 bucks for 7 tiny pieces of meat.

went there and were thinking of where to eat.
and found this place.
eastwood steets!!! we were soo hungry by then. eastwood streets are really dirty but we weren't going to climb over the fence of the primary school to sit on their seats....
so a new experience, and a day i would remember the horrible service of that korean restaurant. they only had 2 twi waiters and it was kinda big inside.

the story was longer, but i'm watching tennis!

nts: peri peri chicken is spicy. i love how they have tomatoes on every single slice, how considerate (:

i cannot believe i still remember the side streets that my mum used to take when we were little and ewood was like my towers...i think i'm good at recognising streets if i don't have a gps (:

and tennis is soooo exciting this year! tomic is surprising this year!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

God loves you, no matter what! -Day 4

they had spares...i remember when i did this in yr 7 or 8 art, i came first! one of my favourtie at things, it was really nice to do it again today (:

morning tea: cross of life (: (breadsticks, white choc, icing + sprinkles)

and massive water fight today! fully soaked. from head to toe. as in everyone. including leaders. huge waste of water but it was fun (: got knocked in the nose with a bucket =/ but luckily it didn't bleed...

and missed out on FREE BEN AND JERRY ICECREAM AT CWOOD! my bro went, except today ended after 5pm, so i didn't want to trek out the whole way there for free food and pay for a ticket...and then i came home to watch tennis.  goodbye school notes which i planned to start this week ):

last day tomorrow =/

"God is watching, watching over you, 24/7 watching over you..." i like that song (:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pandamania-Day 3

yay! i finally watched kung fu panda 2!!! it has more storyline
there's a guy in my crew, yr1 to be, he brought a camping chair to sit on while watching, how cute! and he laughs uncontrollably which is quite funny.

i really hate speeding, but sometimes you just have to...

and i haven't gotten anything done today ): because i watched Tomic win-yeah!!! i think i'm starting to like him.

even people in comprehensive high schools can get into relatively good uni courses.

aand today, i almost lost friend's dog cos the dog somehow wriggled his head out of the collar and stepped out of his harness. i had to almost sit on him to prevent it from running away....into the forest =/ yeah, their dogs like to run, except i can't run...awks...

what to do in uni? i have just been thinking for 1.5 hours, when i should be typing away for English related things....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i think my mm secretly likes dogs since she spends more time with them than me hahaha...

yayay tennis!!! they change the colour of the points, sets used to be orange while points usesd to be white, they swaped it, and now they have an aussie flag next to the aussie player. day 2 and i'm still not used to the colour...

medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name? medentry? jersey name?

we were chipless for about a week until today. even if we are chipless we still have frozen pies/chips/nuggets/dumplings/nuggets/ice cream/ice blocks/lasagne  etcetc things to fatten me up ):

i had an epiphany in the shower. i finally get how sport bets work! its like betting 1 000 000$ i'll come first in eng, so its highly unlikely (don't kill me because i'm stupid)

my uncle has long hair, as in hair longer than me, as in waist almost hip length hair. it's so gross, it makes me want to bleurgh asgdhfjkl. i've never had hair that long....he better not come in May with hair like that...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pandamania-Day 1

I have good kids this year!!!!!!!!!!!! yayay, makes things more easier and less tiring.

a whole day is worse than a school day. from 8am to 4.30pm. such long hours, worse than going to work, if i had a job. they had a panda launcher thing! basically it was a massive leaves blower, but can shoot out pandas, it's hard to explain...

this year, the songs aren't as cool, and i think they spent wayyyyy too  much money on props, which explains they still need $3000+

the food is mostly the same. but after morning tea, all the food in the leaders retreat was gone :((( apparently all the yr7 to be ate it ): even the rubbish disappeared.

and i think there's less people this year. and i decided i won't go tmr to actually do some work, except i'll be missing out on science experiments! like they doing red cabbage indicator and polymer stuff (hahaaha, they're preparing primary kids for yr12 chem...)

so tired. so much history/research involved in creative pieces. ext 1 is hard ): but i like it, but it's still hard. technically, i can still come first in the state (or state rank) in ext 1 eng cause there haven't been any assessments, and i can put all my effort into it in the remaining week last week. but, of course i won't come first (well its like 1 in 10000 people) so very highly unlikely. it's really hard to incorporate all the facts you need while making it creative and sticking to context. if i go creative, i go off in a tangent and what is creative is not what they're looking for....

i have the theme song stuck in my head.....he's wild, he's wild, God is wild about us (:

medentry anyone?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

i love surprise going out dinners (: but it makes me so much more fat.

yayay. dogs staying over. here is an old picture from last year

and i REALLY WANT TO DO UMAT TRAINING STUFF EXCEPT EVERYONE HAS ALREADY DONE IT OR NOT INTERESTED. NO ONE WANTS TO DO IT LIKE ME! ))))))))))))): yeah, just a tad upset. it costs soo much more just doing it myself.

why can't i write creatively. or think creatively.

