Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zumbaron Day

The last Zumbaron Day was in 2012, and I couldn't make it because I had heaps of stuff to do before going overseas...but I made it to this one and it was worth just trekking it out to the Star. With over 60 flavours-I had to plan which flavours to get the night before. I didn't end up waking at 6am to be the first 50 customers to spend over $60. You got 2 bake at home kits, a t-shirt and some American popcorn...but didn't wake up early enough...

So many colours!

When you entered you got given an order sheet and wrote how many of each flavours you wanted, so getting the macarons were an easy process, no shouting over the cabinet.

didn't get any of these (since way too unhealthy), but looked pretty interesting




Box of 12-$33 
($2.80 each, but I think they rounded down since it was super busy, and no one wants to deal with change)

The line up:
Four pillars gin & tonic-very subtle, couldn't really taste the alcohol
Mango, grapefruit & coconut tapioca-couldn't really taste the grapefruit 
Smoked banana & passionfruit-love the smokiness
Watermelon & strawberry-classic flavours
Paris-Brest-a French pastry, with delicious praline cream
Thai green curry-strangely one of my favourites. It was actually spicy like curry (my spicy tolerance is nothing compared to other people). There was coconut cream ganache in the middle, so definitely tasted like what it sounded like
Jasmine green tea & rose-very subtle flavours, was expecting more tea flavours. The cream ganache was too soft.
Veuve Clicquot-couldn't really taste the champagne, super subtle. I guess champagne (not sparkling wine in this case) is expensive...
Pandan, kaffir, lime rice pudding-good hit of both pandan and lime flavour, loved, the chewy bits of rice pudding
Lolly gobble bliss bomb-this is an American popcorn, and yes, it was definitely a massive sugar rush of caramel plus popcorn
Yuzu & tonkatsu-another interesting flavour, it somehow worked, and could taste the citrus plus pork
Negroni-could actually taste some alcohol in this, with a hint of orange, so this one was the best out of the alcohol ones. Loved the gold on it (:

Can it be Zumbaron Day everyday? 

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Friday, November 27, 2015

So supps list came out at 11:55am. Was not ready for this but every minute spent not checking means potentially a minute of wasted study time.

Didn't get a supp. How anti-climatic.

Either 1. i actually passed 2. i failed too badly to even get a 2nd chance

i think it's the latter. i really wanted a supp for a prac since i know all the things i did wrong... D=

and diseases, yeah, most likely failed too much. although i don't know if i should be happy or sad since the disease supp is on Monday...what a guess, knew diseases would make life hard and only give 2 days to study everything...which is impossible. One module takes at least 5 hours to read...let alone re-memorise...

enough about exams (and more heartbreak and failures...)

no supps meant i could do random things on the weekend. was planning to wake up at 6am to be the first 50 customers to spend over $60 and receive some freebies, but went out at night and so ceebs with the freebies...

had a super early Xmas dinner with a few PLUS girls. it was simple but really nice :) also had Kris Kringle, and I got a colouring book for adults. i actually hate colouring, but after seeing this new craze online a few months ago, this book can be the key to optom de-stress.

i am super behind on post...and soz in advance for all the food posts to come...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

i can't believe it's been a year already since i first visited NYC. time does fly. still remember my trip quite vividly. i guess it's not too bad travelling the world at this age rather than when i was a kid since you can't remember stuff as much, whereas now i pretty much remember all the things we did there (and didn't do). it also marks a year which i said i was going to blog about America/Canada, but that never happened...

i'm getting pretty good at surviving this 30+deg heat. close all my blinds, and don't move at home lel.

whilst i was studying for finals, there was somehow some time to just let my mind think about deep stuff...i think there was/is a part of me which skipped some sort of stage in life. like i look around me and people have a lot of connections, where as when i say i don't have any friends, well, i don't really have any friends, and close friends aren't easy to find. even just guy friends, something is lacking in my social connections, and people are at that stage in life where they're all close and new friends are hard to make...and church friends whom i've grown up with, well i don't know what happened, but don't talk to them much even though we still see each other's probably sad but i think i can see myself being the one who attends everyone's weddings but never actually end up marrying...i guess it's not uncommon since i know quite a few people who are just like that...and there was some deeper stuff but probs for another time...

since i 'finished' exams over a week ago, it still doesn't feel finished. currently in a 'limbo' state, trying to study this week in case i get a supp. it's actually really, really, really hard to find the motivation to study...supps list comes out many things i want to do, but can't until i find out if i need to redo an exam. on one hand, i know i screwed up 2 exams majorly, so i do want another chance, but then it was impossible to study diseases for the whole sem+stuvac, so a weekend to study diseases is impossible x impossible. supps are always harder than the finals. my whole week next week is empty in case for supp exams. the only positive as i've said before is that i'm here to sit the supp exam (unlike freaking out overseas last year)

'may the odds be ever in your favour' (the last hunger games was alright, but first one still remains the best)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


This place has been on my to go list since first year uni, but never actually had the time to go Newtown. They opened the cbd one since last Dec, and finally had time to go today. No seating here just eat at Hyde Park and ponder about life

Mary's burger: Mary's sauce, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, beef-$12

To be honest, I think it's over hyped. It's quite smaller/light in weight in terms of the price. It's nice but not amazing. The bun is a bit crispy on the edges and soft, but nothing spectacular. The beef isn't too fatty but has a bit of juice. The sauce is more on the creamy side, not tangy/spicy or super distinct flavour, so nothing super special. Prices have gone up $2 since it first opened...

