Friday, October 21, 2011

no accidentally spilt blueberries today (:

mini dilemma: to have a lined spiral book or a va diary?
i really don't know.
and i don't know if i would stick my sheets in or have them in a different folder?
and today she was like "i expect you guys to have already started your journals"
internally thinking (i don't have one, nor will i think i have one after chem, i don't have time to look around shops for different books)
and "you should start to have a clear idea soon" and i'm like oh crap.
waking up at 6:45am isn't as hard when it's daylight savings cos light in the morning.

oh, and also add on to yday post: the light is very deceiving as it feels like 5pm and you have a lot of time to study, but it's actually 7.30pm and you night is like almost gone.

and i hate when there's no stock of something on the book depository site.

tonight has been unproductive ):

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  1. va diary! one of the teachers says if it is too clean (which always seems to happen in lined books) it is more likely to have been all forged in one night. but don't get the huge ones like I did, just get an a4 one so it's not hard to carry