I NEED A JERSEY NAME! yeah, they were due last year, but i still don't have one.
ELIte (except i'm not even smart) or ELIgantLI (it kind of looks weird...)


yeah, only next week is my last and only week to do some work ):

Saturday, January 14, 2012

food was soooo nice (and fatty) at training today. wasn't much of "training" except listened, much of what was the same last year, except this year is "Pandamania" not "High Seas"

went swimming again (: needed it after KFC, cheesecake, wedges, mango chicken salad, potato salad etcetc....

there were only 2 or 3 people in the pool! it was soooo cool! a wholeeeeeeeee pool for myself and 2 others. there were more staff than people swimming. feels like i'm getting more out of my money.

the only thing i don't like about swimming is washing. but i guess i'm used to it. i've been "trained" to wash my own swimming stuff since...yr 5 (?) thing is, only when i went to a Speedo shop in hk agessss ago, the people told us to only rinse with cold water and don't use soap. my mum told me the wrong thing to do for about 3/4years.

and i lost my branded google case bag for the third time!!!!! it's sooooo sad )))))))): i find it then my mum chucks it and this has happened three times! i put it with my stuff yet she seems to accidentally chuck it/misplace it. twas my only one.....

next week= 7.30am wake up even worse than school. and 4pm finishes D=

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cleaning carpet

is the worst time consuming thing ever.
we have sooooooooo much stuff on our carpets that it takes more time to take stuff off our carpet than actually cleaning it.
then waiting for hours until the carpet partially dries so you can put some stuff back on, and then your whole day is gone. i had so much planned out to do today, then i did nothing. asdfghjkl i am so screwed for everything maths, english, physics, japanese related.

and next week i am volunteering for church thing the whole week. i should have done one day. have a feeling this year won't be as good as last year.

i really haven't done anything in a month ):

and cousin + bf came over for dinner tonight so i did nothing. and now i'm watching Devil Wears Prada.
my poor, poor atar... :'(
mum bought a Baked New York Cheesecake. it was soooooo pretty, the meringue was so delicious. i ceebs uploading photo.... yay three cakes away from getting a free cake (:

and tmr is training day. ahhhhhh. motivation come to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nice People make you (:

my swimming card expired two months ago, and it was only half used. so i went again today, and the girl was like "oh, it expired 2 months ago, but i can add 3 more months onto it" and i'm like yes!!!! because i paid child prices at that time, so i'm kind of making 30c profit...if that makes sense. and i only planned to swim 5 more times and then its full on HSC, ok maybe not that hardcore....

swimming does make you better. that's why i started swimming when i was 3 and never used never ever to be sick. that was when i reached yr9/10 when i became sick more often than normal,  but did you know, i have never taken a day off just because i was sick. only, i think one day in primary. the other days in high school was because of piano/theory exams.

soo, no more headache! when i was sick, i went swimming and i got better. like no joke. that has been true up to today. i still do love butterfly. it's soo refreshing (: but i'm so slow, at everything now. things that would have taken me 45min, now take me 65 mins. and then my mum came back with KFC which made going to swimming pointless.

cheaper by the dozen is one of those movies you can watch over and over again, unlike Green Lantern, ok i should stop dissing it, it wasn't that bad, wait actually it was.....

anyways, there hasn't been a day where i fully worked my ass off.  tis sad, tis sad ):

and the librarian lied. i asked her 2 times yday and she said the book would come in today by lunchtime. my mum went to check, and it comes in tomorrow. luckily mum as around that place so didn't waste extra fuel...

temple un and angry birds are so hard it makes me asdghfjkl

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

headache is still here ): panadol doesn't work.

i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo screwed for everything, and if i list it here, then it becomes an embarrassment.

i love my laptop (: it's so convenient (:

and today i saw a tree which fell between two parked cars on the side of the road, and the tree blocked 3/4 of the road. i was driving and a person on the other side of the road stopped to take a picture. it was actually kind of funny, except i felt sorry for the cars. my phone camera is crap, so no photo ):

green lantern is such a gay movie. it has humour, which is good, but the ending was gay, and the movie went by really quickly, and they only made a profit of 19 million, which is nothing compared to other movies.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diary Shopping

my first actual headache of the year, maybe of all time. i think it was partially due to that fact that my brother threw his sock at my head, or maybe because i was diary deprived and had to remember soooo many events/appointments etcetc in my head and they were too crowded up. i don't really like using phone calendars.

so i left the house to go towers, again. spontaneous decision. i think i live in towers in the hols. well, not really, but i've been going on average 2+ times a week.