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

PassionTree Velvet Take 2

Dessert after a lunch in Macquarie Centre, wanted to try more of their eclairs since the mother's day high tea.
Berry and Pistachio eclair-$8.50

The choux pastry was well executed, but would have preferred more of a pistachio flavour. You can taste the berry flavour inside, along with the actual berries on top.

Banana cake-$5 (?)

Had a nice banana flavour and not really sweet with artificial flavouring. Kind of tasted like banana bread but in a super light sponge with some cream (not icing). Nicely defined layers :)

I actually didn't pay for these so don't remember the exact prices.

Will slowly try more of their desserts whenever I'm at Macquarie...

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Friday, November 20, 2015

how to survive a 40+ deg sydney 'spring' day without air con? don't move


don't get me wrong, i have a million things to do post-exams, but can't do anything since it's too hot. it's too hot to move, and looking at stuff on my phone/laptop to pass time doesn't really help since they get hot as well. trying to restrict myself to less sweets/cold treats, but it's so hard in this weather...and dieting is still a joke after going to a dessert degustation yesterday...

today was sleeping in, then trying to move minimally and eating a lot of cold meals, then trying to sit still. we actually have air con in every single room of the house, but i wanted to see if i could survive a day like this without air con, and i did but just didn't move...and felt extremely horrible...

this hot weather also stopping my  baking/exercising plans

have to start studying again for supps soon...list comes out next fri...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Haven Spring Menu

Come here regularly to get my weekly coffee, but to actually try the food, I have to make the effort of waking up earlier for breakfast. Things (and prices) have changed since my last visit and 21st, so it's now more on par with other cafes in the area but still slightly cheaper with the most expensive dish for breakfast/lunch menu being $20

Passionfruit and coconut slice-$4

Would have liked a bigger slice. It's actually not too sweet/buttery, definitely get some passionfruit flavour through it. Had the option of having these slices at my 21st, but since I already had 2 cakes plus dessert and drinks, people probably wanted more savoury. 

the cups have changed to a more 'faded' darker blue
Their coffee is good, and it can be tailored, but I just opted for just normal coffee

I've had the mocha before, but finally now in a cup :) Love the drizzle of chocolate, but if you have weak hand like me, it can make picking up the cup difficult since the other hand doesn't have much space to support the other side of the cup without getting chocolate on your fingers...I'm sure it's just me who have weak hands, haha. Not too sweet even with the chocolate on top. The added some cocoa nibs on top, so be careful when drinking to prevent choking on one...

Potato Latkes-$15.50

that egg yolk

This dish is from their winter menu (cheaper back then), so I have yet to try their spring menu. Their version of latkes is thin potatoes which have been deep fried. So it's quite oily (and unhealthy with bacon), can definitely see all the oil on the plate, but luckily your mouth doesn't have too much of an oily feel. The latkes are like hard potato crisps. My mum wouldn't have approved of this since the colour is way more than golden brown...but it's not burnt here so all good. Loved the watercress, something simple but makes the plate have more colour/ Eggs were cooked perfectly, bacon had most of the fat trimmed off/rendered. Wuold have preferred more of the vinergar. It looks like it's dripped generously, but the potatos can be quite heavy, so more acidity would have freshened up the plate more.

Cauliflower Popcorn-$15.50

It actually wasn't too oily despite seeing the remaining oil on the plate. Really fun way to eat cauliflower. The sesame seeds gave it more flavour without needing to add additional seasoning. Loved the watercress scattered throughout and that egg yolk.

Roasted Plum Parfait-$14.50

Not your average parfait. This one is more of a yoghurt one, with bits and pieces scattered throughout. Loved the sago to give it some chewy texture, the super flavourful currents gave it some sweetness, the beautifully segmented oranges and grapefruit for some acidity, coconut flakes, and fresh mint on top. 

Dragon's Breath-$6

This wasn't as sweet as I last had it, more natural tea flavour I guess. Just a bit sweet at the bottom. Definitely refreshing from that cauliflower popcorn.

Filter coffee-$6

Second time having filtered coffee. It's quite strong but fragrant, and also the temperature is hotter than your average cup of milk coffee. It's interesting but I think I prefer my capps. 


