Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i love hitting a ping-pong ball across the room and then watching the person opposite you pick it up (: and also, when the person beside you also does what you do (((:
sport is kind of relaxing.

approx 6 exercises behind in maths.

and i love how i can go on planet 3 on my phone which is not a 3 phone. not i just have to figure out why it wants me to pay for my news when it's supposed to be free.....

and there's is no-way i can do 2 more booklets of past papers before next week.
i need to study.
using chem as an excuse to not do physics hw (:

if some 4U people thought the 3U test was hard, that means next year. us 2U people will like, mentally die in the test.... D=

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  1. On the other hand, if only some of the 4u people thought the test was hard, that means it must be relatively easier than the yearly 3u test, right? Because in that practically all of the people doing 4u thought it was hard.