went to soo many shops for diaries. i didn't want a boring school one since it's the last ever diary for high school, so i wanted something cute and cheap. went to smiggle in the end. one stamp away from a free gift!!!! it's really kid-ish, except it's water-proofish. and it was half price (: and i must stop buying clothes. i have soooo many pieces of clothing that i bought from agessss ago and still haven't worn...

i like Lovisa. their shopping bags are so nice, and the way they package the jewellery is <3

i have been eating so much junk. what if i don't fit into my formal dress!? you can't make a dress bigger ):

candy canes at coles are 10c a packet. hahahaha. and they don't expire until 7months time. but we have enough chocolate/sweet things at home to last us the year. and our stock rises again during easter.

yay! two pieces of hard cardboard from BOS. there was one year when i didn't get nay cardboard from my piano exam. i saw the postman chuck the package towards the front door which made me a bit ): but luckily the certificate didn't break or anything.

these days, i think penno library is better since it has old books, and school needs old books, which castle hill doesn't ):

when i'm at home, i always look forward to lunch/dinner. it's really bad because i can't concentrate on work. also, productivity levels still die after 5pm ):

it's quite fustrating to teach my mum how to use a new phone. phones are sooo simple these days, that's why THEY DON'T come with a manual anymore. so when we tell my mum how to use it, my bro and i kind of go asdgfhjkl.

oh, one more thing, i love getting rare coins (:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sherlock Holmes Two!!!!!!!

it lived up to its expectations ((((: although, the first one was a tinsy tiny bit better.
watched it with the fam in Vmax, because i'm a rich kid. lol jks. it's because these movies are sooo worth their money in vmax. like the bomb at the start of the movie made me jump, because it was sososososo loud.

i have watched 4 movies in three weeks. and then i have watched so many other movies on dvd.

this time it wasn't confusing, maybe cos i was dumber back in 09 when i watched it in hk. i really liked the ending (: unlike the Ring which had a super gay ending.

and my mum finally got a new phone. first HTC of our house. it's rea;;y light. i don't like htc, even though they're really customisable, i really prefer iPhones. who cares about customising, it's the apps that matter! oh, and my iPhone is sooo scatched it makes me sad, i guess it was expected on a windyish beach day. luckily it's kind of old. and my camera case/sunnies case is filled with sand and its sooooo hard to clean out. i really need a mini mini vacuum cleaner...

i really need to do some hardcore work.

and yesterday when i came home, i was surprised. the front part of our house changed from plants, to bark, to dirt, to sand, to bricks, to dirt, to reinforcing wire, to concrete with a pattern which looks like bricks, in a time period of 10 years. concrete trucks are really expensive. so sad i wasn't there on sat to take photos of what happened ):

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roadtrip to the Bay of Nelson

i'm back!!!! first ever trip with NO ADULT SUPERVISION!!! it's really nice since there's no stress, and we just full chilled.

i've been to Port Stephens at least 2 times before, and walking around town brought back soo many old memories :') like the chinese restaurant which had a sign that said "Do not touch, ask staff" which i have on my desk, and fireworks near the wharf almost ten years ago. that was when we were kids, and we went camping with like 4 other families.

the house we stayed in was alright. if the parents saw what we did, they would have fulled freaked. it's kind of hard to be super hygienic in places like these...

there was a circus in town, and we all really wanted to go, except didn't have time....we actually did nothing except beach, walk around, cafe, and play MONOPOLY DEAL! IT IS SOOO FUN!! played it beginning of last year, and now beginning of this year. i feel really tanned. watched a lotttttttttt of movies. spent half our time. watched horror. and i finally watched the Jap version of The Ring. it's not even scary, plus watched parodies of it, which made it even less scary. I FINALLY GET WHY IT'S CALLED THE RING. BECAUSE OF THE TELEPHONE CALL RING, NOT BECAUSE OF THE WELL WHICH IS SHAPED LIKE A RING. yeah, i'm slow....it's sooo funny watching the boys freak out. i like the movies they hired (: they were mentally mind-blowing/confusing, but good. i was too tired to watch the grudge ): i really wanted to..

had to chuck out 10 eggs, as well as sooo much food it makes me sad. we shouldn't have bought so much...

and i haven't done any work. brought stuff to do, but didn't do it. i feel sosososososososososososososossosososososososo etctec guilty. like i want to cry.

the weather was good today and yday. oh, i sat in the middle of a road yesterday night and talked. it was really nice, since the ground was warm.  i'm such a rebel ;)

did soo much washing up there, more than i do at home :S

had an iced coffee this morning, yet i feel so light-headed. my sleeping pattern is sooo screwed. yes, sleeping at weird times during hols, with no adults to tell you what to do (: but some people are sooo lazy. they don't even cook or clean, and just play.