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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another questionable end + Spectre

to all those that i said that i had 4 exams, i lied, i had 3. exams were pracs were split between 2 days. so 2 theory and 1 prac exam. yes, it may seem like not a lot, but considering there was an assignment due after stuvac (another extension...but not really helpful anyway).

i have been studying diseases almost everyday, but ran out of time in the exam. 1 min per mark. can't even write sentences or read the question in one minute.

pharm was better than mid sem (even though both tests are 40% each), but still forgot stuff...

don't know if prac or diseases was the worst. so, so, so disadvantaged. first person out of 80 people to go, and got a mean examiner as well. got questioned about everything i did whilst other people didn't get any questions to answer. some people go tomorrow, so they have 36 more hours to study, and people aren't supposed to, but other people give 'tips' on formatting etc....and going first i had no idea what to expect. so super disadvantaged...and they don't make it 'easier' for people going first. please, please, pleaseeee give me a supp. the only comfort i have is that i am here for supps this year.

sea salt and baileys-$3.80

wished there was more alcohol flavour, but still quite nice. the sea salt was a bit overpowering here though. shared because i already over eaten that day ):

spent 8 hours thinking about all more failures, and then 3 hours watching Spectre (new James Bond). Pretty good, liked it and understood it, haha.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Outback Steakhouse

I've been wanting to try this place for a while, ever since we went past here in the mid sem break. It's the closest one for people living in the Hills, and there's noting here apart from this place, Hungry Jacks and a petrol station. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere unless you're heading up to Windsor.  Decided to come here for my brother's birthday, since he loves his meeeeat. 

It was pretty packed for a Sunday night, got there at 6.30 and managed to get a seat straightaway. I did make a booking but they said even bookings can't be guaranteed a table. The booth style sitting was actually very spacious. Loved how each table had a light hanging over the top-lighting for photos! 

Sides which came with mixed combo platter: potato soap w/ break and caesar salad

Each side is normally $7 each, but you could choose 2 sides with the ribs. Potato soap could have been creamier/more silky, but bread was super soft and warm when it arrived. Caesar salad was nice (never actually had a bad caesar before).

Mixed platter: baby pork ribs and beef ribs with 170gram Sirloin Steak (extra $7)-$44

Ribs had some good tanginess to them, and were really soft. I do prefer having a whole rack though...and wished there was more... Steak was nicely cooked, pretty cheap or an extra $7. Requested medium rare and it was cooked that way.

Rib eye 390gm with chips-$37 and mushroom sauce-$3

I think I chose the wrong cut, since this part was quite tendony and chewy. It didn't come with the bone either...and this cut is supposed to be relatively we were all confused...The mushroom sauce was really good, and about 3 times larger than other steak/ribs place-value for money. Chips were below average, not potatoey enough on the inside...but loved how they kept the skin on the potatoes so it gave it some crunch.

Bloomin burger with jack potato-$19

side angle

Had to try the burger because I wanted to try the onion rings without ordering an extra side. Burger was more towards the lean side, and cooked well. The onion rings weren't that special though...Loved all the toppings of the potato.

fooood (mushroom sauce looked like soup when it first came out)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Sweet Spot Patisserie Take 2

The first time I went was a while ago, but it's nice to come back and see those cakes still for sale and roughly the same price.

We got drawn by the macaron ice cream sandwiches in their display fridge, and decided to get them as a substitute for a friend's birthday cake.
Baklava ice cream, salted caramel, cookies and cream, Tim Tam, Orange and Chocolate (Jaffa), Mint-~$6.50 each (I think)

different view

Generally they were pretty nice. The macaron was quite hard to cut into and chewy, but I guess it's not fresh and it has been in the freezer. Ice cream not too sweet when you share it, but after a while it becomes quite sweet since the macaron has more sugar than actual flavouring. The Baklava one had some pastry at the bottom, I guess to resemble the original dessert.

One of the places I didn't have time to go to in my NYC trip last year was having an infamous macaron ice cream sandwich. Until then, two of my dessert loves have yet to be perfected together.

Past birthday cakes for friends:

CaprioskaShort bread biscuit base with layers of lemon-lime mousse, lychee and vanilla sponge
Medium cake-$48
Love the spray finish (soz for over exposed photo), inside had mousse and sponge, but after a while the mousse does become really sweet. The lemon-lime flavour wasn't very prominent.. You'll find frozen bit of lychee inside. The base is super duper hard, even after over an hour out of the fridge and in outdoors temperature. Our plastic spoons were no match for the base. It wasn't too overly salty, but a good amount of salt which would've helped the sweet mousse if we good only cut into it...Macarons were pretty bad, rock hard and super crunchy, opposite of what it's supposed to be. I guess they aren't fresh and stored for a long time in the fridge...

TiramisuLayers of vanilla sponge brushed with coffee, filled with chocolate cream and topped with coffee mascarpone and cocoa

Can't go wrong with tiramisu :)
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