the guys brought like 10 nerf guns, and they were al modified, so it actually hurt to be hit by them, and within 1 min when we entered the house, nerf darts were everywhere.

this blog is now one year and one day old (: i actually have something to say everyday, except some days i'm just soooo busy. like yesterday, i was watching The Butterfly Effect, it went past midnight, and i just kind of didn't have time to blog since i was sooo exhausted. it's such a screwed up movie. in every way you think: mentally and physically screwed up, everyone in that movie is. except, i think i think, if that was an ext 2 story, it would probs be 40/40, since the storyline is good (: and you have to think about what happened.

half my stuff is sand covered. i hate unpacking, but love packing. didn't spend much. except, they haven't calculated total fuel and food costs...

and i'm going out tomorrow. i want to and don't want to. i haven't done any work these holidays. and it's year 12...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello, from Nelson bay (: first time I went in a red p person car (:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UNSW Info Day

freeeee food (: had like 2 sausages, 2 juices, 1 fairy floss and a couple of pens.

the talks were ok, got to know more about their stuff. it didn't seem as lively as usyd open day. maybe cause open days are supposed to be livelier than info days.....mac at a free brekkie, should have gone in the morning since i past it....usyd didn't have free food last time i went ):

last time i went to unsw, the front building was just ground, now it looks like usyd's law building, and it's solar powered (: you can see inside is completely new (since they haven't fnished) since the chairs (which are similar to usyd law) still have their plastic coverings on them. unsw is more modern than usyd, well most of the lecturer rooms were....

and then uts! just made it in time for the campus tour. small campus with like 5 buildings, and no grass. but it's soooo modern inside. like their chairs were unique, had very cool lights, their ceiling looked cool, their new buildings were trendy looking, and they used Macs!!!!  haven't seen the other uni's use macs, only pc's....

first time going inside uts (: their science labs are white. even their taps are white. usyd isn't even that white. and uts has cooler stuff, like robots for nursing, and one of 2 in the world telescopes that look at cells in a different way =/

bro came home first time this year, just then...

soooo much walking today. it's. so. hot. but. must. do. work.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

nts: don't wear hoop earrings next time while going for a hair cut.
my hair is not as short as beginning of last year, but still short, and spastically curly. oh, and i look 5 years younger, so i can defs past as a child for movie/train tickets etcetc (: i don't like how my fringe grows out in 5 months...and know i don't even know where my fringe is supposed to part :S

bro is pushing it: 4th night sleepover.

i have resorted to chinese medicine. the last time i ever had it was yr 1, when i was old enough to refuse it. now kind of want to have it, since it's for the better. macarons and Pockyrock go veryveryvery well with chinese medicine, since they are both superrrrrr sweet. the the popcorn glaze sticks to your mouth/teeth, so drinking the chinese stuff doesn't taste as bad. had my second needle acupuncture today, it hurt, and yeah, i'm a wimp...

and i played taptap today.  haven't played it in sooooooo long...

early day tmr.

Monday, January 2, 2012

made scones and banana bread today using Donna Hay's recipe, i think i prefer my own recipe.
i really should start writing. still don't have a belonging creative ):

third night bro is gone. time passes quickly. i don't even remember seeing him sat morning....then i'm gone for three nights soon (: i think i'll bring some work though...

compared to others, i think north syd is the best for free vantage spots for fireworks (:

i like eating leftovers from big dinners, since there are more variety compared to normal dinners.

i suck at temple run, it's actually kind of sad.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! (:

i did nothing today (great start to the year)
except i uploaded photos (:

yesterday was really fun (: the spot where i was last year was closer but i side-ish view. except, the fire works seemed to fall on you, which was cool in a way. i think they moved the fireworks this year..idk...this year was straight on. last yea'r sun set was slightly prettier, but this year's was more extravagant. it had more bridge stuff, i think, well according to my photos. and they had a countdown this year!!! i swear they didn't have one last year...

i guess, with friends you can play more games, and with family you take more photos. this year i don't think i didn't take as many photos....

6 hours passes really quickly with friends. spoons was fun (: twas intense, since i got a carpet burn. if i don't win, i lose, i can never come in between...taking photos was also cool, going into "restricted sections", talking, eating, looking...

some snap shots. i love my camera, even though its a bit under 2 years old (: (which is kind of young, in a way...)
2010 spot

2011 spot

one of my favs. i love stuff coming down from the bridge.

ceebs uploading videos. photos take 5min for me, the files are soo big ): and i cbb finding other photos... first experience usually is heaps better, but this time it is slightly over 2nd experience.

bro is sleeping for a 2nd night at friends. the house is soo much quieter. and my family was on the other side of the harbour yesterday, except i think y spot was better since it is the closest. the only thing is, your're looking back to it, so some stuff are the opposite way around.

time to dream...lol jks
HSC here i come!